Sunday, August 23, 2015

One Reason Why Trump's Kelly Comments Did Not Hurt Him

Via comment by Quartermain on 'Anchor Baby' Flap Shows Left Losing Grip


Because most people are less concerned with the blood coming out of Megyn Kelly's whatever than they are with the blood that came out of Kate Steinle's bullet wound.

That is all.


  1. Ms Steinle's death was a shame and totally preventable if the communists in
    the village had been more concerned about safety.

  2. Here is a brief email I wrote to a SJW columnist at the Des Moines Register complaining of a local radio talk show host and "demagoguery":

    "I find it funny peculiar to see you going seeing you and the Des Moines Register denouncing demagoguery when the Des Moines Register and the mainstream media have been practicing demagoguery for years, still practice it and will continue it as long as you can. (For example: William Randolph Hearst) You use emotionalism and knee jerk “liberalism” in your demagoguery.

    You take offence to what Jan Mickelson says and you seek to silence him for it. You, dear lady, are a fascist."

    Here is the column with Mr. Mickelson's response :

    And his website:

    To add to this two-fer special is a post by the mad Jewess:

    1. Excellent. Thanks.

    2. I hope you won't sore at me for sending an apology to Ms. Basu:

      Dear Ms. Basu,

      I apologize for calling you a fascist, I meant to say hypocrite.

  3. I haven't trusted the Megyn Kelly network since the Judge was pushed out of his bully pulpit..

    1. I wish he had come out and stated exactly what happened.