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Charlie Daniels suggests South secede from Union

I'm moving  back to the South soon, but it may be anywhere from Idaho to Arizona to West Virginia or my home state, North Carolina, according to the .......... map from the most recent election.  I can live in any of those red states.  I think Obama may be the best thing that has happened to the South in my lifetime.  I've had enough Big Government bullshit from both of our despicable parties.  Almost everybody in the USA can move to the South by just going to the next state.  We are winning.

"Major R. E. Wilson, formerly of the 1st North Carolina Battalion of Sharpshooters, spoke the southern mind when he said, “If I ever disown, repudiate, or apologize for the cause for which Lee fought and Jackson died, let the lightnings of Heaven rend me, and the scorn of all good men and true women be my portion. Sun, moon, starts, all fall on me when I cease to love the Confederacy. ‘Tis the cause, not the fate of the cause, that is glorious.”
Horace Smith 
Hurry back, Horace.  Our arms are open.
Charlie Daniels performs at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards Concert and Show on Oct. 14, 2012 in Atlanta. 

Most show business figures are vocal in their support for Barack Obama, but one who is not is country musician Charlie Daniels.

As election results increasingly looked poor for Mitt Romney, Daniels took to Twitter to offer a solution.

"All you good people just come on down South and we'll must secede from the Union," Daniels wrote.

"Losing a battle is not losing a war still millions of good soldiers out there," Daniels wrote on Wednesday morning. "Hang on America. The fat lady is not even in the building yet."

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Supine capitulation of GOP’s record since 2010 election

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On Wednesday morning I registered my reaction to the outcome of the election. Mitt Romney has obligingly illustrated the reason for his loss with the statement he made during his concession statement: “We can’t risk partisan bickering and political posturing. Our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people’s work.” Given the spirit of supine capitulation that characterized the GOP’s record in Congress after the election of 2010, the question is “What partisan bickering is that?”

Romney dutifully played his role in the phony election melodrama orchestrated by the elitist faction that manipulates both the Democratic and Republican parties. In his statement, he simply continued to read from their script. Many of the folks who voted for him thought that he represented their view that Obama takes this country toward the doom of its strength and liberty. To them he seems now to say, “The election sham is over. Get with the program. Haven’t you heard? We’re all socialists now.”

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Crooked Politics: Obama Lost in Every State With Photo ID Law

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November 7 | Was the election stolen? Remember all those lawsuits by Democrats demanding that any voter identification laws be repealed. Well, now we know why they filed them. They needed to steal the vote in certain key states so that Obama could be reelected.

Curiously, Obama lost in every state that requires a photo ID to be produced before voting. A list of closely contested state elections with no voter ID, which narrowly went to Obama include: Minnesota (10), Iowa (6), Wisconsin (10), Nevada (6), Colorado (9), New Mexico (5) and Pennsylvania (20). This amounts to a total of 66 electoral votes. When added to Romney’s total of 205 electoral votes, that would give Romney 271 electoral votes, enough votes to win even without Ohio or Florida.
Romney also likely had the states of Florida and Ohio stolen from him, which don’t require photo IDs. Ohio requires a non-photo ID. Would a library card do? Florida “requests” a photo ID, but doesn’t require it. So what happens if they request a photo ID and the illegal alien Haitian doesn’t have one? Do they just count the vote anyway?

Election Comparison Voter Id Laws


The time for talking is done, the time for voting is done.


It Is Not Just Business, It Is Personal 

 There is no news today. Hopes that the decline would be abated for a little while longer were dashed, nothing else. It is a day of mourning for the lost soul of America, I suppose, but the America we remember was gone long ago.

November 6th was the day that proved to many of us that we were right: that when the takers discovered they had the votes to demand a living from the rest of us, they would use the oppressive power of government to get it and the politicians will get what they want by promising them our stuff.

I almost had a bumper sticker made up one time that made one simple statement: "stop proving your generosity with my money."

It is what it is and now that Obama has been re-elected we will get everything Obamacare threatened. We will get massively more intrusive government. Yesterday, the timeline accelerated for government oppression and control, but it never would have been stopped by an election and we all knew it.

It is not yesterday, it is today and we need to figure out what to do about it. One cannot educate the masses out of wanting free stuff. One cannot prepare their way out of the world their children will inherit. One cannot kill their way out of the facts.

Yesterday proved that the Tea Party was a failure, a good run, a noble attempt, but ultimately a failure. The Tea Party exploded from the idea that the government was not all powerful, that when the average citizen stood up, they could overpower government control. It didn't work. The momentum and power that the Tea Party initially drew on was wasted in trying to work within the system, to change it somehow. I broke from the Tea Party when they didn't understand that they had to evolve into a more radical institution.

I won't threaten you with a vision of the future, we all know what it will be: "May I see your papers? Where are you going this evening? This is a restricted quadrant, you must turn around and go back."

There are two options available to those who value liberty and will fight to re-establish our God-given rights. There is direct action against those who have violated the rights of others and there is waiting for the economic apocalypse to somehow create order out of chaos.

The time for talking is done, the time for voting is done. It is time to start making plans and taking action. Every day that goes by we will be in worse shape and less able to carry out any resistance.

I don't know what is going to happen in the next few weeks, but we have all been warned in the oil field that if the election went to Obama there would be dire consequences to the industry. I don't know what that means. I don't know what oil companies have in mind, or what actions they might take. I don't know it if is a forward-looking statement, or just a realization that if fracking is banned the great discoveries in petroleum technology would dry up the Bakken and every other method of shale-oil production through horizontal drilling and fracking.

I do know that the day I am put out of work by the policies of this government is the day it becomes personal.


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The 8th of November

Via comment by Anonymous on Satire, sorry: Military Absentee Ballots Delivered One Day Late, Would Have Swung Election For Romney

"Can't Be Worse Than Obama"

Obama Ran Clean Administration With NO Scandals Says NY Times Columnist


I’ve heard of looking at the world through rose colored glasses, but David Brooks of the New York Times has to be looking through black glasses to see what he saw.
Speaking on the PBS News Hour post-election coverage, Brooks told his fellow commentators that Barack Obama’s first term in office was very clean and free of scandal. He did say that Obama was arrogant at times and subject to overconfidence but was a man of high integrity.
“First of all, I would say if anybody is subject to overconfidence, I would say it’s Barack Obama.  But I do think there are a couple of things that are character-logical that will guard against some of the common flaws of second terms. First, he’s a man of high integrity who has run a very clean administration. You can argue with this or that or behavior. There have been signs of insularity and arrogance, but there have been no scandals. And the rate of scandals plaguing second terms is extremely high. I think he’s less prone to that.”

I saw this report I had to wonder what ivory tower in New York City Brooks lived and worked in. Even if he couldn’t see past the skyscraper skyline of New York I find it hard to believe that he hasn’t paid any attention to the numerous reports of Obama’s willful disobedience of federal law, corrupt Justice Department, and growing scandals including Operation Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

Operation Fast and Furious has been a scandal that has plagued Obama for over a year and has yet to be resolved.  Congress has launched at least 2 investigations into Fast and Furious and has subpoenaed thousands and thousands of pages of documents.  Over 120 members of Congress asked for the resignation of US Attorney General Eric Holder.
What took place at Benghazi, Libya and that the administration’s role in the deaths of four Americans has just erupted into what well could be a full-blown scandal. To date, 53 members of Congress are demanding that Obama tell them more about what happened and if the bombings that took place at the Benghazi Consulate earlier in the year had anything to do with the September 11 attack.

Evidently Brooks must think these are just minor irritations to a flawless administration.

As far as running a clean administration, I am not sure where to start in the list of federal laws Obama and his administration have broken. The president of United States is not above the law but sworn to uphold the law of the land. The United States Constitution does not give the president the power to bypass Congress and create law. Nor is the president of the United States given the power to un-enforce the laws of his choosing.
Yet President Obama knowingly instructed the Justice Department to not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. He also violated federal law by instructing the Department of Homeland Security to not enforce certain immigration laws. In addition Obama has intentionally trampled upon the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights every opportunity he has had.

In the past year president Obama has illegally bypassed Congress by using executive orders and new regulations to enact pieces of legislation that Congress would not pass, thus using his powers to illegally create new laws in violation of the Constitution of the United States. One example was his Dream Act which allowed nearly 1,000,000 illegal aliens to remain in the US illegally and obtain certain rights of citizenship.
If Mr. David Brooks of the New York Times believes that these are the acts of a clean administration free of scandal than he has to be one of the most uninformed and delusional people in this country.

Four More Years

Via Michael Downing


Only in America can a president who inherits a deep recession and whose policies have actually made the effects of that recession worse get re-elected. Only in America can a president who wants the bureaucrats who can't run the Post Office to micromanage the administration of every American's health care get re-elected. Only in America can a president who kills Americans overseas who have never been charged or convicted of a crime get re-elected. And only in America can a president who borrowed and spent more than $5 trillion in fewer than four years, plans to repay none of it and promises to borrow another $5 trillion in his second term get re-elected.

What's going on here?

What is going on is the present-day proof of the truism observed by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, who rarely agreed on anything in public: When the voters recognize that the public treasury has become a public trough, they will send to Washington not persons who will promote self-reliance and foster an atmosphere of prosperity, but rather those who will give away the most cash and thereby create dependency. This is an attitude that, though present in some localities in the colonial era, was created at the federal level by Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt, magnified by FDR, enhanced by LBJ, and eventually joined in by all modern-day Democrats and most contemporary Republicans.

Mitt Romney is one of those Republicans. He is no opponent of federal entitlements, and he basically promised to keep them where they are. Where they are is a cost to taxpayers of about $1.7 trillion a year. Under President Obama, however, the costs have actually increased, and so have the numbers of those who now receive them. Half of the country knows this, and so it has gleefully sent Obama back to office so he can send them more federal cash taken from the other half.

It is fair to say that Obama is the least skilled and least effective American president since Jimmy Carter, but he is far more menacing.
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Voters: Conservative, no trust in either party/Have no confidence in media/Favor tough immigrations laws/Concerned about federal government corruption

"We have more takers than makers and it’s over. There is no hope.”


The presidential outcome is terribly troubling on three levels:

- Policy: Obamacare is Exhibit A.  It's here to stay, even if certain elements of it are struck down or frustrated by states.  This enshrines a massive federal intrusion into citizens' lives, raises the cost of healthcare, and exacerbates an existing doctor shortage.  It's also fiscally unsustainable, guaranteeing that its failures will be exploited to push even more bad ideas in the future.  Exit polls showed most voters disapproving of the law, yet their voting decisions helped cement it into the American policy firmament.
- Our politics: Mitt Romney, for all of his faults, ran an aggressive, well-funded, honorable campaign that (generally) focused on the very profound, very big, very urgent issues of our time.  He scored a major debate victory then sprinted toward the finish line, harnessing enthusiasm and momentum along the way.  But it wasn't enough.  He was defeated by a small, petty, and overwhelmingly negative opponent whose turnout machine swamped all else.  The unserious and unseemly drumbeat of birth control, Big Bird, binders, and Blame Bush worked.  The "Kill Romney" strategy laid the groundwork for this successful approach.  The president offered no meaningful or sweeping vision for a second term, but it didn't matter.  What an awful precedent.  I fear it says more about the nation than it does about the opportunistic and ruthless Obama campaign.  Two core assumptions must be re-evaluated: America the meritocracy, and America the center-Right nation.
- Demographics: Romney performed very well among white voters, but got hammered by African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and young voters.  These problems aren't going to magically disappear.  Obama the Alinskyite will almost certainly avail himself of coming opportunities to further marginalize Republicans with these groups, likely by pushing a flawed and partisan immigration reform package early in his second term.  It'll be a win-win politically.  If it passes, he takes the credit.  If Republicans block it -- even for entirely legitimate reasons -- they'll again be branded as the anti-minority bad guys, worsening their demographic problems.  Conservatives must begin to pick battles carefully and undertake the difficult process of expanding their appeal.  This will be a long, hard project.

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Dorkhead: Boehner: 'Mr. President, This Is Your Moment. We’re Ready to Be Led'


House Speaker John Boehner held a press briefing at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday afternoon where he congratulated Barack Obama and indicated Republicans in Congress were ready to be led by him.

“Mr President, this is your moment. We’re ready to be led," said Boehner. "Not as Democrats or Republicans but as Americans. We want you to lead not as a liberal or a conservative but as president of the United States of America.

“We want you to succeed,” said Boehner.  “Let’s challenge ourselves to find the common ground that has eluded us. Let’s rise above the dysfunction and do the right thing together for our country.”

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NC LS Fall Conference & Nathaniel Macon Institute, Burlington, NC


“North Carolina First” – Post-Election Review, Analysis, and Future NC LS Political Action.

Saturday, 17 November, 11AM-3PM, Allred Banquet Room, K&W Cafeteria.

The NC LS is the 1 percent that is making things happen in North Carolina!

Please join us for an informative day of North Carolina political action and discussion. Our scheduled speakers (Michael C. Tuggle & Bernhard Thuersam) will present short talks on what traditional conservatism means in North Carolina: from the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence and Halifax Resolves that set the framework for that traditional conservatism and political thought, to its relevance in today’s political reality.

During our dinner hour (on your own) NMI Director Dr. Tom Minsel will present “Christians Voting for Evils and Lesser Evils,” expect a thought-provoking discussion! Our afternoon segment will feature Michael C. Tuggle moderating our review and discussion of Tuesday’s election results in North Carolina.

See our full Conference schedule at
Admission $10 per person, $15 for husband and wife.  Guests are welcome.
Directions: The K&W is easy to find at Exit 143 of I-40/85, Burlington. From the east, turn right off ramp then an immediate left; from the west, turn left off ramp, then left after overpass.

For more information or questions, please email

How to Avoid Fragility and Failure


Sandy knocked out power for 8.5 million people, mostly in New York and New Jersey.


What’s worse?

A week later, nearly a million people were still without power.

Now, a Nor’easter — a freezing cold version of a tropical storm that plagues New England during the Winter — just dropped nearly a record amount of snow on these same people.

NOTE:  Again.  Any time you hear “record-breaking” in relation to Finance and Weather, it usually isn’t good news.  When you hear it all the time, like we have recently, it’s usually a sign that something is very wrong.

That’s scary.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this difficult.

A home and community that is resilient can bounce back from a regional disaster like this in seconds, if not hours.

For example, my home and the homes of other people reading this letter right now didn’t suffer an outage when the power went down.

We produced our own power.

Enough for us to serve as islands of resilience for our neighbors that didn’t have this capability.  To help them stay warm, recharge cell phones, take a hot shower, etc….


In my home, we produced power with a generator that’s connected to our natural gas line.  Since it’s connected, it could run for weeks, generating enough power for the entire home indefinitely.

The Real Reason Romney Lost

Via Peter


The real reason Mitt Romney lost the election is the multiculturalist political environment that prevents conservative forces from mobilizing their natural constituency.

Here's what happened:  Team Obama ran a campaign based on "us vs. them," while Romney ran a campaign based on ideas.  In that kind of contest, ideas always lose.   Obama demonized opponent Romney as a threat, as an enemy, and cultivated and encouraged the racial, ethnic, and gender solidarity of his supporters.   That's what he meant when he said, "voting is the best revenge."  Revenge against whom?  Rich white guys.  And those are the people he means when he says he intends to make the wealthy pay their "fair share" by increasing taxes.  His black and Hispanic constituencies know their own taxes won't go up. 

Obama's entire campaign was based on the unspoken question, "whose side are you on?"

Satire, sorry: Military Absentee Ballots Delivered One Day Late, Would Have Swung Election For Romney

Via Billy

I checked the Internet and saw it posted numerous places. Actually, I wish it were true.:)

Urgent Post-Election Update



Dear Friend of Parental Rights,

There is no polite way to say this. Our goal of protecting parental rights just got a lot harder as a result of Tuesday’s election. This is especially true in the U.S. Senate where we will now face 53 Democrats who have uniformly supported UN treaties to undermine our families and our national sovereignty.

Those who wish to push America into the camp of UN-controlled nations have to be absolutely giddy at their prospects.

Before the election, we had obtained intelligence that the proponents of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities were going to make a serious run for ratification during the lame duck session of Congress that starts next week. Their chances of success have dramatically improved.

We can and must fight back. We need 34 Senators to stand against these efforts that would place American policy and our families under the watchful control of the United Nations.

It is going to take a far more robust effort to stop the ratification in this political atmosphere. And, frankly, we are under-staffed. We must add two or three staff members to do the ground work needed to put a full-court press on the U.S. Senate and stop this UN take-over.

We also need additional staff for a new state legislative project to protect parental rights immediately while we continue to work for a permanent solution with the Parental Rights Amendment.

I will have more to say about the state-level project next week.

But time is absolutely of the essence to stop the Senate from handing our nation over to the bureaucrats in New York and Geneva. Please give sacrificially today to halt this pro-treaty surge.

I just returned from Germany where parental rights in education are non-existent. German parents warned me to redouble my efforts to stop these UN treaties lest we fall into the same trap.

I need your help right now.


Michael Farris

6 million self-described “evangelicals” voted for pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and anti-religious freedom

Via Mike

[CORRECTED VERSION: In the first version of this column, I incorrectly reported a figure of 25 million evangelicals voting for Obama in 2012. The actual number, as now noted below, is about 6.4 million. Please forgive my error.]
As the smoke clears from the wreckage of the Romney defeat on Tuesday, some intriguing yet disturbing facts are coming to light.

* Fewer people overall voted in 2012 (about 117 million) compared to 2008 (about 125 million).
* President Obama received some 6.6 million fewer votes  in 2012 than he did in 2008 (60,217,329 in 2012 votes compared to 66,882,230 votes in 2008).

* One would think that such a dynamic would have helped Romney win — clearly it did not.

                                                            More @  Joel Rosenberg

Mark Levin Gives "Unvarnished Truth" On Romney Loss

Via Don



Mark Levin passionately defends conservatism and analyzes last night's election in the opening monologue of the Wednesday broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio program. Here's a partial transcript of Levin's opening remarks:

MARK LEVIN: We conservatives, we do not accept bipartisanship in the pursuit of tyranny. Period. We will not negotiate the terms of our economic and political servitude. Period. We will not abandon our child to a dark and bleak future. We will not accept a fate that is alien to the legacy we inherited from every single future generation in this country. We will not accept social engineering by politicians and bureaucrats who treat us like lab rats, rather than self-sufficient human beings. There are those in this country who choose tyranny over liberty. They do not speak for us, 57 million of us who voted against this yesterday, and they do not get to dictate to us under our Constitution.

We are the alternative. We will resist. We're not going to surrender to this. We will not be passive, we will not be compliant in our demise. We're not good losers, you better believe we're sore losers! A good loser is a loser forever. Now I hear we're called 'purists.' Conservatives are called purists. The very people who keep nominating moderates, now call us purists the way the left calls us purists. Yeah, things like liberty, and property rights, individual sovereignty, and the Constitution, and capitalism. We're purists now. And we have to hear this crap from conservatives, or pseudo-conservatives, Republicans.

The Battle To Takeover The GOP Begins Today

Via Hype And Fail


Despite our efforts and the efforts of millions of other conservatives, who went all-in for the Romney candidacy, Election Day 2012 was a disaster – Barack Obama was re-elected President, Republicans lost seats in the House and failed to gain a majority in the Senate.

Rise upHowever, out of that disaster comes some good news: conservatives are saying “Never again” are we going to nominate a big government establishment Republican for President.

What’s more, we won’t have to – conservatives now have a deep bench of potential presidential candidates.

We have elected a new generation of conservative leaders who are capable of taking over the GOP to become the Party of small government constitutional conservatism.

Last night’s election of small government constitutional conservatives -- Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake and Deb Fisher to the Senate, the election of conservative Mike Pence as Governor of Indiana, the election of Trey Radel and other “boat rockers” to the House -- portend that yesterday’s defeats will spell the end of big government Republicanism.

They join such small government constitutional conservative leaders as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Senators Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey, Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and the 50-odd Members of the House, such as Justin Amash, who stood for conservative principles and voted against the debt ceiling deal.

Establishment Republicans ever anxious to hold on to power, and the establishment media, are going to blame “the Tea Party” and “radical” conservatives who voted for principled small government constitutional conservative candidates in Republican primaries for the election disaster of 2012.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Governor Romney won the nomination by spending tens of millions of dollars knee-capping his conservative opponents in the primaries and then handed the election to Obama because he and his campaign team spent most of the campaign mired in the establishment Republican folly of trying to win by standing for nothing.

The “stand for nothing” strategy didn’t work for President Ford’s 1976 campaign, it didn’t work for President George H.W. Bush’s re-election and it certainly didn’t work for Bob Dole and John McCain.

Republicans never, ever, win the presidency unless they nationalize the election by campaigning on a conservative agenda.

While Obama and the Democrats threw down the gauntlet on the social issues -- such as same-sex marriage and abortion -- Republicans ran away from such issues as same-sex marriage, religious freedom and Obama’s war on the Catholic Church. You couldn’t find any mention of the Constitution or the conservative social agenda in a Romney ad or in a Rove-run Super PAC ad or an ad run by the national GOP.

The establishment Republicans who held the reins and the checkbooks chose to run negative ads against Obama and campaign almost solely on Romney’s biography and economic policies, while skipping the social issues and the concerns of Tea Partiers and small government constitutional conservatives.

In choosing to ignore the larger conservative agenda, Romney chose not to follow the path that led Republicans to win seven of the previous eleven presidential elections.

In the Senate, two good and decent men – Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock – were defeated not because they were pro-life, but because they were inept campaigners.

Tommy Thompson, George Allen, Connie Mack and other establishment-backed candidates -- who ran as establishment Republicans -- all went down to defeat in the general election after being boosted past principled small government conservatives in the primaries by Mitch McConnell and the Washington GOP establishment.

The leaders who forced those kinds of candidates on us -- and manipulated the GOP rules to force the Party to change from a grassroots-driven Party to a Party driven from the top-down by Washington insiders -- should resign.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House John Boehner, NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions and other Republican leaders behind the epic election failure of 2012 should be replaced with leaders more in tune with the grassroots of the conservative base of the Party.

Likewise, in any logical universe, establishment Republican consultants such as Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie, Romney campaign senior advisor Stewart Stevens and pollster Neil Newhouse would never be hired to run or consult on a national campaign again -- and no one would give a dime to their ineffective Super PACs, such as American Crossroads.

Mitt Romney's loss was the death rattle of the establishment GOP. Far from signaling a rejection of the Tea Party or grassroots conservatives, the disaster of 2012 signals the beginning of the battle to takeover the Republican Party and the opportunity to establish the GOP as the Party of small government constitutional conservatism. 

This Is Not a Government


This morning a Christian radio commentator attempt to downplay the devastation Obama will bring to America over the next four years. The commentator was explaining how our government’s checks and balances prevent any president from doing too much damage to our nation. Unfortunately this commentator was assuming that American government still functions as it was intended to function. She was apparently unaware that our government no longer follows its own laws.

It is absolutely true that the Founding Fathers gave us a system of government that should have protected our nation from the excesses of any single president. However, the checks and balances, balance of powers, and other limitations enshrined in the Constitution, have all been ignored by our current government. Those checks and balances disappeared as soon as those in power realized that they could ignore the law and no one would do anything about it. This leaves America vulnerable to any tyrant capable of winning an election.

Now that the Constitution is completely ignored, elections determine what the bare majority can inflict upon the other 49% of the population. There are no restraints, no restrictions on governmental authority, no limitations on governmental power, no protection of inalienable rights. Four more years of Obama is scary ONLY because the government ignores the Constitution and BECAUSE there are no longer any separations of powers.
Earlier this year the U.S. Attorney General announced that the President had the legal authority to order the killing of any person, including a U.S. citizen, without trial. He explained that under certain circumstances, the President can order anyone outside America to be killed. Of course the circumstances are to be determined by Obama and his staff. No due process. No oversight. No appeal.

A few days after this announcement the Director of the FBI was questioned by a Congressional committee as to whether it applied to U.S. citizens within the borders of the U.S. His answer was that he would have to check the law. He DIDN’T say, “no, that would clearly be unconstitutional.” He DIDN’T say, “That would clearly violate the citizen’s right to not be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process.” He DIDN’T immediately respond by saying, “Hell NO, that would be murder.” The highest ranking government official in the federal government’s domestic law enforcement department said he wasn’t sure if the president had authority to unilaterally order the murder of an American citizen on American soil.

A government that ignores its own laws is NOT A GOVERNMENT!!! 

It’s just a bunch of bullies asserting the power through coercion and threats. Our government now ignores its own laws. America, as established by God and our Founding Fathers, was a GREAT country. We must do whatever it takes to get it back. Our daily lives will get worse, MUCH worse, if we don’t throw off this outlaw band of bullies.

One step forward, two steps back: 

Liberty Legal Foundation had significant successes in 2012. 

Last summer the Supreme Court agreed with LLF’s argument in the U.S. v. Arizona case. We filed an amicus brief that made only one point: That existing Federal Law prohibited the Obama administration from telling Arizona it couldn’t ask for immigration status information on individual arrestees. To the best of our knowledge, no one else made this point to the Court. This was one of the few areas that the Court found in favor of the State of Arizona.

Unfortunately, the Court also told Arizona, and every other state, that States can’t enforce Federal immigration law. This part of the decision was completely unique in American history. This was a huge defeat that leaves no check on the president’s total authority regarding enforcement of immigration law. In the words of dissenting Justice Scalia, the 50 States are no longer sovereign. In the end LLF did what we could, but the Court’s decision on a different part of the case caused much more damage than LLF fixed. We plug one hole, the Court makes a bigger one somewhere else.

The Court also agreed with LLF, to a certain degree, in the Obamacare case. Again, LLF filed an amicus brief. Again, LLF was practically alone in making the most important argument: the commerce clause was never intended to allow Congress to do anything it wants to do. The Court didn’t overturn Wickard v. Filburn, as we wanted, but it did agree that the individual mandate was beyond Congressional authority under the commerce clause. The Court said that even the Wickard standard doesn’t justify the individual mandate.

Unfortunately the Court then issued completely new and completely unexpected precedent granting Congress authority to enforce any regulation Congress can dream up; as long as enforcement is via a fine collected by the IRS. The Court’s Obamacare ruling blew all tax and spend clause precedent out of the water. It opened a completely new avenue for Congress to assert authority that was explicitly denied to Congress by the Founding Fathers. Again, the Court gave us what we asked for, but made matters much worse by changing the rules elsewhere.

It seems that federal courts are determined to kill whatever remains of the Constitution. We must find a way to re-establish the rule of law.

Liberty Legal Foundation continues to seek ways to restore Constitutional government. Whatever happens, God will use it for His good. Hard times will temper us to be the people God needs us to be. May God make a way to restore the America of our founding.

For Liberty,

Van Irion, Founder

Obama Reelected – May God Have Mercy on Us: Partial birth abortion