Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Harry At The Gates: "But For Me, We'd Be In A World-Wide Depression"

Harry Reid Takes Credit For Saving The World!

Tea Party To The Rescue

"Two central facts give shape to the historic 2010 election. The first is not understood by Republicans, and the second not admitted by Democrats.

The first: the tea party is not a "threat" to the Republican Party, the tea party saved the Republican Party. In a broad sense, the tea party rescued it from being the fat, unhappy, querulous creature it had become, a party that didn't remember anymore why it existed, or what its historical purpose was. The tea party, with its energy and earnestness, restored the GOP to itself."

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(North) Carolina In My Mind - James Taylor/Colonial Theater

(North) Carolina In My Mind - James Taylor/Colonial Theater

Lincoln County Confederate Soldier To Be Honored

"VALE, NC A memorial service to honor Confederate soldier Solomon A. Workman will be held on Sunday, October 24, 2010, at 4:00 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church in Vale, Lincoln County, North Carolina."

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Free First Aid Kit - PROMO Code: KIT

Request First Aid Kit - Top
Request First Aid Kit - Bot
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Living History Program October 30th

HungerAnd Starvation To Visit Humanity

"During 2010, agricultural commodity prices have exploded. Nearly every single important agricultural commodity is experiencing double-digit percentage price increases. The S&P GSCI Agriculture Index recently surged to a fresh two-year high and now we find that food producers and retailers are starting to pass those commodity price increases on to consumers. Food inflation is real; it is here and it’s going to hurt a lot of people."

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The General Purpose Combat Rifle

"Today we see a big emphasis on close quarters battle. Truly, it is what much of the fighting around the world, by US forces as well as other forces, is all about. I said much, but not all. There is a good bit of application in an area where CQB (close quarters battle) leaves off and long before the Sniper Application begins. A rifle chosen to cover this area should be capable of both close quarters battle (although not specifically designed for that) and sniping (although not specifically designed for that either). Such a rifle could be called a General Purpose Combat Rifle and must be, well, general purpose. It should do all things reasonably well."

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Welcome To The Promised Land

"Over the years, many people have told us that WTSHTF, they are coming to our place in the country. When people say things like this, we hear, " that you can take care of me." This document is presented as a source of information for those who might need a realignment of their expectations, a clarification of ours or both. It should serve as a harsh wake up call for anyone who plans to flee to someone else's survival retreat should the need arise.

If you have neglected, failed or refused to complete your plans for survival, here are things you need to know, should you decide to depend on someone who has been more diligent.

  • No One Will Provide You With Shelter
  • No One Will Feed You
  • No One Will Provide Drinking Water
  • No One Will Protect You
  • No One Will Provide Medical Attention"
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Juan Williams: Word Waster

"Anyone who knows anything about the business knows that NPR has been a government sponsored Communist media institution from the day it was founded." More HERE.

Voter Fraud In Troy, New York

Siege of Troy

A FOX News investigation of alleged voter fraud in Troy, N.Y. heats up. DNA samples from five Democratic members of the
city council, city officials and political operatives have been collected as part of a special prosecutor's investigation which involves allegations that residents of a Troy housing project had Working Families Party absentee ballots forged in their names for the 2009 primary. The DNA will be compared to samples taken from envelopes of fraudulent absentee ballots. Fox confronts some of the public officials. FOX News colleague Eric Shawn reports.

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DNA From Democrats: Troy Voter Fraud Case Goes to Lab

When Zombies Attack

One benefit of being a commissar is that you need never debate truly important matters. These can simply be portrayed as "extreme," "outdated," and having "no place in our discussion." That’s a lot easier than openly pleading ignorance.

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Reply To "Marxism In America" By Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

"Marxism In America" By Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

"Jerry Boykin is one of the best soldiers ever to serve the country.

I served with him when we were both young officers and consider him a great friend and fellow Southern Patriot.

One would do well to head his warnings about Marxism."


Lying About Service Could Cost Politicians $10K

" While the Supreme Court ponders the possible implications of the Stolen Valor Act, a state lawmaker from South Carolina thinks he's found a better solution for dealing with military fakers: Make them pay."

The Astounding Failure Of The US Educational System

"If there is a provable relationship between formal education and intelligence, it is probably an inverse one. The more letters you have behind your name (MBA, PhD, JD, MFA, CPA) the greater level of stupidity one likely possesses, as the attainment of a higher level of education means that one has been exposed for a far longer time period than the average citizen to the indoctrination process."
the elite want you to believe – that you have no choice but to indoctrinate your child through a formal institutionalized process versus providing an alternate path of education and enlightenment for your child. In the article below, Gatto states, “It’s no secret that the US educational system doesn’t do a very good job.” But when we look at the information Gatto has uncovered regarding the purpose of the education system as designed by the men that funded and implemented the foundation of the American educational system in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, we discover, in fact, that the US educational system accomplishes exactly what it was designed to do – to dumb down people and suppress the natural inquisitiveness and critical thought processes of children. The Educational System Was Designed to Keep Us Docile (John Taylor Gatto)

Today In History October 21, 1805

Daily Events

'Thank God I have done my duty.'

On this day in history, off the coast of Spain, the fleet of the British Empire, under the command of Horatio Lord Admiral Nelson, engaged and decisively defeated a larger French and Spanish navy.

"I Once Asked About English Language War Songs"

"Here's a few -- from Sweden."

"The Brave Will Honor The Brave, Vanquished None The Less."


Ghost Division

Restrained And Silent No More



Oleg Volk

Rush Finally Gets It Right

"Within the realm of sanity, where is there room for any compromise with Marxism or socialism or liberalism, where is the compromise with evil?"


"The GOP Establishment are like having the French as allies in war: you’ve got to keep one eye on the enemy and one eye on your French allies all the Goddamn time."


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