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People Along the Way: Dan Smoot

 dan smoot

Dan Smoot never considered himself to be a Southern conservative, though he was born and reared in Missouri and spent his early adult life in Texas.  He was one of the leading conservative voices in the 1960s and hosted a weekly television program titled “The Dan Smoot Report.”

There were once principled men who were willing to carry the conservative standard against seemingly insurmountable odds, even if it meant public ridicule.  Smoot was one of those men, and his brand of conservatism was heavily influenced by his time in the South.  The giants of conservatism in the post-World War II era–Russell Kirk, Richard Weaver, Henry Regnery, James Kilpatrick, Mel Bradford, et. al.,–understood that much of American conservatism was nurtured in the soil of the South, a region that was slow to adopt the consumerism and multi-nationalism of the mainstream Republican Party.

Country club Republicans and their neoconservative allies eventually purged these men from respectable public discourse.  America has suffered as a result.

Smoot’s autobiography People Along the Way contains interesting tidbits about life in the Great Depression South, among them the common interaction among white and black Southerners.  These stories would not be considered politically correct, nor would they be presented by the modern historical profession.  They involve everyday white and black Southerners interacting without a hint of racial animosity or spite.

Passing motorists take down shooter who shot La. trooper in head during traffic stop

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The unidentified suspect is shown being dragged away by Louisiana State troopers after he allegedly shot a trooper in the head during a traffic stop on Sunday afternoon. 

A gunman who critically wounded a decorated Louisiana State Police trooper Sunday afternoon near Lake Charles was tackled by passing motorists, authorities said.

Army veteran and 13-year veteran of the state agency Trooper Steven Vincent stopped to check on a suspected impaired driver stuck in a ditch along Highway 14 only to be shot in the head during the ensuing arrest, Sgt. James Anderson told the Daily News.

“It was pandemonium out here,” Anderson said.

Several good Samaritans pulled over to help the 43-year-old trooper and used his radio to call authorities. The motorists then detained the suspect on their own with Vincent’s handcuffs.

More with video @ Daily News

Angry Chinese Investors Capture Head Of Metals Exchange In Predawn Hotel Raid

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As FT notes, "Fanya is a forum for trading minor metals like indium and bismuth that has also functioned as a shadow banking conduit — not only leveraging metal deposited with the exchange as collateral for loans, but offering high interest investment products to retail investors."

If that sounds familiar to you, it should. Just last week in "The 8 Trillion Black Swan: Is China's Shadow Banking System About To Collapse?," we took a fresh look at the dizzying array of wealth management products and collective trust products that are, together, a CNY17.2 trillion industry in China. Summarizing a (very) long and convoluted story, WMPs are marketed to investors through banks as a high yielding alternative to savings deposits. Investors aren’t often aware of exactly what they’re investing in or how risky it might be or that in many cases, issuers borrow short to lend long resulting in a perpetual case of maturity mismatch.

"A key issue is whether the presumption of implicit guarantees is upheld or the authorities allow failing WMPs to default and investors to experience losses arising from these products," the RBA said in a report, to which we responded that in the event investors are forced to take losses, "the key issue is what those investors will do next."
Well, now we know.

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Who Cares about American Workers? Not Many GOP Presidential Candidates.

Image result for Who Cares about American Workers?  Not Many GOP Presidential Candidates.
                                                     Not I, said the blind man.

Mike Scruggs

The latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report indicates that the real annual wages of American workers have improved by scarcely more than $1.00 in the last 15 years. Their real wages have actually decreased in the last 7 years. U.S. businesses profit over $437 billion per year from hiring cheap foreign labor, both legal and illegal. But according to Harvard labor economist, George Borjas, this profit is at the expense of American workers, suppressing their wages by $402 billion per year. These disparities represent a massive ethical collapse in immigration policy, which should no longer be tolerated by the American people.

In addition, according to the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform, taxpayers pick up an annual bill of $115 billion to support the education, healthcare, welfare, and law enforcement costs of illegal immigration. This is essentially a taxpayer subsidy for businesses that use illegal immigrant labor.

 According to the Heritage Foundation, the average unlawful household receives $14,385 more in annual government benefits and services than all forms of taxes paid. Give them amnesty, and it will cost nearly $28,000 per amnestied household per year because of higher benefit levels and little additional tax revenue.

We need immigration policies that benefit America and the American people, especially American workers, taxpayers, and THEIR families. What we have is a corrupt immigration system that benefits illegal immigrants and businesses that hire both legal and illegal cheap foreign labor. The American people are crying desperately for this to be corrected. If not, it will destroy our country.

According to the Pew Research Foundation, there are about 11 million illegal immigrants in the country.  Other institutions agree, but some painstaking research by Bear-Stearns analysts in 2006 would project that number to be between 20 and 30 million.  Most illegal immigrants do not fill out forms admitting they entered the country by some unlawful method. Only about 50 percent of unlawful immigrants sneak across the border. The other half just come in on a legal tourist, student, or guest-worker visa, and stay in the U.S without permission or notice of any address change. Politicians love to promise voters that they are going to seal the border, but even if they did, it would probably not stop more than 25 percent of illegal immigration. More illegals would simply get a visa, come here, and stick the visa in the trash once it had expired. This method is unbelievably easy and unguarded.

Securing the physical border is necessary to stop illegal immigration, BUT it is near meaningless unless it is also accompanied by enforcing immigration laws at the workplace. That is why we need strong federal and state E-Verify systems to determine the immigration status of work applicants and the existing workforce. However, the lobbyists for the employer associations and people who are making $435 billion per year from cheap foreign labor do not want this to happen. The $70 million dollars the U..S. Chamber and allied organizations spent on the 2014 primaries and general election was largely for the purpose of electing more Republicans to Congress, especially the Senate, but particularly those who would support amnesty and tripling the annual number of legal foreign workers and guest-workers in the country. That is how and why Republican leadership in Congress let Obama get away with his unconstitutional administrative amnesty.

The Schumer-Rubio Senate amnesty bill would have brought in an additional 20 million foreign workers with permanent green-card status in the next decade. According to the Heritage Foundation, the amnesty alone would have increased federal (deficit), state, and local government spending by an average of $1.26 billion per year, running to a total of $6.3 trillion in 50 years, provided it had not broken the Social Security and Medicare systems long before that. But that does not count the job displacements and further wage depression of American workers caused by bringing in another 20 million foreign workers, nor the increased cost of welfare for new immigrants and displaced American workers.

More than half of GOP presidential candidates for the 2016 election are preaching a type of economic growth that will be good for big business and a terrible tragedy for most American workers and most of the middle class. They are not all crooks, but they are certainly negligent in doing their homework on immigration. Neither are they economics math whizzes. For example, suppose the U.S. with a population of 325 million and a GDP of $17.4 trillion absorbed the entire Mexican population of 123 million with its GDP of $1.3 trillion intact. That would increase U.S. GDP by 7.5 percent. This is, of course, meaningless. The per capita GDP is what is important to a nation’s wealth. The new American GDP per capita in this case would decline mathematically, but having to absorb the additional Mexican welfare over a predominantly American tax base would likely drive GDP down and drive net disposable incomes for Americans down even more. Milton Friedman once stated the obvious. Bringing in millions of poor, less skilled, and less educated immigrants is not compatible with real economic growth and prosperity. Bringing in too many immigrants drives down wages and increases taxes. Economic freedom is an invaluable blessing, but it does not turn stupid political decisions into gold. Free markets punish sloppy thinking. Massive amnesties and flooding the labor market with 20 million more foreign workers are both good examples of stupid. But they would make some people very rich, and unfortunately those people wield tremendous power and influence, while few politicians seem to have a genuine sympathy for American workers and their families.

The U.S. economy is not producing HALF the jobs needed for American science, technology, engineering, and math graduates. Many are only able to find part-time or low-paid service and clerical jobs. This tragedy is being exacerbated by importing thousands more H-1B science and technical workers than needed. “Getting the best and the brightest” has become a mask for hiring cheaper foreign science applicants, who are no more qualified and often less educated than American science workers. The big technology companies are saving lots of money with this cry, but the real issue is bigger profits by using 20 percent cheaper labor, patriotism and compassion for their fellow Americans be damned.  American workers are even training foreign workers before being laid off—a moral outrage. Yet more than half of GOP presidential candidates would do nothing to stop unwarranted increases in H-1B visas.

Unless immigration policy works for the good of American workers, it will prove detrimental to real growth and prosperity for America and most Americans. That means no amnesty and no surge of new legal immigration, including H-1B technical workers. Legal immigration needs to be both smaller and more selective. Our annual legal immigration of near 1.0 million is more than triple the pre-amnesty 1986 level. It needs to be cut at least 50 percent for both economic and national security reasons.

Author: Jefferson's slaves not a 'black and white' issue

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Thomas Jefferson

Democrats who are eager to expunge the name of Thomas Jefferson from their party need to think carefully, warns a scholar who has studied and written about America’s Founding Fathers.

While Jefferson, the third president, was a slave owner, that is not the only facet of his life, said Joshua Charles, author of “Liberty’s Secrets: The Lost Wisdom of America’s Founders.”

“The fact remains that the life of Thomas Jefferson brought an immense amount of good into the world and set up future generations for greater prosperity and flourishing than most human beings could ever lay claim to,” he said.

“Was he flawed? You bet. Badly. But the world he left was much better for him having been in it.”

More @ WND

Study: Concealed Carry Is Soaring

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Image result for Study: Concealed Carry Is Soaring

Since President Obama’s election, the number of concealed handgun permits has soared, growing from 4.6 million in 2007 to over 12.8 million this year, according to a new study by the Crime Prevention Research Center.

Among the findings in the CPRC report:
The number of concealed handgun permits is increasing at an ever-increasing rate. Over the past year, 1.7 million additional new permits have been issued—a 15.4% increase in one single year. This is the largest-ever single-year increase in the number of concealed handgun permits.

It’s Always Worse Than You Think

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Reuters: “Financial markets, like religions, are faith-based networks. The complex structures of assets and liabilities that comprise markets are held together by a set of underlying beliefs. Unlike religions, however, financial dogmas are occasionally shown to be false. We experienced such a moment last week, when the Chinese authorities chose to devalue their currency.”

Contemporary global finance is a complex “system” of interwoven (electronic) “faith-based networks.” As the bursting of the global Bubble unfolds, myriad “financial dogmas” will be exposed as bogus. Too many have been little more than chicanery.

For the most part, global finance is comprised of a labyrinth of IOUs. And IOU value hinges on confidence, faith and trust. Over recent years too much of global finance has been underpinned - directly and indirectly - by concerted efforts of the world’s central bankers. Trillions of newly minted government finance have been validating tens of Trillions more of private-sector obligations and asset prices. Now, faith in the almighty power of central bank Credit and fiscal deficits, unquestioned for far too long, has begun to dim. The unfolding global crisis of confidence expanded and accelerated this week.

Global financial tumult has now attained sufficient momentum so that even U.S. markets can no longer remain comfortably oblivious.

Carteret County Speedway Grand Opening Labor Day Weekend 2015


A Sacrifice for His People: The Imprisonment of Jefferson Davis

 jefferson davis colorized

In 1866 Margaret Junkin Preston of Lexington, Virginia, a sister-in-law of Stonewall Jackson, wrote a poem she called “Regulus.” Regulus was a Roman hero who was tortured by the Carthaginians but never yielded his honour or his patriotism.

Her verse, which did not mention Jefferson Davis by name, was a reflection on the imprisonment of President Davis—a tribute to Davis’s nobility and patriotism under suffering and an indictment of the viciousness of his captors. Indeed, our President’s lowest point in fortune was also his finest hour. In the horrors of defeat and conquest after a sacrifice that has few equals in history, the internal conflicts of the Confederacy slipped into the background for most Southerners. Jeff Davis, brave and unyielding under torment, become a revered symbol for his people, and would remain so ever after.

Of course, it will surprise all the brilliant scholars conducting that other tax-supported meeting here in town, that Southerners like Mrs. Preston were well-versed in the classics. Among the tortures inflicted on Regulus by Rome’s worst enemies, the Carthaginians, was removal of the eyelids. She compares this to the Yankees shining a light in Jeff Davis’s eyes 24 hours a day.

If You’ve Never Lived In A Sanctuary City For Illegal Aliens, You Have NO Right To Discuss Illegals

Comment by Quartermain on One Reason Why Trump's Kelly Comments Did Not Hurt...

I’m sorry, but if you’ve never lived in a sanctuary city, you really should shut up.  The reason many people are gung-ho over Trump is because he wants to send them all packing:  I am for that position, 100%. 
I lived in a sanctuary city. It was hell on earth.  Just imagine:  I moved into a town that was predominantly white people from Arkansas and Oklahoma (Arkies and Okies).   Over the course of 5 years time,  (In the 1990’s, 2000’s) I suddenly witnessed many more Hispanics/Mexicans–in the population-thousands of them.  They don’t speak English.

They look at young white women as if they want to ravage them. Pretty soon, you can’t get a job because you don’t speak Spanish.  But, they CAN get a job, no problemo.  You watch members of your family end up on unemployment because they’ve been replaced by workers that are paid $5- an hour with no benefits.  BUT-YOU pay for their ‘benefits’ at the Hospitals/Healthcare facilities.   When you get sick, nobody pays for you.    You watch other American Capitalists sell their own people out to make a dollar more.

 More @ The Mad Jewess

Belgian Officials Arm Police With Paintball Guns in Bid to Stop Future Charlie Hebdo-Style Attacks

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paintball gun

Evidently, not a parody.
Police in one Belgian city are now being armed with paintball guns.

Rapid response units in Antwerp are being handed the non-lethal weapons, familiar to stag doers and wannabe warriors across the world.

Police chiefs say that the new semi-automatic firearms are designed to be used in densely-populated areas.

They can also fire pepper spray missiles.

And police bosses hope that they will help neutralise dangerous suspects without actually killing them.

Mosins Are Immortal

Mine's a trifle better. :)

On Men

Comment by Anonymous on Video Released of French Train Terrorist Hogtied b...
"A few points to note: 
-This attack was stopped by MEN, behaving like men. Go f--- yourselves SJWs, beta Bolshevik "males", and your ugly obese mentally ill lesbo Tindr mafia partners in crime. If these guys had been the passive, beta bitches that you would prefer men to be, we would be mourning the victims of a massacre.
-it is heartening that despite the disgusting perverting of our culture over the last 50 years - which now starts on our kids in kindergarten and peaks in college - we still raise outstanding young men like these.
- Even the Brit guy - a member of one of the most thoroughly socially castrated male populations in Europe got in on the act, with a succinct but poignant justification for acting the way he did.
- This incident is a starting point on a continuum which ends with the legal right to be armed for some or all Europeans. It will take many years but these savages also play a long game. Armed citizens are the logical outcome of a long train, pardon the pun, of these sorts of incidents. As well, this completely justifies and further cements the cause of armed self defense in America. 
- Note the behavior of the French train staff. Lickspittle cowardly jobsworths, looking after their own pathetic hides first and foremost. Again, citizens are on their own in these scenarios and they would best be prepared, by being armed, prohibited or not.
- They should have beheaded him "pour encourager les autres". Just to be sure..."

Aftermath of Swiss mid-air plane crash which saw one pilot killed but another parachute to safety

 Tragedy: The 50-year-old pilot was inside his plane when it crashed into a barn in Dittingen in  Switzerland

A pilot died and another parachuted to safety when two planes collided at an airshow in northern Switzerland.

The two aircraft touched in mid-air just before crashing in the hillside village of Dittingen near Basel at about 11.15am local time today.

The automatic rescue system of the first plane did not activate and the 50-year-old pilot, whose identity has not been revealed, was inside the aircraft as it crashed into a barn in the centre of Dittingen. Nobody else was hurt in the crash.

More @ Daily Mail

One Reason Why Trump's Kelly Comments Did Not Hurt Him

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Because most people are less concerned with the blood coming out of Megyn Kelly's whatever than they are with the blood that came out of Kate Steinle's bullet wound.

That is all.

100 Years of Beauty - Episode 8: Russia (Anya)

Share Cropping and the economic consequences of the War on both blacks and whites in the South.

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Unfounded Fears of Slavery Expansion

 Image result for (The Natural Limits of Slavery Expansion, Charles W. Ramsdell (

Lincoln receives insufficient credit for his part in defeating the compromise measures of 1860-61 which would have averted war, whose effects are still felt today. The author below asserts that slavery had reached its natural limits and was “a cumbersome and expensive system [that] could show profits only as long as it could find plenty of rich land to cultivate” and a market that would take the product. He adds that “the free farmers in the North who dreaded its further spread had nothing to fear. Even those who wished [slavery] destroyed had only to wait a little while – perhaps a generation, probably less. It was summarily destroyed at a frightful cost to the whole country and one-third of the nation was impoverished for forty years.”
Bernhard Thuersam,    The Great American Political Divide

Unfounded Fears of Slavery Expansion

“In the forefront of that group of issues which, for more than a decade before the secession of the cotton States, kept the Northern and Southern sections of the United States in irritating controversy and a growing sense of enmity, was the question of whether the federal government should permit and protect the expansion of slavery into the western territories . . . It was upon this particular issue that a new and powerful sectional party appeared in 1854, that the majority of the Secessionists of the cotton States predicated their action in 1860-1861, and it was upon this also that President-elect Lincoln forced the defeat of the compromise measures in the winter of 1860-61.

It seems safe to say that had this question been eliminated or settled amicably, there would have been no secession and no Civil War . . .

Disregarding the stock arguments – constitutional, economic, social and what-not – advanced by either group, let us examine afresh the real problem involved. Would slavery, if legally permitted to do so, have taken possession of the territories or of any considerable portion of them?

The causes of the expansion of slavery westward from the South Atlantic coast are now well-understood. The industrial revolution [in the North and in England] and the opening of world markets had continually increased the consumption and demand for raw cotton, while the abundance of fertile and cheap cotton lands in the Gulf States had steadily lured cotton farmers and planters westward. Where large-scale production was [possible, the enormous demand for a steady supply of labor had made the use of slaves inevitable, for a sufficient supply of free labor was unprocurable on the frontier . . . and slave labor was usually not profitable in growing grain.

This expansion of the institution was in response to economic stimuli . . . [and the] movement would go on as long as far as suitable cotton lands were to be found or as long as there was a reasonable expectation of profit from slave labor, provided, of course, that no political barrier was encountered.

But by 1849-50 . . . and by the time the new Republican party was formed to check the further expansion of slavery, the westward march of the cotton plantation was evidently slowing down. The only possibility of a further westward extension of the cotton belt was in Texas. In that alone was the frontier line of cotton and slavery still advancing . . .

In New Mexico and Arizona, Mexican labor is cheaper than Negro labor, as has always been the case since the acquisition of the region from Mexico. It was well-understood by sensible men, North and South, in 1850 that soil, climate, and native labor would form a perpetual bar to slavery in the vast territory then called New Mexico. [By 1860], ten years after the territory had been thrown open to slavery, showed not a single slave; and this was also true of Colorado and Nevada. Utah, alone of all these territories, was credited with any slaves at all . . . [and] the census of 1860 showed two slaves in Kansas and fifteen in Nebraska.

The Northern anti-slavery men held that a legal sanction of slavery in the territories would result in the extension of the institution and domination of the free North by the slave power; prospective immigrants in particular feared that they would never be able to get homes in this new West. Their fears were groundless; but in their excited state of mind they could see neither the facts clearly nor consider them calmly.

In the cold facts of the situation, there was no longer any basis for excited sectional controversy over slavery extension . . . [but] the public mind had so long been concerned with the debate that it could not see that the issue had ceased to have validity. In the existing state of the popular mind, therefore, there was still abundant opportunity for the politician to work to his own ends, to play upon prejudice and passion and fear.”

(The Natural Limits of Slavery Expansion, Charles W. Ramsdell (1929); The Causes of the Civil War, Kenneth M. Stampp, editor, Prentice-Hall Inc., 1965, pp. 86-91)

CHRISTIANS ONLY PLEASE! European Union Commission livid that several Central & Eastern European countries don’t want Syrian refugees who are Muslims

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The governments of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria are firmly against the mandatory relocation of 40,000 mainly Muslim Syrians from Italy and Greece, one of the reasons the plan failed last month. Syrian Christians are under threat of extinction and deserving of asylum in majority Christian countries of the West.

War Against a Free Trade South

It is clear that the withdrawal of the Southern States in early 1861 was caused by Northern hostility, especially with regard to the South’s political conservatism and domestic institutions. More obvious is that secession did not necessitate war, as the North could have let the South form its more perfect union peaceably. The North waged war for economic reasons and to thwart the free trade policies of the new American Confederacy.
Bernhard Thuersam,    The Great American Political Divide 
Cartoon drawn during the nullification controversy showing the manufacturing North getting fat at Southern expense.

War Against a Free Trade South

“When the Southern States began to secede after Lincoln’s election, it soon became evident that the great majority of Northerners considered disunion intolerable. Among the reasons, they foresaw disastrous economic consequences; and this explains in part their demand that Lincoln “enforce the laws” in the South. The Boston Herald (November 12, 1860), predicted some of the evils that would result from disunion:

“Should the South succeed in carrying out her designs, she will immediately form commercial alliances with European countries who will readily acquiesce in any arrangement which will help English manufacturing at the expense of New England.

The first move the South would make would impose a heavy tax upon the manufactures of the North, and an export tax upon the cotton used by Northern manufacturers. In this way she would seek to cripple the North. The carrying trade, which is now done by American {Northern] vessels, would be transferred to British ships, which would be a heavy blow aimed at our commerce.

It will also seriously affect our shoe trade and the manufacture of ready-made clothing, while it would derange the monetary affairs of the country.”

Boston Transcript, March 18, 1861:

“It does not require extraordinary sagacity to perceive that trade is perhaps the controlling motive operating to prevent the return of the seceding States to the Union, which they have abandoned. Alleged grievances in regard to slavery were originally the causes for the separation of the cotton States; but the mask has been thrown off, and it is apparent that the people of the principal seceding States are now for commercial independence.

They dream that the centres of traffic can be changed from Northern to Southern ports. The merchants of New Orleans, Charleston and Savannah are possessed with the idea that New York, Boston and Philadelphia may be shorn, in the future, of their mercantile greatness, by a revenue system verging upon free trade. If the Southern Confederation is allowed to carry out a policy by which only a nominal duty is laid upon imports, no doubt the business of the chief Northern cities will be seriously injured thereby.

The difference is so great between the tariff of the Union and that of the Confederated States, that the entire Northwest must find it to their advantage to purchase their imported goods at New Orleans rather than at New York. In addition to this, the manufacturing interest of the country will suffer from the increased importations resulting from the low duties . . . The . . . [government] would be false to all of its obligations, if this state of things were not provided against.”

(The Causes of the Civil War, Kenneth M. Stampp, Prentice-Hall Inc., 1965, pp. 78-80)

"Where do I apply for asylum... when the day comes that I can no longer live here?"

Via David
The truth is that even the docile Swedish people have a limit. When those in power expose us to bloodbaths, whether in the Big Square of Stockholm in 1520 or at IKEA in Västerås in 2015, there will always be those who are ready to overthrow the mighty. Just as in Gustav Vasa's day, a lot of Swedes have firearms. They are not as easy to come by as in the United States, but more and more Swedes are getting hunting licenses, and are thereafter legally able to buy guns. From now on in Sweden, anything can happen.
  • The mosque fire received huge attention, while the rape epidemic is basically ignored. When a Swedish woman and her son are brutally knifed to death in the most Swedish of all places – an IKEA store – the Prime Minister has nothing to say.
  • The normal democratic order, where citizens can contact politicians or the media to make their voices heard, has all but evaporated in Sweden. Newspaper websites have removed the reader comment fields, and the politicians hide behind a wall of officials who brand callers expressing concern "racist," and hang up. Sweden is governed by a power that has shut down the democratic process.

Thinking About the Unthinkable: An Israel-Iran Nuclear War

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The signing of a Munich-class agreement with Iran that hands it more than it ever hoped to pull off represents a shocking, craven American capitulation to an apocalyptic crazy state: a North Korea with oil. Nothing in Western history remotely approaches it, not even Neville Chamberlain's storied appeasement of another antisemitic negotiating partner.

But it also augurs the possibility of a nuclear war coming far sooner than one could have imagined under conventional wisdom worst-case scenarios.

Refugees tear through police lines at Macedonian border

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The f------ nerve: For those who cannot see that this is directly connected to the illegal immigration crisis of our Republic, you are hopelessly lost.
“In this Europe, animals are sleeping in beds and we sleep in the rain,” said 23-year-old Syrian woman Fatima Hamido after running across the border. “I was freezing for four days in the rain, with nothing to eat.”


GEVGELIJA, Macedonia (Reuters) - Thousands of migrants stormed across Macedonia's border on Saturday, overwhelming security forces who threw stun grenades and lashed out with batons before apparently abandoning a bid to stem their flow through the Balkans to western Europe.

Some had spent days in the open with little or no food or water after Macedonia on Thursday declared a state of emergency and sealed its borders to migrants, many of them refugees from war in Syria and other conflicts in the Middle East.

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