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Democratic Logic or something....

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A Christmas Story 2019

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Gloucester Cathedral Choir - In the Bleak Midwinter

Per annum

WSJ Editorial Board: Robert Mueller Should Have to Answer for His Trump Dossier Dodge

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WSJ Editorial Board: Robert Mueller Should Have to Answer for His Trump Dossier Dodge

Well, there is one person who needs to answer for his “dossier dodge” and that’s ex-Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The Wall Street Journal editorial board is wondering, and rightfully so, why Mueller decided to leave out that the Trump dossier, which is at the heart of this Russian collusion nonsense, was totally false in his testimony to Congress. Remember, the ‘it was beyond our jurisdiction’ talking point he peddled before Congress? Overall, the hearing was a success for Republicans; it finally killed the Russian collusion narrative. Yet, it seems obvious that Mueller and his team knew the dossier was garbage, but instead of making moves to bring about an end to this witch-hunt, he carried on, “tip-toeing,” as the WSJ noted around this rather important fact:

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Skeletons Believed To Be Remains of Revolutionary War Heroes Discovered Beneath Historic House

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 The Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775, June 17, 1775, lithograph by Nathaniel Currier after painting by J. Trumbull.

Three skeletons found beneath an 18th-century house in Ridgefield, Connecticut, could be soldiers killed in the Revolutionary War battle that took place in the area in April 1777.

Connecticut State Archaeologist Nicholas Bellantoni said workers cementing the dirt basement of the house found one skeleton in November, according to Fox News. Two more were found later, he said. Officials said they have not found any indication of wounds on the remains.

Although the final verdict is not yet in, Bellantoni believes the remains are Revolutionary War soldiers.

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My Christmas Eve

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Christmas in San Clemente and Fallbrook

Aria wanted to wear my birth Mother Emily's ring, now owned by my first Daughter Emily who was born in Saigon.

Bonnie, my third daughter.


Sophia is 13!

Todd, *Ella and Emily.
*The Nutcracker

I facetiously asked the delightful waitress below if the "Another Pho & Ramen' above was 26 ounces.......:)

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Dana Point Harbor where my boat, the Thuy Kieu, used to be harbored.

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The Bellamy Brothers & Alan Jackson - You Ain't Just Whistling Dixie

"Junior was not a follower. Junior was a leader." We will never forget the Last American Hero.

The Culture War Continues


The culture war rages on. And what a war! There seems to be a new outrage almost every day. “Make it Right,” a New York organization dedicated to hunting down and removing all Confederate monuments from public space, has as its symbol an image of the statue of Lee taken down by a crane in New Orleans, and the director of that organization, Kali Holloway, recently penned a piece applauding a recent decision by two North Carolina towns to cancel their annual Christmas parades because the SCV and UDC have traditionally presented floats during the events.

The Council of American Islamic Relations has requested that Google, Amazon, and other large online tech companies ban the sale of “neo-confederate propaganda” like the widely popular The South Was Right! Why? Because they believe it fosters “white supremacy.” Even “conservative” voices support a version of Southern history at odds with the facts. Glenn Beck recently promoted a version of the Confederate Constitution that does not match the text or original understanding of the document. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

M1 Garand Advanced Maintenance Class, ANNISTON, ALABAMA

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Designed for those who wish to take their passion for the venerable M1 Garand to the next level, the Advanced Maintenance Class (AMC) offers students a unique opportunity to receive unparalleled training from our knowledgeable Custom Shop Staff. Participants will be exposed to all information required to safely assemble a complete rifle under the direct supervision of our expert gunsmiths.

There will be 16 classes for 2020, each class will be a three-day event and have a capacity of 20 students. CLASSES ARE HELD IN ANNISTON, ALABAMA, ONLY.

Each student signed up for the class will have an option when purchasing, with both Field Grade Specials or CMP Special rifles available for construction.

Total cost for the 2020 AMC will be $1,868.50 or $2,068.50, depending upon rifle selection (Field Grade or CMP Special). Breakdown of cost includes a $1018.50 course tuition fee, plus a rifle purchase fee of $850 for Field Grade Specials or $1,050 for CMP Specials. Deadline for class payment will be March 13, 2020.

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