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Tarboro Commissioners Who Voted To Take Our Confederate Monument DOWN (Remove Next Election) and The Three Who Didn't

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"I sent you the other photos just so you could see all the commissioners full names. CB Brown, Tate Mayo and John Jenkins are the ones that voted AGAINST the statue being taken down. The others are the guilty parties. The Yankees that have been masterminding the whole operation by putting their two cents in along with trying to bring everyone down that doesn’t agree are Alyssa Ruffing (BLM)  and Brandy Paige Chappell (BLM). They aren’t the only guilty parties. TBC, On the Square, Rusty’s and Country Feedback are the known businesses that have been in on this whole charade. I still have no concrete evidence as to whether........are guilty or not, but the mysterious letter keeps getting brought up."

Requiem For A Quiet Man


Growing up in the Arkansas Ozarks, I early on found out I had a love for history; the history of my people. It was passed down to me in short snippets, in stories told between the older generations that revolved around love, tragedy, learning experiences, or sometimes just comedic encounters or sayings. My Grandfather would often quote an older man around the house who would refer to vehicles as ‘PontiacFords’ and grin. But these snippets were often from people I never knew; who were gone far before my time. They will live eternal in story, of course, but their race was run before my birth so I never knew them in a physical sense. All these names and stories were so oft told that I began to know these people in a way, and I instinctively knew they were my people. Our family, our neighbors, our community; they left impressions (whether good or bad) on everyone in one way or another. However, when you get to grow up around people and get to know them, it’s different. You see, the Ozarks of an older time and place was gone, much like these lost souls before me; but I got to experience some of it, second hand, and through the stories of my ancestors, passed down. You see, giants walked through my childhood.

Videos may not be exculpatory

I think most of us have seen the videos that appear to fully absolve Mr. Rittenhouse of any wrong doing. I wish that were enough but the truth is, it isn't. I make that statement based on experience. Michael Strickland was a video blogger, based out of Portland Oregon, who ran a YouTube channel called "Laughing At Liberals" - he attended a "protest"mwith the usual suspects - they spotted him and went after him in a threatening manner - he warned them off several times, but theynpersisted and he then drew his sidearm, which he had a CCW permit for. At that point, they backed off and, once they did, he holstered his weapon. All of this was captured on video by a colleague of his.

Was the mob charged with menacing? No, Mike was. He was convicted of 21 counts of menacing, 10 of those were felonies. Just this past April henlost his appeal. All this, for defending himself against an angry mob....captured on video.

I also want to mention the case of the Hammond family in Burns Oregon. The family patriarch and his son decided to plea bargain on a trumped up charge and both served out the prison sentence that was imposed. Then, they were brought back to trial and convicted again. Double jeopardy, pure and simple. Didn't matter. The Oregon Farm Bureau and the Oregon Cattlemen's Association were both foursquare behind the Hammonds, local patriots were ogranizing the county into a Committee of Safety to address this outrage. But all of that got thrown into a cocked hat when Ammon Bund decided to go off the rails and occupy the refuge. It was only after President Trump got elected that the Hammonds were pardoned.

My point is this: when you have a corrupt judiciary they can get away with, well, murder - ask  Jeanette Finicum. I have in my possession an email that clearly shows conspiracy between a senior member of Gov. Brown's staff and elected officials, which ultimately resulted in LaVoy Finicum's assassination...knee deep in snow, hands in the air. Gunned down like a dog. Captured on video.

So we cannot assume that facts will matter in this case. For example, was any investigation conducted before reflexively charging Mr. Rittenhouse with murder? I was very relieved to learn that the Illinois judge decided to postpone his extradition hearing for a couple weeks. Hopefully, between now and then, the charges will be dropped.

And the media continues its narrative. Just today I read a Fox News report that described the real criminals in this instance, those who pursued and attacked Mr. Rittenhouse, as "victims."

So we have to be ever vigilant and give no quarter here. From everything I've seen and read, this is a decent young man who was concerned about what was happening 15 miles from his home, did the right thing, was attacked for it, and fortunately had the training and presence of mind
to save his own life.


Open Fire (Read It)

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........the act of putting down the rabid mob would be—rather, would have been, since I-as-Trump would have given the relevant orders in Minneapolis—the act would be the end of the beginning of such acts. For once you open fire you are left with the consequences, all of which require further acts, and those future acts require considerable advanced planning.

We covered all those plans in detail in the article about a Trump autocoup. All the obvious measures: ensure backing of sufficient numbers of the military, seizing control of broadcast facilities and the internet, etc., etc. There is no need to repeat them here. Except to say my dictatorship—there’s no point in euphemism—is going to need a lot of rope.

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Police: Antifa Member with Flamethrower Cried in Fetal Position When Caught


A suspected member of Antifa — who was allegedly armed with a flamethrower — cried in the fetal position before his arrest during a Saturday evening protest in Green Bay, Wisconsin, according to law enforcement.

WBAY reports:

Should Have Been Maced

Via Reborn " Look at this video over a parking ticket. That's why they call them a beast. What if it had been a banana?"

Cancel Harris and Her Slave-Trading Legacy! If you ain't canceling Kamala, you ain't woke.

There are far more legitimate questions about the legal standing of Kamala Harris’s bid to be president — which she most assuredly will be prior to the end of Joe Biden’s first term — than that raised about Barack Obama. Of course, Democrats studiously avoid questions about so-called “birthright citizenship” just as they do the assertion that they abide by our Constitution and Rule of Law. I mean, it’s not like they took an oath “to support and defend” it!

But what will Kamala’s constituents think when they find out she is the direct descendent and beneficiary of her family’s slave holders and traders? Will that pass the sniff test or will they cancel Harris?

The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian

 Chi Haotian - Wikipedia

I can find nothing online that disputes this.

Chi Haotian was the defense minister of China from 1993-2003. He was also vice chairman of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Military Commission. He delivered the following speech to a select group of high level party cadres.

As explained in Gen. Chi’s speech, the Chinese Communist Party’s intention is to militarily defeat, occupy, and colonize the United States. This plan has been confirmed by a Russian defector source who worked in China and had information about a joint Sino-Russian plan to invade North America. This plan was drawn up in 1992, after the fall of the Soviet Union. The division of spoils was described thus: “Russia would get Alaska and parts of Canada. China would get the lower 48 states, with other countries invited in for ‘looting rights.’”

The speech was translated into English and first published by the EPOCH TIMES in 2005.

I’m very excited today, because the large-scale online survey sina.com that was done for us showed that our next generation is quite promising and our party’s cause will be carried on. In answering the question, “Will you shoot at women, children and prisoners of war,” more than 80 percent of the respondents answered in the affirmative, exceeding by far our expectations.

More @ Bryan L. Noe

Trump Rips Corporations For Giving Into Far-Left BLM: ‘They Just Do What’s The Easiest Path’

During an interview on Monday night, President Donald Trump slammed big corporations as “weak” for giving into Black Lives Matter, saying that the organization is Marxist and bad for the black community.

Trump made the remarks when asked by Fox News host Laura Ingraham about the corporations that had “given an enormous amount of money in the tens of millions, or — I mean, hundreds of millions to Black Lives Matter.”

I Never Cared......

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-I never cared if you were “gay“ until you started shoving it in my face, and the faces of our children.

-I never cared what color you were, until you started blaming my race for your problems.

-I never cared about your political affiliation until you started to condemn me for mine.

-I never cared where you were born until you wanted to erase my history and blame my ancestors for your current problems.

-I never cared if you were well-off or poor, until you said you were discriminated against, when I was promoted because I worked harder.

-I never cared if your beliefs were different from mine, until you said my beliefs were wrong.

Now I care!

My patience and tolerance are gone
I’m not alone in feeling this way there are millions of us who do……and we have had enough!


CORRECTED FALSE STATS: CDC Quietly Comes Clean; Only 6% Corona Virus Deaths Were Without Comorbidities

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In updated reporting of the true statistics about the number of corona virus deaths, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta quietly updated the statistics on their website to reveal that only 6% of the patients reported as having died from the virus actually succumbed to the virus itself. The other 94% of reported corona virus deaths had comorbidities.

On Twitter, President Trump retweeted one by Mel Q, which has since been removed, that linked to the website of the Centers for Disease Control which shows that 94% of corona virus deaths have been misreported. Twitter deleted it, but their scrub was unsuccessful, as the viral tweet was screenshot and is still being shared.

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DHS Chief: Feds ‘Targeting And Investigating’ Heads Of BLM, Antifa And Those Who Fund Them

 UNITED STATES - AUGUST 06: Chad Wolf, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee arrives for the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing titled Oversight of DHS Personnel Deployments to Recent Protests, in Dirksen Building on Thursday, August 6, 2020.
Why haven’t we seen the leaders of Antifa and BLM arrested and charged with conspiracy under RICO like the heads of the mafia families were?”“Well, this is something that I have talked to the AG personally about,” Wolf responded. “I know that they are working on it. 
Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Chad Wolf told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Monday night that the Department of Justice (DOJ) was investigating the heads of Black Lives Matter and Antifa over the violent rioting that has broken out in Democratic-controlled cities across the United States.

Wolf began the segment by noting that 77-year-old Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was “delusional” after Biden suggested today that there would be more violence if Trump won re-election.

Comment on Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses

 The Truth About DDT and Silent Spring - The New Atlantis

Brock....I read about this back in 2001 in my local library trying to find a good solution to our flea problem here. This was before getting a computer in 2010 and decided then to dig into this claim further. 

I was amazed at the level the DDT hoax was propagated from. I believe it was purely political and perhaps as with this covid virus, was created to cause significant human life, and it did.
I've close to 6 years of data on this and the purposeful misinformation that is still being spread about DDT is unconscionable.

DDT: Health and Wildlife Issues | Rachel Was Wrong
rachelwaswrong.org/2007/04/is-ddt-safeIn de cache
DDT: Health and Wildlife Issues. ... While Rachel Carson did not rule out some limited use of DDT, ... While the risks of DDT to newborn babies through breast milk ...

The Great DDT Hoax - Executive Intelligence Review
depending on the standard of living, nutritional levels, and the specific type of malarial infection. (There are four major types of malaria-causing ...

DDT, Fraud, and Tragedy | The American Spectator
spectator.org/48925_ddt-fraud-and-tragedyIn de cache
DDT, Fraud, and Tragedy. Gerald Sirkin, Natalie Sirkin; Tweet; February 25, 2005, 4:08 am ... “To only a few chemicals does man owe as great a debt as to DDT.

THE DDT HOAX HOAX - Asian Correspondent
asiancorrespondent.com/2005/06/the-ddt-hoax-hoaxIn de cache
THE DDT HOAX HOAX Share this on. THE DDT HOAX HOAX. by JF Beck | 20th June 2005. As expected, Tim Lambert has sided with John Quiggin in the ongoing DDT fray (go here ...

Rachel Carson's Deadly Fantasies - Forbes
www.forbes.com/sites/henrymiller/2012/09/05/rachel-carsons-deadly...In de cache
The legacy of Rachel Carson is that tens of ... Carson’s proselytizing and advocacy raised substantial anxiety about DDT and led to bans in most of the ...

The Truth About DDT and Silent Spring - The New...
www.thenewatlantis.com/publications/the-truth-about-ddt-and-silent...In de cache
The Truth About DDT and Silent Spring . ... To only a few chemicals does man owe asgreat a debt as to DDT. It has contributed to the great increase in agricultural ...

Bald Eagle-DDT Myth Still Flying High | Fox News
www.foxnews.com/story/2006/07/06/bald-eagle-ddt-myth-still-flying...In de cache
It's a shame that the comeback of the bald eagle is tainted with the myth that DDT was ... Bald Eagle-DDT Myth Still Flying High. ... about the great ...

Bring Back DDT! - 21st Century Science &...
www.21stcenturysciencetech.com/articles/summ02/DDT.htmlIn de cache
Bring Back DDT, and Science With It! By Marjorie Mazel Hecht. What DDT Can Do. Banned to Kill People. ... DDT is cheaper than other pesticides, more effective, ...

Mosquitoes, DDT, and Human Health
www.21stcenturysciencetech.com/articles/Fall02/Mosquitoes.htmlIn de cache
Mosquitoes, DDT, and Human Health. A leading entomologist describes the death and suffering caused by insect-borne diseases, and tells why we must bring back DDT.

The Charges Against Kyle Rittenhouse

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The privilege of immunity for city leaders and prosecutors who abdicate their duties must end. It is time for President Trump to order his Justice Department to lock up corrupt prosecutors and city leaders who knowingly put people in danger.
On August 27th, prosecutors in Kenosha County filed six charges against Kyle Rittenhouse which read as follows:
  1. First degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon
  2. First degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon
  3. First degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon
  4. Attempt first degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon
  5. First degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon
  6. Possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18.
A detailed breakdown of the facts of the case can be found here. What follows is a breakdown of the law applicable to the case.