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Covington, Kentucky SWAT Stand-Off


When I got up this morning, there were several alerts on Facebook about a veteran in Kentucky being involved in a stand-off with the local Sheriff Department’s SWAT Team. I don’t have any real details, so the following will be predicated on the minimal information available from the local news sources’ websites.

Apparently, the man in question allegedly made some comment or comments on Facebook. 

A man triggered a response from multiple SWAT teams Saturday evening after making a bizarre, vague post on Facebook.
“Important announcement at 6pm.” the first post from the suspect said.
Covington Police eventually responded to a home on Michigan Avenue after being informed of a possible emotional crisis.” (Source: River City News)

This of course, resulted in the local Sheriff’s Department being contacted by someone, and them responding with a SWAT roll-out. Of course, the local media is saying it’s for the children, because he had his kids at home. 

While the subject’s name hasn’t been released, so there’s no way to find out what his FB posts actually said, one of the alleged quotes cited by River City News resulted in the funniest part of the whole mess (if it can be called funny under the circumstances):

“Shots fired at my house,” the man posted. “Ensure (sic) to thank Senator Rand Paul and his assistant…for their help. SWAT team is here. See how well they do when I have night vision, too.” 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Virginia Flaggers!

LTC Bateman responds. What a disgrace.


 Such class..........

In a response to the responses he got from his previous editorial at, LTC Bateman has issued another fatwa against gun owners.

Some people do snark really well.  LTC Bateman is not one of them.

Some people have problems with the truth.  LTC Batman is either one of them, or somehow suffers from memory loss and claims what he wrote in clear black and white is somehow not what he really meant.

Of course those of us who he graces with the pearls of wisdom emanating from his grey matter should simply be thankful for the insight into his genius.

Big Brother tells kids TSA 'isn't scary': Launches coloring books, cartoons to placate terrified tots


Four-year-old Isabella Brademeyer had just learned about “stranger danger” at school, her family said.

Perhaps that’s why the little girl was terrified when Transportation Security Administration officers at a Kansas airport separated her from her mother, told her to spread her arms and legs and insisted on patting down the crying, pleading child, who was shouting “No!” and trying to run back to her family.

More with videos @ WND

Catching the Hint of Liberty in “Catching Fire” and “The Hunger Games”

The Washington of the future we'd like to see
 The Washington of the future we’d like to see

Catching Fire, the second installment in the trilogy of films based on The Hunger Games books by Suzanne Collins, is burning through the box office, raking in revenues of more than $360 million since its November release. This makes the movie the third highest grossing movie of the year. And this bodes well for individualism and liberty.

I’ve written earlier about how The Hunger Games books have a strong liberty theme. Indeed, these books could be considered this generation’s version of George Orwell’s 1984 or even Animal Farm.

An Elderly Couple Took The Same Photo Every Season.


The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” for a reason. Explaining how we feel is one way of getting a message across. Another is simply showing each other how we feel. During each season, this couple took a photo together in front of their house. In the resulting series of images below, without saying anything at all, a love story is being told. It’s full of hope, joy, fear and loss, but it’s told in the most unique way. 

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NC: Fort Bragg chapel holds first same-sex ceremony

 Blessing ceremony at Fort Bragg

& I went to basic there............(:

Three years ago, Maj. Daniel Toven couldn’t imagine being married, let alone having a ceremony in Fort Bragg’s Main Post Chapel. Like all gay soldiers at the time, he was living under the policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” — a policy that kept separated his personal life and his work.

But after a whirlwind of changes that began with the repeal of the ban in 2011, Toven and his partner, Johnathan Taylor, have broken ground.

The pair, who wed in Washington, D.C., in August, blessed their marriage before more than 100 people at Fort Bragg on Saturday.

The ceremony — while not technically a wedding, which would be barred by state law — is believed to be the first for a same-sex couple at Fort Bragg.

More with video if you're brave enough @ Fay Observer

Goodies from Ol' Remus

1936. A store front in Jackson City Ohio.

The Duck Dynasty revolt reveals more about PC than their worst fears allow. After decades of being effectively unopposed, Political Correctness is playing defense, but it has no experience with it. It's paranoiac fluster at any challenge is followed by—and people notice this—slapstick overreaction that looks ridiculous even to the disengaged. Defending PC today points out the defender as a hopeless rube, and supplicants for absolution art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif as invertebrate wusses. The rising defiance to PC is causing genuine panic in their ranks. PC has been unconstrained by reality for decades, now it's far from sight of shore, held together by little more than cant and chants, its internal stresses incapable of withstanding any informed confrontation. It's buckling. The people know it. 

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Around the country gun rights groups and citizens who support the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution asked of law enforcement when told they would have to abide by new restrictions on their rights, "What if we say no? Are you going to kill us? We have already told you we would never give up any gun or obey any new restriction. We will defy you to the bitter end. So, are you prepared to kill us in your attempt to enforce your unconstitutional laws on citizens who have never broken the law? And, are you prepared to live with the consequences?", says Anthony Martin in this article, Gun control: 'What if we say no?', at The Examiner

 A man has been charged with the first-degree murder of his girlfriend's son after he allegedly attacked the child because he was crying during a football game. Tre'viance [which tells us all we need to know even if there weren't a photo with the article] Markese Walker, 22, was looking after his girlfriend's baby for a few hours on December 7 while he watched the University of Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State football game on TV.
Louise Boyle at

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg DHS employs 240,000 people and boasts a $40 billion budget. Johnson, unlike his most recent predecessors, has never actually held an executive position governing a state or managing a complex organization. In 2008, this top campaign finance bundler served on the Team Obama transition team. News coverage stresses that Johnson is the "first African-American" to hold the No. 1 position at DHS. Because, you know, diversity will keep us safe. The inmates are running the asylum. Homeland security threats and ciphers are running the homeland security department, says Michelle Malkin in this article, The crony Obama donors in charge of DHS, at Human Events.

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg The infrastructure supporting our power grid is so outdated and vulnerable that an attack or natural disaster could lead to an outage scenario of unprecedented scale. We know it would be mere days before panic, looting and rioting took hold. Law and order would fall apart. Based on previous studies, we know that out of those 130 million people east of the Mississippi who would be affected by such an outage, 117 million would be dead within a year. Unless you have nearly unlimited financial resources, stockpiling supplies for a four to ten year grid down scenario is pretty much out of the question, says Mac Slavo in this article, Map: Areas Of Probable Power System Collapse: 130 Million Lacking Power For Several Years, at SHTFPlan.

Security - This term has been completely perverted, in a way that would make George Orwell proud. It is now about subjecting citizen-serfs to every conceivable inconvenience and intrusion, especially when they dare to travel by airplane, talk on the phone, send an email, get health care, or pay taxes. Instead of protecting the rights of the people, security agencies now exist to attack them... It is shocking that people who grew up in a free country would staunchly support "fundamentally transforming" America into tyranny. And that’s what it’s about, tyranny and ultimately murder.
Keith Weiner at 

An Army colonel tells why Obama is purging the military - One of the big new battle scenarios being actively discussed in the military recently is how to handle civil unrest in the U.S. and fighting in the streets. What will the Army do if called in to fight armed civilians in the streets of the United States? How will that urban warfare be conducted? Will troops be able to fire upon other American citizens when the troops take an oath to protect American citizens? He said many in the military are discussing the very real possibility that Obama will attempt to stay in office beyond two terms... that Obama will do this by declaring a state of martial law.
art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif Col. Jack at 

 Revisionists are mulling over a decision to remove Lee's and Jackson's portraits from the walls of the War College... Historians of the Civil War will be mightily interested in the outcome of "Portrait-gate," as expunging of the South's greatest generals from the historical narrative might change the overall story a smidgen... Are we soon to see Matthew Brady's and other great Civil War photographers' work PhotoShopped, the faces of the offending Southern generals erased?
Fay Voshell at 

Christmas in the Confederate White House 1864

Residence of Jefferson Davis
 Mrs. Varina Davis

Re-post NamSouth 2009 and FNC 2012

The wife of Confederate President Jefferson Davis wrote this article describing how the Davis family spent the Christmas of 1864 in the Confederate White House. It was published in The New York World, December 13, 1896 and has since been reprinted often. This excerpt was obtained via the website "The American Civil War, 1861-1865."  
...Rice, flour, molasses and tiny pieces of meat, most of them sent to the President's wife anonymously to be distributed to the poor, had all be weighed and issued, and the playtime of the family began, but like a clap of thunder out of a clear sky came the information that the orphans at the Episcopalian home had been promised a Christmas tree and the toys, candy and cakes must be provided, as well as one pretty prize for the most orderly girl among the orphans. The kind-hearted confectioner was interviewed by our committee of managers, and he promised a certain amount of his simpler kinds of candy, which he sold easily a dollar and a half a pound, but he drew the line at cornucopias to hold it, or sugared fruits to hang on the tree, and all the other vestiges of Christmas creations which had lain on his hands for years. 

The ladies dispersed in anxious squads of toy-hunters, and each one turned over the store of her children's treasures for a contribution to the orphans' tree, my little ones rushed over the great house looking up their treasure: eyeless dolls, three-legged horses, tops with the upper peg broken off, rubber tops, monkeys with all the squeak gone silent and all the ruck of children's toys that gather in a nursery closet.

Makeshift Toys for the Orphans 

First Look: New Remington Guns & Ammunition for 2014

R1 Enhanced 9mm

It appears 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for several Remington product lines.

Their new offerings include specialized extensions of their Versa Max and 870 shotgun platforms, as well as their 700- and 783-series of rifles. A handful of new R1 pistols also join their lineup of 1911s.

Remington’s Ultimate Defense handgun ammunition will expand to include more calibers, and become split into two distinct performance categories—Full-Size Handgun and Compact Handgun.

 The Compact Handgun cartridges will be designed and loaded for optimal performance in popular concealed carry pistols.

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Americans Don’t Think ‘Universal Background Checks’ Extension for Gun Shows Are Needed, National Poll Finds

Only four out of ten Americans support so-called “universal background checks” at gun shows after being informed that the vast majority of firearms sales at these shows are transacted by licensed retailers that already conduct such checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) as required by federal law. The poll results stand in contrast to the vague claim often reported in the media and attributed to gun control proponents without important contextual detail that 90 percent of Americans surveyed support “universal background checks.”

More @ NSSF

A Soldier’s Story Of Christmas Past


Re-post NamSouth  and FNC 2010 

 Why do some merchants and media call it just a holiday? People stand in line at malls after Thanksgiving and rush through the doors to buy, buy and buy.

Is this Christmas?

Partly, but the true meaning of the Christmas Season is about the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is also about helping people.

During the year of our Lord 1919, the folks of Atlanta , Georgia were preparing for Christmas. This holy day was a special time for family, friends and children. People went to church or synagogue and gave thanks to God for their many blessings.

There were, however, some who were not as fortunate!

The aging veterans of the Confederate Soldier's Home were proud men who had braved many a battle in the 1860s. One of these men was former Captain Thomas Yopp who saw battle in such places as Fredericksburg , Virginia where a cannon ball shell knocked him unconscious.

The man who stayed with him until he recovered was his servant who had also joined the 14th Georgia Regiment. Bill Yopp was more then a servant; he and Thomas Yopp were friends who hunted and fished together.

Bill Yopp, a Black Confederate veteran, was sympathetic to the men of the Atlanta 's soldiers home who had been his compatriots in arms over 50 years earlier.

During the War Between the States, 1861-1865, Bill Yopp was nicknamed "Ten Cent Bill" because of the money he made shinning shoes. He did this for the soldiers at a dime a shine and ended up with more money than most of his comrades. The soldiers did not mind him doing this and took care of him when he was sick.

During the Christmas of 1919, Bill wanted to pay back the kindness that was shown him. He first caught a train to Macon , Georgia where he was offered help by a newspaper editor. He then took a train to Savannah where he raised Christmas money for the veterans.

Just weeks before the Christmas of 1919, Bill had raised the money and Georgia 's Governor Hugh Dorsey helped him distribute envelopes of three dollars to each veteran. This was a great deal of money in those days.

The old Confederates were speechless. Tears were shed because of Bill Yopp's good heart and kind deed. Many of those men had little or nothing. Bill was invited to come into the home's chapel to say a few words.

Bill Yopp was presented a medal of appreciation for his support of the soldiers and was later voted in as a resident of the Confederate Soldier's home where he spent his remaining years.

Bill Yopp died on June 3, 1936, the birthday of the Confederacy's President Jefferson Davis. Bill was buried at the Confederate Cemetery in Marietta , Georgia .

Christmas is about love, forgiveness, old friends, family and the child who became Savior of the world.

Please read Charles Pitt’s book “Ten Cent Bill” for more about Bill Yopp.

Merry Christmas!

 Calvin E. Johnson, Jr.,
Speaker, Writer, Author of book “When America Stood for God, Family and Country”
member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Lee’s Christmas Letter to One of His Daughters after losing Arlington



“Coosawatchie, South Carolina, December 25, 1861

My Dear Daughter,

Having distributed such poor Christmas gifts as I had to those around me, I have been looking for something for you. Trifles even are hard to get in these war times, and you must not therefore expect more. I have sent you what I thought most useful in your separation from me and hope it will be of some service.

Though stigmatized as “vile dross,” it has never been a drug with me. That you may never want for it, restrict your wants to your necessities. Yet how little it will purchase! But see how God provides for our pleasure in every way. To compensate for such “trash,” I send you some sweet violets that I gathered for you this morning while covered with dense white frost, whose crystals glittered in the bright sun like diamonds, and formed a brooch of great beauty and sweetness which could not be fabricated by the expenditure of a world of money.

May God guard and preserve you for me, my dear daughter! Among the calamities of war, the hardest to bear, perhaps, is the separation of families and friends. Yet all must be endured to accomplish our independence and maintain our self-government. In my absence from you I have thought of you very often and regretted I could do nothing for your comfort.

Your old home, if not destroyed by our enemies, has been so desecrated that I cannot bear to think of it. I should have preferred it to have been wiped from the earth, its beautiful hill sunk, and its sacred trees buried rather than to have been degraded by the presence of those who revel in the ill they do for their own selfish purposes.

I pray for a better spirit and that the hearts of our enemies may be changed. In your homeless condition I hope you make yourself contented and useful. Occupy yourself in aiding those more helpless than yourself. Think always of your father.   R.E. Lee.” 

(And to One of His Daughters, Civil War Christmas Album, Philip Van Doren, editor, Hawthorne Books, 1961, page 19)

Who shot Tonto? Police hunt for answers in death of beloved rodeo horse

Young woman seeks answers in beloved horse’s death

Nebraska authorities are searching to find out who shot a beloved retired rodeo horse last month.
According to the Scottsbluff Star-Herald, the horse, J.K. Tonto, was found Nov. 17 by the grandfather of Kayellyn Hall, a rodeo competitor. One of the horse’s shoulders was shattered by a bullet on the family’s ranch in Minatare and it had to be euthanized.

"He was my first horse," said Kayellyn Hall, who had owned J.K. Tonto since she was 7 years old. "Rodeo is my life," she said, "and he is the horse that got that started."

More @ Fox

President John Tyler’s Grandson, on Still Being Alive


Re-post 2012

A few days ago, the website Mental Floss posted an amazing, seemingly impossible piece of American trivia, which then quickly spread around the web, to Yahoo, the Huffington Post, ABC News, Fox News, Politico, Kottke, the Daily Mail, and others: Two grandsons of President John Tyler — who was born in 1790 and served as tenth president of the United States — are still alive today.

"Thank goodness," says Harrison Ruffin Tyler, one of those grandsons, who spoke to us earlier this morning from Sherwood Forest Plantation, the historical Tyler family home in Virginia in which he resides. Harrison Tyler is not an immortal vampire, or a 160-year-old freak of nature, but a mentally sharp octogenarian with a soothing Southern drawl and a more favorable opinion of his grandfather's legacy than the ones held by most presidential historians.

Inventor of AK-47 rifle Mikhail Kalashnikov dies at 94

Via WiscoDave

Reuters / Andrei Kasprishin
AK30 VSSaiga12 Mags

The inventor of the iconic AK-47 assault rifle, Mikhail Kalashnikov, has died at the age of 94. His ingenuity earned him widespread admiration, but his legacy became more controversial when his weapons were used in some of the world’s bloodiest conflicts.

"Mikhail Kalashnikov's entire life is a shining example of dedication to serving your country," said a statement from Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

"For many generations of Russians his name became a symbol of the glory and reliability of our weapons, and a source of national pride."
Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed "deep condolences" over the death of the engineer.

More @ RT

Rare WWII Photos of the Allied Italian Campaign

Via WiscoDave

End of the road: A German grave yard crops up along Italy's Esperia Pico Road. The photographs were taken as troops marched to Rome by photojournalist Carl Mydans

The tides of war turned irrevocably in favor of the Allied forces in July 1943 when 150,000 British and American soldiers swarmed the shores of Sicily at the start of World War II's bloody Italian Campaign.

Along with Canadian, French and other Allies, the invasion was the start of a long march to Rome that would forever be noted as some of the most brutal of the entire war.

Tens of thousands of soldiers died on each side during the campaign, which saw the ousting of Italy's Fascist leader Benito Mussolini in its early days but would stretch into nearly two years.

The Allies marched up the most of famous of Roman roads, the Appian Way, which connected the city of Rome to the southern Italian coast.

These haunting yet hopeful color photographs from Life were never published in the magazine, but can now be seen here in their full glory.

More @ Breitbart

Another Massive Cyber-attack on US Citizens and Nobody Cares

Over the last month, cyberterrorists operating from offshore locations, launched a massive attack on US citizens.  By hacking point of sale terminals in Target stores, the group was able to steal information from 40 million citizens across the US.  

Given the unique nature of this attack, it didn't only steal credit card numbers.   It was also successful in gathering the three digit verification codes as well as name and address information.  The ability to link all three is a huge coup for the attackers, since it allows the construction of databases that will enable much more sophisticated attacks in the future.

All-male dance group stirs controversy in Semmes Christmas parade

Via Billy

Minutes before they made the now-controversial strut down the parade route on Wulff Road on Saturday, the Prancing Elites, an all-male dance team from Mobile, stretched and lined up with the other parading groups before they marched.
As the parade began, Kentrell Collins, the group's leader, recalls an older man who was directing the procession offer what seemed to be last-minute encouragement: " 'If anybody says anything to you, don't stop moving, keep going,' " Collins said, recalling the event afterward.

Dressed in red and white Santa sweaters and snug white shorts, the four young men performed a routine that entailed a combination of sharp thrusts, swaying and elaborate hip movements. Each member also sported pristine make-up.

Within hours, members of the community in Semmes called parade organizers and posted on social media, most of them in shock. At least one woman demanded an apology, saying she had "never been so insulted" in her life. Others wrote that they were disgusted and children should not have been exposed to the dancers.

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Memo to Newt Gingrich: Nelson Mandela Was No Patrick Henry

Via Ryan



The Daily Bell - Ron Holland on 'Restoring Our American Legacy


 A free book on liberty for your friends and associates.

Now you can read my latest book: RESTORING OUR AMERICAN LEGACY free on the PDF URL shown below.

This 19-chapter book is a politically incorrect guide to building wealth, security and effective political action in the 21st Century.

Feel fee to post the link on your website or FB "only" if you enjoy the book and my suggestion is to read the Table of Contents to decide if you should read the book.

Thanks & Merry Christmas,

Ron Holland

1967 Mercury Comet 202 Sedan R-Code 427/425 HP, Unrestored 2,000 Mile Car

Here's our sleeper Zoomie!  Just tape over the emblems. :)

 F279 1967 Mercury Comet 202 Sedan R-Code 427/425 HP, Unrestored 2,000 Mile Car Photo 1

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"Cut and Run"