Monday, November 11, 2019

Murdered by the U.S. Government on this day in 1865. Lest we forget!

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“I have nothing to say, only that I am innocent, and will die like a man, my hopes being in the future. I go before my God, the Almighty God, and he will judge between me and you.”
Henry Wirz
10 November 1865

Goodbye Old Dominion State. It is safe to say there is no voting ourselves out of this mess.


The state that has produced so many wonderful patriots and military leaders who have contributed so much to this nation has just flushed themselves down the toilet by electing morally corrupt career politicians  who will transform Virginia into an east coast Kalifornia. It reminds me of the decline of the Roman Empire. Historians and scholars may ask how did a nation as powerful and wealthy as Rome fail. I think it can be said that Rome was lost when it stopped being Roman. The empire had taken in so many different cultures, peoples, etc. whose allegiances were not to Rome but to their former governments, customs, ways, gods, etc. who were conquered by Rome. The Roman .gov simply did not have the resources to hold "it" all together


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The Assassination of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto


Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was the single name most synonymous with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto served as Commander in Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the early years of World War 2.

Hideki Tojo was the real power behind the Japanese Imperial throne during WW2. He and Yamamoto did not get along.  

A perennial enemy of Hideki Tojo, many observers felt that Yamamoto’s career was over when Tojo became Prime Minister of Japan in October of 1941. However, Yamamoto’s gift for tactics and his remarkable strategic vision guaranteed his place in the halls of Japanese power.

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Spotted at the Richmond gun show

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UVA Cancels Veterans Day 21-Gun Salute, Citing ‘Gun Violence’ : Officials say loud noises could disrupt classes

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Officials at the University of Virginia are facing backlash after announcing a cancellation of the 21-gun salute during Veterans Day ceremonies.

The long-running tradition of honoring veterans with the salute as part of a 24-hour vigil will not take place this year.

University President Jim Ryan issued a statement explaining the decision amid growing outrage from veterans and members of the UVA community.

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A Veteran's Day re-post from 2010 SFC Jerry "Mad Dog" Shriver with Info from Wirecutter

The Untold True Story of "Mad Dog" Shriver
"No one else could engage the machinegun that trapped Shriver's men -- it was up to Mad Dog. Skittish Yards looked to Shriver and his half-grin restored a sense of confidence. Then they were on their feet, charging -- Shriver was his old self, running to the sound of guns, a True Believer Yard on either side, all of them dashing through the flying bullets, into the treeline, into the very guts of Mad Dog's great nemesis, COSVN. And Mad Dog Shriver was never seen again."

'A most unforgettable character

Ultimately he received 26 decorations including 2 Silver Stars, the Soldiers Medal, 7 Bronze Stars, Purple Heart, Air Medal, and 3 Army Commendation Medals for Valor. While listed as MIA he was promoted to E-8.

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“I see the mass of illegal immigrants, who are illiterate even in their own language. They have none of our shared values." + 1

 Michael Savage

Conservative radio icon Michael Savage expressed doubt about the future of the United States in an interview with Breitbart News, warning that a second term for President Donald Trump would be the “last gasp” of the country.

“No, I’m pessimistic,” Savage, host of nationally-syndicated broadcast The Savage Nation and The Savage Nation Podcast, said when asked if he is hopeful for the country’s future. “I think Donald Trump, even if he wins a second term, it is the last gasp of America as we know it. I think we’re going to enter years and years, if not decades of darkness.”

Savage pointed to the continuous flow of illegal immigration from South America into the U.S. as the chief source of his melancholy assessment.

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Michael Savage Raw and Unfiltered on Trump, Beethoven, & the Future of America

Donald Trump Has Fired, Demoted, or Suspended over 8,000 Veterans Affairs Employees Since Taking Office

 FILE - In this June 21, 2013 file photo, the Veterans Affairs Department in Washington. Federal authorities have launched dozens of new criminal investigations into possible opioid and other drug theft by employees at Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals, a sign the problem isn't going away despite new prevention efforts. …

President Donald Trump has relieved over 8,000 Veterans Affairs employees for failing their duty since becoming the president, according to VA Secretary Robert Wilkie.

“The standard is if you don’t live up to your oath if you don’t live up to the standards that our veterans expect, that you will be asked to leave,” Wilkie told reporters in a press conference on Friday. “This is a transformational moment in our history.”

Wilkie said accountability was a signature promise from President Trump, particularly after the Veterans Affairs scandals in Phoenix in 2014 and 2015.

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The difference at the VA is remarkable.  Thank you Mr. President!

Comment on "David Stockman on How the Deep State Really Works"

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There is a method to hiring good people. not necessarily the best people, but good enough an organization. If you don't know the players well enough to understand their motivations but you need people to do your bidding, you hire them. if they don't work out the way you expected, fire them and hire the next in line. lather rinse repeat.

people who do not make mistakes learn nothing. people who learn nothing from making mistakes need to be replaced. leaders who demand perfection in their followers are fools looking hard for the next place to fail hard.

Highly educated people are not necessarily the the most qualified for many organization positions.

Highly educated people firmly believe that they never make mistakes because they are highly educated and know best what others should do. Highly educated people like to work in government because it allows them to practice what they believe the governed should do without any repercussions to themselves. we call them Bureaucrats. High levels of education creates a person with a rigid set of beliefs in how other people should react to what the highly educated person wants/says/believes/requires of them.

A leader could be looking for highly EXPERIENCED people who have been thru the learning process of experience and thoroughly understand the price of perfection and zero tolerance for error.

Experience teaches one to have flexibility in expectations they set for others because people are not fixed in their attitudes and desires. things change and shit happens. Observe the results of eight years of Obama(the smartest man in DC it had been said) had on the bureaucracy of government.

If you understand what the above means, you understand why President Trump has a few granola people on the payroll and how, given enough time, he weeds them out. He ends up with those that may not be the sharpest blades in the sheaths but then, they are not the dullest, either.

After almost seventy years of dealing with humans, I have to conclude that best is often the dire enemy of good enough.

--capt fast

Hammer On ‘Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler’: The Hunter Biden FOIA Bombshell

The Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot: A Homebuilder’s Paradise


I’m reasonably certain that most, if not all, of you reading this have heard about the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot. In case there’s someone out there who hasn’t, the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot is the world’s largest gathering of civilian-owned automatic weapons. It’s held twice a year, a short distance away from Elizabethtown, KY and Fort Knox (yes, the Fort Knox). The weapons up on the firing line range from WWI era Maxims to modern M134 miniguns and everything in between.

And they’re shooting at junk cars and other targets loaded with Tannerite. They even have a rental range where you can shoot some different weapons, though I’m not going to say that it’s inexpensive.

There are usually a couple of UH-1 “Huey” helicopters flying around, and occasionally they’ll do gun runs with the gunship model. There are plenty of YouTube videos if you’re curious as to what it’s all about if you’re not close enough to stop in and check it out. It’s a pretty neat experience, to say the least.

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The World’s Most Powerful Handguns

When it comes to an analysis of some of the world’s most powerful handguns, it’s hard not to think of Dirty Harry.

The grizzled character uttered one of the most iconic linesever by a gun-wielding movie character. After cornering an uncooperative criminal, he pointed his huge revolver at the perpetrator and said, “I know what you are thinking. Did he fire six shots or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all of this excitement, I’ve kind of lost track myself. But, being that this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?”

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A Nation With No Eyes, No Ears, and No Heart

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David Stockman on How the Deep State Really Works

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Trumped! A Nation on the Brink of Ruin. And How to Bring It Back: David A. Stockman

International Man: Last year, President Trump took the unusual step of bypassing his advisors to announce his intention to withdraw all US troops from Syria quickly. The decision rattled Washington and the mainstream media. It caused former Defense Secretary Mattis to resign. Almost a year later, the US has withdrawn only a token number of soldiers. It still has thousands of troops occupying the part of the country where oil fields are located. What is going on here?

David Stockman: Well, that’s the Deep State at work.

Donald Trump is all by his lonesome. He’s home alone in the Oval Office. Now, half of it, he can blame himself. If he hires someone, a known idiot like John Bolton, what does he expect is going to happen except that everything he wanted to do is going to be undermined.

Nevertheless, he can’t seem to find anybody who can articulate on a day-to-day basis a pathway to the more restrained America First posture that he had in mind.

He’s surrounded by people who constantly countermand his orders.

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Tuco's Law

It is obvious that the time to talk is over, all bets are off, there is only one answer if we are going to live. The LEFT has crossed the line in the sand with their rhetoric and moves .Our" MORAL HIGH GROUND " is now a memory.