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Non-Citizens Voting in Texas? "We got TONS of them" Says Election Official on Undercover Video

An Arch Rebel Like Myself


A review of “An Arch Rebel Like Myself;” Dan Showalter and the Civil War in California and Texas, by by Gene Armistead and Robert D. Arconti (North Carolina: McFarland & Co., 2018).

Discussion of the War for Southern Independence often includes facts about who were the last to lay down their arms.  It is commonly argued that Gen. Stand Waite’s troops were the last to surrender, on June 23, 1865.  But new research reveals that another unit of soldiers outlasted them by one day.  That unit was a command of Texas, of the 4th Texas Cavalry, Arizona Brigade (there were more than one command, sometimes confused).  They never surrendered.  Knowing Gen. Lee’s glowing assessment that his best troops came from Texas, this should be no surprise.  But it may take one aback that much of the regiment and the commander himself—were from California.

Goodies From Ol' Remus

art-remus-ident-04.jpg Copenhagen was occupied from April 1940 until a few days before Germany surrendered in May 1945. 30,000 troops surrendered to the British.  

James Kunstler muses on the upcoming elections and the Democratic Party strategy:
The party could not have issued a clearer message than “white men not welcome here.” Very well, then, they’ll vote somewhere else for somebody else. And if it happens that the Dems don’t prevail, and don’t manage to get their hands on the machinery of congress — then what?
For one thing, a lot of people get indicted, especially former top officers from various glades of the Intel swamp. It shouldn’t be a surprise, given the numbers of them already called before grand juries and fingered by inspectors general. But it may be shocking how high up the indictments go, and how serious the charges may be: sedition… treason…?
  Next Big Future - 25% of world murders are in Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and Columbia ... with just 8% of the world’s population, Latin America accounts for roughly a third of global murders

Washington Examiner - CNN's Don Lemon: "We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them."
art-remus-ident-04.jpg Leading Progressives are more honest, they delete the word "men". But Mr. Lemon has, um ... issues .
  NY Post - Harvard’s gatekeeper reveals SAT cutoff scores based on race ... has given mostly African-American and Hispanic students an advantage

  War, Fed On Everything - Nothing short of genius can account for losing so consistently given the enormous resources available to American forces. The United States cannot fight a sizable land war. Iran can. Russia can. The American military means air power and little else. The Army hasn’t fought a serious war since 1973, the fleet since 1945. In long periods of inaction, things deteriorate. Crucial supplies cease to exist, spare parts aren’t there, the logistics train quietly becomes inoperable. Money goes instead to pricey weapons of little practical use. America is no longer a country of tough rural kids. Social engineering has rotted the ranks. The military has suffered years of feminization, SJW appeasement, affirmative action, lowered physical standards, and LGBTQ insertion.

Elizabeth Warren returns from a trip over the Cherokee Nation.

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Florida Exit Poll: Black Vote for GOP Up 6% Points from 2016 — DeSantis and Scott Winning 14% of Black Vote & Light Turnout In Dem Districts

 Image result for Tuesday, November 6, 2018 Florida Exit Poll: Black Vote for GOP Up 6% Points from 2016 — DeSantis and Scott Winning 14% of Black Vote

The black vote in Florida is up 6% from 2016.

Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott are winning 14-15% of the black vote according to the Trafalgar exit polls.

This is NOT good news for Democrats.


Image result for light  turnout dems

Light Turnout In Dem Districts

Election Tampering: Polling place in Pittsburgh, PA has Vote Straight Democrat on door


Looks like voter fraud and voter tampering has already been exposed in America, as a polling station in Pittsburgh, PA has Vote Straight Democrat printed on the door. The only way the Deep State and Democrats can even have a chance at winning the 2018 midterms, is if cheating simply takes place in mass...And it already looks like a polling station in Pittsburgh is already illegally being bias towards one party. For Americans who have yet to go to the polls be sure you look for things like this, especially if you see polling stations to vote a certain way...Because it's illegal. See something say something is very serious, we must protect America by protecting the midterm election from Democrat cheating and tampering.

It Begins… Man Fatally Shot By Cops While Unlawfully Confiscating His Guns In Serving “Red Flag” Order

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See what happens when you violate the rights of the people?  This is only the beginning and I hope the family of this man sues the pants off the police and the state for their lawless behavior.  A Ferndale, Maryland man was shot and killed at home when two Anne Arundel County police officers who were violating their oath and this man’s Fifth Amendment rights by attempting to steal his property (guns) under Maryland’s unconstitutional “red flag” “laws.”

The Baltimore Sun reports:

MSNBC Puts Up Graphic Showing Gillum Winning Florida & Republicans Outperforming Expectations in Florida Compared to 2016

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ZENITH NEWS - MSNBC Puts Up Graphic Showing Socialist Crook Andrew Gillum Winning Florida -- That Has Not Happened

What media bias?

Trump May Pull Off the Impossible, Say Pollsters, Pundits and Prognosticators

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Image result for Trump May Pull Off the Impossible, Say Pollsters, Pundits and Prognosticators

President rallies base in final midterm push in Missouri — 'there is no other politician with a connection to voters like this'

“Four more years! Four more years!” a raucous crowd jamming the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, chanted on Monday night, just a few hours before polls opened for what may be the most significant midterm election in years.

Though President Donald Trump was technically stumping for Republican senatorial candidate Josh Hawley, it was crystal clear to everyone in that arena and everyone watching the final rally that Tuesday’s midterm elections are largely a referendum on the man at the podium.
There is no denying it is a tall order for Republicans.

Comment on: Teacher, Student Brawl in Band Class Caught On Camera


While not being one to condone violence, w/o a MAuFig to answer to, it's not out of the realm of possibility, this may save the kids life from a hood alpha. Even as a kid, I never saw why a male would risk character assassination, let alone the potential to be labeled a pedo in prison, over some kid w/ an inferiority complex, knowing how the system can be abused (or even an outright law suit set up).
In the past, have posted the mean GPA of teaching students to be 3.8/4 scale(I assume these to be arts degrees, as they are handed out Zimbabwe/Venezuelan currency. The ivey towered 'educators', lowered the acceptable standards around 1990, to comply with Title IX. And socialist just-us epidemic has been on the rise ever since, IMO. When Lindsay Shepard simply presented a 'gender bender' public broadcast debate, attacking Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's character for resisting compelled speech regulations, she considered herself to be a on the left side of politricks. After being reprimand by her Grad studies professors, which went outside school regulations, she #walkedaway from the left and the university's Grad program. Tomorrow is seized by the prepared, and she recorded the unsanctioned meeting on her phone. Last I heard, she and Dr. Peterson, have legal grievances filed against her former school (slander and def of char). Having to finish her MA at a new school, with a hoard of femaNAZIs nipping at her heels, she choose to keep her head low.

She just graduated, and here is her opinion, which sounds more like a public consensus, on how delusional the Marxist have become. Lindsay Shepard shares her experience on the low expectations for a North American Graduate studies program in the, perverse studies of art called 'The Humanities', a modern day socialist (in) breeding ground.


Michigan Reporter Caught On Tape Saying ‘F**k Could You Imagine John James Winning’

A reporter for a Michigan newspaper called Michigan Senate Republican candidate John James’s campaign looking for an interview and thought she hung up the phone before leaving a voicemail saying “fucking John James … that would suck.”

Brenda Battel, a reporter for Huron Daily Tribune, left the voicemail on James’s campaign offices phone number at 3:40 PM Monday, requesting the interview for Wednesday, the day after the Nov. 6 midterm elections. In the voicemail, she expresses her interest in interviewing James, believes she hung up the phone, and then goes on to curse about a possible James victory, saying she doesn’t think it will happen.

Early Voter Turnout Surges As Republicans Hold Lead In Battleground States

...one major poll - Rasmussen - is calling for Republicans to retain control of the House and Senate. This is significant because Rasmussen was the only shop to accurately forecast Trump's upset win in 2016

As voters prepare to head to the polls and the number of Americans casting early ballots surges, election analysts will likely focus on one question: Will the Democratic "blue wave" be powerful enough to reverse the early leads wracked up by Republicans in seven out of eight key battleground states? So far, enthusiasm levels among both Democrats and Republicans have climbed to historic levels, complicating the efforts of forecasters and throwing the forecasting orthodoxy - the notion that Republicans will pick up Senate seats while Democrats wrest back control of the House - into doubt with the polls set to open across the US in 24 hours.

According to Bloomberg, some 34 million people have already voted in the 2018 midterms, and, in at least 28 states and the District of Columbia, early voter tallies have already surpassed their totals from the 2014 midterms

In Texas alone, where Ted Cruz is defending his seat from Democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke, more than 4.5 million people have already voted. That momentum has apparently carried over from the record turnout during primaries and special elections this year. "People are engaged and voting in this election," said University of Florida professor Michael McDonald.
But in what may be an ominous sign for the left, while Democrats are boasting a narrow lead over Republicans nationally, Republicans are leading in the key swing states, including Arizona and Florida

Gallup: By 50% to 44%, Americans expect GOP will retain the House

 Democrats More Worried Than Republicans About Election  

81% of Democrats worry about effect of continued GOP control of the House

64% of Republicans worry about effect of Democrats taking the House

By 50% to 44%, Americans expect GOP will retain the House

More @ Gallup

Comment On The Guardian Goes Off The Deep End

The Guardian Goes Off The Deep End



I am seeing red from that Guardian article today. So  much garbage and where to begin. Then, I remembered this article I excerpted from Unz Review by Ilana Mercer. The whole thing is worth a read but I sent you this condensed version which I will include in my church newsletter in the future.
Thanks for all you do.

 Deo Vindice,
The Rev. Bryan Dabney 


Modern-day Americans... don’t share the same core values, morals or mannerisms. We don’t revere the same heroes. We tear down other countrymen’s historic monuments...We display different regalia.

Our attachment to one language, English, is tenuous at best, and waning. Surveys suggest Americans today would rather avoid one another... what unites us most is our passion for, and patterns of, consumption. America is an economy, not a nation. Unite we... do over the state of our sovereign debt ... But not over what it means to be a sovereign people. For half the country, sovereignty entails hordes of defiant scofflaws breaking the border. For the other half, sovereignty means borders. (And some respite, maybe even a moratorium on the incessant influx.) People become rightfully resentful of others when forced into relationships against their will. Signs of the attendant, endemic civil unrest are already evident. Don’t knock the cliché. Good fences (or walls) do indeed make good neighbors, within countries and between them. A sense of security and sovereignty are essential to the health of individuals and nations alike. Developmental health in kids is predicated on respecting their bodies and their boundaries. Wait a sec: Kids need boundaries but the communities in which they reside don’t? Why do boundaries or borders become cardinal (racist) sins when staked out by communities?

And why is trespass a praiseworthy creed? A peaceful society is one founded on voluntary associations, not forced integration. By extension, if the Christian pastry man doesn’t care to bake a cake for a gay wedding; leave him be... Where’s the morality and munificence in compelling a service from an unwilling service provider?... People are harming nobody when they withhold their wares. It’s their right. The baker owns his labor and his property. Leave him alone. Currently, our overlords in Deep State D.C. insist that because we’re so rich and innately mean, they should decide what to do with the lion’s share of our earnings (including to distribute it to the world.) No need. Americans are terribly generous—and most generous when left to choose their charities. We are most generous to strangers in need when they, in return, don’t encroach on our space, and respect the natural rights we have in our person and property... An uneasy co-existence, not coerced unity, is the only hope for calm in our country. Respectful disunity is the only way forward.
-- Ilana Mercer– 20th and 21st century American author and columnist (excerpt from an article in www.unzreview.com , 11-1-18 entitled, If The Disunited States Is To Survive...).