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Luxurious Private Villa Opens Doors to Guests in Phu Quoc

 Luxurious Private Villa Opens Doors to Guests in Phu Quoc - Saigoneer

Accompanied by the patter of footsteps on ceramic tiles and the soft hush of ocean waves, passing lavish lacquer paintings and 19th century furniture when making your way down to the balcony overlooking the beach feels like stepping back into an idyllic vision of a bygone era.

But it’s not an imagined setting, rather one very much rooted in a specific person’s memory.

Madame Catherine led the type of romantic life few people get to experience. Phu Quoc’s cool breezes, stunning beaches and lush vegetation lured her grandfather down from China in the 19th century with dreams of establishing a pepper plantation. But after falling in love with the woman who would become Catherine’s grandmother, the pair moved to Phnom Penh, where Catherine was born in 1935. She grew up in a glamorous colonial villa and savored summer vacations beside the TonlĂ© Sap Lake’s placid waters, where her family’s fishing fleet floated.

The dream-like existence came to an abrupt halt during World War II, when Japanese troops interned her entire family upon occupying the region. After the war, a return to her previous life spent indulging in imported luxuries and mingling with Cambodian royalty and foreign socialites was all too brief, as the region again fell into chaos and her family was forced to flee. Memories of her home and the elegant lifestyle that accompanied it, however, never left her thoughts. Eventually, she was able to return to Southeast Asia and recreate the atmosphere enjoyed during her halcyon youth.

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[Photos] A Glimpse of Turn-of-the-Century Indochina

 Check out These Vintage Stamps From French Indochina ... 

France didn't colonize Vietnam overnight.

From infrastructure initiatives that included roads, bridges and dams to farming operations and marketplace architecture, France's decades-long dominion over its colony produced some profound changes but they took time. And before they could effectively modify urban and rural landscapes, they needed to survey it. Such exploration has resulted in a large number of photographs of the region taken by officials and hobbyists alike that reveal the country before it was significantly altered by European intrusion.

This collection of photos from 1899 focuses on both urban and agrarian settings. While shot in black and white, it's impossible to not recognize how they burst with greenery. One can practically smell the freshly tilled paddy muck and taste the brick dust wafting off of construction sites.

Get a glimpse of Vietnam as it was undergoing its transformation at the beginning of colonization in these photograph.

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Project Veritas: Leaked Insider Tape Reveals Salesforce’s Plan to Deplatform ‘Broader Range’ of Customers

Again: 'Inexplicable' for high court to pass up PA ballot lawsuit

'I Voted' sticker 

"[I suspect] Justice [John] Roberts and others on that court are really afraid that the Democrats are going to expand the court and they will lose their power," AFR radio host Sandy Rios told her audience a day after the court's ruling and the three justices' dissent.

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court announced it will not take several election fraud challenges in five states ---Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin --- but three of the justices said they wanted to hear the Pennsylvania challenge pertaining to the state's mail in-ballot controversy. The issue split state legislators and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court over a state law that mandated a Nov. 3 deadline for absentee votes.

Democrats have relentlessly mocked allegations of fraud as “unfounded” conspiracy theories but post-election polls showed as many as three-fourths of Republicans surveyed insisted that Trump won and Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

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The Death of the Museum of the Confederacy


The Museum of the Confederacy - A Brief Look At A Worsening

 The Beginning Of Our Attempt To Build A Case Against The MOC 

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 In May of 2008, I became embroiled in a situation that had developed with the former Museum of the Confederacy. Having received an e-mail sent to the membership from Director S. Waite Rawls asking for an opinion about removing the word “Confederacy” from the Museum’s title, I assumed that he was taking heat from the ongoing crusade against all things Southern and advised him to hold his ground in the face of such politically correct extortion! Alas, my answer was not what the gentleman wished to hear—though he never responded to me. For Mr. Rawls was of the opinion that any mention of the Confederacy or Confederate was beyond the pale and the time had come to abandon such nomenclature. Today that great shrine has become the American Civil War Museum after being joined to the black run Tredegar Iron Works under the Parks Department.

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Texas blackouts were deliberate?

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texas power

 To be clear, the Biden regime refused all requests from Abbott that would have helped Texans during the worst of the brutal storm. As a result, many suffered, others died, and still others are receiving exorbitant electric bills at rates of $1,500 per Megawatt hour (MWh).

Had China Joe simply signed off on Texas’ request to up its energy generation maximum from 60 percent to full capacity in anticipation of the recent polar vortex disaster, the Lone Star State never would have suffered any blackouts. This is the claim of the @amuse account on Twitter, the owner of which also runs the news aggregation site “Deplatformed.”

While many of Texas’ “green” wind turbines failed upon freezing, the state could have made up for this loss by really pumping out the fossil fuels, which is prohibited under federal regulations, save for an exemption.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott apparently requested such of the Biden regime, only to be rejected despite the impending emergency. Consequently, millions of Texans suffered through days of no power in record-low temperatures, which injured and killed many.

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Texas Judge Bans Enforcement of Biden 100-Day Deportation Freeze ‘Indefinitely’

 Texas Judge Bans Enforcement of Biden 100-Day Deportation Freeze ‘Indefinitely’

A Texas judge issued a stunning blow to the Biden administration Wednesday, “indefinitely” enjoining the White House from enforcing the president’s executive order declaring a 100-day moratorium on deportations.

As The Daily Wire reported Tuesday, the same federal judge, Judge Drew Tipton, already issued a temporary ban on enforcing President Joe Biden’s executive order, noting that the administration failed “to provide any concrete, reasonable justification for a 100-day pause on deportations.”

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Ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund Says He Had Intel Antifa Was Part of the (False Flag) January 6 Attack (VIDEO)

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According to a former FBI agent on the ground at the US Capitol, at least one bus load of Antifa goons infiltrated the Trump rally as part of a false flag operation.

Ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund dropped a bombshell on lawmakers on Tuesday in his opening statement during a hearing before the Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees.

Mr. Sund testified that according to intelligence gathered by law enforcement groups, members of the Proud Boys, white supremacist groups, ANTIFA and other extremist groups were expected to participate on January 6 and that they may be inclined to become violent. 

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Black, Latino Seniors in Virginia Get COVID-19 Vaccine Priority as White 85-Year-Olds Wait

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In a move that is outraging senior citizens throughout Virginia, the state is shifting its COVID-19 vaccination distribution to prioritize black and Latino residents even as desperate 85-year-olds interviewed by Judicial Watch struggle to get the shot. Like several other states, Virginia is vaccinating its population in phases, with healthcare personnel and residents of long-term care facilities receiving utmost priority. With that population completed, according to the Virginia Department of Health, the second group includes a peculiar combination of frontline workers, people 65 and over, those with medical conditions, incarcerated criminals and those living in homeless shelters or “migrant labor camps.”

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Elon Musk Fires Back at WaPo Story and Owner Jeff Bezos: ‘Give My Regards to Your Puppet Master’

 Elon Musk Fires Back at WaPo Story and Owner Jeff Bezos: ‘Give My Regards to Your Puppet Master’

Asked for comment by The Washington Post on a profile that quoted various critics slamming him for being stretched too thin, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X, fired back at the Post and ostensibly its owner Jeff Bezos.

The Post’s article starts by noting Musk’s exhausting schedule of commuting from his home in southern California, the Tesla plant in northern California, a new factory in Austin, Texas and SpaceX’s launch facility on Texas’ Gulf Coast. Then the Post quotes unnamed “critics” who assert that Musk’s focus on Space X and other ventures has permitted the quality of Tesla to “fall victim.”

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