Monday, September 16, 2019

Finally, after 17 Weeks

 25 weeks above which is their 'awkward age' all ears and legs. :)

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Above: 8 weeks and ears up! 

Jesse his grandfather was wild caught and a Grand Champion

'Flaming AOC' Ad Creator Swamped with Death Threats from 'Tolerant' Left

Via Billy

During the third Democratic debate on Thursday, a controversial campaign commercial aired in some markets that’s become known as the “Flaming AOC” ad.

The narrator of the piece is a former Republican congressional candidate whose family escaped from the bloody Khmer Rouge communist regime in Cambodia, Elizabeth Heng. She compared Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialism to the kind of socialism that has killed millions across the globe over the past century.

Now, just to prove her point, Heng says she’s been getting death threats from what one would assume are supporters of Ocasio-Cortez.

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Street Thugs and Gun Bloggers

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SSDD...been going on for DECADES.

About the only thing worse are 'lies, deceit, and delusion' that surrounds this fact and reality revolving around the epidemic of black violence in this country and indeed throughout a large part of Europe.
How is it we braved British steel, Hitler's SS, Japan's Kamikazes, and the nuclear threat of the cold war but now cower in fear of being called names?

Such a lack of fortitude deserves whatever the Almighty puts in their path to either destroy them or motivate them to a more Christian manhood.

Y'all have a nice day.

-- Average Joe
 STREET THUGS in Minnesota Viciously Beat White Mal...

 They must have been on the same drinking binge while out on the lake in Utah. I was so drunk that all I can remember was the intent to put them in a safe space, when called upon my government who I totally trust to do the right thing and I, the loyal, docile, hard working, tax paying subject, er, citizen would turn them all in when asked to do so. Honestly it was all the fault of those damn Mormons and their infamous beer bashes. I was so hung over that I don't remember when it was, where it was, or how long ago it was. I don't remember which lake it was on, other than the water was wet. All I know is that somewhere my guns are at the bottom of some lake in Utah. I did learn my lesson about drinking responsibly: Don't spill it.

The good news such as it is - The Party of Evil (formerly known as the Democratic Party can NOT walk back what they have stated. They do admit the want to confiscate your firearms. Note how when Beto said; "Hell yes we're going to take your AR-15 and AK-47", not one of the others contradicted him. The Party of Evil has made this a core plank of what they stand for; firearm confiscation. Here is THE gut question for every one who owns a firearm. You know in your gut, that they want you disarmed and at a time of their choosing they want YOU dead. You are a Deplorable to them. You know this is Truth. What price are YOU willing to pay to keep your right to self defense, aka life? Read your history as to what happens when the government disarms a group of people they despise. Civil War is coming. It is question of how soon and not if.

Gun Bloggers—Vanishing Breed?

Mollie Hemingway: Republicans Must Hold Democrats, Media Accountable for Brett Kavanaugh Smears

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Author and Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway told Breitbart News Daily on Monday morning that the New York Times had repeated the media’s past misbehavior in publishing a new allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Saturday while hiding exculpatory information in their possession.

“These reporters published a story that didn’t include information that even they had in their own book,” Hemingway, who is also a senior editor at, told Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow.

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Fall in the South

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I considered selling my guns back to the government but......

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STREET THUGS in Minnesota Viciously Beat White Male, Hit Him with Potted Plant, Run Over Him with Bike, Strip and Rob Him

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A gang of thugs in Minnesota targeted and attacked a white man, hit him with a potted plant, stomped on him, ran over him with a bike and then they stripped him and robbed him.

The beating with on for two minutes and was captured on surveillance video.

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit

Gun Bloggers—Vanishing Breed?

 an illustration visually depicting the war on gun bloggers

Gun bloggers are a vanishing breed. You might take this as an early warning sign the gathering storm intent on inflicting fatal damage to the Second Amendment is gaining strength, and the ability to share an enthusiasm for firearms is the initial victim. 

The big gun sites still stand, actively protecting and educating. Many of the smaller forecasters who so effectively mobilized a regional response are gone. In their wake, they leave gun owners less informed and underprepared for the long-term siege approaching with historic implications.

Firearm owners are among the most active, informed and engaged flavor of enthusiasts today. We rely on timely information to respond and make our voices heard politically. We crave fresh information, whether it’s on the latest and greatest product or history of our passion. With print publications struggling to survive and maintain a precarious newsstand foothold, bloggers and vloggers fill the void.

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