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Are We Nazi Germany? (Communist Russia?)

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Stalin's Genocides | Princeton University Press

I've noticed that whenever the subject of Nazi Germany is raised, someone always says something like this: "It's unbelievable that Adolf Hitler was able to manipulate and control the entire German population.  It just seems impossible."

Yet that's exactly what he did.  Yes, there were some dissenters and political foes, but they were subdued and quashed as the boundless power of the Nazi regime shut down all dissent with the use of the brown-shirted Sturmabteilung or SA, the Schutzstaffel or SS, and the dreaded Gestapo or Geheime Staatspolizei.

Perhaps a bit of context is in order here.  I spent three years in Germany with the Army Security Agency involved in SIGINT (intelligence derived from electronic signals and systems used by foreign targets).  I am fluent in German, my wife is German, I have studied German history, and I keep up with current events in the country.

Like a lot of Americans, I always assumed that America was safe from the kind of tyranny the German people experienced under the heavy hand of the Third Reich.  There is no way our federal, state, and local governments could restrain and control the American people the way Hitler and his Nazis dominated the German population, I thought.

White House Faces Backlash After Tweet on Price of Fourth of July Cookouts

Comment on Trump Organization, CFO Allen Weisselberg Plead Not Guilty to Tax Crimes Charges


Trump Organization, CFO Allen Weisselberg Plead No... 

The left was angry with Donald Trump, from the moment he announced his run for the presidency, until this very day. The reason is quite simple. He was not a normal politician, who they could work behind the scenes with to play the game, and get what they wanted, without looking like they were getting it.
The Republicans are just as bad, and participate with the Democrats, in playing the game, as was shown in the first 2 years of Trump's presidency. 

Paul Ryan and company made sure that former president Trump was unable to accomplish many important parts of his agenda, due to the Republicans in both the House and the Senate dragging their feet. One big one was the concealed carry reciprocity bill, which leadership of both chambers said was not going to be able to pass, and therefore they would instead wait, until they could muster more support.
And we must not forget the Obamacare fiasco, which Trump basically made a big part of his campaign, along with a border wall, that the House and Senate sent bills to Obama with much frequency, knowing that he would not sign them. But when there was a possibility that they had the chance to actually get it enacted, with a president who would sign it, suddenly they were all out of ideas. There used to be a phrase for what we would call such behavior in the foundry where I spent my entire working life as an adult, of over 35 years, and the letters that started it were C and S. 

I have never been a Republican nor a Democrat, but voted for the man with the best ideas, and also the best character, if I could. For example, I voted for Jon Anderson, a third party candidate the first time Reagan ran, due to some of his ideas on financial matters. And I could not vote for Jimmy Carter, even though I am a Christian, and was considering attending Bible College at the time. Because Jimmy Carter, at the time a man of very high moral character, was a weak leader.

We elect many of our officials, from the Sheriff to the District Attorney, and here in Michigan, the board of both the University of Michigan, and Michigan State University. While that might sound like a good idea, in actuality, it makes the people who fill those jobs not the best for the job, but instead, the best politicians, who know how to manipulate and maneuver people's mind to vote for them, while the actual ability to do the job takes second place, if it is even a consideration. 

In New York, the State Attorney General is Letitia James, and she set her sights on the NRA while still running for office, knowing that much of the state's population was liberal and did not like the organization, due to the liberal anti gun groups messaging and propaganda. 

Ms. James also didn't like former president Trump, and was working hard to somehow find a way to get rid of him from the White House. In fact, the Democrat party didn't just want to get rid of Trump, but they wanted him to suffer, both to humiliate him, and to make certain that he could never again run for president, or any other office. They didn't just dislike his policies, but they literally hate him, and are still actively trying to find a way to humiliate him and bury him for good. They forget that Trump is not just one man, but he represents some 75 million voters, who are in agreement with him on many things, the main one being that America is the greatest nation on earth, with people from most other countries wanting to come here for the chance to better themselves. And for the most part, if a person is willing to work, they can better themselves, making both their lives and the lives of their families into something significantly better than what they faced from wherever they came from.


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Covid 19 was and is a pseudopandemic. It was the gross exaggeration of the threat posed by a low mortality respiratory illness, comparable to influenza.

The pseudopandemic was a psychological operation (psy-op) designed to terrorise the public. The objective was to accustom the people to draconian system of government oppression by familiarising them with the mechanisms of a biosecurity state.

The pseudopandemic was based upon an influenza like illness which, regardless of its origin, was not and is not a disease which can legitimately be considered the cause of a “pandemic.” The only way it could ever be described as such was by the removal of any reference to mortality from the World Health Organisation’s definition.

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NC: Kendi paid $580 a minute to tell teachers they hate black students

The video was removed from his Facebook page an hour after it was posted.

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North Carolina’s black lieutenant governor is expressing disbelief after the state’s second-largest public school district shelled out $25,000 to hear controversial author Ibram X. Kendi lecture public school teachers about being white, capitalist racists.

According to a local NPR station, Kendi spoke by video in June to faculty and staff at Charlotte-Meckleburg Schools, where the faculty and staff were assigned to read and study his book How to be an Antiracist. They then attended the Summer Leadership Conference to hear Kendi speak.

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Churches Are Being Burned Down In Canada

In the last nine days there has been a total of eight churches that have been burned down in Canada.

All eight of the churches were settled on the First Nation’s reserve in Western Canada and authorities have declared that the fires were caused by “suspicious activity”.

St. Jean Baptiste Parish and the Kateri Tekakwitha Church were the latest churches to be burned down and were completely destroyed due to the fact the churches were made of wood.

The fires come after unmarked graves have been discovered on church run residential graves all throughout Canada.

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Watch: Former Rep. Vernon Jones Turns the Camera on CNN Reporter: ‘That’s What CNN is About’

How I Got Classified as an Anti-Government Domestic Extremist

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KUOW - Extremist groups 'popping up left and right' in Pacific Northwest,  law enforcement officials say

When the United States says you are the most dangerous threat it faces, your life is about to change for the worse. The Biden Administration has just told conservative Americans they are that threat

 he Biden Administration recently released its National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism. After reading the fact sheet, which was a bit disconcerting, I downloaded the full National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism document. By the time I finished reading, I was shocked. Evidently, President Biden thinks I am an anti-government domestic extremist. But that’s not all. Almost all of my friends and most of the people in the small Southern community where I live are anti-government domestic extremists, too. 

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ATF Seizes Customer Data from Gun Company, Uses It to Confiscate Guns and Raid Home of California Firefighter

A fire captain in California has been charged with multiple felonies after the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives raided his home in July of 2019 looking for a device that supposedly converts a Glock handgun into a machine gun.

During the course of the raid, agents discovered the Glock conversion devices, but they also found 19 firearms that violated California’s ban on “assault weapons,” four AR-10 lower receivers, and two AK-47 lower receivers, along with numerous illegal “high-capacity” magazines.

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The Southern version of Thoreau’s Walden may be considered I’ll Take by Stand, by Twelve Southerners, with its subtitle, The South and the Agrarian Tradition.  It was published in 1930 and met with considerable criticism from those who believed it was a futile effort to “turn back the clock” to an idealized utopia of the antebellum South.  On the contrary, it was a cautionary tale of the mindless materialism of modern man in the industrial age—the agrarian versus industrial conflict was really a metaphor of the man versus machine conflict.   The 12 Southerners ponder the same questions as Thoreau: what are we living for, what is the good life, what are our material and spiritual needs? 

While my brother, Clifford, and I attended Vanderbilt University, it hosted “Fifty Years After, A symposium on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the Agrarian Manifesto. October 30 and 31, November 1, 1980.”  Three of the original 12 essayist attended, Lyle Lanier, Andrew Nelson Lytle, and Robert Penn Warren, the poet—perhaps the most famous, along with the poets John Crowe Ransom and Allen Tate who were deceased.  I had the program framed.  It was still in the air. 

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