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The 'Racist' New York Times: "Can My Children Be Friends With White People?"

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 “Can My Children Be Friends With White People?” That was the title of a weekend op-ed at The New York Times. The author, Ekow N. Yankah, is a professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University. And he answers the provocative title question in exactly the way you’d expect:

With a “no.” He writes, “I will teach my boys to have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible. … For many weary minorities, the ridiculous thing was thinking friendship was possible in the first place.”

Cotton ‘Reminds’ Democrats the Obamacare Individual Mandate Is a Tax

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Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) on Wednesday responded to Democrats who are criticizing the Senate Republican tax reform bill for repealing Obamacare's individual mandate, reminding them how the Obama administration argued before the Supreme Court that the requirement is a tax.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Cotton addressed Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's (D., N.Y.) comments earlier in the day that Republicans are "injecting health care into the tax bill" by including a repeal of the individual mandate, which forces most Americans who do not have health care to pay a fine.

"I would remind him, and all of the other Democrats who have been denouncing this decision on the Senate Finance Committee, that the individual mandate is a tax, according, not to me, not to Republicans, but to the Obama administration," Cotton said. "That is what they argued in 2012 to the Supreme Court even though, he contended, throughout the debate on Obamacare in 2009 and 2010 that it wasn't a tax."

The Dangerous Lies of Omission

What are lies of omission? A lie of omission took place during the Uranium One deal forged with the Russian nuclear energy agency Rosatom, to access 20% of America's uranium production. It was the responsibility of the FBI to investigate the Canadian company and ensure that if there was any misconduct committed by Uranium One that it would be revealed before the committee signed off on the deal. The lie was that Uranium One did nothing illegal or unethical in securing the uranium deal, a lie omitted by the FBI, because a number of the people and agencies that would decide to let the deal go through had been bought off or pressured in advance. Hillary Clinton said that her participation was of little consequence, because many other agencies were involved and it was basically a rubber stamp to what had already been decided. That lie of omission had to deal with the fact that everyone necessary to approve the deal had already been bought off or otherwise pressured to let the deal go through including Hillary Clinton.

The public and congress was left with the impression that everything was fair and square and that nothing illegal or unethical had taken place prior to approval of the deal. That was not true and the FBI knew it was not true.

Commment on PAKISTANI MUSLIM TEEN arrested for raping a chicke...

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Comment on Luther Strange's campaign tried and failed to conf...

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Stefan Molyneux analyzes the scandal around Judge Roy Moore, the Republican candidate in the senate race in Alabama who is accused of initiating sexual contact with young women 40 years ago.

Judge Roy Moore is a West Point graduate, Vietnam vet, and Constitutional scholar who is the Republican candidate in the Senate race in Alabama. The Washington Post published allegations by four women who have accused Moore of initiating sexual contact with them in the late 1970s and early 1980s when he was a district attorney in his early 30’s, and they were teenagers. Leigh Corfman claims she had sexual contact with Moore when she was 14; the others were above the age of consent. The timing is highly suspect because the accusers waited almost 40 years to come forward, and did so one month before an important election. The Washington Post has endorsed Moore’s opponent, and some GOP senators have called for Moore to step down. Corfman has had problems with drugs and alcohol, she tried to commit suicide when she was 16 years old, she had three marriages and financial issues.

In comparison, Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is currently on trial for corruption and has been accused of hiring child prostitutes. His trial has been going on for two months, but it has not been mentioned even once by ABC, NBC and CBS evening news shows. This is the first time a sitting US senator has faced a corruption trial since 1981. None of Menendez’ fellow Democrats have called for him to step down.

It is important to note that the Washington Post sought out the accusers while they endorsed Moore’s opponent, a Democrat. The Washington Post is no longer publishing journalism, but by attempting to find dirt on candidates, the paper is engaging in political activism. The Washington Post is owned by globalist Jeff Bezos and is a rag.

Timing is everything and at this time, I would whole heartily vote for Moore.

Zimbabwe’s military holding President Robert Mugabe and his wife under house arrest

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Zimbabwe’s military was in control of the capital and the state broadcaster on Wednesday and was holding President Robert Mugabe and his wife under house arrest in what appeared to be a coup against the 93-year-old Mugabe, the world’s oldest head of state.

The military was at pains, however, to emphasize it had not staged a military takeover, but was instead starting a process to restore Zimbabwe’s democracy.

Still, the military appeared to have brought an end to Mugabe’s long, 37-year reign in what the army’s supporters praised as a “bloodless correction.” South Africa and other neighboring countries were sending in leaders to negotiate with Mugabe and the generals to encourage the transition.

Citizens in Zimbabwe’s tidy capital, Harare, contributed to the feeling of a smooth transition by carrying on with their daily lives, walking past the army’s armored personnel carriers to go to work and to shops. Many who have never known any leader but Mugabe waited in long lines at banks to draw limited amounts of cash, a result of this once-prosperous country’s plummeting economy.

Felix Tsanganyiso, who sells mobile airtime vouchers in Harare, said he was following the developments on WhatsApp.

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Flashback: Sessions Slaps Biden’s Hand As He Reaches for Granddaughter

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Footage from 2015 shows former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions appearing to swat Joe Biden’s hand as the ex-vice president reached for his granddaughter.

The incident occurred at a Senate ceremonial swearing-in in January 2015, where the then-vice president – who has become known for his inappropriate touching of female youngsters – visibly groped numerous children as he posed for photos with various lawmakers.

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Morris & McGann: Was Trump Tower Meeting with Don Jr. a Setup?

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Donald Trump Jr.

Associates of Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya arranged a June 9, 2016, meeting with President Trump’s son, Donald Jr., luring him to attend by promising “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

But there was no dirt whatsoever produced at the meeting. Instead, the Russians’ chief concern appeared to be seeking support for canceling American sanctions against certain Russians, a major obsession of the Kremlin.

There were some curious circumstances surrounding the appointment. Right before the meeting with Trump Jr., Veselnitskaya huddled with Glenn Simpson, the head of Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm hired by the Clinton campaign. After the meeting, they apparently met once again, perhaps to debrief Simpson.

Fusion had also been working on Veselnitskaya’s Kremlin-supported team to repeal the Magnitsky Act, which originally imposed the sanctions.

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Lee, Kelly, and the Marxists: What do Robert E. Lee and James Kelly have in common?

The attempt at resupply was an act of war, hence the firing on the fort.

You would think that David Duke had somehow been elected president. Or, maybe in this topsy-turvy, Alice-in-Wonderland period of history we are living through, that that reactionary “bad guy” Vladimir Putin had somehow actually taken over the White House. The editorial din, the screams of outrage seemed to drown out all other news. Surely, the very fate of the republic was at stake.

What had happened? President Trump’s White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, had actually dared—and in public!—to defend the historical reputation and honor of Robert E. Lee. In our era of totalitarian political correctness, which parades in drag as an epoch of sublime “tolerance” and “free expression,” such views are the height of historical and cultural heresy—and not to mention what the Mainstream Media tells us—of political suicide. Such “heretical” views must not only be shouted down by what is termed “professional historians” (who act more like the Soviet politburo), but also banished from public discourse completely.

Luther Strange's campaign tried and failed to confirm Roy Moore allegations

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Sources that worked on Sen. Luther Strange's campaign said they had heard rumors, but no verifiable facts, about Strange's former Republican primary rival Roy Moore and alleged sexual misconduct. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

About six or seven months ago, Sen. Luther Strange's campaign heard that Roy Moore "liked to chase women around the courthouse," according to two Alabama Republican sources.

At the time, Moore faced a three-way Republican primary against Strange and Rep. Mo Brooks. In a tight race, it was clear the rumor could prove politically lethal.

"We did a lot of research. We tried and tried and tried," one source said. "I think if we were able to find the names out, we probably would have passed it along to a reporter to track down ... We just weren't able."

Bigotry Against White Southerners Is ALWAYS In Season

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As most honest people realize by now, liberals, socialists, and communists are all cultural Marxists, which means, for them, that it is perfectly permissible to do unto others what they condemn others (usually unrighteously) for doing unto them. In fact, for them, it’s mandatory.  For them, their day is not complete unless they are actively assailing someone on the political or religious Right, while blaming those folks for even daring to defend themselves. “Condemn others and elevate yourself” is their watchword.

I read an interesting article on The Hill by Jacqueline Thomsen for November 12th, 2017, the headline for which was Poll: Nearly half of white Southerners feel like they’re under attack.  All I can say to that is–it’s about time! White Southerners are under attack–and have been now for decades. Their culture, their history, their faith, even their Southern accents, are and have been under assault for longer than I care to think about. Most of them have been totally oblivious to it. It would really be nice if some of  them, lots more of them, were starting to wake up and smell the coffee. It would be really nice to think they are finally starting to get the picture and beginning to push back!

Lawmaker attacks homeschooling as 'child abuse'

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Homeschool mom Jessica Cole shares why every parent is a teacher. Read more on HSLDA's blog >>

About five years ago, lawmakers in New Hampshire approved a series of changes to improve their citizens’ access to homeschooling, but they now appear to be preparing to roll back those improvements.

And it’s generated considerable controversy, since one legislator opposing homeschooling called it “child abuse.”

Which wasn’t received well by another lawmaker whose children mostly have graduated from the family’s homeschool, and have gone to top-tier colleges.

The Home School Legal Defense Association is reporting on the situation, as it was involved in the improvements back in 2012.

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Pro-Palestinian mob shouts down David Horowitz lecture, chaos ensues

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Student activists held Palestinian flags, marched around the room, and shouted over Horowitz's remarks. (Image courtesy screenshot)

Dozens of pro-Palestinian students crashed David Horowitz’ recent speech at the University of Houston. The effort was led by Students for Justice in Palestine, who staged a walkout.

Horowitz, the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, was sponsored by the Young Americans for Freedom at UH for a talk called “The Terror Network on American Campuses.”

Student activists hoisted Palestinian flags, marched around the room, and shouted over Horowitz’s remarks saying, “David, we reject your bigotry and we reject your presence on our campus,” “Zionists off our campus,” “Racists off our campus” and “Islamophobes off our campus.”

Then, they erupted into chants of “Free, free, free Palestine.”

Trey Gowdy Calls For ‘Independence’ of DOJ At Jeff Sessions Hearing

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions was testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on his meetings with Russian officials and the Uranium One deal on Tuesday when Rep. Trey Gowdy hijacked the hearing to deliver an impassioned speech on the meaning of “justice.”

The Department of Justice, Gowdy pointed out, is an independent organization and should be treated as such. But unfortunately, he said, both the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration have used the DOJ as a political tool.

“Mr. Conyers asked you whether or not it was appropriate for the president to weigh in in on an ongoing investigation,” Gowdy said. “And of course, the answer to that is ‘no.’ It is not appropriate.

It’s not appropriate in 2017. It wasn’t appropriate when President Obama did it in the IRS targeting scandal. It wasn’t appropriate when President Obama did it in the ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s server. It is never appropriate for a president to tell a Department of Justice what outcome it would reach. I just wish my friends on the other side of the aisle would have the same kind of outrage when President Obama did it as they do now.”

Alabama GOP Threatens Retaliation for Disloyalty to Moore

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Image: Alabama GOP Senate Candidate Roy Moore Holds Election Night Gathering In Special Election For Session's SeatRepublican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, Roy Moore, greets guests after arriving at an election-night rally on September 26, 2017 in Montgomery, Alabama.

Republicans in Washington may be abandoning Roy Moore by the droves. But in Alabama, the GOP has Moore's back and is threatening retribution against defectors.

The chairwoman of Alabama Republican Party warned she's ready to enforce strict rules on party purity in the state's Senate race, even if it means kicking GOP candidates off the ballot in future elections.

"It would be a serious error for any current elected GOP official or candidate to publicly endorse another party's candidate, an independent, a third party or a write in candidate in a general election as well," Alabama GOP Chairwoman Terry Lathan told the Alabama Political Reporter. "I have heard of no GOP elected official or candidate that is even considering this option."

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PAKISTANI MUSLIM TEEN arrested for raping a chicken

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I guess there were no goats or sheep available........

 Two persons — Nasrullah and Tufail – witnessed this act,” an FIR quoted the complainant as saying.

 Mansab Ali, a resident of Jalapur Bhatian police station Hafizabad, some 200km from Lahore, told police that his neighbour Ansar Hussain “abducted” his hen on November 11 and “raped” it.

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