Friday, May 30, 2014

Virginia lawmaker backs embattled Assad. Expresses thanks to Syrian leader for protecting Christians

As Syrians line up here at their embassy on a second day to vote for the next Syrian president, a Virginia state lawmaker is praising Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for “rescuing” Christians in his country and fighting jihadists affiliated with al-Qaida.

“I write to thank the Syrian Arab Army for its heroic rescue of Christians in the Qalamoun Mountain Range,” Virginia state Sen. Richard Black, R-Loudon, wrote in a letter to Assad. “I am especially grateful for the spectacular victory in Yabroud.”

Black’s two-page letter was posted on Assad’s official Facebook page.

Black is a former military lawyer with a background in Middle East matter.

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  1. Good for him - anyone else out there in our "Govt." understand that Obama and the Oligarchs are supporting our sworn enemies?

  2. I see a heart attack, tragic accident, or plane crash in his near future for spitting in the Muslim Golfer's face....

  3. Well, someone in this mixed up, muddled up, shook up government gets it...
    About time~