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Where, Then, Did Jim Crow Came From?


What is known as “Jim Crow” began in the antebellum North and spread southward after Reconstruction. In a region already hostile to black participation in social and political life, New York in the 1820’s proscribed free black votes by raising property requirements and essentially disenfranchising them. They fared no better in Philadelphia which Frederick Douglas referred to as the most racist city in the US.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Where, Then, Did Jim Crow Came From?

“Before the War, Savannah had Negro units in the local militia and Negro volunteer fire departments. Negro ministers preached from the pulpits of city, as well as rural, churches. Frederick Law Olmstead’s concise “Journey in the Seaboard Slave States” reported Negro passengers in the coaches of railroad train across Virginia and “Negro passengers admitted without demur.”

An Englishwoman, the Hon. Miss Murray, touring prewar Alabama, wrote: “From what we hear in England, I imagined Negroes were kept at a distance. That is the case in the Northern States, but in the South they are at your elbow everywhere and always seek conversation.”

Where, then, did “Jim Crow” come from?

Describing a train ride from Boston to Lowell, Massachusetts in 1842, Charles Dickens wrote: “There are no first and second class carriages with us; but there is a gentleman’s car and a ladies’ car; the main distinction between which is that, in the first, everybody smokes; and in the second, nobody does. As a black man never travels with a white one, there is also a Negro car, which is a great blundering clumsy chest such as Gulliver put to sea in from the Kingdom of Brobdignag.”

That was thirteen years after Garrison founded the “Liberator,” a few blocks from Boston’s North Station, and eight years before Mrs. Stowe would ride in the same Jim Crow’d trains to Brunswick, Maine, to start work on Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Eli Whitney had died in 1825. But the assembly line firearms he perfected “back home” in New Haven would eventually become standard equipment for Federal armies during the War.

Now, in the sordid years of Reconstruction, “Jim Crow” finally migrated from Boston, too, down past [Eli] Whitney’s grave . . . Slave ships – gin — “Uncle Tom” — Whitney & Ames rifles — Jim Crow. The Yankee cycle was complete.”

(King Cotton, George Hubert Aull, This is the South, Robert West Howard, editor, Rand McNally, 1959, pp. 145-146)

Truman Held Prisoner by Socialist Planners
 Useful idiots

Author John T. Flynn wrote in 1949 of the communist takeover of the Democrat Party, which was fairly complete in 1936 as FDR’s labor friend Sidney Hillman formed the first political action committee, CIO-PAC, to funnel labor unions funds into his political campaign. By the early 1940’s Southern Democrats had enough of party communists and railed at FDR’s running mate in 1940, Henry Wallace, who was very friendly with the Soviets. Thus came the Dixiecrat Party.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Truman Held Prisoner by Socialist Planners

“The country recently witnessed a struggle in the United States Senate around a proposal of the president to put federal force behind the guarantee of what is called “civil rights.” Few of those who read of the filibuster conducted by the Southern Democratic senators understood the real purpose behind this bill.

Ostensibly it was to give our Negro citizens equality of rights of various kinds with their white brethren. But the real objective was little discussed and even less perceived by the casual newspaper reader.

Of course the problem of the Negro and his position in the South and, for that matter, in the North, is a perpetual irritant. It is not easy to square the discriminations against the Negro with a number of the most rapturously repeated phrases in accepted national philosophy. There are some aspects of the question that ought to be kept in mind.

First of all, the lurid and sensational stories about lynchings and hatreds and suppressions and oppressions have been outrageously exaggerated. It is a fact that almost all of the publicity about the outrages against Negroes in the South has originated in the propaganda agencies of the communist trouble-makers.

Why is the communist so deeply stirred about the Negro? Is he trying to correct injustices suffered by the Negro in order to improve his lot here and make him love America more? We know that the communist has one supreme interest and that is to excite and stimulate the hatreds of every class in the country.

Sooner or later this country must face the problem of the Negro. It is simple enough in New York. It is not so simple in Mississippi, where the Negroes almost equal the whites in number, or in Georgia, where Negroes outnumber whites in probably half the counties in the State.

White supremacy is a phrase encrusted with unpleasant connotations in the North. But in hundreds of Southern counties where Negroes outnumber whites the people are sure that if the Negroes voted there would be not white supremacy but Negro supremacy. In light of our professed beliefs about the rights of man, however, it is not an easy matter for our people to face up to this problem squarely.

One day an educated Negro population, rather than the poor cornfield worker and the illiterate serving man, will confront the people of the country. Time, education on both sides of the color line, patience, understanding, may lead us to a happier relationship. But one thing is certain. There is no spot for the trouble-maker, the revolutionist, the communist bent on mischief, on division and disturbance.

The problem was thrown into the Senate in 1949 by [Democrat President Harry Truman]. I have, I believe, made it clear that the President is the prisoner of the socialist planners among his supporters, who elected him and who could break him pathetically tomorrow if it suited their purpose. It was in obedience to their imperious demand that this hurry-up solution of the Negro problem in the south has hurled into the Senate.

Now what was their purpose? Was it love for the Negro? Was it a wish to advance his position? Not at all. The purpose was entirely a part of the effort of these socialist planners to solve the great crucial political problem which confronts them. The Negro is merely to be one of the tools in the job.

[The Republican Party after 1865 has sewn up the black vote] But with the advent of the New Deal and the distress among the Northern and Southern Negroes and the great streams of relief money at the disposal of Democratic politicians, the Negro was brought en masse into the Democratic fold. This, however, hardly describes the performance perfectly.

The depression and the rise of the communist and New Deal socialist wing in New York, with Harry Hopkins sitting at the cashier’s window, made it possible for the socialist wing of the Democratic-Red alliance to capture Negro votes. Today [1949] the socialist movements have that vote in their bag. And they believe they can do the same thing with the Negroes in the South if they can get the vote for them.”

(The War on the South, The Road Ahead to Socialism, America’s Creeping Revolution, John T. Flynn, Devin-Adair Company, 1949, pp. 98-100)

EASTER MASSACRE! At Least 53 DEAD After Suicide Bomber Targets Christians Celebrating Easter in Pakistan

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An explosion occurred in Gulshan-i-Iqbal Park of Iqbal Town on Sunday evening, killing at least 53 people and injuring over a 100, police said.
Iqbal Town Superintendent of Police Dr Muhammad Iqbal said the explosion was a suicide attack.
Eye witnesses said there were pools of blood and scattered body parts in the park, where a large number of families, especially women and children, were present on a Sunday evening.
Rescue officials and police rushed to the explosion site in a renowned residential area, where at least 20 people are reportedly injured.

You Can Have Dinner With Hillary Clinton at Her San Francisco Fundraiser FOR JUST $353,000

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Image result for You Can Have Dinner With Hillary Clinton at Her San Francisco Fundraiser FOR JUST $353,000
 Or you could look at pictures of Melania for free. :)

They say whoever has the gold makes the rules. And if you happen to have $353,000 laying around, you’ll have the chance to whisper some potential rules into Hillary Clinton’s ear, not before you rub elbows with movie star George Clooney.

According to a report in Politico, Clooney and his wife attorney Amal Clooney will be sitting at the head table of an April 15th fundraiser in San Francisco along with Clinton. To sit alongside the candidate and her celebrity pals, donors just need to raise a cool $353,000.

“The Bay Area fundraiser, hosted at the home of venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar, is one of two events starring the Clooneys,” the report reads. “On April 16, Clinton and the Clooneys will reunite at the Clooney Los Angeles mansion, where tickets cost $33,400 per person to dine at the table with one of Hollywood’s most glamorous couples.”

Franklin Graham rips San Francisco mayor Evangelist: Praises N.C. guv for protecting citizens from 'perverts and sexual predators'

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North Carolina’s legislature hadn’t even fully finished its work on a new statewide nondiscrimination standard before the pushback started from those who advocate a transgender agenda of open restrooms.

In fact, even the NBA groused about the plan and all of a sudden said there could be problems with having the basketball league’s all-star game in the city because of its “discrimination.”

But that’s all bunk, according to no less than the governor of North Carolina and renowned faith leader Franklin Graham.

On his Facebook page on Saturday, Graham noted one of those apparently trying to bully North Carolina into doing what they want.

“San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee says he is banning all city employees from job-related travel to North Carolina in protest of the action N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory and the general assembly just took to preserve basic privacy and protect its citizens from perverts and sexual predators,” Graham wrote.

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 LaVoy Finicum; One Cowboy's Family Stand For Freedom

Do you have any pictures, videos, or stories, from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation?

Cherylin Eager is heading up this effort. She can be contacted at:

Cell: 801-592-4245


Email address to submit pictures, videos, or stories:

To dispute the government's claim of damages, some patriots are coming together to acquire and present evidence to the contrary

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016, there will be press conferences held by the named individuals, at the locations shown.

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016, there will be press conferences held by the named individuals, at the locations shown.

Former Harney Co. Fire Chief Chris Briels, Bend, Oregon

Nevada Assemblyman John Moore, Las Vegas, Nevada

Janalee Tobias, Salt Lake City, Utah  (Capitol, South Side)

Guy Finicum, Kanab, Utah

The press conferences will begin at 1:30 PM Mountain Time, 12:30 PM Pacific Time

In preparation for these events, and to established fixed Internet locations for the presentation of evidence disputing the government claims, a  number of patriot organizations/sources are working together to gather as much information as possible to prove to fallacy of the government claims. To do so, we need your HELP.

 If you have pictures of the Refuge before or during the occupation, you can email them to

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Sally Vinyard, the Last American Lady to Leave Vietnam and My Friend for 47 Years

Sally is now 94 and sharp of mind.

Same bench as above, but in 2008 at Bonnie's Wedding

Personal Stories
I first met Sally Vinyard (The last American woman to leave Vietnam) in 1969 when we both worked for NAVY/OICC in Saigon. She moved back to Fallbrook, CA after the war and I was fortunate indeed in living in her town for a few years before I moved once again. We had many a delightful evening together. I would like to back up her contention that the Babylift was not political at all. Everyone in DAO knew long before that date that the end was near, as the shredders were going all the time. Even the ever optimistic Frank Toner, who had been in Vietnam since 1952, knew by April 1st that all hope was lost. It is a shame that people and organizations try to please their agendas by inferring such. Also, Sally didn't mention that she adopted a beautiful Vietnamese girl who has grown to maturity and is the apple of her eye. But, then again, Sally has always been a very modest and unassuming person.

 TETLittle Saigon77

“Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide.”

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 Is ISIS Faithful to Islam?

 Is ISIS Faithful to Islam?

“We are not at war with Islam,” said John Kasich after the Brussels massacre, “We’re at war with radical Islam.”

Kasich’s point raises a question: Does the Islamic faith in any way sanction or condone what those suicide bombers did?

For surely the brothers and their accomplice who ignited the bombs in the airport and set off the explosion on the subway did not do so believing they were blasting themselves to hell for all eternity.

One has to assume they hoped to be martyrs to their faith if they slaughtered infidels to terrify and expel such as these from the Islamic world and advance the coming of the caliphate of which the Prophet preached.

And where might they have gotten such ideas?

Kasich’s word, radical, comes from the Latin “radix,” or root.

And if one returns to the roots of Islam, to the Quran, does one find condemnation of what the brothers did — or justification?