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Amazing Canine Feeding

Meet Eugene Andrews. He's 91 and served in WWII.

East Idaho
 He still fits in his uniform and says he kept it in case he's ever called to serve again. As you can see, he's very fit and wasn't afraid to show us his one-arm push-ups! What a guy! Eugene - thank you for your service. God bless you - and God bless America!

Mexico Meets Migrants at Southern Border With Armed Forces

 A migrant argues with a federal police officer during a joint operation by the Mexican government to stop a caravan of Central American migrants on their way to the United States, at Metapa de Dominguez, in Chiapas state, Mexico, on June 5, 2019. (Jose Torres/Reuters)

Mexican soldiers, armed police, and migration officials blocked hundreds of migrants after they crossed the border from Guatemala in a caravan into southern Mexico on June 5, and detained dozens of them, a witness from a migrant aid group and an official said.

ICE Prepares for Mass Deportations, Acting Director Admits ‘We Have No Choice’

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 Central American migrants taking part in a caravan to the U.S., queue along the highway to get a ride to Irapuato in the state of Guanajuato on Nov. 11, 2018.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

And the crisis at the border is absolutely a crisis. If you have any doubt about that, read this now.

In response to the crisis, President Donald Trump’s administration is moving forward with a plan for large-scale deportations. The proposal would address a current problem area — migrant families who fail to attend their court dates, when they would learn their asylum claims have been denied and be ordered for deportation.

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Abraham Lincoln Crushes Civil Liberties in Maryland

When Abraham Lincoln launched his military invasion of the Southern States to prevent their peaceful and democratic assertion of independence, he ushered in a radically different Union than the one the Founders intended. Whether it was slavery, tariffs, or a redefinition of Federal powers matters little. The question of whether we live in a voluntary government or a compulsory one, enforced at gunpoint, was answered with the death and maiming of almost a million Americans from 1861 to 1865. At the heart of the ever-encroaching State that we find ourselves living under is the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. Every tyrant, from Karl Marx to Woodrow Wilson, FDR to Adolf Hitler, George W Bush and Barack Obama, have embraced the Lincoln mantle in both their writings and their actions. For Liberty to reemerge, the Lincoln myth must be shattered and exposed.


Abraham Lincoln is widely regarded as one of the nation’s greatest Presidents.[1] He is the subject of at least 15,000 books.[2] A popular poem (later set to music) responded to Lincoln’s call for troops in biblical terms: “We are coming, Father Abraham, three hundred thousand more.…”[3] Upon Lincoln’s death, Bishop Horatio Potter wrote that “[a] glorious career of service and devotion is crowned with a martyr’s death.”[4] Lithographs in the aftermath of the assassination depicted the apotheosis of Lincoln. In short, Lincoln has been venerated among both scholars and the public.

The Blot on New England’s Escutcheon

Image result for barbarous treatment of the Pequots by the New Englanders

Most authorities agree that the first mention of Negro slaves in New England was in John Winthrop’s diary in 1638, stating that “Mr. Pierce in his Salem ship, Desire, has been at Providence [West Indies] and brought some cotton and tobacco and Negroes from there, and salt from Tertugos.”

Negro slaves are found in New Haven, Connecticut as early as 1644, six years after the colony was founded, though it is recorded that “John Pantry of Hartford owned a slave in 1633.” Slaves are mentioned in New Hampshire in 1646, as well as Rhode Island in 1652. The latter colony became the center of New England’s infamous transatlantic slave trade, surpassing Liverpool’s slave trade by 1750.   The Great American Political Divide

The Blot on New England’s Escutcheon

“. . . Negro slavery in New England reflected that institution as it existed in the hey-day of the plantation era in the sugar, cotton and tobacco States. There was the same horror of the slave trade, the same spectacle of gangs of manacled blacks deposited on the wharves of Boston and Newport, and the same selling of human chattel at auction.

Nor was the rearing of wife from husband, nor the separation of children from both, nor the existence of the slave code, peculiar only to the Middle and Southern Colonies. It was applicable to New England as well; and in some instance, New England even led the way.

The Puritan settlements of New England enjoyed, either contemporaneously or separately, the three forms of servitude common in that day, namely; indentured servants, Indian slaves, and Negro slaves.

Indentured servants date from the founding of Massachusetts; indeed they even preceded the settlement of the Puritans at Salem, having been sent in advance to prepare homes and food against the coming of the settlers in 1630. Unfree labor existed, however, throughout the remainder of the colonial period.

The indentured servants soon proved insufficient in numbers to satisfy the colonists increasing demand for laborers. A new source of supply was soon found, however, for Indian warfare began about 1636, and the captives were promptly sold into slavery. The women and children were usually employed in the colonies; the warriors were carried to th West Indies and there sold as slaves.

The barbarous treatment of the Pequots by the New Englanders in their ruthless war of extermination against them, must ever remain a blot upon New England’s escutcheon. However, the pious Puritans easily dismissed any qualms of conscience which might have arisen, by the simple fact that “a gracious Providence had been pleased to deliver the heathen Indians into their hands.”

Thus the redskin and not the black man, was the first slave in New England. Even the much vaunted saintliness of Roger Williams, was not sufficient to deter him from writing John Winthrop, Governor of Massachusetts Bay, asking that a small Indian boy be sent to him as a servant. Indian slavery was, however, soon to be supplemented by Negro servitude, for the redskin was considered lazy, intractable, vindictive, and inclined to run away.”

(Slave-Holding in New England and Its Awakening, Lorenzo J. Greene; Journal of Negro History, Vol. XIII, Number 2, April 1928, Carter G. Woodson, editor, excerpts pp. 492-494)

FIRST WAVE AT OMAHA -The 116th Infantry Combat Team, the old Stonewall Brigade of Virginia

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First Wave at Omaha: The Ordeal of the Blue and Gray by Ken Riley

Behind them was a great invasion armada and the powerful sinews of war. But in the first wave of assault troops of the 29th (Blue and Gray) Infantry Division, it was four rifle companies landing on a hostile shore at H-hour, D-Day -- 6:30 a.m., on June 6, 1944. The long-awaited liberation of France was underway. After long months in England, National Guardsmen from Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia found themselves in the vanguard of the Allied attack. 

In those early hours on the fire-swept beach the 116th Infantry Combat Team, the old Stonewall Brigade of Virginia, clawed its way through Les Moulins draw toward its objective, Vierville-sur-Mer.

It was during the movement from Les Moulins that the battered but gallant 2d Battalion broke loose from the beach, clambered over the embankment, and a small party, led by the battalion commander, fought its way to a farmhouse which became its first Command post in France. The 116th suffered more than 800 casualties this day -- a day which will long be remembered as the beginning of the Allies' "Great Crusade" to rekindle the lamp of liberty and freedom on the continent of Europe.

BOG Chair: Silent Sam Shouldn’t Be Put Back in McCorkle Place

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Lawrence Prevatte ’80, of Indialantic, Fla. says:
I’m thoroughly disgusted with this line of thinking. Instead of doing the right thing, and restoring a monument to its original spot, our representatives kowtow to domestic terrorists. The sons of our University who gave their lives in defense of their country deserve much better treatment than this.

The criminals who defaced and tore down this memorial were not even members of the University.

Actions like these are Orwellian attempts to wipe out the past and erase our history. I’m disappointed and embarrassed by the cowardice displayed by the Chancellors and Board of Governors who support this despicable action. Before this action, and the renaming of Saunders Hall, free speech and adherence to the principles of the Constitution of These United States was adamantly enforced by the University. In the past, I was proud of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but now I’m ashamed of it. I will no longer contribute to my beloved alma mater, nor will I encourage others to attend, while this insanity continues.

Harry Smith, chair of the UNC System Board of Governors, told a news conference Wednesday that he thinks restoring UNC’s Confederate monument to its original site just off Franklin Street is “not the right path,” according to media reports.

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“Slavery And The Civil War” by Garry Bowers, M. Ed.

Image result for “Slavery And The Civil War” by Garry Bowers, M. Ed.

Shotwell Publishing in Columbia, South Carolina continues to publish books that all of us need to read and be aware of. One of the latest, just published this year is the book by Garry Bowers that is the title of this review.

Mr. Bowers states in his introduction: “Those who have rewritten our history, often by omission, and those who perpetuate such revision are legion. And they are powerful. They thrive in academia, Hollywood, the national electronic and print media and the halls of legislatures. They demonize entire groups of people to substantiate their elitism. They use the politics of victimization for their own selfish ends. They are the racists who use that very term to slander those with whom they disagree. They are the ‘progressives’ who preserve myths in order to protect their pretensions and self-righteous indignation..365,000 Union soldiers did not die to abolish slavery. 285,000 Confederate soldiers did not die to support slavery.” These opening statements pretty much substantiate the entire slavery argument.

5 Discrepancies Call the Accuracy of Mueller’s Report Into Question

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller walks away from the podium after making a statement about the Russia investigation on May 29, 2019. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

News Analysis

The Mueller report appears to have been carefully worded by the lawyers working under former special counsel Robert Mueller, and perhaps Mueller himself, in a manner designed to inflict political damage on President Donald Trump.

Additionally, we now know that sections of the report were also selectively edited to provide damaging portrayals. Examples include the representation of the transcript of a phone call between the president’s attorney, John Dowd, and the attorney for former national security adviser Michael Flynn, a letter from the attorney of an individual referenced in the Mueller report, and a sequence of dates concerning the meeting between Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and Australian diplomat Alexander Downer.

So I turned 79........

Image result for it's been a hell of  ride

........don't feel much different than when I turned 78.

Been a Sailor, Soldier, Surveyor, Draftsman, Designer, Pot Walloper, Short Order cook, pumped Gas, built airplanes, ships, buildings, airports, dams, designed chem plants, compressor stations, churches, apartment complexes, mounted split rim truck tires, sold guns and auto parts, stocked shelves, was a pipefitter, and an Investigative Reporter . . . saw one congress critter off to jail and most of County government resign to keep from following him.

Was a Cartoonist, hunted alligators at night, from a pirogue, illegally; seen Great Whites as big as a bus, chased and caught pirates.  Seen Piranha in action.  Got through four teenagers, five daughters in law, saw one son off in 'Cuffs.

Eleven or twelve states, thirty or so countries, couple three wars, North Atlantic winters, Bering Sea, Hurricanes 'n Blizzards.  Shellback and Bluenose.

Been a life.