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Dixie's 17th, sad to say.....:)

Dixie was given the picture above by one of the Lyons' identical twins pictured below at the Sam Davis Youth Camp 2013, but we don't know which one:)


 Food, food, food and more food.

  All homeschooled.

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Why do you need a gun?

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California Cops Arrest Man For Videotaping on A Public Street Then Shoot And Kill His Dog

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No reason on God's green earth to have arrested this man.

Black mobs kill 4th of July

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The threat of a repeat of black mob violence on the Fourth of July is causing at least three cities to cancel their annual Independence Day fireworks parties.

Black mob violence has marred for several years the annual holiday celebrations in the Cleveland suburb of Bedford. Almost none of which made its way to the local media. But the city council heard an earful from local residents following last year’s holiday violence.

They reported that 50 to 80 black people were hitting people in the face and disrupting the festival and surrounding areas.

“Police officers used pepper ball pellets and a taser,” said city council minutes from a special meeting in August 2012. “Even the Wal-Mart and Get-Go store had to be closed for three hours.”
“The mayor was shocked by what he had witnessed,” said the minutes.
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Occupied Memphis Benefits the Confederacy


In a report to Lincoln’s Secretary of War Stanton in late January 1863, Assistant Secretary of War Charles A. Dana wrote: “The mania for sudden fortunes made in cotton, raging is a vast population of Jews and Yankees scattered throughout this whole country, and in this town [Memphis], almost exceeding the . . . regular residents, has to an alarming extent corrupted and demoralized the army. Every colonel, captain or quartermaster is in secret partnership with some operator in cotton; every soldier dreams of adding a bale to his monthly pay. I had no conception of the extent of this evil until I came and saw for myself.” 
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Occupied Memphis Benefits the Confederacy:

“Memphis has been of more value to the Southern Confederacy since it fell into Federal hands than Nassau,” declared General Cadwallader C. Washburn on May 10, 1864.  This statement is so paradoxical as to surprise the general reader of Civil War history, and the conditions which prompted it are worthy of more detailed study.

At the beginning of the war the Union government, in deference to the position in which the States of the upper Mississippi Valley found themselves, took no steps to interrupt trade with the Confederacy.  Immediate severance of ante-bellum trade connections between that section and the Lower South, it was feared, might result in the secession of the border States.

The Confederacy, likewise, was cognizant of the importance of the commercial ties with the upper valley, and sought to safeguard and strengthen them by exempting from duty practically everything produced in that section.

The great demand for cotton in the North and the liberal trade policy of the Confederacy resulted in large shipments of the staple up the Mississippi and thence to eastern manufacturing centers.   While that specie and military supplies which could be secured in exchange were badly needed in the South, Confederate leaders soon realized that to permit cotton to fall into the hands of the Union was to furnish the very means for waging successful war on the South.

At the beginning of the war, Memphis was one of the most important trade centers of the Confederacy.  [The] Confederate defeat at Shiloh on April 7, 1862 left west Tennessee open to attack . . . Memphis fell into Federal hands on June 6, 1862 [and] from that date until the close of the war the city was under military rule.  In expectation of an early capture of the city, “a fleet of [Northern] trading boats were anchored behind the ironclad flotilla weeks before the fall of Memphis.”

Down the river from Cincinnati and other Midwestern cities came flour, coffee, meat, and salt in large quantities. The loyalty of the newcomers was a foregone conclusion, and old merchants who desired to reopen their stores might take the oath or buy one from corrupt Treasury officials at prices ranging from $500 downward.  Many undoubtedly took the oath with the sole purpose of violating it by becoming mediums through which essential supplies could be transferred to the Confederate forces. 

Sherman took command of the city on July 21, 1862. [Though travel was] limited to five designated roads and to daylight hours . . . A well-placed bribe could cause almost any [Northern] guard to be unsuspecting when carts loaded with contraband rumbled past the point of inspection. “Both civilians and a few military officers were equally devoted to patriotism and commerce.”

Obliging speculators poured [gold] specie into the city in large amounts and equally obliging “go-betweens” passed it on into the hands of the Confederates who used it for the purchase of war supplies in northern cities and abroad. A Negro woman was caught with a five-gallon demijohn of brandy beneath a loose-fitting calico dress and suspected from a girdle at the waist.  On at least one occasion the hearse of a funeral procession bore a coffin filled with medicine for General Earl Van Dorn’s army.

Bribery and negligence explained why the large body of [Northern] troops stationed in Memphis were unable [to] effectively . . . patrol the roads leading out of the city.  [After the] fall of Vicksburg and Port Hudson early in July, 1863 . . . A flood of goods immediately began to pour into Memphis and just as promptly large quantities poured out of the city into the waiting arms of Confederates and guerrillas.”   

(A Confederate Trade Center Under Federal Occupation: Memphis, 1862 to 1865, Joseph H. Parks, Journal of Southern History, Volume VII, Number 3, August, 1941, pp. 289-295; 299; 303)

Declaration of Independence - Sacrifice

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AR to Become 'Constitutional Carry' State

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Good news from Arkansascarry.com:
In July, 2013, Arkansas will become the fifth state in the United States to enact “Constitutional Carry” into law. Act 746 of the 2013 General Assembly was signed into law by Governor Mike Beebe on April 4th, 2013, after receiving only one “nay” vote from the legislature.
Constitutional Carry occurs in a state when no laws exist that generally restrict the carry of handguns (open or concealed) for self-defense purposes. Arkansas law 5-73-120 currently prohibits the possession of a handgun if it is possessed “readily available for use with a purpose to employ the handgun… as a weapon against a person”, which puts the burden of proof of legal carry upon the person carrying the handgun. Act 746 changes the prohibitive language in July . . .

Sheriff says CBI advises breaking law, stolen gun owners to be victimized twice

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Sheriff Smith effectively uses social media to engage those he serves and to communicate legal conflicts, dangers and unenforceability of Colorado's new anti-gun edicts..

The Colorado Bureau of investigation “advises local law enforcement to ignore and violate new Colorado gun laws,” Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith disclosed yesterday on a Facebook post.

Furthermore, both law enforcement and gun owners who have had guns with standard capacity magazines stolen will be committing criminal acts if the gun is recovered and returned, Smith wrote in another post this morning.
Smith is one of 55 sheriffs joining in an Independence Institute “federal civil rights lawsuit against two bills passed by the Colorado legislature in March.”

“[Governor John] Hickenlooper's new laws require that every time a gun is transferred for more than 72 hours, a state background check must be conducted by an FFL dealer,” Smith advised in yesterday’s post. “When my staff inquired how law enforcement agencies were supposed to comply with that provision as they return firearms to lawful owners, the CBI representative told them law enforcement agencies were not supposed to use the system mandated by Colorado's new laws, but instead they were to conduct their own, limited (non-compliant) background check of the recipient.
“This is in direct conflict with Governor Hickenlooper's own law,” Smith asserted

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Shameless: G. W. Bush Claims Snowden Hurt The Country


Instead of listing all the things that Edward Snowden has done, let’s try to list some things he hasn’t done.
  • Edward Snowden never shoved interest rates into the floor and picked a replacement Federal Reserve Chairman who pretending there was no housing bubble. Snowden never took the nation into the worst recession in history.
  • Edward Snowden never presided over the greatest national security failure in history. He didn’t promote the people with direct oversight into the greatest security failures into higher offices.
  • Edward Snowden never claimed that we had to invade Iraq because it was likely that Saddam Hussein had unmanned aerial devices that could reach the East Coast.
  • Edward Snowden never helped strongarm Congress into raiding the public of $700 billion so that he could bail out his crony friends on Wall Street.
  • Edward Snowden never censored the EPA to give out false assurance to the New York City public that the air was safe to breathe in the aftermath of 9/11.
  • Edward Snowden never invented a connection between Al Qaeda and Hussein’s government as a pretext for an invasion.
  • Edward Snowden never sacrificed hundreds of billions of dollars, thousands of American lives and American limbs to turn a secular Iraqi dictatorship, that protected Christians from Muslims and opposed Al Qaeda successfully, to a Shiite dictatorship—complete with the same secret police and secret torture prisons—that persecutes Christians and is subject to regular fatal attacks by Al Qaeda forces.
  • Edward Snowden never took a secular next-door enemy to Iran and turned it into a natural religious ally that strengthened Iran’s regional position, all at great cost in American blood and American treasure.
  • Edward Snowden never suddenly reversed course, having suddenly turned a secular nation into a Shiite nation, and started supporting Sunni terrorists, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda-related forces. (Obama has continued and stepped up this policy, but Bush invented it.)

Seven Dead as Egypt Protesters Mass Before Military Deadline

 Image: Seven Dead as Egypt Protesters Mass Before Military Deadline

Egypt's army has plans to push Mohamed Morsi aside and suspend the constitution after an all but impossible ultimatum it has given the Islamist president expires in less than 24 hours, military sources told Reuters on Tuesday.

Condemning a coup against their first freely elected leader, tens of thousands of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood supporters took to the streets, clashing with opponents in several towns. But they appeared to be dwarfed by anti-government protesters who turned out in their hundreds of thousands across the nation.

Troops were on alert after warnings of a potential civil war. Seven people died in fighting in Cairo suburbs and hundreds were wounded in the provinces.

Morsi defied a demand by the armed forces chief on Monday that he agree to share power with his opponents within 48 hours or have the generals take charge. Calling the army statement misleading and divisive, he said he would stick to his own plan.

But time has all but run out for Morsi, as liberal leaders are refusing to talk to him. Opponents have been dancing in the streets since the intervention by General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Military sources told Reuters that, assuming the politicians failed to end a year of deadlock under Morsi before Wednesday's 5 p.m. (1500 GMT) deadline, the generals had their own draft programme ready to implement - though it could be fine-tuned in consultation with willing political parties.

Under the roadmap, the military would install an interim council, composed mainly of civilians from different political groups and experienced technocrats, to run the country until an amended constitution was drafted within months.

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Obama has warned the Egyptian military that it risks losing U.S. aid if it carries out a military coup amid the political crisis.

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Cutting off aid to the whole world is fine with me, but we need to keep our noses out of other people's business for a change.

The United States urged Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsy to call early elections with anti-government demonstrations intensifying and the Egyptian military pressuring him to resolve the situation, senior administration officials told CNN privately.

"We are saying to him, 'Figure out a way to go for new elections,'" one senior official said on Tuesday. "That may be the only way that this confrontation can be resolved."

The source asked not to be identified due to the diplomatic sensitivity of the matter.

But publicly, the administration pushed back at the characterization that urged early elections.

State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki went so far as to say reports saying so were inaccurate.
“It's not up to the U.S. to make that decision or to make that call,” Psaki said.

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UK inquest: Smiley Culture stabbed self in chest


A British inquest has found that reggae star Smiley Culture died from a self-inflicted stab wound to the chest during a 2011 police raid.

The suicide verdict from an inquest jury Tuesday matched an account from police, who had said the London-born musician stabbed himself with a kitchen knife as officers searched his house in connection with a drugs investigation. His family had called that account of events "bizarre."

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America’s Coming Guerrilla War

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revolution 2nd american

How many of you believe that this country is plunging head first into a state of revolution? How many of you believe that a planned currency collapse coupled with the implementation of a brutal martial law and gun confiscation will be the trigger events which will incite the coming revolution? 

Many of us in the alternative media believe that this is the likely scenario that will very soon turn this country into the most dangerous country on the face of the earth. It might behoove us to look a little closer at the nature of revolution in order to predict where all of this is likely headed. In the present political climate, I see no way to stem the tide of unthinkable brutality and violence which seems imminent. It is in this mindset that I set about to research the topic of revolution and this series of articles reflects the results of the research. And as a result of past and common patterns of revolution, it appears as if a clear picture is beginning to emerge.

Four Levels of Warfare

Most military strategists identify four levels of conflict; (1) nuclear war is the trump card of all conflict; (2) conventional warfare; (3) guerrilla warfare; and, (4) terrorism. 

It is safe to say that if our country does indeed descend into revolution, nuclear war will not come into play, for if it did, there would be nothing to rule over in the aftermath. 

The United States has witnessed civil war of a conventional nature In the 1860′s as two mighty armies of that era locked horns in what proved to be the conflict in which America suffered her greatest loss of life. In the Civil War, both sides had equivalent weaponry and as a result employed conventional tactics. However, given the disparity of technology and resources between the people the globalist controlled forces of the government, a conventional war would prove to be a disaster for the rebel forces. If key elements of the military were to break away and support the people, perhaps a conventional war would unfold. However, it is not likely that the upcoming civil war will be conventional as it is not probable that the military will bifurcate and turn in on itself. The likely mode of the revolutionary war conflict facing the people of the United States is that it will consist of either guerrilla warfare or terrorism. 

Guerrilla Warfare Or Terrorism?

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Brain-dead liberals: Women urged to stop sex, even with husbands


An outspoken feminist is recruiting women to stop having sex with all Texas men – even their husbands – until the men start voting for the “right” to end an unborn baby’s life with a late-term abortion.

“Don’t give in if your man, boyfriend, husband, toyboy is not voting for your best interests, your reproductive health – do not sleep with that man!” warns Huffington Post contributor Vivian Norris. “I don’t care how cute or charming he is! I don’t care if he is your husband of many years. Resist! Go swimming! Meditate!”

Norris continued, “Do not make him dinner, do not go fetch him a cold beer from the fridge, do not iron that shirt, hell, do not change that diaper … do not make his life a little nicer this summer if he does not ‘get it’ and learn to respect women!”

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The Mindset of the Left

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by Thomas Sowell 

When teenage thugs are called "troubled youth" by people on the political left, that tells us more about the mindset of the left than about these young hoodlums.

Seldom is there a speck of evidence that the thugs are troubled, and often there is ample evidence that they are in fact enjoying themselves, as they create trouble and dangers for others.

Why then the built-in excuse, when juvenile hoodlums are called "troubled youth" and mass murderers are just assumed to be "insane"?

At least as far back as the 18th century, the left has struggled to avoid facing the plain fact of evil -- that some people simply choose to do things that they know to be wrong when they do them. Every kind of excuse, from poverty to an unhappy childhood, is used by the left to explain and excuse evil.

All the people who have come out of poverty or unhappy childhoods, or both, and become decent and productive human beings, are ignored. So are the evils committed by people raised in wealth and privilege, including kings, conquerors and slaveowners.

Why has evil been such a hard concept for many on the left to accept? The basic agenda of the left is to change external conditions. But what if the problem is internal? What if the real problem is the cussedness of human beings?

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Is America in a Pre-Revolutionary State this July 4th?

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As we approach July 4, 2013, is America in a pre-revolutionary state? Are we headed for a Tahrir Square of our own with the attendant mammoth social turmoil, possibly even violence.
Could it happen here?

We are two-thirds of the way into the most incompetent presidency in our history. People everywhere are fed up. Even many of the so-called liberals who propelled Barack Obama into office have stopped defending him in the face of an unprecedented number of scandals coming at us one after the other like hideous monsters in some non-stop computer game.

And now looming is the monster of monsters, ObamaCare, the healthcare reform almost no one wanted and fewer understood.

It will be administered by the Internal Revenue Service, an organization that has been revealed to be a kind of post-modern American Gestapo, asking not just to examine our accounting books but the books we read. What could be more totalitarian than that?

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Knife porn

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EXCLUSIVE: Magical Misery Tour

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That New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, principal stakeholder in Mayors Against Illegal [read “Your”] Guns, was expecting a bumpy ride for his 25-state, 100-day “No More Names” bus tour was evident from the start. Rather than post an itinerary with stops, dates and times, the project’s website required interested parties to provide contact information in order to “Get the latest updates about the tour [and] be the first to know when it’s coming to your town.”

Their obvious intent was minimize the chances of gun rights supporters having time to organize spotlight-stealing counter-demonstrations to piggyback off Hizzoner’s investment and get media play for their talking points, too. Not that much organizing has been needed to counter the “crowds” the tour has managed to attract to date, where closely-cropped publicity photos mask the pathetically sparse attendance.

“I was in Raleigh … giving a talk to Grassroots North Carolina,” economist and author John Lott wrote on his blog. “Apparently just that day MAIG was having their bus tour in Raleigh and … the GRNC was able to get more people at the event than could MAIG.”

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El Dorado Sheriff pulls Federal officers’ powers to enforce state laws in his jurisdiction

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The fight that has the El Dorado County sheriff planning to revoke a federal agency’s enforcement power in his county is apparently over residents’ rights to carry guns.

Cory Ward is an avid outdoorsman who frequents the El Dorado National forest. But he’s concerned this paradise could turn into a police state.

 “I have felt intimidated,” he said.

He’s got a long list of complaints against federal officers who patrol the forest.

“They want to know what you’re doing here, where you’re going, do you have any firearms on board.”

It appears this exploding confrontation between Sheriff John D’Agostini and the U.S. Forest service may come down to guns, and the right to carry them, and whether U.S. citizens are allowed to bring them onto federal land.

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University Tells Student to Remove Cross Necklace


A Sonoma State University student has filed a religious accommodation request after she said she was ordered to remove her cross necklace because it might offend other students.

“It’s amazing in this day of diversity and tolerance on university campuses that a university official would engage in this type of obvious religious discrimination,” said Liberty Institute attorney Hiram Sasser.

Liberty Institute is representing Audrey Jarvis, 19, a liberal arts major at the northern California university.

On June 27 Jarvis was working for the university’s Associated Students Productions at a student orientation fair for incoming freshmen.  During the event, her supervisor directed her to remove the cross necklace.

Sasser said the supervisor told her that the chancellor had a policy against wearing religious items and further explained “that she could not wear her cross necklace because it might offend others, it might make incoming students feel unwelcome, or it might cause incoming students to feel that ASP was not an organization they should join.”

“My initial reaction was one of complete shock,” Jarvis told Fox News. “I was thrown for a loop.”

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Syria 'used Chinese intel to bomb' U.S. arms shipment


Intelligence provided by China was utilized by Syria’s air force to bomb a Western weapons shipment on its way to arm the Syrian rebels, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.
The officials said the air strike was carried out Saturday just as the weapons convoy entered Syrian territory from neighboring Jordan.

The officials said the arms shipment was coordinated with help from the U.S.

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Cops go door-to-door in Trayvon town

Cops are going door-to-door in an American city again, only this time at least they are knocking on doors instead of knocking them down.

The most recent example of a police-state presence is developing even now in Sanford, Fla., where neighborhood-watch participant George Zimmerman is on trial for murder for the death of teenager Trayvon Martin.

While the media has portrayed Zimmerman as white, he actually has a Hispanic heritage, and Martin was black.

Police say they fear the backlash from the community which could develop at the point the jury verdict is delivered. Los Angeles had days of rioting when the Rodney King verdict came down.

So Sanford Police Chief Cecile Smith confirmed officers are going door-to-door talking to people

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In response to the letter, " Nelson Mandela should be remembered, honored for fighting for just cause."



Nelson Mandela should be remembered, honored for fighting for just cause


To the Editor :

In response to the letter, " Nelson Mandela should be remembered, honored for just cause." 

Was it justice when Mandela told black South Africans to kill white farmers & their families & to take their farms?

Was it justice when he took control in South Africa & held trials with kangaroo courts & even if a white person was found innocent they were still swarmed by his lawless followers in the streets outside the courthouse who put tires around their necks & set them on fire burning those people to death?

Was it justice that South Africa`s smartest & brightest have done whats called the " chicken walk " by leaving everything they own & fleeing to another country penniless in order to save their families lives? 

Is it justice that South Africa has sunk into 3rd world status now that its out from under colonial rule free & starving to death?

If so, then thank Nelson Mandela for South Africa`s present lowly state. 
Billy E. Price 
26249 Hwy. 411 Ashville, Al. 35953 

California's white residents no longer the majority

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If the California Department of Finance's math is correct, the state's non-Hispanic White population is no longer in the majority.

Earlier this year, the Finance Department estimated that California's Hispanic population would be "even" with the state's non-Hispanic White population by "mid-2013." And some time next year, California's Hispanic population will assume a plurality -- that is, Hispanics will represent California's largest population subgroup by race.
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NC: Curfew considered after massive brawl in downtown Greensboro

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Can't possibly imagine who were involved........

A massive fight in downtown Greensboro Saturday night has some city leaders taking a hard look at bringing back the teen curfew.

Nearly 400 people were involved in the several fights that happened along Elm Street.

Greensboro police arrested 11 people ranging in age from 16 to 20-years-old. Officers had to use pepper spray and a stun gun to try to get the crowd under control. Greensboro Police Department had to call UNCG Police and Guilford County for extra help.

Some officers minor injuries following the fights. As soon as one fight stopped another started.
The security cameras outside of Syn and Sky nightclub caught many of the brawls. The footage shows two groups of teens walking toward each other on Elm Street and several people running away into the streets.

More @ My Fox 8

Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World

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Violence as tool for survival


When someone says „survivalist“ or „prepper“ most of the folks see man with whole bunch of weapons. Lot of people see us as a guys who are „trigger happy“ people.

To some point it is true, and I strongly believe that preppers and survivalists need to be armed very good, and educated about use of weapons too. They are tools for certain situations.

 But using violence is completely different thing, or to be more accurate decision to use violence and to what extent is big thing, and very often usage of weapon can mean death to you too, so choose wisely.

To be ready to use violence on fast and efficience way requires lot of things, things like training, choose of right weapon-force, will to use it and also need to use it.

I have seen many situations where people get killed simply because they choose to use violence in situation when violence was not only option, or was not best option. Simply situation could be solved with other means, not with weapons and violence.

It is about survival, and when there is a risk of losing your life if you choose violence, be ready to look for other solutions.

It may sound to you maybe like „weak“ thing but point is to have your weapon ready, but to look first for other options of solving the problems.

Consider what you and the other side can win or lose

More @ SHTF School

THE WATCHERS: A Silicon Valley startup is launching a fleet of imaging satellites that are cheap, small, and ultra-efficient.

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LOOKING DOWN FROM 500 MILES above Earth’s surface, you could watch the FedEx Custom Critical Delivery truck move across the country along 3,140 miles of highway in 47 and a half hours of nonstop driving. Starting off in Wilmington, Massachusetts, the truck merges south onto I-95 and keeps right at the fork for I-90. Then it winds its way across the width of New York State, charging past the airport in Toledo, through the flatlands of Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming, snaking down the mountain passes and switchbacks above Salt Lake City, across the Nevada deserts and over to Sacramento, then down the highway toward San Jose and off at the California 237 exit, headed for Mountain View.

Neither Jim nor Carla Cline, a married couple who take turns at the wheel, has the slightest inkling that the large wooden crate in the back of their truck might radically change how we see our world.

More @ Wired

S&W 1916

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NCAR OFFICIAL MEETING: Saturday July 13, 2013

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NCAR Monthly Meeting Reminder:

The Golden Corral Restaurant 
120 Gallery Center Drive
Mooresville, NC 28117
I-77 at Hwy 150 at Exit 36

Saturday, July 13, 2013 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

The NCAR monthly meeting will commence at the Golden Corral Restaurant. The purpose of the meeting is primarily to discuss business matters of the state, but is also open to citizens and interested persons.
Please be prepared to purchase a meal.

The business portion of the meeting will begin promptly at 11:00 AM, and will finish up by 1:00 PM.  

Yours In Liberty

More @  NCAR

Buyers’ Re-Morsy: We need Buyers' Re-Obamasy

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 "So, 17 million Egyptians, give or take, took to the streets to protest the incompetence and nastiness of the Muslim Brotherhood regime, and the Worldwide Leader in News (as well as other broadcast outlets) and such online outfits as Politico had nothing to say about it all day long—a day when they had nothing new to report from the ridiculous George Zimmerman trial. Why the reticence? 

Because Dear Leader had helped to install it, one can only suppose, and is now in Africa, where US television networks also didn't report South Africans demonstrating against Obama himself in the streets and receiving stun grenades and rubber bullets by way of response. At Weasel Zippers, a poster apologized for using Iran's state TV footage of the protests, because Western news outlets were ignoring them, by and large. Those protests took place notwithstanding Obama's announcement of a $7 billion US taxpayer commitment to expand African power generation capacity, days after Obama unilaterally had announced he was driving up the cost of power in the US by reducing its availability. 

 A leaked Libyan security memo, if it is genuine, claimed that the Benghazi attack was arranged at the behest of Egyptians, including Morsi, according to perpetrators in the government's custody, whom our President had solemnly vowed to track down, apprehend, and punish, fueling speculation that a hostage swap was behind the incident. A Cairo protest outside the US Embassy earlier on the day of the Americans' death was used as evidence for the lie that the Benghazi atrocity had begun as a copycat protest over a YouTube posting of a trailer for the absurd Innocence of Muslims movie, with which the administration had nothing to do."