Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NYT: Trump Chance of Winning Presidency = 95%! (Changes each time you click)

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Chance of Winning Presidency
Very likelylikelyleaningTossupVery likelylikelyleaning
Popular vote margin
Clinton +0.7
Forecast, in pct. points
D+11D+10D+9D+8D+7D+6D+5D+4D+3D+2D+1R+1R+2R+3R+4R+5R+6R+7R+8R+9R+10R+11Obama ’12Obama ’08
Electoral votes

Why Yankees Won’t (And Can’t) Leave the South Alone


This essay was first published in Southern Partisan in the Winter, 1985.

Southerners rarely while away their leisure hours by contemplating Yankees, for there is no point in thinking of unpleasant things if one is not obliged to do so. Yet the practice does have value; to some extent, at least, we are defined by those attributes which set us apart from others, and sometimes we can be made aware of such attributes only by observing people who do not share them. Another virtue of thinking about Yankees, in the long run perhaps a more important one, is that it serves to remind us that they have repeatedly tried to make us over in their own image. Indeed, though it may seem that they have been off our backs since the demise of the civil rights movement, their latest campaign to reform us is actually well under way.

What is there about us that has made us so offensive to them? Or, conversely, what is there about them that has compelled them to meddle in our affairs? The late great Richard M. Weaver, in The Southern Tradition at Bay, addressed himself to analyzing the qualities that distinguish the South from North, and for the nineteenth century he was perfectly on target. “The North had Tom Paine and his postulates assuming the virtuous inclinations of man,” Weaver wrote; “the South had Burke and his doctrine of human fallibility and of the organic nature of society.” The North embraced rationalism and egalitarianism; the South had a “deep suspicion of all theory, perhaps of intellect,” and clung to a hierarchical and deferential social order. The North bowed down before science and material progress; the South “persisted in regarding science as a false messiah,” and remained into “our own time” (the 1940s) “the last non-materialist civilization in the Western World.”

Whoever wins the presidential election today, one thing is guaranteed.


If you support Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Darrel Castle or none of the above, one thing is certain come November 9.

The general government still won't follow the Constitution and real federalism won't exist.

Both are as dead as a man after two doctors have visited him.

Certainly there are more preferable election outcomes. Trump has not just rocked the boat. He has tipped it over. The political class is scrambling for life jackets and more Americans are looking to third parties and non-establishment types.

It still won't be a total victory no matter who wins.

Our political class does not have statesman.

Where have you gone Mr. Jefferson? or Mr. Calhoun? or Mr. Macon? or Mr. Randolph?

Our modern "constitutional scholars" do not match St. George Tucker, John Taylor of Caroline, Spencer Roane, or Abel Upshur. We have Barack Obama and Elena Kagan. Big drop off.

We are a ship lost at sea with no compass. Our anchor broke off years ago. We are adrift, in need of rescue, and no one person, however charismatic, bombastic, or corrupt can do that.

Our political tradition might as well have been crafted in 1975. Anything before that meets only scorn from modern "historians."

In the beginning, there was international women's year (January 1, 1975).

But our anchor can still be dredged up. It might be stuck in years of mud, rusty and covered with barnacles, but it's chain is heavy and its material strong and sound.

It is the Southern tradition, the bedrock of the American political system.

We need your help to bring it up. Only education can save the South and the Southern tradition from years of sediment.

A donation to our cause, no matter how small, can help us explore what is true and valuable in the Southern tradition and move that tradition into the 21st century.

Find our anchor, for you, for your children, for your grandchildren.


It’s Full-Bore Ahead For FBI’s Clinton Foundation Probe

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FBI officials wrongly denied requests for information about how they answer FOIA requests, a judge recently ruled. (REUTERS/Gaston De Cardenas)

FBI agents across the country are continuing to actively pursue a broad political corruption investigation of the Clinton Foundation, a probe that is consuming the resources in the FBI’s Little Rock, Ark., field office where every agent assigned to public corruption matters now is working on the case, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

Do You Hear the People sing?

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Do you hear the people sing?

Singing the songs of angry men?

It is the music of the people

Who will not be slaves again!

When the beating of your heart

Echoes the beating of the drums

There is a life about to start

When tomorrow comes!

-Les Miserables

Nigel Farage: It Feels Just Like it Did on Brexit Voting Day & Vegas Oddsmaker Predicts Brexit-like Victory for Trump

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Bad Influence

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I Love Donald Trump

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TRUMP & TED NUGENT IN NEW HAMPSHIRE: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Endorse Trump for President

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My Prediction of Election 2016 11/7/2016. (Final) TRUMP 315 | Hillary 223

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  1. Pollsters are wrong on the percentage of white voters relative to other voting groups.
  2. Pollsters are ignoring the increased Republican turnout this year.
  3. Pollsters are underestimating the numbers of Democrats voting for Trump – the “Trumpocrats.”
Statespoll.com has gone state-by-state and adjusted the polls for these factors. Each day, they publish realistic numbers for key states.

Here are the latest results for key states (click on the adjusted numbers to see the analysis for each state):

North Carolina: Trump +9.1%
Remington, 11/1-11/2, 2596 Likely Voters
TRUMP 48% | Hillar 45% | Johnson 3%
Adjusted: TRUMP 50.9% | Hillary 41.8% | Johnson 3.3%

Florida: Trump +6.7%
YouGov 11/2-11/4, 1188 Registered Voters
TRUMP 45% | Hillary 45% | Johnson 4% | Stein 2%
Adjusted: TRUMP 48.1% | Hillary 41.4% | Johnson 4.5% | Stein 2.8%

Colorado: Trump +5.9%
Gravis, 11/1-11/2, 1125 RV
Hillary 40% | TRUMP 40% | Johnson 7% | Stein 4%
Adjusted: TRUMP 42.9% | Hillary 37%

Pennsylvania: Trump +3.3%
Remington 11/1-11/2, 2683 Likely Voters
Hillary 46% | TRUMP 45% | Johnson 4%
Adjusted: TRUMP 46.6% | Hillary 43.6% | Johnson 4.4%
 Note from Statespoll.com: Remington didn’t include stein, with Stein perhaps hillary’s numbers could be minus 1~2%.

New Hampshire: Trump +2.9%
Emerson. 11/4-11/5. 1000 Likely Voters
Hillary 45.4% | TRUMP 43.8% | Johnson 4.5% | Stein 3.3%
Adjusted: TRUMP 46.3% | Hillary 43.4%

Nevada: Trump +.45%
Emerson 11/4-11/5, 600 Likely Voters
Hillary 46.8% | TRUMP 45.8% | Johnson 3.9% | Stein 1.1%
Adjusted: TRUMP 46.5% | Hillary 46.05%

What Hath Trump Wrought?

 What Hath Trump Wrought?

“If I don’t win, this will be the greatest waste of time, money and energy in my lifetime,” says Donald Trump.

Herewith, a dissent. Whatever happens Tuesday, Trump has made history and has forever changed American politics.

Though a novice in politics, he captured the Party of Lincoln with the largest turnout of primary voters ever, and he has inflicted wounds on the nation’s ruling class from which it may not soon recover.

Bush I and II, Mitt Romney, the neocons and the GOP commentariat all denounced Trump as morally and temperamentally unfit. Yet, seven of eight Republicans are voting for Trump, and he drew the largest and most enthusiastic crowds of any GOP nominee.