Monday, September 25, 2017

Alabama Poll: No ‘Trump Bump’ for Luther Strange; Roy Moore Opens Up 16-Point Lead


 Hear!  Hear! Y'all!

Voters in Alabama were not impacted by President Donald Trump’s endorsement and campaign for Luther Strange and remain likely to nominate conservative candidate Judge Roy Moore, according to polling data obtained by the Wall Street Journal. 

The poll, conducted by Georgia-based The Trafalgar Group, found that 57 percent of likely Republican voters plan to support Judge Roy Moore, while just 41 percent intend to vote for the establishment-backed candidate, Luther Strange.

This 16-point lead is far higher than Moore’s current RealClearPolitics average lead of 8.8 percent, suggesting he might be experiencing a late surge in popularity.

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New York Judge Puts Weiner Away

 Anthony Weiner, a former Democratic congressman, leaves Federal Court in New York on Monday after being sentenced for 21-months for sexting with a 15-year-old girl. Timothy A. Clary / AFP - Getty Images

A federal court in Manhattan sentenced disgraced former congressman and New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner to 21 months in prison Monday, the resolution of a six-year saga of sexual impropriety broken by Breitbart News founder Andrew Breitbart.

U.S. District Judge Denise Cote arrived at the sentence after federal prosecutors asked for 27 months for Weiner’s single count of transferring obscene material to a minor. In May, Weiner pleaded guilty to “sexting” with a 15-year old girl, the last in a long line of online acquaintances with whom Weiner engaged in explicit exchanges.

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Flag Flies in Clayton, NC!

Via John "Attached find a couple pictures I took yesterday of a battle flag flying from a 100' pine at a Highway 70 exit ramp near Clayton.

Someone topped the tree, mounted a flagpole and set the flag for all to enjoy.  Nice work, someone!"

Absolutely Unbelievable: US Army Infantry Officer/West Point Graduate Supports Kaepernick With ‘Communism Will Win’ Message (Loves Che and Sherman also)

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A photo of U.S. Army infantry officer and West Point graduate Spenser Rapone was making its rounds online Monday due to the fact that – while in his uniform – Rapone had the words “Communism will win” scrawled inside of his cap.

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NFL Backlash: ‘Sunday Night Football’ Hit With Season-Low Ratings

After President Trump finally spoke up for tens of millions of voiceless Americans disgusted over spoiled NFL crybabies disrespecting the American flag and anthem, the controversy finally erupted over the weekend.

You would think that this firestorm would have resulted in record ratings for Sunday Night Football, or at least a ratings boost. Unfortunately for the anti-American NFL, the exact opposite proved true with an 8 percent drop in viewership, compared to last week. This is a new season low.

Compared to this time last year, the ratings decline was in the double-digits, a full 10 percent.

This should come as no surprise. Fans are disgusted with the NFL, not only for politicizing the game they love but that league policies reveal a left-wing anti-American streak.

For years, fans have watched the NFL use the threat of fines and suspensions to shut down every form of self-expression. Players were not allowed to raise awareness for domestic violence or breast cancer; they were threatened if they dared suggest honoring slain police officers or even victims of the September 11 terror attacks.

However, the single exception the NFL offered was to allow these spoiled millionaires to go ahead and spit on the American flag and the anthem.

Even Americans who might not support Trump are baffled over the NFL’s hostility towards America, and are sick and tired of the politicization of absolutely everything.

The NFL used to be a place where all Americans could go, a shared cultural experience. Now professional football is just another leftwing institution, another place where bubbled rich people tell us how to think, another Hollywood, another once-beloved institution hostile to us normal people.

Syria - US CentCom Declares War On Russia

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Yesterday three high ranking Russian officers were killed in an "ISIS attack" in eastern-Syrian. It is likely that they were killed by US special forces or insurgents under US special forces control. The incident will be understood as a declaration of war.

The US Central Command in the Middle East wants the oil fields in east-Syria under control of its proxy forces to set up and control a US aligned Kurdish mini-state in the area. The Syrian government, allied with Russia, needs the revenues of the oil fields to rebuild the country.

Last week the Russians issued sharply worded statements against US coordination with al-Qaeda terrorists in Idleb province and warned of further escalation.

Yesterday the Russian Ministry of Defense accused the US military in east-Syria of direct collaboration with the Islamic State:

Excellent: Collecivist Roots of NFL's Anthem Protest

 Lies of Omission

Any form of entertainment is of little consequence in the issues of the day, but the NFL's acceptance of the "take a knee" response to the national anthem is a bit different in the sense that it illuminates the manner and method of the collectivist efforts to destroy any semblance of American culture, something that has been under assault for decades.

Now, if Colin Kaepernick had wanted to protest whatever it is that he is protesting, I would have no issue with it, but when it is the national anthem that is being protested it affects the American culture.
But it is all a ploy; it is really to show the weakness of the American resistance to collectivism. If the collectivists can go into a uniquely American activity and attack it ruthlessly and obtain the results they want, which is to have the national anthem banned at sports activities, they expose the thin dedication to American principles held by the average American. It is designed to discourage patriotism and to bolster the enemies of the American system.

Spiked: 34% of NFL's best fans 'less likely' to watch after protests +2

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Photo published for NFL Responds To Trump As President Renews Debate Over National Anthem

President Trump is apparently on to something with his demand that NFL owners and coaches fire players who take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem.

According to Rasmussen Reports, a third of the nation said that it would be less inclined to watch games because of the protests.


People Ignore Facts That Contradict Their False Beliefs

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People Ignore Facts That Contradict Their False Beliefs
The more people there are who ignore facts that contradict their beliefs, the likelier a dictatorship will emerge within a given country. Here is how aristocracies, throughout the Ages, have controlled the masses, by taking advantage of this widespread tendency people have, to ignore contrary facts:

What social scientists call “confirmation bias” and have repeatedly found to be rampant,* is causing the public to be easily manipulated, and has thus destroyed democracy by replacing news-reporting, by propaganda — ‘news' that’s false — in a culture where lies which pump the agendas of the powerful (including lies pumped by the billionaire owners of top ‘news’media and of the media they own) are almost never punished (and are often not even denied to be true). Thus, lies by those powerful liars almost always succeed at enslaving the minds of the millions, to believe what the top economic-and-power class want those millions of people to believe — no matter how false it might happen actually to be. 

Punching Nazis

 Via David "Imagine, for a moment, if someone on the Right had written something like "How to punch a BLM".  Just what do you think the reaction would be?

Uh huh.

P.S. I see my comment, to the effect that such a move would be justification for a reply administering an acute case of lead poisoning, was not approved.  Just as well.  Channeling my "Inner Viking", when they do this, and get ventilated - or at least pounded - in reply, I will have zero sympathy."


There’s been a lot of conversation about whether or not it’s acceptable to punch a Nazi. That, dear reader, is a matter for your conscience. However, if you find yourself about to punch a Very Bad Person, it might be a good idea to know how.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I used to teach women how. So here are half a dozen pointers:

Don’t hit bone on bone.

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‘Goodbye Pittsburgh Steelers, Burn In Hell’: Angry Fans Burn Gear Over National Anthem Protest +1

Pittsburgh Steelers fans are taking to social media to show how upset they are that the team stayed inside during the national anthem.

Fans have posted numerous videos on social media of themselves burning their Steelers gear.

“I’m a lifelong Steelers fan, not anymore. Not a fan of you, the NFL, any of it,” says Jim Heaney on YouTube.

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"...disrespectful to everybody..."

Steelers Coach Blasts Player, a Former Army Ranger, for Standing During National Anthem +2

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Pittsburgh Steelers offensive tackle and former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva stands outside the tunnel alone during the national anthem. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

The head coach of the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers blasted one of his players, a former Army Ranger, for his decision to break from the team and respectfully stand for the national anthem on Sunday.

After a non-unanimous "team" decision, Coach Mike Tomlin had insisted the entire team—reflecting the actions of some other NFL teams—stay in the locker room prior to their game against the Chicago Bears, and not be present for the national anthem, Fox News reports. One Steelers player decided to break with Tomlin's decision, and came out to stand for the national anthem with his hand over his heart.

Offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva stood alone on the Steelers sideline to pay tribute to his country.

Villanueva is a retired Army Ranger who was awarded the Bronze Star and served three tours of duty in Afghanistan.