Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Videos may not be exculpatory

I think most of us have seen the videos that appear to fully absolve Mr. Rittenhouse of any wrong doing. I wish that were enough but the truth is, it isn't. I make that statement based on experience. Michael Strickland was a video blogger, based out of Portland Oregon, who ran a YouTube channel called "Laughing At Liberals" - he attended a "protest"mwith the usual suspects - they spotted him and went after him in a threatening manner - he warned them off several times, but theynpersisted and he then drew his sidearm, which he had a CCW permit for. At that point, they backed off and, once they did, he holstered his weapon. All of this was captured on video by a colleague of his.

Was the mob charged with menacing? No, Mike was. He was convicted of 21 counts of menacing, 10 of those were felonies. Just this past April henlost his appeal. All this, for defending himself against an angry mob....captured on video.

I also want to mention the case of the Hammond family in Burns Oregon. The family patriarch and his son decided to plea bargain on a trumped up charge and both served out the prison sentence that was imposed. Then, they were brought back to trial and convicted again. Double jeopardy, pure and simple. Didn't matter. The Oregon Farm Bureau and the Oregon Cattlemen's Association were both foursquare behind the Hammonds, local patriots were ogranizing the county into a Committee of Safety to address this outrage. But all of that got thrown into a cocked hat when Ammon Bund decided to go off the rails and occupy the refuge. It was only after President Trump got elected that the Hammonds were pardoned.

My point is this: when you have a corrupt judiciary they can get away with, well, murder - ask  Jeanette Finicum. I have in my possession an email that clearly shows conspiracy between a senior member of Gov. Brown's staff and elected officials, which ultimately resulted in LaVoy Finicum's assassination...knee deep in snow, hands in the air. Gunned down like a dog. Captured on video.

So we cannot assume that facts will matter in this case. For example, was any investigation conducted before reflexively charging Mr. Rittenhouse with murder? I was very relieved to learn that the Illinois judge decided to postpone his extradition hearing for a couple weeks. Hopefully, between now and then, the charges will be dropped.

And the media continues its narrative. Just today I read a Fox News report that described the real criminals in this instance, those who pursued and attacked Mr. Rittenhouse, as "victims."

So we have to be ever vigilant and give no quarter here. From everything I've seen and read, this is a decent young man who was concerned about what was happening 15 miles from his home, did the right thing, was attacked for it, and fortunately had the training and presence of mind
to save his own life.



  1. I hate what this country has come to. It makes me want to cry.

  2. There must be intended consequences against any and all that seek the destruction of Kyle Rittenhouse. Kyle is Waco. Kyle's need to defend himself started when joseph rosenbaum targeted him early on. Bullies can't resist going after kids that look like Kyle. When rosenbaum wrapped his shirt around his face it was with the intent to destroy Kyle, take his rifle & avoid prosecution. Everything evolved from the point of Kyle defending himself from a targeted attack from a bully. The mob paid the price for trying to Inflict their brand of small minded justice on Kyle. Good riddence to them all. If the legal system fails Kyle, we must not.