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Legal FIRESTORM Coming? Memphis City Council Better Read Their Own Laws Before Digging Up General Forrest and Selling His Statue

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After the story reported by Liberty Unyielding this week: Memphis City Council Votes To Dig Up Remains Of Confederate General, and wife we did a little researching and discovered that what the Memphis City Council just voted on is against multiple code and laws.

The Memphis City Council seems bent on creating a firestorm over the removal of all traces of General Nathan B. Forrest, CSA. They do this in the face of opposition from his descendants. The Forrest family has made clear that they are “solidly opposed to digging up the graves and moving them any place.” They are opposed to moving the statue as well. The council will also be in opposition with at least two applicable State laws.

One law deals with the functions of disinterment, requiring justifications and a judge’s approval:

A grid down situation

I was out for a two day training session right before the 4th. Over the 4th weekend my lower right leg started to bother me and it appeared bruised. I passed it off thinking I must have just banged it and not realized it at the time. A day or so later the swelling was increasing, the immediate area was very hot to the touch and the pain had spread up my inner thigh into my hip so I went to see my doctor. He wanted to rule out a blood clot and any physical damage so I had a sonogram and a couple x rays. They all turned out perfectly normal and in fact he said they my joints were in the condition of someone 0 years or more younger than I am.

He said he immediately suspected a spider bite but had to rule out a blood clot or a physical issue before treating me. He put me on a 10 day massive dose of a strong antibiotic to fight the infection and I have to go back for a check up mid next week.

This reminded me of a couple of things. First that I hate damn spiders as much as I hate snakes. Second it reminded me to double check our medical supplies including antibiotics and to speak to others in my group to make sure we go back over our medical planning. A damn spider bite could be incapacitating in a grid down situation if you aren't ready to deal with it.


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Seven Bark (wild hydrangea) - Cure for Brown Recluse Bites


Cincinnati Police Chief Reverses Course – Now Calls Mob Beating A “Hate Crime”…

Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell has reconsidered and is asking Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters to pursue hate crime charges in the Government Square attack that left a white man beaten and bloody on the Fourth of July.

Police Officer Alicia Essert called the beating “anti-white” in the incident report, but at a news conference about the incident, Cincinnati Police Capt. Mike Neville backed off that claim, calling it a “mistake.”
“In many cases, a hate/bias relationship between the offender(s) and suspect(s) may not be easily apparent at the time of, or even shortly after the commission of the offense,” police spokeswoman Tiffaney Hardy said in a release. “Often, hate/bias elements become evident only after thorough investigation and review of the available evidence.”

WACO II: "At 1:59:31 p.m. a uniformed officer walks over to the evidence planted by the plain clothes cop and marks it as evidence."

The Twin Peaks Massacre has always, clearly, been an ATF or FBI operation gone terribly wrong. The Waco police and most of official Waco have been lying about it since May 17.

A couple of pieces of evidence became generally available this weekend that shine a little light into this black hole of deceit.

First, it is now absolutely inarguable that at least 182 people were arrested on May 17 and that five of them were “unarrested” by 5:28 a.m. the next morning. In an early morning fax from Waco Detective Sam Key to lay Justice of the Peace “Pete” Peterson, Key says, “These are the five guys we ‘unarrested.’ Thanks for all your help.”

The five men set free were Rodney Nash, Terry Gott, Robert Douglas, Keith Rodgers and Gerald Lowery. Generally, in ATF biker roundups, confidential informants are arrested with other suspects and then turned loose when nobody is looking.

Confidential Informants

More @ The Aging Rebel


Justice Waco Style Y'All

Justice Waco Style Y’All

Maine Gov. Signs Permitless Concealed Gun Carry Into Law

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Kudos to the Maine State Police Department for supporting this legislation. In October, the law Maine Gov. Paul LePage signed July 8 goes into effect, the one that allows Down Easters to carry concealed handguns without a permit. In doing so, Maine is the sixth state in the nation to allow permitless firearm carry. It wasn’t much of a stretch: Already, the state allows open carry without a permit; the permit, with the requisite fees and background check, was needed if someone wanted to carry concealed.

Liberals Target the South Because It Has Always Been Christian

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Having had the opportunity to travel to several vacation spots as a child, I had the privilege of meeting people from different regions.  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was my second home in the summer, and we would vacation in Florida at least once a year until I was 11 or 12.  Since I have never been one to meet a stranger, I had many opportunities to meet people from Ohio, New York, Maryland, Quebec and several other places.

I found it funny the perception of Southerners that these people brought with them.

Because you are a Southerner, you do not wear shoes, don't have healthy teeth, can't read, are a racist, love NASCAR, hate the Union, and a host of other stereotypes.  This was funny because none of those things are true of me and besides the NASCAR, they are not true of most of the people I know.

I say all this because thirty years later, it is no longer funny when these stereotypes are plastered on you and the people you love.

"Those who fought for the Confederacy were traitors and committed acts of treason....."

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Check out the comments.

Based upon media reports, it is obvious that you received my letter, dated June 29, requesting that the local government remove the Confederate statues located in downtown Macon to a museum or perhaps Rose Hill Cemetery, where the burial ground is dedicated to and populated by the fallen from Macon who fought in the Civil War. It is my understanding, based on media reports, that your refusal to consider such requests is based upon your belief that these statues and monuments pay tribute to the bravery and patriotism of those who died while fighting to divide our country and maintain an economic system based upon the free labor of enslaved Africans and their descendants.

Read more here:

Help Preserve Southern History - Another Battle in Gainesville, FL

Another Historic Confederate Veterans Memorial is threatened.

The Confederate Dead Memorial in Gainesville, FL, erected in 1904, A.D. by the Kirby Smith Chapter 202, United Daughters of the Confederacy has been targeted by the NAACP for removal.

Here are two press reports that summarize the situation. One includes a disturbing video.

More @ Change

Why White People Will Always Be Racists

Whites are continually put into the position of forever having to prove the negative, that they’re not racists. This is impossible. And that’s the point.
Now that South Carolina has taken down the Confederate flag flying on statehouse grounds, MSNBC is drumming the five whose state flags incorporate “Confederate themes.”

 They continue to prove liberals are never satisfied. We fought the Civil War. We ratified the Fourteenth Amendment. We have the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The civil-rights movement was a success. Now, we have South Carolina pulling down the Confederate flag. But it’s still not enough. And Hillary Clinton agrees.

Dodge Challenger Drag Pack: Consistent 8 second run, and a 0-150 mph in 1320 feet

Mopar large-03

As a boon to drag race fans everywhere, Mopar announced the latest Drag Pak for the Dodge Challenger last week.  Offering two options to Sportsman class racers–an unprecedented Supercharged 5.8-liter/354-c.u. race-prepped Gen III HEMI®mated to a 3-speed transmission with a Hurst shifter or a naturally aspirated 426-c.u. all-aluminum race-prepped Gen III HEMI® mated to a 3-speed transmission with a Hurst shifter –these track-only options celebrate MOPAR’s drag racing history while embracing modern technology.

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Obama: Best Salesman of the Year in Guns and Confederate Flags Categories


Supply may slow down a bit in a week or so. We've ran the WHOLE WORLD out!

Manufacturers are running wide open and are beginning to run out of the CLOTH! Asia

now understands, even if DC doesn't!


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Why Do They Hate the South and Its Symbols?": 

Brock, please correct me if I am wrong. I (by birth a midwest yankee) have viewed the Confederate flag, not as a symbol of racism, but as a symbol of defiance. The Left are totalitarians. The Left wants every one to worship the State. The Left wants absolute power over every one. There is no area in life so minor that the Left does not want in some way to regulate. This is why in my opinion the Confederate flag is so intensely hated, it represents open defiance to central authority. Even the debate about is controlled, TPTB are saying the flag means what they say it means, and your view does NOT matter. 

The Confederate flag is my true flag The Stars and Stripes now belongs to the the forces of evil. I have been betrayed by my leaders

Confederate flag battle moves to Mississippi

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“Every time that we do something, we have a busload from somewhere up north come to tell us how terrible we are,” Jeppie Barbour said at the state Capitol.
Now that South Carolina has removed a Confederate battle flag from its statehouse lawn, the next big struggle over Old South symbols is shaping up in Mississippi, where the rebel X has fluttered over the Capitol and other public buildings for more than a century as part of the state flag.

Happy 82nd Birthday Horace!

This Time

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The Last Rebel

Roundabout via comment by BayouBroussard on Latest Victim of Communist Attacks of Racism: Fleu...


There's a grey horse standin' still
As a soldier climbs in the saddle for one last ride
As the rain pours off his hat
You can see the shadows of the past written in his eyes

Now the cannons are silent
His friends are all gone
Gotta put it all behind him
If he ever wants to find his way home
He's the last rebel on the road

Just a boy with his old guitar
Keeps to himself but everybody takes him wrong
But he carries on
Got a dream that will never die
Can't change him, no use in stayin' where you don't belong

Now he's rollin' down the highway
Gone too far too fast
No one will ever find him, he'll never look back


'Cause he's the last rebel
And he's all alone
He's the last rebel
His friends are all gone
He's the last rebel
The last rebel on the road

There'll never be another like him
He's the last of a dying breed
Ain't no use in tryin' to tame him
'Cause he's the last rebel

(repeat chorus)

Confederate flags spotted outside the US

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 Santa Barbara D'Oeste in Brazil

A backlash against the Confederate flag in the US has gathered pace, with its removal from state properties and off the shelves of retailers. But it is also seen flying in other parts of the world.

To its opponents, the battle flag used by Southern states in the American Civil War is a symbol of slavery but to its supporters it is part of southern heritage.

It is also seen outside the US. In the rural Brazilian town of Santa Barbara D'Oeste, descendants of Confederates that fled to Brazil hold an annual reunion at which the flag plays a central part.

Readers have been getting in touch to say where else they have seen it displayed.

More @ BBC