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How to Become Irrelevant (Edward “Crawfish” Sebesta)

The Other McCain

The key to becoming irrelevant is to develop an irrational obsession — an idée fixe — and ride that hobby horse without regard for changes in circumstances or public interest. Become tedious by ranting against obscure scapegoats and obsolete controversies that have no signficance except to you and whatever tiny clique of like-minded kooks share your fanatical fixation.

About a half-hour ago, I learned that Edward “Crawfish” Sebesta is still online raving about the neo-Confederate menace. He’s got an entire blog devoted to the topic, and has been tilting at that particular windmill for more than 15 years now.

To make a long story short: Ed Sebesta is a guy from Up North who moved Down South, and immediately commenced to make himself obnoxious to his new neighbors, beginning in Dallas, Texas, where he lives. Like most towns in the South, Dallas has a Confederate monument. Sebesta decided this monument was a symbol of evil and petitioned the city to remove this awful blight.

His request was declined, and Sebesta’s resulting mad rage turned him into a one-man Permanent Committee of Vengeance, a bizarre single-issue derangement that endeared him to the Southern Poverty Law Center and to no one else. The controversies that consume Sebesta’s demented mind haven’t gotten any widespread attention since about 2006, when the absurd accusation that George Allen was a “neo-Confederate” got all tangled up in the “macaca” nonsense. (Fact: Jim Webb is a lot more neo-Confederate than Allen ever was, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Virginia supported Webb over Allen in 2006.)

Without regard for his irrelevance, Sebesta still toils away, evidently convinced that sooner or later this will matter to somebody again. And who know? Maybe he’s right. But it’s 2012 now, and most people are worried about issues like economics and deficit spending. However, the dim prospects for a revival of the “neo-Confederate” scare haven’t deterred Sebesta from carrying on in the same way he’s been carrying on since he declared a jihad against that monument in Dallas.

Sebesta reminds me of nothing so much as diehard 9/11 Truther kooks — “Fire can’t melt steel! Inside job! Bush lied!” — or perhaps a better analogy would be JFK assassination conspiracy theorists endlessly replaying the Zapruder film and muttering about the “grassy knoll.”

Sixteen years after I first encountered Sebesta doing his Chicken Little act, the sky still has not fallen, and the dreaded neo-Confederate menace still has not staged a bloody coup or whatever ever other evil clandestine activity he claimed they were up to.

That Confederate monument still stands 60 feet tall in downtown Dallas.

It’s a conspiracy!

Mr. Heston........

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The Moneychanger
Something about the terrible shooting in Aurora Colorado I just can't swallow. Almost always it comes out later in the small type that the shooter was on some anti-depressant, but this whole play, with the utterly unlikely shooter, looks like a genuine Manchurian Candidate operation.


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Carmack's Pledge To The South

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Located at the Confederate Cemetery at Beech Grove, Tenn, near Coffee County.. 35° 37.576′ N, 86° 14.5′ W. Marker is near Beech Grove, Tennessee, in Coffee County. Marker is on Confederate Cemetery Road 0.1 miles west of Grossburg Road (Tennessee Highway 64), on the right when traveling west.


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This main reason I got mine in FL.

Gun owners outraged at television station over database

Gun owners are expressing outrage toward a television station in Raleigh, N.C. that linked to a database Friday that publishes the names of concealed carry permit holders.

WRAL-TV, one of the oldest television stations in North Carolina, ran a story on guns in the aftermath of the Colorado movie shooting that provided a link to a special database that makes public the names of citizens who have received a license to carry concealed firearms.

The story first ran on July 12. But the piece was updated and republished Friday after a deranged shooter entered the Century 16 theater in Aurora, Colo. during a midnight screening of the new "Dark Knight" film and opened fire killing 12 people.

Gun owners were immediately outraged, claiming that the station's decision to make public the names of concealed carry permit holders is indicative of the station's anti-firearms bias.

One citizen, writing in the comment section of the story, stated that in spite of the fact that she watched very little of WRAL's programming to begin with, she would never tune in to the station again.

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Oleg's & Jan's + Dixie's Debutante Ball

Hotel pool on the way back.

Oleg's place. Just a wonderful time.

Jan Calvert, the wife of Mike, who is no longer with us. Mike was one of my best friends from the Fauquier County of my youth. We had a delightful afternoon.

I believe Mike's ancestor's Top Hat box may have been more expensive than the object it protected.:)
The SCV's yearly Debutante Ball

A gentleman and a scholar, my mother's highest compliment.

Vern Padgett and his pretty wife from *SCV Camp 1208, Los Angeles, Ca. I use to be a member and it was wonderful visiting with them again.
Open please, for my good friend and in honor of, Wilfred Knight.

*General Stand Watie

Susan Hathaway and Billy Bearden of most profound flagger fame!

What a beautiful couple!

CIC Michael Givens and his most lovey wife hamming it up!

Nelson Winbush. Be sure to open the link.

Doug, who has been to more Sam Davis Youth Camps than Dixie! A most knowledgeable young man, who just happens to be a Tarheel!:)
I believe I should post comments from other sources here, so Dixie can have a listing in one place.

Love of Country Seldom Requited

A Brass Pole in Bangkok cover

I’m trying to understand love of country. It’s hard hoeing. Maybe some things just ain’t understandable. Or maybe it’s ‘cause I’m from West Virginia and don’t have shoes, ‘cause they ain’t any that fits people with twelve toes. How are you supposed to love a country where you can't get shoes?

I’m not even sure there’s any such thing as a country. Mostly my country seems to be a bunch of brigands in Washington who send you tax forms to get money so they can kill people in some place that never did anything to you and you probably don’t know where is. When did I ask them to do that?

It looks to me like a country is just a temporary mood ginned up to get everybody hooting and hollering behind the grenade industry with other people’s money. People just naturally like to get together in packs and kill each other, or beat each other full of concussions like in football, or have gangs and zip guns and ball bats and smack hell out of each other. A country’s just a teenage gang with older teenagers and better zip guns, I reckon. All you got to do is get them riled up about something that probably don’t exist. You send the dumb ones to get killed and the smart ones cash the checks at home. That’s what a country is.

Think about it. Isn’t it true? When the gummint wants to go kill folks we mostly never heard of, in Halfghanistan or Eye Rack this week anyway, it acts like the country is one solid thing, a big happy family, and has to think the same things. If the gummint hates Halfghans, or wants their oil or something, we all got to hate them because we ought to love our country. It makes as much sense as lug nuts on a birthday cake.

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Finally, Runaway Slave in theaters now

Savage Model 10 FCP-SR Sniper Rifle – New Gun Review

If you stop by just about any outdoor gun range in America on a Sunday, you will find any number of tricked out tactical rifles driving tacks at 100 yards and more. Generally these are custom rifles and some have a detachable box style magazine along with other high end, law enforcement-type features. Savage Arms, an industry leader known for out-of-the-box accurate rifles, has integrated these and other custom style features into their new Model 10 FCP-SR. It comes in .308 Winchester and has a free-floated heavy fluted barrel threaded for a suppressor, set in a digital camo simplified version of the Savage Accustock . The drilled and tapped receiver is supplied with a pre-mounted 20MOA one piece Picatinny base. It comes with a ten round detachable box magazine and a Savage Accutrigger. This makes for a gun just under 9 pounds that leaves little to be desired. The MSRP is $1213, and if you can find one, the street price is well under that. For an out of the box law enforcement style sniper rifle you couldn’t really ask for much more.

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Why I Carry a Gun Everywhere I Go

I would venture to guess that the folks filing in to see the latest Batman installment in Aurora, Colorado last Thursday evening didn’t figure on over 70 of them getting shot before the credits rolled. The last count I received before filing this column was 12 dead and 59 wounded.

As the news starting pouring in about what happened in the theater this week when Satan’s spawn James Holmes donned Kevlar and a small battery of weapons and opened fire on an unsuspecting crowd, I kept thinking, “One fast-thinking and trained person who was armed/licensed with a concealed weapon could have stopped that SOB right in his tracks before the body count skyrocketed.”

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Ron Paul: Fed Policy Destroying Middle Class

The American people are “waking up” to the idea that the Federal Reserve “is very biased against the middle class,” Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul tells Newsmax.TV.

“The American people are waking up,” the Texas congressman declared in an exclusive interview with Newsmax. “They know that the Fed is very important – and a lot more people are looking at it.

“A larger crisis is going to come, and I think the American people will be very attuned to looking at the Federal Reserve and why they always want to do things in secret.”

It goes without saying that the central bank has made the nation’s middle class “much poorer,” he said. “Real wealth isn’t going up. Good jobs are going away.

"It’s the policy of the fed, the destruction of money, the intervention. It’s a system that is very biased against the middle class. It’s been well known that if you destroy a currency, there is a natural transfer of wealth from the middle class to the very wealthy.”

Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve comes up for a vote this week in the U.S. House of Representatives. It has 250 co-sponsors, including a number of Democrats, which reflects greater interest in the Fed since the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008.

“A lot of transactions occurred in the bailout – and this is why we’re getting more attention now,” Paul said of his legislation. “Because so much activity occurred when the financial crisis hit, and the Fed was very, very much involved and they were dealing with more money than even the Congress deals with.

“They’re very much involved with what’s going on in Europe right now.”

More @ NewsMax

NCFIRE- North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement

On August 10 & 11, 2012
we will be holding iiiMPACT Immigration Conference, a FREE event in Wilmington, North Carolina. iiiMPACT will bring together non-partisan, non-profit and other organizations, activists and leaders from across North Carolina to study, discuss and debate the issues related to immigration policy and law enforcement in North Carolina as well as the impact of illegal immigration.


We’ll dive into this educational event on Friday, August 10th with a viewing of Dennis Michael Lynch’s ground-breaking documentary, “They Come to America.” A comprehensive and in-depth look at the reality and the costs of illegal immigration in America, this movie will help to educate the public on this issue on the national level. Step beyond the media pundits’ racially charged sound-bites into what’s really going on in our cities and along America’s border.

SATURDAY August 11 at the Schwartz Center we’ll get local with speakers, candidates, state and local officials and citizens starting with small workshops on specific aspects affecting North Carolina and continuing on to a Town Hall style panel discussion in the afternoon. Lunch will be provided with several keynote speakers from North Carolina. Attendees will come away with a wealth of knowledge about the issues themselves, what their elected officials are doing, and what can be done to protect our citizens while maintaining legal immigration laws.

DISPLAY TABLES AVAILABLE - Are you an organization or candidate with information to share?

Cape Fear Community College MAP – Click on “R” for the Schwartz Center
Confirmed speakers include Sheriff Sam Page, Rep.Frank Iler, Senator Thom Goolsby, Dan Forest, Ilario Pantano, NCFIRE President James Johnson, NC Listen President Ron Woodard, ALIPAC President William Gheen, Pat McCrory.and Sue Myrick among others.

Violent Street Gangs Identifier

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