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Smoke Coming From the Hillary Server Fire is Worse



Couldn't happen to a nicer girl........... 

Strip the security clearance from this woman. There are many calling for this exact action and the State Department will not comment if she in fact still has it. At least during this investigation, her clearance should be suspended.

Posted on this site was a timeline and factual information when it comes to the Hillary Servergate affair. A few hours have passed and there of course is more to report.

More factual intrigue is listed below and it is not in any real date order given what and how information is being obtained. This comes as the FBI begins the data and material investigations.

Classic Firearms: A builders bonanza

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1) The slave trade prospered in West Africa 40 years before Columbus even discovered America. African tribes actually conducted raids on their neighbors for the express purpose of enslaving them. Tragically, slavery is practiced to this very day in places like the Sudan, Zaire and Nigeria.

2) Five European powers (Spain, Portugal, France, Holland and Britain) competing for New World influence all employed slavery, with Brazil (Portugal’s crown jewel) topping the list at 5.5 million slaves, half of the total brought to the New World. By 1860, their numbers had dwindled to a little over 2 million.

3) Only 6% of Africans reached our shores (about 600,000). By 1860 their numbers had increased (without new importations) to almost 4 million, the only slave population in recorded history to increase in captivity. Indigent Anglo-Celts filled the need for slaves (as indentured servants) Most white Southerners are descendants of these early bondsmen.

4) Slavery was practiced in all thirteen colonies and NY City was second only to Charleston SC in 1776 as the city with the highest percentage of slaves. Sojourner Truth was born Isabella Van Wagner, a slave in New York.

5) The liberal guilt, which today besets the North, has at its roots the profits from its vast slave trading which did nothing less than finance the Industrial Revolution. At the Constitutional Convention a continuation of the slave trade was a concession wrung by the Northern delegations from the South which allowed the North to continue the international trade another 20 years, until 1808.

6) New England slave ships continued plying the waters in defiance of the ban thereafter providing millions of slaves to French and Spanish sugar plantations in the Caribbean and South America.

7) The 1860 census reveals 95% of America’s slaves were owned by just 5% of the population while 85% of Southerners owned the land and structures they lived upon. This clearly establishes a large, independent non slave-holding class of yeoman farmers who later became the rank and file as well as the heart and soul of the Confederate army. To state their motive for fighting was the preservation of slavery is pure nonsense.

Honouring Our Fathers

 confederate monument sc

Presented at the SC Sons of Confederate Veterans’
Confederate Memorial Day Commemoration
South Carolina Statehouse, Columbia, South Carolina
03 May 2014

It is my high honour and distinct privilege to be addressing you on this day and at this place; honouring the memory of our fathers at the Confederate soldiers’ monument—with its sentinel ever vigilant, eyes northward—flanked by the flag under which our sires fought.

It is a historical flag at a historically significant monument.

Anyone who is still confused about the meaning of this display is either ignorant, dishonest, or is willing to use falsehoods to further a political or social agenda. For some reason they believe their lives will be improved if the memory of our fathers and their struggle for independence is effaced from the earth. For some reason they have come to believe the worst of us, their neighbours, who harbour no ill will towards them.

It would take far more, however, than the removal of these memorials to efface the memory of our fathers and our affection for them. Unlike those who believe these symbols represent hatred, an unnatural attachment to the past, or are the by-product of some kind of mental deficiency they have called a “Confederacy of the Mind,” they most assuredly are not.

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And they said it would never catch on

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Isn't it fascinating how "cuckservative" bothers both the spineless GOP supporters of the post-1965 invasion as well as The New York Times? I wonder why that might be? But regardless, we have it straight from the Gray Lady: "the term has caught on".

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General Jubal Anderson Early

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The Appalachian Messenger – August 14, 2015


This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Lucy DeGerolamo
Second Amendment Town Hall to Be Held in Murphy

Hans Mentha
Be The Crazy Person…

Robert Gore
The Nuclear Deal: Be Careful What You Wish For

Click here for the August 14, 2015 edition.

"We've Reached The End Of The Line; Now, The Game Changes"

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 Gustave DorĂ© The Ninth Circle of Hell (Treachery) 1857

Eventful days in the middle of summer. Just as the Greek Pandora’s box appears to be closing for the holidays (but we know what happens once it’s open), and Europe’s ultra-slim remnants of democracy erode into the sunset, China moves in with a one-off but then super-cubed renminbi devaluation. And 100,000 divergent opinions get published, by experts, pundits and just about everyone else under the illusion they still know what is going on.

We’ve been watching from the sidelines for a few days, letting the first storm subside. But here’s what we think is happening. It helps to understand, and repeat, a few things:

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This Guy Really Gets Trump

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 Image result for trump
There is also a reality about Donald Trump’s candidacy that you should also not underestimate. People hate Washington, they hate politicians, and they are perfectly happy to champion a candidate who tells politicians to go to hell and provides creative directions on the path there. Donald Trump’s candidacy does not exist in a nation where people think the politicians actually care about making the country great again. It only exists in a nation of cynics who think the powers that be want to manage decline and profit from it.
Donald Trump is the disrespectful candidate for people who disrespect the process. He’ll be rude. He’ll be loud. He’ll be confrontational. And he won’t get the nomination. But along the way, he will speak to the fears and hopes of a lot of people who no longer connect with Washington or trust the government to get it right.
For a lot of people who hate politicians who go to Washington to get rich off the system like Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), they can trust that Donald Trump is already a billionaire so will not need to enrich himself off the treasury. Trump’s campaign, like Ben Carson’s, makes no sense in an age when people respect Washington. But it makes a hell of a lot of sense in an age when people no longer think their vote matters, but they sure want the crap kicked out of all the politicians they blame for making their vote meaningless.
The people who no longer think they can win in America will side with a guy even they don’t think can win, just to watch him strike the match and burn down all they feel betrayed them. And that, ironically, can give him staying power when coupled with his money. 
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Confederate items and more on sale

Confederate States of America 

They confuse the first with the Battle flag shown, though.

SECOND Roadside Memorial Battle Flag Raised in Danville, VA

The Virginia Flaggers are pleased to announce the raising of Danville, Virginia's SECOND Roadside Memorial Battle Flag, in less than a week since Danville City Council voted to remove the Third National Flag from the Confederate Memorial on the grounds of the Sutherlin Mansion, the Last Capitol of the Confederacy.

Re-post: Lost in the Fifties- Another Time, Another Place

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Concept Weapons Portfolio

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Oath Keepers Joe Biggs Interview Ferguson

Symposium on the Green Berets and the Montagnards

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On Friday, August 14th, at 7 p.m. the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum will host a symposium in which Vietnam War veterans who served as Green Berets in the Army’s Special Forces unit will discuss how the United States came to rely on oppressed tribe people known as Montagnards to help fight the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong.

Both Green Beret and Montagnard veterans will be part of an extremely rare panel that delves into the relationship between the two groups and discuss specific war stories where the ingenious people showed extreme loyalty, bravery and courage while fighting alongside American troops.

Suicidal Altruism and Another 4 Billion Africans

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 Looks like we are in for a very crowded world:

The world’s population will increase from today’s 7.3 billion people to 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion at century’s end, John R. Wilmoth, the director of the United Nations (UN) Population Division, told a session focused on demographic forecasting at the 2015 Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM 2015) today in Seattle.

Mostly the world will be crowded with Africans:

The primary driver of global population growth is a projected increase in the population of Africa. The continent’s current population of 1.2 billion people is expected to rise to between 3.4 billion and 5.6 billion people by the end of this century.

Will all these billions of Africans wait patiently in Africa for us to come feed them? Of course not; they will head straight for the West, where they will live the good life largely at public expense as they displace  the declining native population. It is already happening.

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It’s 460 AD in Rome

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Seems like I posted something to this effect before, but didn't find it with a search.

Another American election cycle is upon us, and large numbers of people are lining up to pour their time and money into the sewer of politics, to be lost forever.

This system will not be fixed. Period. This is Rome in 460 AD. The rulers, as in Rome, are liars, mad, or drunk (these days, drugged)… or all three.

The “fall of Rome,” of course, was far more complex than we learned in school, but through all the many years of its decline, Rome was full of well-meaning people trying to reform and save it. And by the way, among the people who tried the hardest to keep the Roman game going were the Goths. They tried hard to keep Rome operational… and they failed too.

Let me be clear on this: Once ruling hierarchies get beyond a certain point, they cannot be reformed. And I am sure that the modern West is beyond that point.

Only the Black Flag Will Bring Our Enemies to Their Senses

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Stonewall Jackson and J.E.B. Stuart, 1861:
"Colonel Stuart, if I had my way we would show no quarter to the enemy. No more than the redskins showed your troopers. The black flag, sir.

EPA, FBI, DOJ, FDA, CDC, ATF: Nearly every government agency routinely plots and carries out false flag operations to justify its own existence

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Yesterday I posted an article asking for American citizens to send me water samples from the Animas River that the EPA has now heavily contaminated with toxic heavy metals. I want to test the water in my elemental analysis laboratory to expose the EPA's pollution.

The EPA used to prevent corporations from polluting the rivers, but now the EPA has become the polluter, the liar and the cover-up cartel. In that story, I pointed out the total absurdity of our sickening, corrupt government, where private citizens now have to conduct the science to expose the pollution of the EPA.

That got me thinking... hey, wait a minute. Almost EVERY federal government agency is now functioning as a rogue entity. Nearly all of them routinely carry out false flag events in order to justify their own existence (and increase their budgets).

In a very real way, U.S. government agencies have become mafia-style cartels carrying out domestic terrorism across America in order to justify their own existence.

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