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Newly Received Vietnam Memorabilia

Via William "Brock, some new stuff I got. The bottom is Ho Chi Minh signature on a document. The pics are from my Godfather who recently passed" 

ARIZONA AUDIT: Where Are The Other 40% Of Dominion Machines?


Where are they?

Also, I am not sure we just had an audit if 40% of the machines were never checked. If anything the fraud is on those machines.

AZ Senator Wendy Rogers also pointed out something that we need to mention….

Dominion was invited to the audit, yet they never came.

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America’s Descent Into Totalitarianism

 Via Billy

Paul Craig Roberts

Everyone knows that the 2020 presidential election was stolen along with the two Georgia US senatorial elections. Little doubt much more was stolen. But no one is allowed to state the fact.

Yes, fact it is. Many experts attested to the facts of the theft. They did so in testimony before state legislators in the states where the election was stolen. The hours of expert testimony were available online. I linked to some of it. A search of this website’s archives would provide it or else provide evidence that the evidence was taken down by Google, YouTube, and the other censors.

You need to ask yourself why information that is contrary to the official narrative is taken down. If the information is wrong, the facts won’t support it, so why bother to censor it? The answer is that the information is correct, and we are not allowed to hear it and make up our own minds. The bought-and-paid-presstitutes are hired to tell us what to believe. Far too many Americans permit the corrupt presstitutes to control their minds.

The Democrats know that they stole the election. That is why they go to court in efforts to block legitimate investigations as “racist” or “lack of standing.” Why would Biden’s US Attorney General be suing the State of Georgia for legislating electoral reforms that require an ID to vote if Democrats don’t intend to use the same election fraud to steal future elections?

An ID is required for all sorts of reasons. For example, to board an airplane, to purchase alcohol, to drive a car. Why is it “racist” to require an ID to vote?

Attorney General Merrick Garland said: “This lawsuit is the first step of many we are taking to ensure that all eligible voters can cast a vote.” But what determines an “eligible voter” in the absence of an ID?

Why does the US Attorney General take such open sides by announcing he will regard Georgia’s efforts to ensure that only registered voters in Georgia who are Georgia residents can vote “as a racially motivated purpose that has no place in America today.”

In other words, the position of the US Department of Justice is that it is racist to require only citizens to be eligible to vote, and it is racist to prevent citizens and non-citizens from voting multiple times if they are voting Democrat. According to the Biden US Department of Justice “all lawful votes” includes all votes that are cast for Democrats. States that try to prevent unlawful voting are designated as racist, white supremacy enclaves that must be eliminated.

The Biden Department of Justice (sic) goes further and insinuates that any effort to hold Democrat election officials accountable for fraud is “a threat to democracy” and will elicit DOJ protection of the corrupt Democrat election official.

Perhaps the red states will find themselves thankful that Washington militarized their police forces. The training and equipment give the red states some chance of resisting the Democrats’ decision to impose absolute tyranny on Americans.

Note that red, the communist color, is applied to the traditional conservative states, and that blue, which has no such association, is used for the anti-American, anti-Western Civilization states, the states that defund police so that rioters, looters, and violence can “remake society.”

The designation of Republicans as red aids the presstitutes work to convince Americans that it is the red states that are anti-American. They are red like Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and Mao. By implication of the word “red” the entire Cold War History is evoked against the red states,

Have you noticed that no matter what the social collapse in blue states, no matter the violence against white people, no matter the boarded up stores, the people fleeing to red states, no matter the swiftly rising crime rate in blue cities, there is still no complaint. The official position of the Democrats, white liberals, and presstitutes is that only blue states are free of white supremacy. Only blue states are morally fit for life. If so, why the massive flight from blue states?

The media knows the election was stolen. The evidence was too widespread and transparent, beginning with the amazing middle of the night sharp upturn in Biden votes in swing states. The presstitutes’ job was to demonize any assertion or suggestion that there were electoral irregularities. Prior to the presentation of evidence the presstitutes were already chanting with one voice: “there was no election fraud.”

Even Republicans like Mitch McConnell fell in line with the chant. Others were intimidated.

So the election was stolen despite the knowledge of all.

What does that tell you about democracy in America?

How can election fraud be prevented when the US Department of Justice brings lawsuits against legitimate election reform on the grounds that it is racist to limit voting to one vote by a US citizen with a valid ID?

Our ‘Woke’ Pentagon Leaders Are Weakening America’s Defense

Via Warren

“Throughout world history, whatever comes next after a military purge is never good,” Ret. Gen. Paul Vallely wrote in 2014, after releasing a list of 197 high level military officials sacked by the Obama administration for their political beliefs. “If this continues, what is the U.S. military going to look like in a few years?”

One of the most disturbing developments to emerge from the Biden administration has been the Defense Department’s sudden embrace of Marxist Critical Race Theory – so-called ‘Woke’ ideology. It’s a clear and present danger to our national security and should be halted immediately.

Even West Point, the Army’s elite university where tomorrow’s generals are educated, isn’t immune to the Woke disease. Soon-to-be Army second lieutenants are being indoctrinated with Marxist-based Woke ideology.

You can thank Commander in Chief Joe Biden and his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley for this. Milley, an Ivy League grad, has aggressively shifted the military toward the political left by compelling officers to push racist CRT ideas down conscripts’ and officers’ throats.

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When Bing Crosby Sang Dixie


In past columns I have written about some classic films, some of which have been effectively banned or “cancelled” by our contemporary cultural gatekeepers.

The case of the immortal Disney hit, “Song of the South,” is perhaps the most egregious. I wrote about it back in July 2019 in an essay published by The Abbeville Institute, also describing a seller who made it available privately to purchasers in an excellent, pristine Technicolor copy. Alas, since then apparently Disney, now part of a progressivist “woke” conglomerate which includes the ABC broadcast network, has insured that the seller cease and desist offering copies to the public. Yet, just recently another superb copy showed up for sale, this time marketed by The seller is listed as Brian’s Retro Collection. Fearing the same thing which happened to the earlier release, I quickly ordered a copy. It’s also excellent. And as of this writing it is still available, reasonably priced.

But “Song of the South” is just the tip of the iceberg. Potentially hundreds of politically-incorrect films that compose the rich history of American filmography may come under the “woke” microscope. At present the fanatical social justice warriors, intent on imposing their anti-Western, anti-white philosophy, have in their crosshairs mainly the more noteworthy cinema productions associated with our history and heritage, or what they term “systemic white supremacy” and racism–thus films like “Gone With the Wind” or “Song of the South.”

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Boyd D. Cathey holds a doctorate in European history from the Catholic University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, where he was a Richard Weaver Fellow, and an MA in intellectual history from the University of Virginia (as a Jefferson Fellow). He was assistant to conservative author and philosopher the late Russell Kirk. In more recent years he served as State Registrar of the North Carolina Division of Archives and History. He has published in French, Spanish, and English, on historical subjects as well as classical music and opera. He is active in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and various historical, archival, and genealogical organizations.

Saigon Street Vendors in 1950

Where else can you buy whatever you need without having to step inside a building?

The clang of a door closing behind you, the hum of an air-conditioner or a furnace depending on the season, parking spots, cash registers, and orderly queues: much of the world takes these aspects of shopping as a given. Yet, in Saigon, one doesn't have to fuss with formal shops to purchase many of their daily needs from produce to newspapers, noodles to nicotine. These photos taken by American Carl Mydans for LIFE magazine in 1950 present sidewalk vendors in much the way they are today. 

Virtually everything the photo collection shows being sold is still available on the city's boulevards 70 years later, with some differences in brands offered and fashions sported by customers. Take a look below:

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Trump issues statement on Gen. Milley; calls him liar, trying to ‘impress radical left,’ calls for resignation


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Former President Donald Trump released a new statement on Wednesday slamming Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley and calling on him to resign after Milley defended critical race theory in the military last week.

Trump’s full statement, provided to American Military News, is below:

Lincoln and the Border States


 Governor John W. Ellis of North Carolina: “[I will be] no party to this wicked violation of the laws of the country, and to this war upon the liberties of a free people. […]  You can get no troops from North Carolina.”

A review of Lincoln and the Border States: Preserving the Union (University Press of Kansas, 2014) by William C. Harris.

William C. Harris has set before him the admirable task of examining whether the border states indeed “unequivocally cast their lot with the Union” in 1861 (page 8). Unfortunately, his political views send him into the issue with one hand tied behind his back.

The trouble begins even before opening the book. Why “Preserving the Union”? What unquestioned law of nature dictated that this was forever and unequivocally a good thing? On this first premise apparently Harris would join Eric Foner, who in 1990 claimed that Lincoln was an excellent precedent for Gorbachev to suppress the secession of Lithuania from the Soviet Union. Foner said:

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Michigan Rep Daire Rendon: “I Am In Receipt Of Evidence Reflecting Systemic Election Fraud In MI”


The allegations just keep coming don’t they?

I think we could be on the precipice of something really big. Arizona and Georgia are already places where some really ground shaking developments have come to light recently.

New York is facing a lot of heat over its own local elections as well, Pennsylvania might be next, and finally we now have Daire Rendon of Michigan saying she has proof of fraud.

Our system appears to be broken ladies and gentlemen.

According to reports Rep. Rendon is speaking out, and claiming that she has evidence that fraud occurred in her own state.

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Forrest Re-interment

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Saturday, September 18, 2021, will be the date for the re-interment of the remains General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife Mary Ann Montgomery Forrest. Please make plans to attend.  All re-enactors and participants will be required to register for this event and follow the strict guidelines that will be forthcoming.
I want to congratulate Lee Miller and the Recovery Crew, and the members of the Nathan Bedford Forrest Camp #215 in Memphis, TN and the legal team of H. Edward Phillips III, Charles G. Blackard III, W. J. “Bo” Ladner III, and Jonathan J. Pledger, on a job well done. We also thank the Forrest Family for allowing us to take part in this momentous occasion and organizing the funeral proceedings. Bear in mind that we are grateful for all that has happened up to this point, and we know much more must be done.
As to the human side, the remains of General and Mrs. Forrest are held in an undisclosed location and later will be transported to an undisclosed location in Middle Tennessee. These sites will be kept in secrecy for security reasons as it is our utmost duty to protect the family, the professionals and work crews involved, as well as the SCV and its members.
Let us always keep in mind that we are honored by the Forrest Family to participate in this solemn occasion. Please do not follow or spread rumors about this event. We will update you as plans are finalized. Fundraising still continues as we raise money for the re-interment of General Forrest and his beloved wife. Please give to make this event happen as we bring one of our heroes’ home to be buried on land less than 30 minutes from where he was born. You can send donations to:
Make checks out to:
Sons of Confederate Veterans
(Put in memo: Forrest Re-interment)
P.O. Box 59
Columbia, TN 38402
Once the funeral is complete, restoring the plaza and remounting the Forrest Equestrian Statue on the grave will occur. This will not be easy nor quick. Much more work lay ahead of us, however, be certain that we will rededicate this plaza to honor the General and his family.
Please be patient with us as you and the entire membership will be informed once all plans are finalized. A website will be forthcoming with all details and information. For now, let us “walk a little prouder and hold our heads higher” in this great victory! God has truly vindicated us in this effort. Let us remember the charge given to us by General Stephen Dill Lee as we continue to press forward.
Deo Vindice,

Larry McCluney, Jr.
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Tucker Explodes At Biden Admin Over Alleged NSA Spying Scandal: They’re Lying, Refuse To Answer Questions

USB DRIVES Were Suspiciously Stolen, Transferred and Inserted Into Voting Systems Used in Swing States in 2020 Election


In multiple swing states flash drives (USBs) used in the 2020 Election process were reported either missing or suspiciously inserted into the voting systems used in the election.

In Arizona, on November 5th a home was raided and USBs were obtained along with hard drives and computers.  

What was an individual doing with these items only a couple of days after the election?

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Lt. General Nguyễn Phước Vĩnh Lộc

 May be an image of 2 people, people standing, car and outdoors

~~Huong-Can Thi Nguyen

May be an image of outdoors and monument 

May be an image of text that says 'LT. General NGUYỄN PHÚC VĨNH LỘC A Member of the Royal House of Gia Hung October 7, 1923 January 8, 2009 Chief of the Joint General Staff Republic of Viet Nam Armed Forces Commanding General II Corps Tactical Zone Republic of Viet Nam'

No description available. h

No description available.

 No description available.
The civilian fishing vessel was full of Catholic fishermen and their families. This boat was fishing vessel #608. The SVN navy destroyer that rescued fishing vessel #608 was HQ17.
My dad, mom, bro and I barely made it out of SG thanks to dad's VC mistress who tipped the VCs our whereabouts on 4/30 after the SVN govt surrendered.
SVN ARVN military intelligence knew the whole time she was a VC

Therefore papa was placed into non sensitive jobs at military HQ after he was commander of region II. He was dismissed as commander of region II because of the doings of his VC mistress

A late ARVN colonel had share w my cousin in DC that ARVN intelligence knew his mistress was a VC

She also put out a lot of very untrue n negative things about my dad to the VN media

And the people believed her bc she’s such a very talented pathological liar

All VCs belong in hell. Can’t wait for her to see her maker

MEMO FROM MIDDLE AMERICA: The SPLC Still Whipping Up War On Confederate Monuments—Where Is This Hatred Headed?

Via Billy

 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was hysterical

The contrast with the reactions to the orgy of vandalism of Confederate statues—some of which are sculptural masterpieces—is breathtaking. Thus Virginia Governor Ralph Northam did nothing when Black Lives Matter rioters vandalized Antonin Mercié’s magnificent rendition of Robert E. Lee in Richmond. The war on Confederate images has just begun—and with it, the war on white America.

For the record, I’m not a neo-Confederate. My Union Army kinsman, James Dunlavy received the Medal of Honor in 1864 for capturing Confederate general John Sappington Marmaduke. Still, I recently learned I have other kin in the South who did support the Confederacy. Like many Americans, I had family on both sides. For me, this war on monuments, now including The Great Emancipator himself, is a war on my heritage, and that of all Americans.

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Mike Pompeo Comes Out on 2020 Election: “We Have a Duty to Fix This”

Tucker: Democrats want to eliminate the suburbs