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Whatever The Jury Decides, George Zimmerman Needs A New Country. So Do We.



Six women jurors, five white and one Hispanic, now hold in their hands the fate of George Zimmerman and, to a considerable degree, that of equal justice in America. “I think the state’s case is kaput,” forensics expert Larry Kobilinsky said last week on the Jane Velez-Mitchell Show, whose eponymous host is pro-prosecution. [Transcript, July 10, 2013]But will these women have the courage to agree.

Remember, this is an anarcho-tyranny show trial. The lack of any credible prosecution case is not a bug but a feature. The Obama-Holder Justice Department organized black mobs to demand and get a show trial, despite there being no grounds even for an arrest. [Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Detail Role of Justice Department in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests, Judicial Watch, July 10, 2013.] Florida officials cooperated, turning our legal system upside down and presuming the guilt of a white-enough defendant.

And remember, George Zimmerman is a liberal who fought, when no blacks cared, to avenge the maltreatment of a black homeless man, Sherman Ware, by a white policeman’s son.[In 2010 race-related beating case, George Zimmerman pushed to discipline same officers who investigated Trayvon Martin shooting, By Matthew Boyle, Daily Caller, April 4, 2012] As my mom always says, no good deed goes unpunished. And that goes in spades for Zimmerman’s yeoman efforts to protect his community.

Since my last column, this surreal trial has continued in the same direction. The prosecution called more witnesses that either helped the defense, or were laughably incompetent (Medical Examiner Dr. Shiping Bao). By Day 12 (Wednesday), the prosecution had come full circle: after starting out claiming that Zimmerman was on top of Martin, the prosecution now argued that Martin was on top, and even brought in a dummy to demonstrate, which elicited a lot of merciless puns about “dummies” from cable network lawyer-commentators otherwise supportive of railroading Zimmerman.

This case should never have been brought; once brought, the judge should have summarily dismissed it. But instead, anything could happen.

Some thoughts:
  • This is an unusually ignorant jury.
  • More @ V Dare

The Anesthesia Inhaler: A Knockout Breakthrough

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In 1863, Stonewall Jackson’s surgeon recommended the removal of his left arm, which had been badly damaged by friendly fire. When a chloroform-soaked cloth was placed over his nose, the Confederate general, in great pain, muttered, “What an infinite blessing,” before going limp.

But such blessings were in short supply. The Confederate Army had a tough time securing enough anesthesia because of the Northern blockade. The standard method of soaking a handkerchief with chloroform wasted the liquid as it evaporated. Dr. Julian John Chisolm solved the dilemma by inventing a 2.5-inch inhaler, the first of its type. Chloroform was dripped through a perforated circle on the side onto a sponge in the interior; as the patient inhaled through tubes, the vapors mixed with air. This new method required only one-eighth of an ounce of chloroform, compared to the old 2-ounce dose. So while Union surgeons knocked out their patients 80,000 times during the war, rebels treated nearly as many with a fraction of the supplies.

Witness claims youths yelled 'this is for Trayvon' in beating

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Baltimore police say they are investigating a witness account that a group of black youths beat a Hispanic man near Patterson Park Sunday while saying, "This is for Trayvon."

A witness posted the account on a community Facebook page, and police confirmed they are looking into whether the suspects' reaction to the verdict in the Florida trial of George Zimmerman played a part in the incident. A police report on the beating does not mention the alleged comments.

Sgt. Eric Kowalczyk, a police spokesman, declined to go into further detail. In a post that drew nearly 50 comments on Facebook, real estate agent Christina Dudley said she was walking to her car just before 9 p.m. when she saw several young black males and two black females chasing a 37-year-old Hispanic man west on North Linwood Avenue past East Fairmont Avenue.

"One of the boys had a handgun out and it was pointed at the back of him," Dudley said in an interview.

They caught up to the man at the corner of Fairmount and N. Streeper Street, and the male with the gun beat the victim with what appeared to be his gun while others kicked and stomped him, Dudley said.

"They were just yelling and calling him names as they ran after him, but once they were hitting him and after that they started yelling, "This is for Trayvon, [expletive]," said Dudley, who heard the chant repeated multiple times.

The Fall of Rome

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Make your own metal Glock

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Who says a Glock has a plastic frame…

 …and comes from Austria? Not Boris.


No, not that Boris. We mean the Boris of, whom we last visited when (in his words) he beat a shit shovel into an AK, bringing tears of distress to anti-gun lefties, and tears of laughter to gun-culture insiders, everywhere.

And this time, he’s back, making a kit of loose formed metal parts into a Glock frame — no Tupperware required. He acquires the frame materials as a kit from the somewhat minimal ARMUS website.

Welding up your own Glockless Glock serves several purposes. One, it gets around Massachusetts’s dopey laws, which are worse than you can possibly imagine — unless you’re an actual criminal, in which case the whole system is on your side. (Hard for people out of state to grasp, but here’s one way it worked: the guy that you might have heard is on trial now for multiple murders, organized crime figure James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, was enabled, assisted, and supported in his life of crime for decades by his brother, Billy. Who was President of the State Senate). In Massachusetts, in a Bizarro reversal of Clausewitz, politics is the continuation of crime by other means. And that’s why murderers get the kid gloves, while a citizen with a stray 9mm round in his car’s trunk gets the mailed fist.

Two, it keeps you off the books, which is appealing to some people in this age of pervasive surveillance.

Three, it lets you build something with your own hands, which is incredibly cool. If they knew how cool it was, the General Court of Massachusetts and the state’s Organized Crime figures — but we repeat ourselves — would ban it forthwith.

But they haven’t “closed the build-your-own loophole” yet, and Boris is on the roll in his secret bunker in Spanish-occupied, moonbat-led Framingham. First, let’s see proof this Frankengun works:

More @ Weapons Man

Goodies from Ol' Remus with many on Zimmerman

1935. Murfreesboro Tennessee

He thought he’d be an active citizen, helping to keep his neighborhood safe. The poor sap thought he was living in the old, free America, where citizens looked out for each other, raised barns together, attended town meetings, and the rest. Whom did Zim think Neighborhood Watch has to watch out for? The poor guy’s living in the past.
John Derbyshire at

 If I am George and I am on the bottom, I shoot. All the choices he made to get himself on the bottom don't matter, it is live or die. Mom has to hang on to the story that this was an injustice. The other story, that her son was drifting into this culture—burglary and more—is too overwhleming.
MsCreant, comment 3751086 at 

 It's unfortunate that Trayvon Martin is dead but he is dead by his own hand.  Had he walked back into the apartment after he was "disrespected" by the "creepy-ass cracker", as Dee-Dee testified, he'd be alive. Had he assaulted Zimmerman by punching him, knocking Zimmerman to the ground and then walked off he would still be alive.  It was Martin's  sole decision to mount a fallen man who he just punched and who was grossly physically inferior in ability to him,  then continue pounding on him, demonstrating through his actions  that he intended to do great bodily harm or kill,  that led to his death.  
Karl Denninger at 

 The producers of this country, and an awful lot of young people who are the producers of tomorrow, saw what happened—including the willful and intentional distortion of the facts by both the media and the State—and they get it.
Karl Denninger at 

 Zimmerman committed a praiseworthy, pro-social act. I don't care who thinks otherwise; a violent, thuggish person of any race or creed taken permanently off the streets is a net gain to social peace. Florida's political elite, under pressure from the federal Department of (In)Justice, felt Zimmerman had to stand trial for something. Accordingly, the prosecution is desperate to convict him of something—anything at all. But the prosecution's case, despite the suppression of evidence favorable to the defense and a presiding judge whose pro-prosecution bias could hardly be more blatant, has folded like a cheap accordion.
Francis Porretto at


art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Grievance theater isn't about race, it's not about slavery, police brutality or separate lunch counters, it's about power and money. Black politicians are not fundamentally different from white ones. They have more in common with their white colleagues than they do with their own communities. The only difference is that they are playing with the race cards they have been dealt, says Daniel Greenfield in this article, Looking for Racism in America, at Sultan Knish.

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg I'm tired of hearing how we should honor our veterans because they're defending our freedoms. They're not. It's not al-Qaeda that's creating "free speech" zones in this country or removing people wearing political T-shirts from parade routes the President might take. It's not the Taliban that's going after the records of reporters at AP. The North Koreans aren't behind the IRS's targeting of conservative political groups, says John Silveira in this article, The false argument about defending our freedom, at Backwoods Home Magazine.

art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg If it ain't broke, don't fix it. At least that's the motto of the military forces keeping these machines running, says Mate Petrany in this photo-article, The Ten Oldest Military Vehicles Still In Service, at Jalopnik.

If the citizenry cannot dislodge a parasitic, predatory financial/political Aristocracy via elections, then "democracy" is merely a public-relations facade, a simulacra designed to create the illusion that the citizenry "have a voice" when in fact they are debt-serfs in a neofeudal State.
Charles Smith at

Fighting for the Jim Crow North
  “Rebel Negro Pickets Seen through a Field Glass.”

In 1860 Northern blacks lived in a world of legal restrictions and social segregation – in most Northern States they could not serve on juries, testify against whites.  New York required them to meet rigid property requirements to be voters, and most institutions like hospitals, schools, prisons and cemeteries either denied them access or shunted them off to inferior corners, and many Northern cities maintained “Jim Crow” cars for public transport.  After Secretary of War Stanton informed Lincoln of the scarcity of enlistments by mid-1862, interest in able-bodied black soldiers in blue taken from the South would gain momentum.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Fighting for the Jim Crow North:

“Before the Emancipation Proclamation, Abraham Lincoln repeatedly questioned the wisdom of allowing blacks to serve in uniform. On several occasions Union generals acted on their own to accept black enlistments, but each time they were overruled.  Whatever military benefits they offered, Lincoln reasoned, were likely to be outweighed by political damage. 

In July 1862 two pieces of legislation opened the doors for wider black participation in the military. The second confiscation act gave the president the power to use contrabands in any way he saw fit.

 And the Militia Act included provisions for enrolling blacks for military service [and] Secretary of War Stanton was authorizing the enlistment of five thousand freed slaves in South Carolina. 

 “[The] South must be subjugated,” [the New York Anglo-African newspaper] insisted in August, 1861, “or we shall be enslaved . . . Colored men whose fingers tingle to pull the trigger, or clutch the knife aimed at the slave-holders in arms, will not have to wait much longer,” it promised.  By the end of the war 179,000 black men had served in 166 all-black regiments.  Most of these soldiers were recently freed slaves . . . but more than 34,000 free Northern [and Canadian] blacks also fought for the Union.

For most of the war blacks received lower wages than whites of the same rank.  Unlike whites, blacks had few opportunities for advancement [and all officers were white].  Time and again they were given menial tasks as guards or work crews.  White troops may have worn the same [blue] uniform, but they generally treated their new comrades with contempt. [Black] soldiers were twice as likely to die of disease [and] black troops often received unhealthy garrison duty with inadequate medical care. 

Some [Northern] whites echoed the sentiments of diarist George W. Fahnestock who wrote, “I only wish we had two hundred thousand [blacks] in our army to save the valuable lives of our white men.”

[New Yorker Maria Lydig Daly [wrote] “ . . . Though I am very little Negrophilish and would always prefer the commonest white that lives to a Negro, still I could not but feel moved [at the sight of black troops]. 

President Lincoln had long doubted that blacks and whites could live together in harmony. Before the war he had subscribed to the popular idea that slaves should be freed and then sent off to “colonize” distant lands, perhaps in West Africa.  In August 1862, as the number of contrabands grew, Lincoln called five black leaders to the White House to discuss the situation. But the meeting proved fruitless as his guests refused to support a scheme to colonize part of Central America.” 

(The North Fights the Civil War, J. Matthew Gallman, Ivan R. Dee, Inc., 1994, pp. 130-134)

One of Fred's best: Zimmerman: The Joy of Hopelessness

The Zimmerman affair warms the cockles of a curmudgeon´s heart. (I´m not sure what a cockle is, but I want mine to be at the right temperature.) Never have I seen such sprawling, cacophonous, indignant ignorance and frightful stupidity as that being exhibited by the American public. We are doomed.  I am delighted. Curmudgeons love doom.

Has there ever been such focused inattention as the case has produced? Nothing of importance is noticed, and everything lacking it is. The crucial fact to come out of the whole adventure—crucial, and therefore utterly overlooked--was that  Rachel Jeantel, a prosecution witness and black girl aged nineteen years, can´t read. The grim implication of this fact is confirmed by the illiteracy of tweets from blacks regarding the case. “Ima kill dat dumass cracker be racis.” Here we see as neatly displayed as if in a jewelry box why so many young blacks will go nowhere in the remaining fifty years of their lives. They can´t read, or barely can. In a fading techno-industrial civilization—I use the latter word frivolously—this consigns them to a life on charity. Is this not of more note than who started what?

No. The educational disaster that will leave Rachel and millions of her confreres in meaningless lives on welfare pales in importance compared to the question: Did Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman have the proper racial attitudes? This is what exercises the vast endocrine boobitry howling with empty-headed rage and self-righteousness.

Of course racism was involved in the shooting. The prosecution established this beyond doubt. Trayvon referred to Zimmerman as a “creepy-ass cracker,” “cracker” being a highly pejorative term for low-class whites living in decaying trailers in the pine barrens and Everglades of Florida. So Trayvon, a racist, didn´t like white people. So what? Most blacks don´t.

The Ron Paul Curriculum 

Ron Paul Curriculum: The Story of Liberty, K-1 

Here, you and your children can get an education in liberty like no other. 

Here, students learn the basics of Western Civilization and Western liberty -- how it was won, how it is being lost, and how it will be restored. (Not can . . . will.)

Students also learn the basics of American history, the United States Constitution, and American geography.

They get two courses on free market economics. They get two courses on government, including a how-to course on reclaiming America, one county at a time.

Students get mathematics, either through calculus or statistics or both. 

They get the basics of science: earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics.

I invite parents to take courses and participate on forums -- to get the education they never had. Parents do not pay for the individual courses that they purchase for their children.

When completed and online, the curriculum's first six years -- instructional videos and course materials -- will be free. Some parents will decide to join the site, in order to participate in the K-5 forums, but membership is not mandatory. It is supplemental. On the K-5 timetable, click here.

More @ RPC

Stand Your Ground Law Protects Violent Criminals

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Something’s happening in a South Carolina court that should have both homeowners and gun owners on the edge of their seats…

South Carolina’s Stand Your Ground law provides a person with “immunity from prosecution,” by essentially giving them the opportunity to claim self-defense. The law protects a person who uses deadly force if he feels threatened by another person.

But in a strange turn of events, the defendant hiding behind the law in this case is an armed intruder…

The Wild, Wild West… in South Carolina

In 2005, George Isaac, along with two other men, broke into the home of Antonio Corbitt.

Corbitt and one of the intruders, Taveres World, began to fight. And when it supposedly looked as though Corbitt was going to pull a gun on the intruder, Isaac pulled out a gun of his own… and then shot Corbitt twice, killing him.

Novel: The Western Front [Book 1]: A Storm Is Coming

Received the book from the author today and it looks good. 

The Western Front 

The Western Front, Part 1 of 3
by Archer Garrett

Read Part 1 Below for Free, or

Get it Free on Amazon  or  B&N

Purchase the entire book (Parts 1 thru 3) here on Amazon  or  B&N


Therefore the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails. The wicked hem in the righteous, so that justice is perverted.  -Habakkuk 1:4

     Darkness has descended upon the world; the fabric of society has been torn asunder, sovereign nations collapse under their own burdens, once stable governments are ushered into revolution and allies of old are thrust into war. The tentacles of darkness have inevitably traveled across the Atlantic and are now tightening their grip on the American republic.

     Now, faced with a collapsing economy, a failing currency and a society that is swiftly casting its humanity aside, the United States stands at the precipice of a bedlam and malevolence not witnessed since the fall of Rome.

     Part 1 follows several characters who strive to navigate the chaos, including: 

Jake, his wife and brother are forced to flee the maelstorm of violence as it spills from the cities and into their small town enclave.

     A Texas State Guardsmen deep behind enemy lines on South Padre Island, stands with his compatriots against a wave of unspeakable atrocities committed by a ruthless cartel alliance committed to seizing the spoils of the American southwest.

     An outlaw and his Catahoula cur companion, learn to survive and even thrive in their river swamp domain as they seek a redoubt from the troubles that plague the world beyond.

     A radical revolutionary intent on plunging the wounded nation into revolution as he stokes the flames of hatred and destruction.



South Texas

The south Texas sun had long since been replaced by the dull light of the harvest moon, but the day’s arid temperatures still lingered.  The bright orange disk in the night sky appeared so close that one might reach out and touch it.  The wind had refused to blow for days, only serving to amplify the heat.  Despite the miserable conditions, they were relieved.  This would be their final patrol before they returned to their redoubt on the tip of South Padre Island for a much-needed respite.   

The members of the Texas State Guard’s First Regiment were indeed soldiers, but few of them had real combat experience prior to this.  The Alamo Guards were mostly known for their work in the aftermath of hurricanes and occasional support on the border.  They took their new role in stride, as best they could, but none of the men in the squad had signed up for action like this.  They had removed their name tapes early in the operation after reports surfaced that some of the soldiers’ families had received death threats.  Now, they communicated strictly with code names.
More @  Archer Garrett


Book Reviews

Some comments and reviews from some of our friends.

The Western Front reviews:

Prepping to Survive

Ad Parare

Arctic Patriot




Preparing Your Family


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Reid's Ultimatum: Confirm Seven or We Change Senate Rules

Tell him to stick it.  Payback is a bitch.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday that Republicans must confirm at least seven presidential appointees they've been blocking if they want to avoid a controversial change in Senate rules as early as this week.

A compromise deal to confirm fewer than those seven will not suffice, Reid said only hours before a planned bipartisan gathering on the deeply divisive issue.

The Nevada Democrat again threatened to change Senate rules to allow simple-majority votes for presidential nominees other than judges. Despite virulent protests by Republicans, Reid called the move "a minor change, no big deal."

Republicans have often delayed or blocked presidential nominees by using their filibuster powers, which allow 41 senators to block actions in the 100-member chamber. Many senators cherish rules and traditions that give minority members far more power than anything enjoyed by minority-party members of the House.

More @ Newsweek

Party of No Compromise Prompts Secession

In the words of historian Clement Eaton, “the secession of the lower South marks the end of a long period of sectional adjustment by the fine art of compromise.  The exercise of this art is indispensible in a democratic country like the United States, containing regions with clashing economic interests.”  --- Davis was trying to find compromise and force Congress to ….
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Party of No Compromise Prompts Secession

“When the Committee of Thirteen met, they accepted a motion of [Senator] Jefferson Davis (December 23) that no report should be adopted unless it received the assent both of a majority of the Republican members and a majority of the other members of the committee. The reason for this procedure was that no measure which was unacceptable to the Republicans would be likely to pass Congress. The key man on the committee, therefore, was William H. Seward, the most prominent Republican leader.  This New Yorker was so strongly influenced by the astute politician, Thurlow Weed, editor of the Albany, New York, Evening Journal that the connection was recognized in the epigram, “Weed is Seward and Seward is Weed.” 

Before Seward made his decision as to how he would vote on compromise proposals and also whether he should accept a position in Lincoln’s cabinet as Secretary of State he consulted Weed. 

This powerful Republican politician had just returned from Springfield, Illinois, where he had an interview with Lincoln.  Shortly before his pilgrimage to Springfield, Weed, who represented the business interests, had publicly supported compromise on the territorial question in his paper.  

However, in his memorable interview with the President-elect he learned that Lincoln was opposed to the restoration of the Missouri Compromise line. Weed reported this information to Seward, and the latter, accordingly, followed the leader of his party in rejecting compromise on the basis of the Crittenden proposals. 

The Republican members voted against this plan of adjustment [between North and South]. The representatives of the lower South on the committee also voted in the negative. This unwise action of the Southerners was taken because the Republicans had voted against the Crittenden compromise, although [Robert] Toombs, Davis, and other prominent Southern leaders were willing to accept it.  

Consequently the Senate Committee of Thirteen reported on December 31, eleven days after the meeting, that they were unable to agree on any plan of adjustment. 

Crittenden, on January 3, 1861, urged Congress to allow the people of the whole country to vote on his proposals in solemn referendum, but this plea was rejected by a majority of the Republicans. 

Delaying tactics by the Republicans prevented a vote in the Senate on the Crittenden Compromise until March 3, when it was rejected by a vote of 20 to 19, after many of the Southern Senators had departed.”

(The History of the Old South, Clement Eaton, MacMillan Company, 1949, pp. 578-579)

No translation needed on this, I do believe

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Anti-malarial drug linked to Afghan massacre

Via avordvet

 Robert Bales

Soldier was taking mefloquine when he killed 16 civilians, report indicates

In less than a month, Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales will be sentenced for the massacre of 16 Afghan civilians in March 2012.

His attorney, John Henry Browne, has not publicly disclosed whether he will use a mental health defense to fight for a parole-eligible sentence.

But an argument could be made that Bales, 40, was out of his mind:

■ He was treated for a traumatic brain injury resulting from a rollover accident in 2010 and possibly had post-traumatic stress disorder.

■ He admitted to using steroids, which can cause aggression and violence.

■ And new evidence suggests he was prescribed an anti-malaria drug known to cause hallucinations, aggression and psychotic behavior in some patients.

The Food and Drug Administration received notification in April 2012 from the maker of the anti-malarial drug Lariam, also manufactured under the generic name mefloquine, that a patient taking the medication “developed homicidal behavior and led to homicide killing 17 [sic] Afghans.”
The report, obtained July 5 by Military Times through a Freedom of Information Act request, states:

“It was reported that this patient was administered mefloquine in direct contradiction to U.S. military rules that mefloquine should not be given to soldiers who had suffered traumatic brain injury due to its propensity to cross blood-brain barriers inciting psychotic, homicidal or suicidal behavior.”

More @  Army Times

Why are the United States and Japan still giving tens of millions of dollars in aid to China?


In 2010, China surpassed Japan as the world's second largest economy. In the years since, its economy has grown roughly four times as fast as Japan and the United States; a March report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) forecast that China will overtake the United States as the world's biggest economy by 2016, when assessed in purchasing power parity terms.

China has the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world -- $3.4 trillion, as of the first quarter of 2013. When President Barack Obama sat down with President Xi Jinping in an early June summit, it was a meeting of equals. And in the Strategic and Economic Dialogue, the annual meeting between high-ranking U.S. and Chinese officials that this year took place on July 10-11 in Washington D.C., the balance might even have been in China's favor: the country sent two lower-ranking officials to meet with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew.

Angry White Trayvon Demonstrators Demand Fellow Whites 'Give Money'


Many of the "Justice for Trayvon" protests nationwide have involved white radicals purporting to speak on behalf of the black community, or angrily denouncing the "white privilege" that supposedly played a role in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Feb. 2012, for which George Zimmerman was acquitted on Saturday.

At a rally in Portland, Oregon on Sunday, captured on YouTube at the "Laughing at Liberals" channel, one speaker addressed her remarks to fellow white Americans:

Hi, I'm Tammy, and I want to say something to you white people. It is not enough to feel bad. [Cheers] It is not enough to not be a bigot. Because if you're not actively dismantling white supremacy, and checking your privilege every single day [cheers], and thinking about racism the way that our young black men in our community have to think about it, you're not doing it right, OK?

More with video @ Breitbart

FBI records: agents found no evidence that Zimmerman was racist

After interviewing nearly three dozen people in the George Zimmerman murder case, the FBI found no evidence that racial bias was a motivating factor in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, records released Thursday show.

Even the lead detective in the case, Sanford Det. Chris Serino, told agents that he thought Zimmerman profiled Trayvon because of his attire and the circumstances — but not his race.

Serino saw Zimmerman as “having little hero complex, but not as a racist.”

The Duval County State Attorney released another collection of evidence in the Zimmerman murder case Thursday, including reports from FBI agents who investigated whether any racial bias was involved in Trayvon’s Feb. 26 killing.

The evidence includes bank surveillance videos from the day of the killing, crime scene photos and memos from prosecutors.

More @ McClatchy

Granny’s Gold Bars Are Key to Vietnam Push to Boost Dong

Via WiscoDave

 Granny‚Äôs Gold Bars Are Key to Vietnam Dong Plan

The target of Vietnam’s campaign to stabilize its currency is in the locked bedroom wardrobe of retired civil servant Vu Thi Huong: gold bars.

“It’s been my habit for ages, buying gold whenever I can save up some money,” said Huong, 57, who watches the financial news every day to monitor the price of the precious metal. “With gold, I can save my fortune and later on have something valuable to pass down to my children and grandchildren.”

 Huong is among millions of Vietnamese who hold an estimated 300 tons to 400 tons of bullion to store their wealth -- valued at as much as $19 billion at domestic prices and equal to official U.K. holdings -- a legacy of more than a century of war, revolution and economic turbulence. The central bank wants to convert the hoard, much of it smuggled in, into dong deposits to strengthen the currency, which has slid 21 percent against the dollar in five years.

More @  Bloomberg

Hero teens on bikes chase down car after recognizing abducted 5-year-old in the backseat; girl is set free

Via WiscoDave

Two teenagers helped save a 5-year-old girl who was abducted while playing in her yard by chasing the abductor's car for 15 minutes on their bikes.

Temar Boggs and his friend recognized Jocelyn Rojas in the backseat of a car after she was reported missing by her mother. The pair gave chase on their bikes for 15 minutes, according to the Daily Mail. The car eventually stopped and the girl was let out. Investigators are seeking the suspect, who sped off.

The teens had joined the search party with police after Rojas was reported missing two hours earlier.

Zimmerman's Lawyer Going After NBC News 'ASAP'

Via Angry Mike


Now that the trial to determine whether or not he was guilty of a malicious murder is over, George Zimmerman's lawyers are stepping up their lawsuit against NBC News for airing edited audio that allegedly made their client look like a racist.

Last December, Zimmerman filed the lawsuit against NBC for airing what many outlets described as deceptively edited audio on the March 27 broadcast of the Today show.

On the morning show, NBC spliced together two lines spoken by Zimmerman as he talked to a 911 operator to report Trayvon Martin as a suspicious character wandering his neighborhood.

On the NBC version of the call, Zimmerman is heard to say: "This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black."

This makes Zimmerman seem to find Martin suspicious because of his race. However, the full audio showed Zimmerman described the teen's behavior as "up to no good," and he did not mention race until asked about it by a dispatcher.

More @ Breitbart

'Prosecutorial Tyrant' Violated Zimmerman's Rights

Famed defense lawyer and Harvard law professor Alan M. Dershowitz is calling for a federal investigation into civil rights violations stemming from the George Zimmerman case — but he says the probe should focus on prosecutorial misconduct rather than on allegations of racial profiling and bias.

Speaking Sunday in an exclusive Newsmax interview, Dershowitz said the jury’s finding that Zimmerman was not guilty of either second-degree murder or manslaughter was “the right verdict.”

He added, “There was reasonable doubt all over the place.”

Editor's Note: Should ObamaCare Be Repealed? Vote in Urgent National Poll

Immediately after the verdict was announced, however, the NAACP and outspoken activist Al Sharpton called on the Justice Department to launch a federal civil-rights probe, charging that the case had been racially tainted.

Dershowitz is calling for a civil-rights probe as well. But he contends the person whose rights were violated was Zimmerman.

“I think there were violations of civil rights and civil liberties — by the prosecutor,” said the criminal-law expert. “The prosecutor sent this case to a judge, and willfully, deliberately, and in my view criminally withheld exculpatory evidence.”

He added: “They denied the judge the right to see pictures that showed Zimmerman with his nose broken and his head bashed in. The prosecution should be investigated for civil rights violations, and civil liberty violations.”

                                                                  More @ Newsmax


U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News To Americans

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Gun Bot

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Ron Woods: My Western Civ I Course for the Ron Paul Homeschool Curriculum

Steel & Wood AR-15

The inside is just as clean and neat. That this was formed from a solid block of steel is nothing short of the complexity of your smart phone.

What do you buy the tactical nut who has everything? The answer is: A steel framed, bone charcoal case colored Doug Turnbull AR-15 called the TAR-15. It costs $2,750 with a plain American Black Walnut stock, and you’ll have to get in line if you want to buy one, because they are selling like hotcakes and backordered 5 months. Wait a minute, you ask? Wooden stock? Steel? AR-15?

Something doesn’t add up here. But no, your eyes are not deceiving you. The king of firearm restoration, Doug Turnbull, has been making his own firearms for years, and his newest projects are on the AR platform, in .308, .223, and even 7.62×39 and .300 Blackout. We were able to test the .223 version of the gun, just to see if it actually works, and not surprisingly, the TAR-15 is as functional as it is beautiful. Steel and wood will never take the place of aluminum and plastic in the AR-15 world, but if you want a genuinely unique gun, no two of these will ever look the same, and the price is very reasonable for something that only a handful of people will ever own.

Mike Scruggs appointed to the North Carolina Veterans Affairs Commission


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 He was one of the few to bail out of a burning propeller-driven A-26 attack bomber at night over enemy territory and live to tell about it. 


Governor Pat McCrory has appointed Mike Scruggs to serve as a member of the North Carolina Veterans Affairs Commission as of July 3, 2013.

Scruggs is a USAF combat veteran of the Vietnam War and received the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, and two Air Medals while engaged in combat operations in 1967. His service from 1961 to 1969 included duties as an intelligence officer and navigator.  He is a member of the Air Commando Association, the Air Force Association, and the Order of the Purple Heart.

He is the author of two books: Lessons from the Vietnam War, published in 2009, and The Un-Civil War, published in 2011, as well as numerous articles on military history. 

He is currently President of the Henderson County Republican Men’s Club and immediate past Chairman of the Henderson County Republican Party. He is also a real estate broker associated with Mark White & Associates in Hendersonville. He retired as an Investment Vice President from Smith Barney (now Morgan Stanley) in 2005.

Scruggs has a BS degree from the University of Georgia and an MBA degree from Stanford University in California.

He and his wife, Linda, live in Henderson County and are members of Arden Presbyterian Church (PCA).