Monday, September 25, 2017

NFL Backlash: ‘Sunday Night Football’ Hit With Season-Low Ratings

After President Trump finally spoke up for tens of millions of voiceless Americans disgusted over spoiled NFL crybabies disrespecting the American flag and anthem, the controversy finally erupted over the weekend.

You would think that this firestorm would have resulted in record ratings for Sunday Night Football, or at least a ratings boost. Unfortunately for the anti-American NFL, the exact opposite proved true with an 8 percent drop in viewership, compared to last week. This is a new season low.

Compared to this time last year, the ratings decline was in the double-digits, a full 10 percent.

This should come as no surprise. Fans are disgusted with the NFL, not only for politicizing the game they love but that league policies reveal a left-wing anti-American streak.

For years, fans have watched the NFL use the threat of fines and suspensions to shut down every form of self-expression. Players were not allowed to raise awareness for domestic violence or breast cancer; they were threatened if they dared suggest honoring slain police officers or even victims of the September 11 terror attacks.

However, the single exception the NFL offered was to allow these spoiled millionaires to go ahead and spit on the American flag and the anthem.

Even Americans who might not support Trump are baffled over the NFL’s hostility towards America, and are sick and tired of the politicization of absolutely everything.

The NFL used to be a place where all Americans could go, a shared cultural experience. Now professional football is just another leftwing institution, another place where bubbled rich people tell us how to think, another Hollywood, another once-beloved institution hostile to us normal people.


  1. Were the NFL to go out of business, I would NOT shed a single tear. It is currently on my shit list. I am OK with never watching a single NFL game again. That goes for all sports bars too. They can have their NFL or they can have my patronage, but they can NOT have both. The NFL is dead to me.

  2. The dragon awakes! Americans, for too long have ignored the leftist, communist march, of politicians, news media, Hollywood, television, and so many more. This is a good example, along with what is happening to the NFL.

    For this election, my guess is Trump listened to some GOP “handler” for a recommendation. But the people are pissed, and tired of what had happened and continues to happen. As I’ve said, Trump voters are not GOP supporters. They are Americans tired of being feed crap and told it is steak. The truth is out there, republican or democrat doesn’t matter, American citizens get screwed by both.

    There is an awakening of Americans. Americans of all colors and religions. They see both parties are working for interests, and not interests that benefit America or its citizens. They see the politicians, they elected, working for illegals, and terrorist groups, such as Black Lives Matter. They see politicians caring more about helping every other nation in the world, before helping American citizens. I believe President Trump is our last chance, before an open Civil War begins. Look how passionately, the GOP undermines and attacks President Trump. That should tell you all you need to know about the swamp.


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