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Obama and the New Totalitarians: The Chick-fil-A Revolution

Mike Scruggs

In case you haven't noticed, the so-called "liberal" allies of the President are showing their Stalinist brand of liberalism by trying to run Chick-fil-A out of Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco.

Their problem is that Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy made a statement to the Biblical Recorder that he supports the Biblical view of marriage.

Cathy, the son of Chick-fil-A founder, Truett Cathy, said in an interview with the Baptist publication:

"We are very much supportive of the family—the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business ... and we give God thanks for that…We want to do anything we possibly can to strengthen families. We are very much committed to that, and we intend to stay the course."

Later on the Ken Coleman radio show, he said, "I think we are inviting God's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, 'We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage,' and I pray God's mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to try to redefine what marriage is about."

That sort of statement is something Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff Raum Emmanuel cannot tolerate. Traditional Biblical values are apparently in conflict with Mayor Emmanuel’s "Chicago values, " so he is threatening to make it difficult for Chick-fil-A to operate in Chicago. A Chicago Alderman is already trying to block Chick-fil-A from locating in his district. Emmanuel has been joined by the "liberal" mayors of Boston and San Francisco, who are threatening to keep Chick-fil-A out of their cities.

Boston’s Mayor, Thomas Menino, wrote Chick-fil-A a letter stating, “There is no place for discrimination on Boston’s Freedom Trail and no place for your company along side of it.” Chick-fil-A’s policy, however, is to treat every customer with honor, dignity, and respect. Menino would do well to follow their example rather than engage in ignorant defamation. I doubt seriously if Massachusetts Revolutionary War forefathers, Sam and John Adams, would be proud of Menino’s intolerance of Christian values.

Liberal media leaders like the Huffington Post blog and the L.A. Times have tried to make it seem like Cathy fired the first shot in this culture-war battle, but Chick-fil-A has been under lesbian-gay attack since early 2011, when an independent Chick-fil-A operator in Pennsylvania supplied food to an event organized by a group opposed to same-sex marriage initiatives in Pennsylvania. One LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bi-sexual-Transgender) activist in Atlanta accused Cathy of picking a fight. Nothing could be further from the truth, but truth is not important to the “liberal” media.

All this bullying is just the latest attempt by the LGBT activist movement to assert their political power by silencing Christians.

When gay-lesbian political activists say jump, there is nobody these days who tries to jump higher than Barack Obama, Raum Emmanuel, and their ilk. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Democratic Party is planning to put a pro-same-sex marriage plank in the Democratic National Platform when they meet in Charlotte for their National Convention. I expect it will pass easily. There are practically no conservative voices left in the Democratic Party. They are as rare as hen's teeth. Even Democratic moderates are beginning to disappear.

The traditional concern for free speech once characteristic of the Democratic Party is also disappearing. They have become a radical party with a strongly totalitarian bent and a scary double standard for free speech. Who will they attack and bully next? What will be next? Kristallnacht for Chick-fil-A restaurants?
Chick-fil-A needs to stand its ground. Every American needs to throw off the intimidation and chains of political correctness and stand with them. The people must also insist that their leaders stand their ground against the alarming rise of governmental despotism. President Obama’s arrogant disregard for the Constitution, law, and the powers of Congress and the States is the dictatorial fruit of growing liberal and Democratic Party insanity. This insanity has now taken on a fanatical anti-Christian zeal.

Chick-fil-A and the people won an impressive moral victory on Wednesday, August 1.

An Army Vietnam Veteran of the First Air Cavalry, while waiting in line, told me that he “had almost given up on his country, but that now he sees hope”—real hope, not the phony hope and destructive changes that are crushing the moral and economic life of our country. Now he is looking forward to the November election. The wait in that line was long, but the crowd was smiling and buoyant. Their smiles announced their hope of a conservative political revolution in November. They are tired of seeing their religious and moral values and free speech trampled under a new secularist ideology that seems like nightmarish insanity to them.

However, corruption bears a seething rage against truth, virtue, and divine wisdom. The ”liberal” establishment is not going to give up decades of moral and Constitutional distortions or permit the election of their anointed Caesar to be jeopardized without fierce resistance. Conservative revolution could cut off their taxpayer-fed lifeline. The smug liberal media is set to bully, ridicule, marginalize, and defame anyone who opposes its godless worldview. Not only will they continue to harass and misrepresent Chick-fil-A, they stand ready to target their attacks on any company, institution, or persons that have not surrendered to their ideology and agenda. Unfortunately, there are already many corporations shamefully towing their line.

We have before us a grievous struggle to recover our freedoms. It will require sustained moral courage.

III for III or Rendering the state null and void

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Phyles. Virtual tribes defined not by location or genetics or national identity, but by common interests and links of one member to another.

Neal Stephenson in The Diamond Age updated an ancient Greek term. Doug Casey has talked about the power of phyles. So has John Robb of Global Guerrillas.

Others have waxed more philsophical and even come up with 12-step programs for establishing phyles in the real world.

But you don’t need a program or even a conscious intention. We’re all part of phyles right now. Not only that, but we’re building interlinking networks of phyles, intentionally or not. Communities of hackers or gun owners or preppers linking seamlessly with communities of believers or non-believers linking seamlessly with communities of anarchists or Paulists or political agnostics linking seamlessly with communities of pot smokers or artists or small business people linking seamlessly with residents of New Zealand, Ireland, or Germany linking seamlessly with … well, who knows?

And the state? It plays no role at all (except of course its standard one of snooping and interfering). We are more important to each other than the state is to any of us, no matter what our nominal political philosophy might be.

And this power, and these amazing borderless communities, are going to grow larger and stronger and more independent of any nation-state over time (as long as we have the technology to maintain them). And isn’t that an amazing thing to contemplate? We will create our way around the state. It’s not a new thought, I know. Not an original thought. Just an astounding one.

Think of that the next time the state, with its endless violence and its mad, irrational rules, is doing its best to get you down.

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Birds and... eggs.

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Mythical and Actual Origin of the Grand Army of the Republic

The existence of a huge postwar voting bloc of ex-Northern soldiers was enticing to politicians eager to use it to their advantage -- promises of generous pensions and benefits quickly ensued. The venerable Nathaniel Macon of North Carolina argued against pensions for War of 1812 veterans as he saw that they fought against an invader threatening their freedom, and won. He felt that was sufficient compensation for patriots. The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) and its political influence became an important part of the “Myth of Saving the Glorious Union.” Read more at

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Mythical and Actual Origin of the Grand Army of the Republic:

“The legendary version of the founding of the Grand Army of the Republic [GAR, organization of Northern veterans after the war] goes something like this: In 1866 a gentle former Union Army surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Franklin Stephenson, and several of his former comrades were pining for the camaraderie of camp. Envisioning a broad brotherhood of veterans [it was to be] suffused with brotherly love and dedicated to the relief of fellow veterans.

The real story is more complicated, and much more interesting. [Stephenson] undoubtedly envisioned his new veterans’ group as a tool to further the political ambitions of two Illinois Republicans, General John A. Logan and Governor Richard Oglesby. These two men, firmly on the Radical side of the gathering storm over Reconstruction policy, were the political movers behind an organization which Stephenson’s professions of benevolence and charity lent a nonpolitical veneer. [The] new order worked effectively for the Grant-Colfax [presidential] ticket during the campaign of 1868.

To soldier-politicians like Logan, Oglesby, and [ambitious Republican politico] Norton P. Chipman….the GAR was a voting machine, which they fondly hoped to ride to political prominence. What such [a voting machine] army could accomplish when properly drilled was already apparent to these political officers from their experience in marshalling the massive “soldier vote” for Lincoln in 1864 and Grant in 1868.”

(Glorious Contentment, The Grand Army of the Republic, Stuart McConnell, UNC Press, 1992, pp. 24-25)

Mythical and Actual Origin of the Grand Army of the Republic

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Some pictures of the Marxist professors


University of Kansas historian Jennifer Weber's book Copperheads:The Rise and Fall of Lincoln's Opponents in the North (Oxford University Press, 2006) is loaded with amazing admissions about the Republicans' violations of civil rights and outright thuggery during the War Between the States.

Weber does not seem troubled to document these violations and thuggery because she is a huge Lincoln fan and she thinks it is a good thing that Lincoln's opponents were suppressed. She not only repeats what pro-Southern books point out about Lincoln's shutting down of newspapers, denial of due process, trying civilians in military courts, jailing newspaper editors, etc., but she also documents the following facts:

* On many occasions Union troops home on leave would vandalize Democratic newspapers and businesses, and also would attack Democrats.

* Union soldiers broke up some Democratic rallies.

* Many Union troops wrote letters home that threatened violence against people who would not vote Republican.

* Some Republicans claimed that even discouraging someone from enlisting--not urging them to dodge the draft, but just urging them not to volunteer--was a crime.

* In many areas in the North, Republicans violently attacked Democrats.

* Northern Democrats were persecuted so severely and violently in some communities that they organized into mutual protection groups to defend themselves.

* Some Northern state governments took actions similar to those that Lincoln took to suppress Northern opposition.

* The Union army and Northern officials made it very hard for Union soldiers who were Democrats to vote.

* In some areas of the North, differences of opinion about the war became so intense that small battles were fought between Democrats and Republicans.

Weber's book is a powerful, devastating indictment of the Republicans' suppression of civil rights and due process during the war. Her book also helps us to understand that a substantial number of Northern citizens (probably at least 30 percent) recognized the the Republicans were shredding the Constitution in their quest to "maintain the Union."

Mike Griffith
Civil War website
Semper Fi----Semper Southern

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Shooting at Sikh temple in Wisconsin leaves at least 7 dead, including gunman

Police say at least seven people, including a gunman, were killed in a shooting at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee Sunday.

Police were called to respond to the shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in the suburb of Oak Creek on Sunday morning, when witnesses said several dozen people were gathering for a service.

Sunny Singh, 21, of Milwaukee, said a friend pulled into the temple's parking lot, heard shots and saw two people fall down. The friend then saw the shooter reload his weapons and head to the temple's entrance, Singh said.

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said the shooting suspect ambushed and opened fire on an 20-year veteran officer who was attending to a victim at the scene. Another officer then shot and killed the suspect.

Greenfield Police Chief Bradley Wentlandt said the officer who was ambushed was shot multiple times and he is being treated in surgery, but is expected to recover.

Wentlandt said four people were found dead inside the temple, while three, including the suspected shooter, were found dead outside. Tactical units went through the temple, and authorities do not believe a second shooter was involved, Wentlandt said. All people have been cleared out of the temple.

Wentlandt described the scene as chaotic and fluid and urged the media not to broadcast photos or video showing tactical units, which could put officers in danger. Police responded to the shooting with a dozen ambulances and are treating it as a domestic terrorism incident.

Three other shooting victims, all men, were taken in critical condition to Froederdt Hospital in Milwaukee, the main trauma center for the area, Chief Medical Officer Lee Biblo said. He added that they were all being treated for bullet wounds: one to the chest, one to the extremities and the face and one to the neck.

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Fido Reconsidered Toward a More Inclusive Sexuality

Fred on Everything

Having read the course listings for several departments of Women’s Studies at places that were once universities, such as Dartmouth, I am considering becoming a deep-sea squid. Many considerations recommend this course. Squids are more dignified than people. They make less noise. Universities run by squids do not have Departments of Lesbian, Gay, Cross-gendered, Transmogrified, Transvestite, and Deeply Puzzled Squid Studies. Lady squids are less infuriated than human females in such courses, and frequently better-looking.

Departing offerings of fascinating import abound:

WMST488R Senior Seminar: Queering the Global South (D)


WMST698D Special Topics in Women’s Studies: The History of Drag. C. Schuler

I can’t imagine anything more appropriate to a college education than the history of drag. Perhaps there is a chapter on Elizabethan Englishmen, who wore brightly colored pantyhose and swords. Where I come from in West Virginia, any man who wore panty hose would need a sword, so maybe it made sense. I am not sure how one queers the global south, but I believe I will move north and, just in case, get a Kevlar codpiece.

There was a time, long, long ago, in another universe, when universities were not chiefly comic. We have evolved. Today you can pay fifty thousand withering dollars a year to let your daughter be an extra in Saturday Night Live at, say, Yale, solemnly studying erotic peculiarities. The appeal is multi-faceted. A major in Women’s Studies (or would it be a majorette?) would simultaneously satisfy the teenager’s natural prurience, allow her a pleasant sense of advanced moral superiority, and permit her to avoid any danger of an education.

A tone of aggressive smugness pervades these not-very-scholarly hives, and a whine of misandry like the sound of a dentist’s drill in an adjoining room. Many have noticed that immaturity in today’s society lasts years longer than it did when the young had to work and raise families. This, plus the control of universities by the students, has allowed the coagulation of adolescent consciousness into whole departments. In these academic sandboxes the idea of critical thought seems to have died, equipping students with the self-awareness than one would expect of a peanut-butter sandwich. A department of militant sexism warring against sexism would be an embarrassment to more-logical beings, such as, I suspect, any other beings.

There is in such courses much nattering about Women of Color. The inmates of these refuges from adulthood apparently regard themselves as being at one with oppressed women of the Third World, which in all likelihood they have never seen one of. If they had any idea of what an actual Nicaraguan woman thinks of pampered brattesses lolling about a pseudo-educational theme park paid for by their fathers, they would hide under their beds.

However, I subscribe to the Californian principle that if a thing is not worth doing, it is worth doing to outrageous excess. After exposing myself to an afternoon of such course descriptions, I decided that I would get into the spirit of the thing, that perhaps I was being retrograde in not having a sufficient respect for cross-gendered, bicephalous, transalpine, trisexual people of pigment. I decided that maybe the dyspeptic children of Dartmouth and worse had a point. Maybe we should study aberrant, non-traditional sexualities. I’m not sure why, but these days the question appears not to be important.

It seemed reasonable that bestiality should be our next front in the ongoing battle for sexual liberation. While our Victorian and Puritan inhibitions have driven this form of love into the shadows of fear and repression, history shows that it has had a vibrant existence in more-tolerant societies of the past. Among the ancients there were Io and the white bull, and Leda and the swan. More recently we have had the Lone Ranger and Silver, and Bill and Hillary. Many clandestine amors have been reported of shepherds in the lonely moors of the Scottish Highlands. (It is reported that Scotsmen wear kilts because sheep can hear zippers, but this may be slander.) Taxonomic miscegenation is thus seen to have a lengthy lineage. It merits exploration.

In furtherance of this idea I tossed together a few collegiate courses that seemed to me a good beginning at legitimizing trans-species relations. Proposed offerings:

Introduction to Bestiality
. This marginalized sexuality will be considered in the light of historical intolerance, oppression, and the liberation struggle. Basic concepts to be explored: The sheep as social construct. Countering institutional humano-centrism. The eroticism of the orangutan in the cultural context of the rain forest. The Bolivian anteater, insertor or insertee? A Latina perspective on the donkey and the Tijuanan folk tradition. Laboratory twice weekly, covering practical techniques to include stepladders and the camel, and positioning the iguana.

Managing Cross-Phylum Relationship
s, with interdisciplinary emphasis on the Cephalopod. The role of tentacles. Animals of Color, centering on the cockatoo.

The Concept of Species: Socially Constructed or Injection Molded? The course will consider this complex subject from perspectives of sociology, gender struggle, and plasma physics. Accommodating differing reproductive sexualities: Budding vs. the egg strategy. Instructor: SeƱora Rosalita Consolador y Alicates

Bestiality and the Law.
Barking and the principle of informed consent. Recent Supreme Court decisions. Date rape: When “Moo” means “No.” Negotiating with parents: the danger of trampling.

In my paroxysms of liberational afflatus it occurred to me that a truly inclusive sexuality would have to embody necrophilia, which suffers today from grave discrimination. It seems unmodern to bar people from the consolations of love merely because they are dead. Cannibalism being nothing but culinary necrophilia it seemed reasonable to combine the two. As the reader can see, I’m nothing if not reasonable.

NECCAN 202 Snuff: The Problem of Finding a Lasting Relationship. Techniques for digging up a date on short notice.

NECCAN 402 Fattening prisoners. Soy substitutes in time of peace. Sausages, gravies, and organ meats. The problem of deserts. Kosher. When baby dies. Road kill. Cannable vs. bottleable.

Enough. Much as I want to contribute to social advance, I believe I will stick with becoming a squid. It will be less embarrassing.


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Some pictures of the Marxist professors

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CSS Alabama Sesquincentenial Badge

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I'm pleased to announce the Foundation has taken delivery of another batch of the very popular 'lapel badges'. You don't have to be a member to get one of these and they do serve a double function by focusing everyone's attention not only on the CSS Alabama and the Naval War of the period; but also on the 290 Foundation and the task we have set ourselves for the future. If you don't have one yet, please consider ordering one (and maybe one for a loved one or friend?)

All funds raised go towards our commemorative programme 2012-2014.

Badge size is 22mm with design as shown.

Costs are constantly revised and kept to a minimum:

£2.75 (Two for £5.00) Including P&P UK,
$5.50 (Two for $10.00) Including P&P) USA,

(Also; Canada and Australia/New Zealand)
Euro 3.50 (Two for Euro 6.00) (Incl P&P) Europe.

Please pay by PayPal to
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Thank you for your support!