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Frank Snepp about his book "Decent Interval"

Bought the book when it first came out in 1982. Still infuriating.

Kissinger Lied, by Frank Snepp

Screen shot from the video.  I remember doing the exact same thing, coloring provinces (On the wall map of SVN that were now under NVA control ) during March until April 1. There had been many offensives before, but they were always defeated. On April 1st  I realized that it was over and stopped doing it.  After a few days one of the Vietnamese girls in the office (DAO) asked me why hadn't I continued and I was so depressed that I didn't answer.

Get Woke, Go Broke? DICK'S Sporting Goods Warns Investors That Decision To Get Rid Of Guns Cost Company Dearly

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Dick's Sporting Goods is warning investors that its decision to remove certain "assault-style" weapons from its Field & Stream stores cost it dearly and may limit its future gains.

The sporting goods retailer was forced to confront angry shareholders late last week after its stocks tanked more than 4.5% and financial conglomerate J.P. Morgan Chase downgraded Dick's shares, saying the company was "overweight."

Migrants Land Boat at Laguna Beach California 100 Miles from Border

 Migrants make U.S. landfall in a panga boat at Laguna Beach, CA. (Photo: Laguna Beach Police Department Video Screenshot)
Used to drive a  cab there.

Residents of a California beach community witnessed a surprising incident as a small boat packed with illegal aliens made landfall. The migrants made their way to the beach resort located about 100 miles from the Mexican border in a small panga boat.

Officials with the Laguna Beach Police Department tweeted a video showing the boat making landfall early Thursday morning and 13 illegal aliens running on shore. Police say that U.S. Border Patrol agents responded quickly and took custody of seven of the migrants and two suspected human smugglers who were allegedly waiting to pick up the migrants, the Orange County Register reported.

Laguna Beach Emergency Operations Coordinator Jordan Villwock told the local newspaper, “They (local residents) saw two men running for the cliffs. Officers were on scene in five minutes and immediately detained the two men who had ditched their life vests on the sand.”

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The Fall Of Saigon (Part 8)

The saddest day of my life.

Ry Cooder My Girl Josephine

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At Least Four Previously Unknown Spies Tied to FBI or Western ICs Tried to Infiltrate Trump Campaign

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 Justice: "a concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people"
So much for that.
As I’ve said before, Rod Rosenstein had no reason to appoint a special counsel in the first place because there was no evidence of a crime, as the law requires. Additionally, even if there had been evidence, the law states that an independent attorney (a Washington outsider) be named to lead the investigation. Robert Mueller is the quintessential Washington insider. The law also stipulates that an impartial team of lawyers be assembled to assist the prosecutor. Mueller named the most partisan group of lawyers he possibly could have. The deck has been stacked against Trump ever since. The release of the documents could turn the table on Mueller.
It’s time for the hunter to become the hunted.
Piece @ Red State

Jesse Kelly Speaks Out on Twitter Ban, Warns Tucker Carlson: ‘They’ll Come For You Too’

Giuliani trashes Mueller probe over 'unethical' tactics after Cohen guilty plea

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President Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, took aim at special counsel Robert Mueller in an interview airing Sunday, criticizing what he called "unethical" tactics by prosecutors in Mueller's office after former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress.

In an interview with AM 970 in New York, Giuliani accused Mueller of crossing a line by "intimidating" Trump's allies into saying "what he believes [is] his version of the truth."

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Roberts Is Wrong About Federal Judges and Here Is the Plan to Fix It

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 Roberts Is Wrong About Federal Judges and Here Is the Plan to Fix It

President Trump upsets the establishment every time he opens his mouth and utters the truth that the establishment does not want discussed except in back rooms or in whispers at their Georgetown soirees.  The courts are highly political and have gotten worse in modern times.  Roberts needs to do something about it.

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Repost 2012: "Dad, I would do the same." 
How appropriate that it was taken between the church spires.

The true story of Vietnamese Air Force super heroes in final hours

Written by THTR
          A part in the definition of super hero is a person who is ready to sacrifice his or her life to save human's life. Reading the following story, we should be proud of the anonymous heroes who consistently and bravely fought the enemies until last minutes of theVN war. They not only saved their people's lives, but also contributed such golden pages to the VN history.

The following historical written memoirs are based on the report of Captain Tran Phuc, a very courageous fighter pilot of the Dragon 518th Squadron, one of the tactical fighter Squadrons of the South VN, and also the leader of the Dragon 51 flight.

In the last days of the VN war, he fought bravely and persistently against the enemy's firepower, regardless of the enemy's hailstorm of bullets and 122mm rockets that are extremely dangerous to both aircrafts and considered life threatening to pilots. The bombs he dropped destroying more than a hundred artilleries of 122 mm rockets set around the perimeter of TSN Air Base and the Saigon surburbs by the North Communists Army. His last flights saved up to thousand of South Vietnamese civilians.

His story will bring us back to the horrible scenes of Saigon and TSN Air Base under cruel attacks of the North Vietnamese Army's firepower in the last days before falling...