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30-Year Muslim Plan to Control America has Six Years to Go

 Yusuf al-Qaradawi (L), Shaker Elsayed (C), and Bassam Estwani (R)

Twenty-five years ago, Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradwai traveled to America and unpacked his plan for a Muslim takeover that would begin one year later and take 30 years to complete. It included a key component and tactic known as Muruna. Like the Ebola virus, it is extremely effective at carrying out its deadly mission.

Since discovering a shocking photo earlier this year that showed al-Qaradawi at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, VA with then mosque chairman Bassam Estwani, a third figure in the photo has been overlooked – until now. has determined that the man sitting between al-Qaradawi and Estwani is Shaker Elsayed, the current Imam at Dar al-Hijrah (2005 – present) and former Secretary General of the Muslim American Society (MAS), a Muslim Brotherhood front group (2000-2005).

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Journalists Appalled, Shocked Obama White House Would Lie to Them

Late last night the Washington Post broke a story about a connection between White House aides and the 2012 Secret Service prostitution scandal. When the scandal broke two years ago, the White House denied involvement or knowing about the details of what happened. The Post story proves otherwise and provides evidence a White House volunteer officially checked a prostitute into his hotel room in Cartagena, Colombia. The report also details threats made against the Inspector General, who was asked to delay the release of embarrassing and damaging information about the connection between the White House and the scandal until after the 2012 presidential election.

Now, journalists who cover the White House are confused about why the administration would lie and cover-up such a minor issue. That's the point. 

Politics Editor, National Journal:

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Two more months!

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Should We Just Follow Orders? Rules of Engagement for Resisting the Police State


The perils of resisting the police state grow more costly with each passing day, especially if you hope to escape with your life and property intact. The thing you must remember is that we’ve entered an age of militarized police in which we’re no longer viewed as civilians but as enemy combatants.

Take, for example, Mary Elizabeth VandenBerg who was charged with disturbing the peace, a crime punishable by up to 93 days in jail and a $500 fine, for daring to vocalize her frustrations over a traffic ticket by reading a prepared statement to the court clerk and paying her $145 traffic ticket with 145 one-dollar bills. VandenBerg was also handcuffed, tasered and pepper sprayed for “passively” resisting police by repeatedly stopping and talking to them and stiffening her arms. The incident, filmed by VandenBerg’s brother, is now the subject of a lawsuit.

Vietnam: Assisting your child crossing the river to school while your wife catches breakfast :)

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The NC State Fair: A Gun Free Killing Zone!

Longtime Employee Fired After Employer Asks if He Owns a Firearm

After 21 years on the job, a man is now suing his employer for wrongful termination. Why? Because according to the lawsuit, the man was fired for doing nothing more than exercising his constitutional rights.
Nino Ferlaino was a seasonal landscaper at Lakes of the Four Seasons, an upscale, gated community in Indiana for 21 years. Two days after Ferlaino discussed his firearm ownership with coworkers, he was reportedly approached by his supervisor, Doug Weiss, who questioned Ferlaino about his ownership of a firearm.
Ferlaino claims he told Weiss the truth, that he did own a gun, but also noted that he does not bring it to work.
Weiss told Ferlaino that Weiss had met with the property owners association’s board of directors July 1 and that Ferlaino’s conversation with his co-workers violated the company’s “no tolerance policy,” the lawsuit says. Ferlaino says he was fired July 2.
A message left Tuesday seeking comment on the lawsuit from the Lakes of the Four Seasons Property Owners Association Inc. was not immediately returned. Emails to the president and vice president of the association’s board also went unanswered Tuesday night. 
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Harry Reid’s Bodyguard Physically Attacks “Crapitalism” Author Jason Mattera

One of Harry Reid’s bodyguards accosted a conservative journalist for asking a few basic questions about the Senate Majority Leader’s wealth.

Jason Mattera, author of the explosive new book CRAPITALISM: Liberals Who Make Millions Swiping Your Tax Dollars, recently caught up with Reid and asked him, “How did you become so rich working in government?” The senator refused to answer.

Mattera, who publishes Daily Surge, followed up. “How does someone on a government salary most of their career accumulate your type of wealth?” Still, there was no answer from Reid.

Suddenly, one of the Majority Leader’s bodyguards intervened. “Are you press?” he asked, before shoving Mattera and then pinning him against a wall.

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Che Guevara: The Man, the Myth, the Atrocities


Today marks 47 years since the death of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara—an international terrorist responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent people.

Despite Che’s murderous history, the Left continues to glorify and idolize him. Images of Che’s face can be seen on t-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, and sweatshirts—ironic because he wasn’t a proponent of free-markets. Students walk around their campuses wearing shirts with Che’s image on it, yet they have no idea of the atrocities he committed. Unfortunately, most students either ignore this part of his story or are never truly informed about his actions.

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ISIS seizes large areas of Kobani despite air strikes

Islamic State fighters seized more than a third of the Syrian border town of Kobani, a monitoring group said on Thursday, as U.S.-led air strikes failed to halt their advance and Turkish forces looked on without intervening.

With Washington ruling out a ground operation in Syria, Turkey said it was unrealistic to expect it to mount a cross-border operation alone to relieve the mainly Kurdish town.

The U.S. military said Kurdish forces appeared to be holding out in the town, which lies within sight of Turkish territory, following new air strikes in the area against a militant training camp and fighters.

Washington said U.S. forces launched nine air strikes on Thursday against Islamic State militants north and south of Kobani, striking some fighting units and destroying four buildings held by the group. U.S. forces also conducted two air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq.

But the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Islamic State, still widely known by its former acronym of ISIS, had pushed forward on Thursday.

"ISIS control more than a third of Kobani - all eastern areas, a small part of the northeast and an area in the southeast," said Rami Abdulrahman, head of the Observatory, which monitors the Syrian civil war.

The commander of Kobani's heavily outgunned Kurdish defenders confirmed that the militants had made major gains, after a three-week battle that has also caused the worst street clashes in years between Turkish police and Kurdish protesters.

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ISIS’ Ammunition Is Shown to Have Origins in U.S. and China

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In its campaign across northern Syria and Iraq, the jihadist group Islamic State has been using ammunition from the United States and other countries that have been supporting the regional security forces fighting the group, according to new field data gathered by a private arms-tracking organization.

The data, part of a larger sample of captured arms and cartridges in Syria and Iraq, carries an implicit warning for policy makers and advocates of intervention.

It suggests that ammunition transferred into Syria and Iraq to help stabilize governments has instead passed from the governments to the jihadists, helping to fuel the Islamic State’s rise and persistent combat power. Rifle cartridges from the United States, the sample shows, have played a significant role. (Well, no s---, Sherlock, as though no one hasn't warned about this.) 

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The Republic is Dead, and a Storm is Coming

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Wake Up, America,” people cry. “Have hope, faith, and heart that the Republic can survive,” others proclaim. Honestly, I don’t know why everyone can’t face the reality that it’s dead already – the dream, the great experiment of America, has failed. While the idea of an American Republic has been kept alive to assuage the masses, the reality is it was taken from us years ago while we slept.

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NC: UPDATED: Hit and run suspect had deportation warrant; bond raised to $1 million

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UPDATED: Hit and run suspect had deportation warrant; bond raised to $1 million

Marcos Santiaga Bautista of Sims, who was charged Thursday with felony hit-and-run, is a fugitive with an outstanding deportation warrant, according the N.C. Highway Patrol.

Bautista, a native of Mexico, failed to attend a non-detention immigration hearing in South Carolina.

At his first court appearance Friday morning in Wilson County, Bautista’s bond was increased to $1,002,000.

British and Colonial Origins of Treason Law:

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial
“Unsurpassed Valor, Courage, and Devotion  to Liberty”

The Founders’ included in their Constitution a provision for treason committed against “them,” the united States that comprised the new union; the new Confederate States of America duplicated this article in its own Constitution, and the State of North Carolina established its own law that dealt with citizens who gave aid and comfort to the enemy.  During the War Between the States, North Carolina was confronted by its citizens giving aid and comfort to the invader.
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British and Colonial Origins of Treason Law:

“The constitutional and legal foundation for the crime of treason was laid nearly 700 years ago in the English statute of 25 Edward III (A.D. 1350). 

{Among the] seven categories of “High Treason” in the Statute of Edward was that of “adhering” to the King’s “enemies,” giving them “aid and comfort.” Although the provision endured throughout the centuries in England, it is with the . . . colonial experience that its relevance [to America begins].

At one point or another, recognition of the crime of treason existed in most of the colonies, either in express legislation or less formally.  [The] first significant building block in the creation of the modern American crime of treason came shortly after the Declaration of Independence.  The Continental Congress had formed the improbably named “Committee on Spies,” whose members included John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Livingston, John Rutledge and James Wilson – all titans of the Revolution.  The Committee recommended that the colonies enact treason legislation, and Congress adopted the recommendation, passed it on to the colonies, and, in doing so, utilized the then-familiar language of the Statute of Edward:

“Resolved, That all persons abiding within any of the United Colonies, and deriving protection from the laws of the same, owe allegiance to the said laws, and are members of such colony; and that all persons passing through, visiting or make a temporary stay in any of the said colonies, being entitled to the protection of the laws during the time of such passage, visitation, or temporary stay, owe, during the same time, allegiance thereto:

That all persons, members of, or owing allegiance to any of the United Colonies, as before described, who shall levy war against any of the said colonies within the same, or be adherent to the King of Great Britain, or other enemies of the said colonies, or any of them, within the same, giving to him or them, aid and comfort, are guilty of treason against such colony:

That it be recommended to the legislatures of the several United Colonies, to pass laws for punishing, in such manner as to them shall seem fit, such persons before described, as shall be provably attained of open deed, by people of their condition, of any of the treasons before described.”

Within a year, most of the former colonies, then members of the “United States,” had enacted appropriate legislation using the Committee’s and the Congress’ recommended language.  Thus, at the birth of the Constitution of the United States of America in 1787, there was a 400-year-old acceptance of the idea that it was treason to “adhere” to a [Colony or State] government’s “enemies” and give them “aid and comfort.” 

(Aid and Comfort, Jane Fonda in Vietnam, Holzer & Holzer, McFarland & Company, 2002, pp. 95-96)

Top U.S. general says Ebola outbreak coming through Central America is real threat

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“If Ebola breaks into Haiti, and Central America, I think it is literally ‘Katie bar the door’ in terms of the mass migration of Central Americans into the United States,” Kelly said, of the thousands he foresees fleeing countries like Honduras, El Salvaldor and Guatemala if an Ebola outbreak there were to occur. “These populations will move to either run away from Ebola or, in the fear of having been infected, to get to the United States, where it would be taken care of.”

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Police: Off-duty St. Louis officer shoots, kills man who fired at him

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An off-duty St. Louis police officer shot and killed an 18-year-old Wednesday, firing his gun 17 times, authorities said.

Angry residents damaged several police cars in response, even though police say the man fired first.
The death comes on the heels of the Michael Brown shooting two months ago in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, and just ahead of a "Weekend of Resistance" in St. Louis, where activists will push for movement in the investigation into that case.

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SWAT kills Georgia man using info from drug addict who stole his car

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Georgia SWAT team (AFP Photo)

A Georgia SWAT team, acting on a tip from a drug addict, killed a 59-year-old grandfather and businessman in his home while executing a warrant. The informant had stolen a car from the property a few days before.

It was just before 11 p.m. on September 24 in East Dublin, Ga., and David Hooks was asleep. His wife, Teresa, was in her craft room. Their home had been burglarized two days before, and an SUV stolen. Teresa heard a car drive fast up the driveway, and she looked out the window, according to the family’s attorney.

“She saw several men all in black and camo with hoods on,” lawyer Mitch Shook told the Macon Telegraph. “She ran downstairs, woke David and said, ‘The burglars are back’.”

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