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Executive branch granted virtually unlimited access to the communications of every American

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Justin Amash

When I learned that the Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 2015 was being rushed to the floor for a vote—with little debate and only a voice vote expected (i.e., simply declared "passed" with almost nobody in the room)—I asked my legislative staff to quickly review the bill for unusual language.

What they discovered is one of the most egregious sections of law I've encountered during my time as a representative: It grants the executive branch virtually unlimited access to the communications of every American.

On Wednesday afternoon, I went to the House floor to demand a roll call vote on the bill so that everyone's vote would have to be recorded. I also sent the letter below to every representative.

With more time to spread the word, we would have stopped this bill, which passed 325-100. Thanks to the 99 other representatives—44 Republicans and 55 Democrats—who voted to protect our rights and uphold the Constitution.

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Aristocrats of Color in the $NAACP$

Early NAACP organizer WEB DuBois was descended from African, Dutch and French ancestry, and an early example of affirmative action as Northern white liberals had paid for his education. Considering himself well-born and disdaining work, he said “I cordially despised the poor Irish and South Germans who slaved in the mills, and annexed the rich and well-to-do as my natural companions.” Booker T. Washington is remembered for encouraging black people to gain respect through work hard and earning it; DuBois counseled racial agitation and confrontation to demand respect from others.
Bernhard Thuersam, Circa1865

Aristocrats of Color in the NAACP:

“The role of aristocrats of color in the affairs of the NAACP was sufficient to allow some critics, especially some identified with Washington . . . to characterize it as a self-serving, elitist organization. The Bookerite “Atlanta Independent” continually heaped ridicule on WEB DuBois and the NAACP, which it characterized as Dubois’s “exclusive bunch.”

Hubert H. Harrison, a Virgin Islander prominent in Harlem in the 1920’s, was credited with slurring the NAACP as the “National Association for the Advancement of Certain People”; but the idea was present much earlier in criticisms made by other blacks.

Calvin Chase’s “Washington Bee” was for a time a bitter critic of the NAACP and its District branch. “Any attempt,” the Bee warned the local branch in 1914, “to establish a Negro aristocracy to the disadvantage and embarrassment of the common people will be promptly exposed and condemned.” Later the newspaper cited the NAACP as proof of its oft-repeated charge that there was “as much color prejudice among certain classes of colored people” as there was “among certain classes of whites.”

According to the Bee, Negroes who flocked to organizations like the NAACP, whether because of “color prejudice” or “caste of color,” did so primarily because of a desire to remove barriers to their own personal advancement and comfort. Only when personally affected was the upper-“caste” black likely to lodge protests and leads crusades. At least some aristocrats of color viewed admission to the NAACP as by “invitation only,” in much the same way that one gained entry into the Booklovers [clubs].

[The] black leadership of the NAACP tended to be more representative of socially prominent “old families” who viewed themselves as heirs to the Abolitionist tradition and who opposed Washington’s accommodationist approach. [Pan-African Movement] Marcus Garvey, a native of Jamaica and popular leader of the Universal Negro Improvement Association . . . characterized DuBois as a ‘white man Negro” who associated only with whites and “upper ten Negroes” while ignoring the black masses.

DuBois, he thundered, worshipped a “bastard aristocracy” . . . and asked, “where did he get his aristocracy from?” and then proceeded to explain that DuBois “just got it into his head that he should be an aristocrat and ever since that time has been keeping his beard as an aristocrat.” Thunderous applause greeted Garvey’s reference to DuBois as a Negro leader who tried to “be everything else but a Negro.”

(Aristocrats of Color, The Black Elite, Willard C. Gatewood, Indiana University Press, 1993, pp. 317-321)

Public School Tells 13-Year-Olds they Can have Sex and Choose their Gender

genderbread chart 2

They get more grants from the promiscuity of children. The material they have provided was material that mirrored their agenda.”
- Brad Dacus, Pacific Justice Institute

Parents of students at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California are not happy. In fact, some of them are downright disturbed at what they recently learned about their children’s sex education curriculum and teachers.

It seems that Acalanes High School had farmed out the teaching of sexual education to Planned Parenthood, and as we all know, Planned Parenthood is not exactly shy about introducing sexually perverse material to young children. Not to mention, High School sex ed. that promotes abstinence runs counter to Planned Parenthood’s best interests. Brad Daucus, President of the Pacific Justice Institute, which is a non-profit legal organization that is helping the parents who are upset with the school’s sex-ed. choices said it best –

Jessica Chambers' phone provides leads, prosecutor says 

In this patch of rural Northwest Mississippi, the tire tracks stand out. They lead up an embankment to a tree, partially scorched from the car fire that would ultimately kill Jessica Chambers.

Much of the dirt, leaves and pine cones near the tree are burned as well.

The area where firefighters found the teen with burns all over her body is otherwise nondescript, aside from the crime scene tape. A rural road with no dividing line leads to a green gate and dirt driveway that sits a few feet from the tree and skid marks.

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Ben Edelman, Harvard Business School Professor, Goes to War Over $4 Worth of Chinese Food

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Ben Edelman (left) and Ran Duan (right)

Ben Edelman is an associate professor at Harvard Business School, where he teaches in the Negotiation, Organizations & Markets unit.

Ran Duan manages The Baldwin Bar, located inside the Woburn location of Sichuan Garden, a Chinese restaurant founded by his parents. 

 Last week, Edelman ordered what he thought was $53.35 worth of Chinese food from Sichuan Garden’s Brookline Village location.

Edelman soon came to the horrifying realization that he had been overcharged. By a total of $4.
If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a Harvard Business School professor thinks a family-run Chinese restaurant screwed him out of $4, you’re about to find out. 

(Hint: It involves invocation of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Statute and multiple threats of legal action.) 

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‘Get Over Your Damn Glibness:’ Lawmaker Describes Husband’s Death Due to Obamacare Glitch

Republican Wyoming representative Cynthia Lummis was nearly overcome with emotion while relating Obamacare’s failure to provide adequate medical testing for her husband before a fatal October heart attack, angrily telling the government witnesses to “get over [their] damn glibness” about the law’s impact on real people.

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"Knockout Game" Player Shot By Concealed Carry Permittee


Townhall reported on the "knockout" game last week, and now one participant is learning that trying to knock random people unconscious with a single punch could have dangerous consequences.

Marvell Weaver, a 17 year old from Michigan, attempted to "knock out" a man at a Lansing bus stop.

Unbeknownst to Weaver, the man was a legal concealed carry permittee and was carrying a gun at the time.

After approaching the man and "shoving something" into his side, Weaver was shot twice and survived. He has been sentenced to a year in jail.

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'It's Pork or Nothing', 'And if You Don't Like it, Take Your Children Home', Muslim Parents Told

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Muslim parents have reacted angrily in a French town after the mayor announced it was 'pork or nothing' for school lunches, under the principles of the secular republic which dictates that religion should have no place in state institutions – including schools.

The change came after the catering company that provides meals to the 180 students in the small town of Sargé-lès-Le-Mans in southern France reported difficulties providing alternate meals for the 15 Muslim children on pork-based meal days. Declaring the local school free of religious influence, what in France is known as “laicïté”, or the “principle of Republican neutrality”, the mayor told parents it would from thereon be “pork or nothing”, reports.

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CROmnibus: The $1 Trillion Betrayal

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Flush from an unprecedented nationwide GOP victory in this November’s elections, House and Senate GOP leadership determined that their essential first course of action should be to snatch defeat from its jaws. They have brought forth a spending bill for 2015 that gives President Obama almost everything he wants, while disenfranchising the very voters who delivered the GOP victory.

The $1.014 trillion Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015, (HR 83), has been dubbed “CROmnibus” as it is a combined continuing resolution (CR)[1] and Omnibus spending bill. It will provide full funding for 11 of the 12 annual appropriations bills to the end of FY 2015 (September 30th), and a short term continuing resolution to February 27 for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

What Is Going on in Kentucky? Residents Report “Emergency Alert” Messages and Low-Flying Military Helicopters

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On Tuesday, thousands of Kentucky residents received an alarming “Civil Emergency” alert on their cell phones.

The message was sent by the Emergency Operations Center. Spokesman Buddy Rogers said the alert was accidentally sent out “during testing” and was the result of  a “computer error followed by a human error.”

Rogers said the message was sent to cell phones via the Federal Communication Commission’s Wireless Emergency Alert system.


Contact City Council of Kennesaw, Georgia after designated terrorist group CAIR forces them to reverse their vote on rejection of a mosque

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Residents of Georgia must contact the City Council in Kennesaw before the next vote on Monday, Dec. 15th, and tell them NOT to allow another terrorist training center (mosque) to be built in a shopping mall which they originally voted to reject.

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A deer & a dog


This deer thinks she's a dog and runs with my dog when we go for a walk. This time she was feeling a little frisky.

Photographer Thought Hunters Were ‘Barbaric, Blood Thirsty, Gun Lovers’…Then She Moved Away From California..........

 (Source: Hillary Maybery; used with permission)

Hillary Maybery is a photographer and self-professed “California girl.” Her time in the Golden State left her thinking hunters were “barbaric, blood thirsty, gun lovers.”

That was before she moved to Idaho where hunting is engrained in the culture. There she began understanding “hunting has nothing to do with violence or aggression.” And that has culminated in a series of recent photographs showing a 15-year-old hunter out in the wilderness with her dad — pictures that are absolutely stunning.

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Sheriff Joe scores victory against Obama's amnesty


A judge has sided with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the first clash in what is expected to be a major court fight over the legality of President Obama’s executive immigration actions, ordering a fast track for case arguments and hearings.

Two Justice Department lawyers representing Obama in the case had asked for the deadline for their initial response to be delayed until late January.

But U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell in Washington, D.C., granted a motion by Arpaio’s attorney, Larry Klayman of FreedomWatch, to move things along quickly.

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Absolutely insane

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Family Of Murderer Cries “His Hands Where Up” When Shot By Police

The family of criminal alien Juventino Bermudez Arenas is complaining that he had his hands up and was attempting to surrender to police when he was shot at a total if 15 times by three police officers outside an McMinnville, Oregon convenience store on November 15.

Police in McMinnville, Oregon, released graphic dashboard camera footage on Monday showing the deadly officer-involved shooting of a suspect outside a 7-Eleven last month. Family members have argued that the suspect, identified as Juventino Bermudez Arenas, had his hands up and intended to surrender, but police claim the video proves officers faced a “lethal threat.”

Officers responded to the scene after Arenas allegedly stabbed a college student several times at the McMinnville 7-Eleven. The student, Parker Moore, ended up dying from his injuries.

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1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 289/400 HP


- Grabber Blue with Metallic White stripes
- Cobra supercharged Paxton 289 high performance engine with 400 HP
- Total control cross member suspension
- C4 automatic transmission
- B&M lockout shifter
- 9 inch 3.00 ratio rear end
- 3 core aluminum radiator with electric fan
- Ceramic headers
- Shelby side delivery exhaust and exterior trim
- Shelby seat delete, rear seat removed
- Roll bar
- Shelby Cobra racing seats with harness

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Mark Kessler – The “Screw” Turns – Part 3
First things first.   Remove the honorable flag you're wearing, snitch.

On December 2, 2014, Chief Mark Kessler came “out of the closet” as an FBI informant, or infiltrator. His exact status with the FBI is uncertain, though there is little doubt that he is cooperating with them to expose patriots to criminal prosecution, even to the point of entrapment.
He, at one point, claimed that he had gone to Langley, Virginia, to offer his services to the government. If true, it should be noted that Langley is where the CIA is located, and domestic involvement by the CIA is forbidden. However, it does appear that he did “hook up” with the FBI, though it is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

When Kessler started the CSF (Constitution Security Force), he had copies of all applications sent to him. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people gave pertinent information to Kessler, as they believed that as leader of this organization, Kessler would be a source of defense against government encroachment upon constitutional rights.

As explained previously, with the exception of obtaining copies of applications, Kessler did little more than simply solicit membership — he never really involved himself in the workings of CSF, nor did he propose a plan of action.

Due to lack of support from Kessler, some of the CSF groups simply dissolved, while others restructured themselves, often with minor name changes. The Georgia CSF renamed itself the “Georgia Security Force” (GSF) and adopted the “Soldier’s Code of Conduct”, the backbone Army personnel conduct, for decades.

Article I
I am an American fighting man, fighting in the forces which guard our country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.

Why the US embraced torture

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After reading the various defenses of the CIA's torture program by various commenters yesterday, I can only conclude that Noah Millman has correctly diagnosed not only why the U.S. government embraced the use of torture, but also its endorsement by many of the very proponents of limited government who should have known better than to do so:

Willingness to torture became, first within elite government and opinion-making circles, then in the culture generally, and finally as a partisan GOP talking point, a litmus test of seriousness with respect to the fight against terrorism. That – proving one’s seriousness in the fight – was its primary purpose from the beginning, in my view. It was only secondarily about extracting intelligence. It certainly wasn’t about instilling fear or extracting false confessions – these would not have served American purposes. It was never about “them” at all. It was about us. It was our psychological security blanket, our best evidence that we were “all-in” in this war, the thing that proved to us that we were fierce enough to win.
I am astonished by the fact that those who are capable of grasping that government control of guns in the name of crime will inevitably be used against the people do not recognize that the government use of torture in the name of fighting terrorism will also be used against the people.

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Ambulance Drone

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Cobra Denali Sub Compact .380 ACP Semi-Auto, Satin Chrome - Polymer $119.99