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The Fighting Gamecock: Thomas Sumter


Thomas Sumter in his encounters with the Indian na­tions enters the pages of recorded history. He had prob­ably been present at the fall of Fort Duquesne and in the campaign across the Ohio River and had learned some­thing of the red man during this early service. In any case, he was chosen to accompany Lieutenant Henry Timberlake to treat with the Over Hill Cherokees after they sought peace rather than face, from Byrd’s troops, more of what they had just received at the hands of Colonel James Grant and his mixed force of regulars and South Carolina militia. The embassy was a great adven­ture for the young Virginian as he suffered the hardships of the wilderness, hunted to survive, swam rivers, visited Echota and other Cherokee towns and competed with the braves in their own games and contests. Finally, with a peace concluded, several of the Cherokee chiefs accom­panied their diplomatic visitors to Williamsburg. There the Indians asked that their new white friends come with them as companions and interpreters on a voyage to Eng­land, for an interview between Chiefs Ostenaco, Conne Shote and Wooc and “the King their father.” Lieutenant Governor *Fauquier agreed, and Thomas Sumter was soon on his way to England.


Fauquier County where I grew up from five until I went to Vietnam. The Culpeper Minute Men were composed of 300 men from Orange, Culpeper and Fauquier Counties. Their Major was Thomas Marshall of Fauquier, who was John Marshall's father.  John Marshall was also in the unit and both resided in Fauquier along with Richard Henry Lee.  The town I grew up in from five on was Marshall, Fauquier County, Virginia.  It was named Salem during the Late Unpleasantness, but changed to Marshall thereafter. A community of 600 when I was a child and but 1,200 now.  In the middle of Mosby Country and where he disbanded. Mosby Troop Disbandment Monument

Dr. Cyril Wecht: 'Have Not Seen' Multiple Fractures in "Lean Into" Hanging Suicide

Proud Boys Statement: Patriots Promise to Revisit Portland If Mayor Wheeler Continues to Ignore Antifa Terrorists

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For several weeks, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and a host of compromised journalists have been frothing at the mouth for weeks leading up to the peaceful “End Domestic Terrorism” rally held today in Downtown Portland. Aimed at drawing attention to the terroristic acts of Antifa, a violent domestic terrorist organization, rally organizers made it clear that they will hold Mayor Ted Wheeler accountable until he excises the alt-left group from his city and returns Portland to sane Americans who want to settle their differences at the ballot box, not through deranged political violence.

Antifa maintains a stranglehold on the Pacific Northwest locale, regularly roving the streets in black masks with blunt force objects, weapons they gleefully use on those willing to stand against a progressive anarcho state, or anyone that holds political viewpoints to the right of Karl Marx. They even leave journalists hospitalized with brain bleeds if they dare get between them and their vicious thirst for street carnage.

Epstein’s Own Lawyers Revolt, Move to Challenge Autopsy Conclusion

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Lawyers for late financier Jeffrey Epstein are not happy with the autopsy conclusion of the New York City medical examiner’s office and have issued a challenge demanding answers and accountability.
The chief medical examiner concluded that Epstein hung himself in his own jail cell, ending his life.

Several question marks still hover over the controversial millionaire’s death, however.

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Bury Me in Dixie

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Confederate flags will once again be sold at Lorain County Fair

If A Fight is Coming..

Kindle Edition

As Solzhenitsyn wrote: “We didn’t love freedom enough.” I find myself in the same position as he, not yet in a camp, but knowing that, by the rhetoric of the left, that is a goal they strive to achieve, to put someone in a camp, to kill as muchof someone as they can, that is the communist spirit. They are not educated well enough to recognize that all communists have persecuted their own people, who were occasionally minorities. That is how the left works. It does not care about right or wrong, just or unjust it cares only about us and them. The “us” can commit any crime, do any violence, debilitate others and act with prejudice and racism at will without fear of consequence, but a“them” must not look in an insolent manner, be prideful or even attempt to engage socially with an “us.”

The left does not care that it is everything that it claims to hate, that it perfectly models all of the attributes of their enemies, the hypocrisy and stupidity of it does not even occur to those accustomed to looking at the world through funhouse glasses.

But, it is not the left that concerns me, it is the right, it is the republican, the patriot, because there has to be resistance to insanity. Look how far the left has twisted society into the ugly mass it has become. It is the complacency of the right that is the real danger to the republic. It is the right that is cowering in their homes praying that the knock on the door is not for them.

There are those standing up for the rest, taking the slings and arrows and getting doxed, but not enough, not nearly enough.The time to be polite and to hold one’s political views to themselves is over. The capitulation of the right has already led to the popularity of actual, open communists in government who have stated their intent to transform America. Barack Obama started the transformation and it was supposed to be followed up by and completed by Hillary Clinton, someone who knows how to use a death squad for effect.

The election of Donald Trump slowed down their transformation, but it did not deter their intent, they simply chose new leaders from the House to shove out front and declare their bold intent to subvert and kill all in their way.

Some Republicans think that if there were someone else in the White House that the left would not be so aggravated, so emboldened, it is only because Trump has said such incendiary things that the left is as motivated as they are now. Nothing could be further from the truth. The left is motivated, because the left is always motivated, always dedicated to hating its enemies and destroying those in opposition to their communist agenda. Donald Trump might make it easier, but in fact all he really does is make the left remove their masks of civility; he exposes them for thehate-filled, murderous people they are.

That is why the silence of the Republicans has so damaged this nation; has allowed a few individuals to cause such upheaval. Without resistance of some kind, there is only advancement by those who hate America and white people in general, it seems. Somehow, the white Marxists get a pass for
being white, but not the white patriots. This is a classic leftist maneuver around sanity and cohesive thought. This is the sort of hypocrisy that needs to be pointed out and ridiculed at every

Do you love freedom? Do you know what that is? People misunderstand the Bill of Rights. They were not designed to guarantee anything, support anything, they were supposed to be used as a gauge of tyranny. Those ten items suggested to a people that a proper government, a benevolent government would refrain from encroaching on those areas of an individual’s life. To the extent that a government cannot restrain itself from imposing on those areas, is the degree to which it is a tyrannical government.

Re-read the Bill of Rights and see how free you are.A government that only understands the actions of the communist left cannot understand the patriotic right. To them, silence is not a sign of strength, it is a sign of weakness, of fear, of obedience. Until now, we have all sought to conduct our lives
with as little contact with government as possible and the communists have sought to conduct life with as much government contact as possible. Which has been the more effective in
manipulating society?

That is the point, everything the left wants to do, the right does not. It is not for a person interested in liberty to lobby for restrictions, but failing to lobby at all opens the door to those willing to enslave and imprison the opposition. One does not have o be wrong or a criminal to be imprisoned by the left, they merely have to be in opposition. While everyone on the right is looking for a battle to fight, the whole battlefield is being excavated beneath them.

Take some time to read or re-read this from Mises:
This was written in in 1938, but could have been written yesterday. If a fight is coming, will the right even exist?

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Beware The Wrath Of Patient Men

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 Dear Leftards:

You irrepressible commie halfwits think you've got the cards. You're the idiot talking tough with the shotgun in your hand, and you're about to get comeuppance. In Louis L'Amour's memorable phrase, you're about to have your meathouse torn down. With a mere couple of nutbags (mainly your own nutbags, nota bene) doing what nutbags do, you imagine you've got enough pull now to leverage your way into more asinine abridgments of the Constitution.

You haven't, you won't, and you really, really need to knock it off.
I remind you of this while you've got your limbs and most of your teeth all still attached.

We're really not kidding.

You've had all the slices of our cake you're ever getting.

El Paso shooting victim wishes his mom brought her gun to Walmart

Details On the New 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500

 Details On the New 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500

The new Mustang Shelby GT500 isn’t like other domestic sports coupes; it’s built for supercar levels of performance.

Its 760-horsepower 5.2-liter V8 engine boasts 625 ft.-lb. of torque shot through a Tremec® TR-9070 DCT 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, balanced by 16.5-inch rotors, letting it reach a 0-100-0 in 10.6 seconds.

“The range of brute-force drag acceleration, seamless road shifts and amazingly smooth shifts on the track further highlights how the soul of the Shelby GT500 is elevated in our most advanced Mustang ever,” said Ed Krenz, Ford Performance chief program engineer. “Effortlessly handling the 760 horsepower is our segment-first Tremec dual-clutch transmission, with an advanced control system that enhances GT500’s five drive modes to deliver a driving experience once reserved only for exotic supercars.”

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Photos Of Service Dogs Sitting Through A Movie Are Going Viral

The Internet is going crazy over photos of service dogs at a “Billy Elliot” performance in Stratford, Ont.

One of the hilarious pictures has all kinds of patient pooches waiting at their seats while being trained at the Stratford Festival in Southern Ontario last week. They were actually at the show to practice helping their owners move throughout the theatre.

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Police Arrest 6 Anti-Antifa Group Members Before Major Demonstrations, But No Antifa Members

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Authorities arrested the leader of a group on the eve of a rally that’s expected to draw people from around the U.S. to Portland, Oregon, on Saturday, prompting Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson to urge his followers to “show up one hundred-fold” in response.

Self-described anti-fascists have vowed to confront the right-wing groups at the downtown rally, and the arrests of Gibson and five other right-wing supporters appeared to be intended to send a signal from police to organizers to remain peaceful or stay away.

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Jeffrey Epstein Had $100K Cement Mixer Rushed To His Island Days Before Bombshell Report Published


Convicted pedophile and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein reportedly had a $100,000 cement truck rushed to his mansion in the Virgin Islands late last year, just days before a bombshell report was published by the Miami Herald which ultimately led to his arrest.
Epstein "got the Carmix 5.5 XL self-loading concrete mixer delivered to Little St. James on November 7 last year," the Daily Mail reported. "Epstein was in such a hurry that he paid for the machine up front so it would arrive sooner — even though it meant being responsible if it got damaged in transit."

Hong Kong Nears an Abyss

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Pro-democracy protesters hold signs as they attend a rally in Hong Kong on Aug. 16, 2019. (Manan Vatsyayana/AFP/Getty Images)

Distinguishing facts from propaganda during two months of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong is difficult, but  important realities now appear clear.

China solemnly agreed to special status for Hong Kong in the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration. It promised a “high degree of autonomy,” and declared that democracy, the rule of law, and basic human rights would be maintained under the “one country, two systems” model for 50 years.