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The Shadow CIA And Bush White House Assassinated Afghan Hero Ahmad Shah Massoud Two Days Before 9/11

Very interesting, I must say. Can't get into "the noble traits of the prophet Muhammad" though:)

"We consider this as part of our duty to defend humanity against the scourge of intolerance, violence and fanaticism." - Ahmad Shah Massoud, from "Massoud's Letter To The People Of America," (1998).
Two days before the events that dramatically altered our perceptions of the Middle East and changed the political landscape in the West, Afghanistan's George Washington, Ahmad Shah Massoud, was killed by the shadow CIA and the Bush White House because he stood in the way of their plans for Afghanistan.

Massoud was a genius military leader who was responsible for throwing out the Soviet invaders in the 1980s. The Wall Street Journal said he was "the Afghan who won the Cold War." Sebastian Junger, journalist and documentarian, most known for the amazing award-winning documentary 'Restrepo,' reflected on the meaning of Massoud's death and what his loss meant for the world in the National Geographic. He wrote:
Massoud—who loathed the extremism of the Taliban as much as he did the totalitarianism of the Soviet Union—once told me he was fighting not only for a free Afghanistan but for a free world. There was something about him—the slow nod of his head as he listened to a question, the exhaustion and curiosity engraved on his handsome, haggard face—that made it clear we were in the presence of an extraordinary man.
Nicknamed the "Lion of Panjshir," Massoud embodied the noble traits of the prophet Muhammad and possessed the intellectual gifts to accomplish what now seems impossible ten years after the false flag 9/11 attacks---bringing peace to Afghanistan.

Massoud was a warrior but he was not trigger happy. His goal was to create peace in Afghanistan so he could relax, spend time with his family and finish his studies. But the foreign vultures, from Pakistan to America, saw a great opportunity for conquest in a weak and divided Afghanistan.

After heroically overthrowing the Soviets, Massoud was drawn back into war in the 1990s when the U.S./Pakistan backed Taliban was menacing the people of Afghanistan with slavery and death. Massoud stood tall, and defended Kabul against the barbarians and thieves who were raping Afghanistan in the name of Islam with the assistance of foreign governments.

The Taliban and other warlords wanted to kill Massoud because of his decision to support a democratic government as opposed to a theocracy. The shadow CIA and the Bush White House wanted to kill Massoud because they knew how much power and popularity he had in Afghanistan. Killing Massoud in 2001, two days before the 9/11 attacks, would be like the British killing George Washington in 1776, and thus changing the course of history forever.

That's how important Massoud was to the stability and security of Afghanistan. But even more importantly, Massoud's aims were pure and righteous, and he had the majority of the Afghan people behind him. Their sacred trust and faith was invested in Massoud and they were never betrayed by him. All of Afghanistan would have benefited had Massoud's dream of peace been fulfilled.

If Massoud hadn't been killed by the backstabbing snakes in the White House he would've delivered a serious blow to the American empire just as he did to the Soviet Empire two decades before. His death created an open pathway for the biggest evil empire to invade and conquer Afghanistan in the name of fighting terrorism and Islamic extremism.

Occupy . . .Whatever

Who are these occupy people?

According to Dana Loesch, these "occupy" people are in league with the Journ-o-lists like Dylan Ratigan. Yes, the same Dylan Ratigan that Denninger tipped his hat to the other day. The Journolists in turn are known to be in league with the Democrats and team Obama.

How to make sense of all this?

It all seems too convenient to me.

Ann Coulter had this to say recently.
"All of those quotes could have been said in 1789 France before the Revolution… this is always the beginning of totalitarianism... The Democratic Party loves mob uprisings, it’s their rise to power.”
We could take quotes from this movement and quotes and seamlessly plug them into other great revolutions; the French Revolution. The October Revolution. The Maoists, or even the rise of the Nazi party. Little surprise then that CPUSA and the Nazi party support the “occupy” movements.

Strangely, the movement hasn’t focused on the halls of power where our government continues to screw over every living American and generations of those Americans yet unborn of their rights, their property, of life, and liberty.

I keep trying to wrap my brain around this idea: These people are protesting against the people who fund the people who are directing the journolists who are helping to coordinate the theme of the protest.

Perhaps a visual would help.

Couple married 72 years die holding hands

Via The Battle of Atlanta

"It was really strange, they were holding hands, and dad stopped breathing but I couldn't figure out what was going on because the heart monitor was still going," said Dennis Yeager. "But we were like, he isn't breathing. How does he still have a heart beat? The nurse checked and said that's because they were holding hands and it's going through them. Her heart was beating through him and picking it up."

Occupy Wall Street Agricultural Policy

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Savannah, Georgia, circa 1907. "The whole black family at the Hermitage."


Wonderful picture. Reminds me of my childhood.


Lexington City Council work session set in Confederate flag fight


After a public hearing on September 1st, the Sons of Confederate Veterans made this promise to WSLS:

“Are you planning to take legal action against city council?” our reporter asked.

“Certainly, they feel that they have pretty good legal cover, and I think that they've made a mistake making that assumption,” explained Brandon Dorsey, Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV).

After a vote "in favor" of the ordinance, City Council has now planned a work session to further discuss the issue. Lexington's City Manager says some council members have questions about the process the leaders used.

However, Dorsey is hoping council discusses a compromise at that meeting.

“We put out the put the offer of compromise before the vote, during the vote, and now since the vote. But we will press this issue fully in court if we have to,” Dorsey explained.

In fact, Dorsey says his attorneys are working this week on drafting the complaint. So if council won't budge, his group will be ready to file papers in federal court in Roanoke.

“If we have to, we’ll bring them to the negotiating table in front of a judge. But we'll try to avoid that. We're trying to avoid costing taxpayers' money,” Dorsey said.


The enemy is here. Roadblocks in Tennessee.

Looks like our domestic Gestapo-wannabes have arrived. Not sure how they can be dislodged short of a war. This is most disappointing, for America and for Tennessee in particular.

I suspect the total push-back of the whole state population of over 6 million will be minimal. Everyone has too much to lose. Ironically, had terrorists actually existed in Tennessee, these TSA teams would have become sitting ducks. But they are picking purely on the peaceable people who aren’t going to resist.

‘You’re a Son of a Bit**!’ John Stossel Shouted Down by Angry Occupy Mob

Black & Union Leaders Follow Farrakhan Lead in Occupy Wall Street / America Protests

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Louis Farrakhan prophesied an uprising in Feb 2011. Others have followed his lead in the Occupy Wall Street / Occupy America protests. All of these people are working together with Obama towards the same goal, fundamental change in America, the overthrow of the system. That is, its destruction as we have known it, as prophesied by Black Nationalism and Black Liberation Theology.

The law was changed in 2007 to allow the President to take control of the National Guard without the consent of the states. See link below.

It is important for people to realize that Obama will be complicit in any unrest that occurs as a result of these "Occupy America" protests. His cohorts are inciting them.

Pentagon: U.S. In Afghanistan Until 2024

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Occupy Wall Street, Kalle Lasn and Culture Jamming

Want a grip on Occupy Wall Street’s ideology? Check out Kalle Lasn’s Culture Jam: How to Reverse America’s Suicidal Consumer Binge—and Why We Must. Lasn is the co-founder of Adbusters, the Canadian corporation (double irony there) behind Occupy Wall Street.

A lot to like

Lasn is disturbed by the anxiety, depression, boredom and alienation that characterize our culture. He grieves for failing families, for individuals with no sense of purpose or meaning. He’s down on TV violence. He wants to reclaim holidays from marketers and return the evening meal as a joyous ritual of family life. He yearns for more time, less stress and more balance. What’s better than being rich, he asks? Being “spontaneous, authentic, alive.”

Sometimes he sounds like an old-time evangelist:

  • modern Western culture is based on wealth, power, fame, sex and recreation;
  • America is in need of being liberated from its own excesses and arrogances;
  • What we need is a new “great awakening.”

What’s not to like, eh?!

We-e-e-ll. . . .

  1. He wants to throw out capitalism, which he calls “an even more insidious form of social control than communism.
  2. He claims “a belligerent attitude toward authority,” and characterizes culture jammers as “anarchists . . . neo-Luddites, malcontents and punks.” He challenges them to “let go of all their old orthodoxies,” conduct Marx’s “ruthless criticism of all that exists,” and boldly announce, “We will wreck this world.
  3. He wants a “true-cost marketplace” where cars cost a hundred grand, and a tank of gas, $250.
  4. He says governments will like the true-cost marketplace “because it gives them a vital new function to fulfill: that of calculating the true costs of products, levying ecotaxes and managing our bioeconomic affairs for the long term.” (I don’t know about you, but giving government any more vital new functions sends shivers up my spine.)

Conservative or liberal?

Let’s go back a generation and grab an older tag: Kalle Lasn is thoroughly bourgeois. In some ways, he goes too far. In others, he stops too soon.


The Cost of Good Intentions, & the Liberal Experiment or The Beginning of the End

The war against American conservatism can be said to be in high gear by Lyndon Johnson’s administration; it was Johnson who conferred the Medal of Freedom on socialist revolutionary A. Philip Randolph in 1964, and Randolph’s close confidant was communist-organizer Bayard Rustin. The Republican party in the 1960’s was dominated by liberals like Nelson Rockefeller who went along with the unprecedented expansion of the federal agent beyond the wildest fears of the Founders.

It was not much later that Newt Gingrich’s pushed for Puerto Rican statehood; Republicans abandoned efforts to abolish affirmative action, did little to restrict illegal immigration, nor oppose gay rights and gun control efforts. Recall too the most dangerous Supreme Court appointees – Earl Warren, William Brennan, Harry Blackmun, Sandra Day O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy – were all put in place by Republican presidents. If a rollback of the liberal experiment is the desire of responsible and conservative Americans, chances are they will not see it with a Republican president at the helm.

Bernhard Thuersam

The Beginning of the End:

“[The] fifteen years from 1960 to 1975 were a time of unprecedented expansion in government domestic spending. Spurred by the plight of the blacks and Puerto Ricans in Northern cities and the deplorable health and education opportunities available to the poor in the South, the national mood turned toward reform. A sufficient number of liberals were elected to Congress to wrest control of crucial committees from conservative Southern and Midwestern congressmen and substantially change a longstanding system of Federal priorities.

The country’s underlying prosperity made it all possible. In 1964 [President Lyndon] Johnson was able to sign on successive days the Economic Opportunity Act, which created a national War on Poverty, and legislation directing across-the-board tax cuts for almost everyone. Social conscience was free.

As the barriers to change came down, a stream of legislation poured out of Washington – besides the War on Poverty, there were Model Cities, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Medicare and Medicaid, and greatly improved social security benefits. When concern for civil rights and the poor was generalized to problems of pollution and congestion, the federal government responded with subsidies for urban mass transit, tough new air and water quality standards, and sharply increased levels of funding for sewage treatment and air pollution control. By 1967 even cataloguing the immense range of new initiatives was a formidable task….more than $15 billion in aid available, scattered through four hundred separate grant-in-aid programs – although beleaguered local officials insisted that the programs numbered more than a thousand.

With the rush of programs, federal domestic spending increased sharply, as did the involvement of the federal government in local affairs. Aid for manpower, education, and social service programs jumped from $1.3 billion in 1960 to $10.3 billion in 1970, and to $18.2 billion in 1975. While the overall federal budget tripled from 1960 to 1975…the federal share in local and State budgets increased by 40 percent. [By] 1975 cash income maintenance programs alone were budgeted for a larger amount than national defense.

In many ways the device hit upon by the lawmakers for increasing federal involvement in local affairs – the categorical grant-in-aid – was as important as the absolute volume of the new federal commitments. Funding was allocated for specific purposes, and usually with detailed operating conditions attached, reflecting a prevailing lack of confidence in State and local administrations. In the South local autonomy too often meant racial discrimination; too many State legislatures in the North and West seemed sleepy, rural-dominated, special-interest societies.

[To change the emphases of State and local governments], a common device was to include generous federal funding in the early stages of a program, with the expectation that local funding would pick up the program later. Community mental health programs, for example, receive 90 percent of their finding in the first year from federal sources, but the federal share is phased out entirely over a seven-year period, leaving the local government with an expensive program, a high standard of service, and an organized set of supporters. Public employment programs began the same way…but local officials were left to face a financing problem or the pain of reducing a popular program as the federal support was reduced in subsequent years.

Programs developed “vertical autocracies” of their own, a chain of officials stretching from the local government through the State and regional federal bureaucracies to Washington and the halls of Congress. Elected officials rarely could afford the time or trouble to master the complex laws and regulations and were increasingly the captives of their program-oriented bureaucracies, who held the secret to the continued expansion of outside financing.

The powerful expansionist impulse that Nelson Rockefeller brought to [New York] State government was in his family tradition – they had long tried to live down their legendary wealth with a broad range of philanthropic undertakings – and was consistent with his basic personality. Rockefeller was a perennial presidential candidate, and at least until 1968, his national aspirations rested on his position as spokesman for the Northeastern liberal wing of the Republican party, which was in competition throughout the decade with the hard-line conservatism of the South and West.

Republicans were hopelessly outnumbered nationally, the reasoning went, and the route to victory lay in capturing the center of the national consensus. At least through the first half of the 1960s – or until the bills began to come in – that seemed supportive of the drive toward government initiatives to equalize opportunities between blacks and whites and rich and poor, to put out lifelines for the cities, and to make up for decades of underinvestment in the public sector.”

(The Cost of Good Intentions, New York City and the Liberal Experiment, 1960-1975, Charles R. Morris, McGraw-Hill, 1980, pp. 34-36)

Occupy Wall Street: Blues and Clues

The “Occupy Wall Street” gatherings are not only infantile, but fail to reach any semblance of cultural history, unless mass public defecation and fornication in New York City is something new.

Even the ’60′s hippie movement, irresponsibly juvenile as it was, had focus and a sense of romantic purpose. The degenerates of that age had their actual music, their poetry, their spokesmen. That wave of public immaturity left memorabilia. They were genuine tokens, not tweets, videos, or ubiquitous and cheap electronic record so consumptive today.

Wall Street “bastards” have left nothing but their own waste. They are like children who have literally had no upbringing but TV, internet, and Sesame Street. There is no sentiment to carry their emotion, because the emotion is ugly, uninspiring and unworthy. They have no songs, no lyrics, but only infantile outrage and meaningless anger at existence. They resent their birth. (Of late, some drum groups have evolve–from sheer boredom, no doubt; but this only demonstrates more accurately the utter lack of mind and intellect involved. This is as primitive as the public can be, without words, without thought, without purpose. Just primal rage.)

The hippies of the ’60′s had a feeling of genuine exploration, deconstructive as it was. (It simply hadn’t happened before in American culture.) But the moment cannot be relived. All such imitations are doomed, for historical circumstances are essentially inimitable. Therefore, the Occupiers are lost, and without direction. Social circumstances and the political situation is different today. The level of public maturity is far less. And even a Canadian-based anarchy movement will not suffice to give meaning to the pathetic “useful idiots” in the street.

The hippies had one or two major events of public exposure. They displayed their body functions in the open. But, they were in the woods, not in public parks in the middle of crowded cities. They called it Woodstock, not Wall Street. They wanted to drop out, in a way. The Occupiers want to destroy.

But the Occupiers are not stronger, or more aggressive. They are cowardly, in fact. Or, just undeveloped. Occupy Wall Street is a kind fetal 9-11. Perhaps we can expect to seem them advised by their more violent Muslim brethren in the near future.

In the mean time, there is no serious patriot reaction to this nonsense coming from any public officials in charge. And the quasi-musical ravings of Hank Williams, Jr., far from being the true spirit of patriotism, are only an angry reaction to a personal offense. And no songs from the Tea Party (if there are any) have any status to compare with the songs from the ’60′s, like those of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dilan, Jimmy Hendrix, or even Peter, Paul, and Mary.


Cloward-Piven Strategy Progresses on Schedule

While the Occupy Wall Street commies scream for still higher government spending, let’s see how much progress has already been made toward Obama’s evident objective — spending the nation into Cloward-Piven collapse:

Chart and more.

Some People Have Their Priorities In The Right Order.....

Via The Feral Irishman

Spoken like a true Collectivist

Nine Michigan students suspended from school for wearing Confederate flag

Via Southern Nationalist Network
Students Revolt
(40 more shirts made to sock it to the Collectivists)

On Tuesday, students walked out of Dowagiac Union High School with their t-shirts proudly tucked in to show-off their shiny, red and blue belt buckles.

Two girls exited together, both had their jeans held up with the same Confederate flag buckles with big, black, bold letters that spell out “Rebel Pride.”

Sophomore Rikki Baker said, “To me, it just represents the people from the South.”

Baker got sent home from school for that very same belt buckle just a few days ago. She was the first student to get called into the vice-principal’s office on Friday. “She asked me to cover my belt buckle or remove it because people were getting offended by it,” Baker said.

The vice-principal told Baker other students had complained about the Confederate flag clothing and the administration deemed the attire to be a distraction, stating it disrupted class which in turn, is a violation of the school’s dress code.

Baker refused to take off or cover up her belt buckle and was sent home for the day, suspended and she wasn't the only one. Quite a few students decided to protest the new policy, nine students were suspended for wearing the Confederate flag.

“So in other words you’re telling me that because someone else is offended of what he’s wearing, he has to give up his right and freedom to express himself because they have theirs,” Chris Matthews said. Her son, Junior at Union High School got in trouble on Monday when he wore a Confederate flag t-shirt to school.

Matthews got a call from her 16-year-old son after he had been sent to the vice-principal’s office Monday morning.

“I said why? I said it’s a symbol of Southern pride for standing up for what you believe in, why would you be punished for this?”

Matthews said she gave her son the Confederate flag shirt, written on the front is a message, “If this offends you, you need a history lesson.”


Via Moonbattery

Lee Decides The Fate Of The Despised Occupiers

Old Virginia Blog

*Taken yesterday at an "Occupy Wall Street" kumbaya event in Charlottesville:

As Virginia's peerless Chieftain turns and rides away in disgust, he passes judgment on the despised occupiers of Virginia's sacred sod and utters his famous last words: "Strike the tent!"
*Thanks to Doug Hill for sharing the photo.

US State Department Funded Agitator in DC Advising #OWS

Wired Magazine has just reported that Ahmed Maher, of the infamous US-funded Egyptian “April 6″ revolutionary movement that helped the US topple Egypt’s government early in 2011, is now back in Washington D.C. “advising” Occupy Wall Street protesters, face-to-face in McPherson Square. The article claims that protesters throughout the US movement have cited (ironically) protests in Cairo as their “inspiration” to rise up against corruption in their government and financial institutions.

While the Wired piece doesn’t explain where Maher honed his “revolutionary” skills, it does mention vaguely that he was in D.C. on invitation from an unnamed university professor and that next he would be headed to New York City to “advise” protesters there.

This of course isn’t Maher’s first trip to the United States. Years before the Egyptian revolution, the United States was quietly preparing a global army of youth cannon fodder to fuel region wide conflagrations throughout the world, both politically and literally. Maher’s April 6 organization had been in New York City for the US State Department’s first “Alliance for Youth Movements Summit” in 2008. His group then traveled to Serbia to train under the US-funded “CANVAS” organization before returning to Egypt in 2010 with US International Crisis Group (ICG) operative Mohamed ElBaradei to spend the next year building up for the “Arab Spring.”

Considering the depth of planning and preparation by the US State Department, with the cooperation of other US agencies, departments, and corporations, including the mainstream-media, we can now see the full measure of collective duplicity throughout America’s establishment. As many may remember, the United States acted with total surprise as the “Arab Spring” unfolded, despite having engineered it years in advance and having financial and tactical contacts with all the leading opposition groups.


Republicans: the debate summary

Vox Popoli
Stephen Green renders it unnecessary for anyone to actually watch the debate:
6:09PM From Twitter: Explain and Co-opt Occupy Wall Street.

6:10PM Cain: Get a job, you filthy hippies.

I paraphrase, but not by much.

6:11PM Paul: “Cain has blamed the victims.” And then something about the Federal Reseve and bubbles and SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAWK.

6:11PM There were wild cheers, a few, to the chicken part.

6:12PM Paul: “I work on the assumption” that government is bad at almost everything.

And now I relove him.
This is the difference between a man who understands the core principles involved and a man who has absolutely no idea why things are the way they presently are. According to the principles of the international free traders and the Wall Street supporters, the jobs those "filthy hippies" should be pursuing are now in Korea, India, and China. The problem is that there are no shortage of highly educated, less expensive Koreans, Indians, and Chinese available to work those jobs.

Many young Americans went into debt, and were heavily encouraged to go into debt, in order to obtain unnecessary degrees for nonexistent jobs. Given that I was one of the first media figures to publicly call into question the value of a college education while many readers on this very blog argued vociferously against the anti-college case I was presenting, it is astonishing that so many people suddenly want to blame the young college graduates for believing in the inflated value of a college education and doing exactly what they were expected and instructed to do.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-18-11

Here are the 20 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, October 18, 2011:

  • Oakland CA settles a wrongful death excessive force lawsuit for $1.7 million to the family of a man who died after beaten by 5 officers in 2000. The suite wasn’t filed until 2009 when the investigative reports concerning the case were leaked to the press. [3]
  • Hanford CA settles suit for a confidential amount to a man claiming 3 cops used excessive force when they peppersprayed & beat him while 2 other officers watched. [3]
  • Denver CO settles an excessive force suit for $38,500 while also settling two other police lawsuits including $38k to 2 pedestrians hit by a police cruiser & $6k for a car accident caused by a police cruiser. [0]
  • An anonymous New York NY police source has leaked allegations that the police deputy inspector who peppersprayed two groups of people on video during OccupyWallStreet protests was found to have violated departmental policy and was disciplined with the loss of 10 vacation days. [1]
  • A report by the NYCLU claims Syracuse, Albany, Glens Falls, Greece, Guilderland, Nassau Co, Rochester and Saratoga Springs NY police misuse and overuse tasers [0]
  • Parkersburg WV cop was suspended pending an investigation into an alleged unspecified altercation with detainee at jail [2]
  • Pittsburgh PA settles suit for $6k to man convicted for bank robbery claiming cops used excessive force when they arrested him after a chase. [0]
  • Denver CO police are accused of harassing legal observers and making other questionable arrests at Occupy Denver protests. [3]
  • Chicago IL police sued by gang member driven to rival gang territory by 2 cops who let gang threaten him on video [0]
  • Readstown WI cop suspended after month-long investigation by sheriff into unspecified misconduct in office allegations. [3]
  • Perry UT cop charged w/bribery for attempting to pay off trooper to fix ticket for ex-Ogden UT cop pal also charged [0]
  • US Border Patrol agent charged w/intox assault may face manslaughter charge in now-fatal 3-car DUI crash [0]
  • Murfreesboro TN police detective arrested on his 2nd DV charge in 3yrs after allegedly hitting ex-wife in the face [0]
  • Bonneville Co ID deputy arrested on allegations he used county credit card to buy gas for personal car [0]
  • Orange Co CA deputy w/previous DUI conviction charged w/DUI after stopped for driving on wrong side of road [0]
  • San Bernardino CA school district cop discharges firearm while cleaning it inside district police department bldg [0]
  • DeKalb Co GA cop sentenced to 1yr for lying to feds and using his position to help others hide a stolen vehicle [0]
  • Yellowstone Co MT sheriff’s sergeant placed on leave while investigated on allegations of sexual harassment [1]
  • Chicago IL cop investigated after detained by US Coast Guard for allegedly firing guns on boat while drinking, while he won’t be charged, he is now under investigation over the incident. [1]
  • Ontario Provincial police officer arrested on theft charge after allegedly caught shoplifting by store security [0]

Also worthy of note, a Wisconsin state appeals court has ruled that Forest County WI can’t be held liable for hiring a cop who had psychiatric problems who killed 6 people in a shooting rampage.

Geithner the Liar

Godfather Politics

To the question of what may have caused the housing bubble, asked by Senator Rand Paul, Timothy Geithner correctly replied that it was the low interest rates that gave too many people the opportunity to borrow more money than they could repay.

Then Rand Paul asked the brilliant question:

“Can you think of an organization, may be somewhere in New York, that may be responsible for manipulating the interest rates, or devaluing the currency, some kind of a central bank, that may have anything to do with it?”

Geithner is not that stupid, so he immediately responded: “You mean the New York Fed.”

Senator Paul agreed, “May be the Fed, or the Open Market Committee.”

Geithner has been a key figure in both of them. In addition to that, he has been a protege of Henry Kissinger, a member of the Council for Foreign Relations, and an assistant to the CEO of Goldman Sachs. A true insider.

And, as a true insider, he lied to Rand Paul:

“The Federal Reserve can not do what you are afraid of. They can not control the long-term interest rates.”

In other words, Geithner is trying to assure Senator Paul that the long-term interest rates are only affected by market forces, and the Fed nothing to do with them. That means that we should blame the free market which without government interference kept the long-term rates low and thus created the sub-prime loans crisis.

Geithner’s words come less than a month after Bernanke launched the so-called “Operation Twist,” a stimulus move in which the Federal Reserve sells short-term Treasury bonds and buys long-term Treasury bonds. The goal of Operation Twist? To bring the long-term interest rates down. Exactly the same thing that by Geithner’s admission brought about the housing bubble, and what the Federal Reserve can not do, according to Geithner’s claims.

First Bernanke starts an operation to manipulate the long-term rates, then Geithner says the Fed can’t do such a thing. Geithner lied.

Geithner’s shameless lie in the face of the Senate Commission and the American people only shows how much respect the elite has for this nation. And it only shows how much the Obama administration and the Democrats – who elected and approved Geithner to his position despite the evidence for his evasion of taxes – really respect truth. Like his boss, Geithner is an unscrupulous liar. He lies and he knows he can get away with it – because the whole system in Washington DC is based on shameless lies.

Meanwhile, the brainless crowd on Wall Street keeps supporting Obama. And Obama keeps relying on the lies of the same banking elite that the protesters are protesting against. A wonderful example of the moral bankruptcy of the liberal system.

Poll: Who Won Tuesday’s GOP Presidential Debate?

Via Don, L&P

The Blaze

Mitt Romney 9.45% (1,199 votes)

Herman Cain 29.77% (3,778 votes)

Rick Perry 2.67% (339 votes)

Michele Bachmann 1.84% (233 votes)

Newt Gingrich 17.78% (2,256 votes)

Ron Paul 37.12% (4,711 votes)

Rick Santorum 1.38% (175 votes)

Total Votes: 12,691

The Revolutionary Communist Party's Little Yellow Book

Via ojibwa, L&P

American Thinker
By Peter Wilson

Four days after the first occupiers arrived on Wall Street in September, the Harvard Crimson student newspaper offered editorial space to a Maoist fringe group called the Revolutionary Communist Party. The article by RCP spokesman Ray Lotta urged replacing the U.S. Constitution with the Constitution of the New Socialist Republic in North America, which has been published as a 91-page book with a yellow cover.

The RCP is not an underground organization. RCP Chairman Bob Avakian, the author of the Constitution, is in exile in Paris, but the RCP openly operates Revolution Bookstores in sixteen American cities, including Cambridge, Berkeley, New York, and Seattle, and is the publisher of Revolution magazine. Recently they were involved in creating the radical organizations Not in our Name and World Can't Wait, and according to Discover the Networks, the RCP played an instrumental role in sparking the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

The Socialist Constitution is a disturbing read, breathtaking in the brutality of the totalitarian measures proposed, a trip down the rabbit hole of the twisted American Communist mind. A few salient points from Chairman Bob's Little Yellow Book are outlined below:

1. Violent Overthrow of the U.S. Government. We read on the first page of the Constitution:

In order to bring this new socialist state into being, it would be necessary to thoroughly defeat, dismantle and abolish the capitalist-imperialist state of the USA; and this in turn would only become possible with the development of a profound and acute crisis in society and the emergence of a revolutionary people, in the millions and millions, who have the leadership of a revolutionary communist vanguard and are conscious of the need for revolutionary change and determined to fight for it.

When Avakian talks about the "fight," he doesn't mean winning hearts and minds through education, persuasion and protest marches; he means armed struggle and the violent overthrow of the U.S. government with "armed forces and militia."

Sedition seems so old-fashioned, but doesn't this qualify?

2. Opening the "dungeons." Further evidence of the violent nature of the Communist Revolution:

[W]ith the advance of that revolutionary struggle, as territory was increasingly wrenched from the control of the imperialists, growing numbers of people who had been imprisoned under the rule of those imperialists came under the jurisdiction of the advancing revolutionary forces.

These prisoners would then be re-educated to "become conscious partisans of the revolutionary cause."

Thankfully, Avakian writes, "the right to employment and income is guaranteed...[and] 'common crime' has ceased to be a major social problem." Prisons are still required however for fat cat bankers and other enemies of the state who commit "political crimes," i.e., resisting the Revolution.

3. Autonomy for "minority and formerly oppressed nationalities."


  • African-Americans have the right to vote on the creation of an autonomous region comprising "the southern part of the former imperialist United States of America." This decision will be made by a special vote, in which only African-Americans are eligible to participate. The African-American population of the southern states is around 35 million out of 115 million. Thus 80 million southerners will be displaced or disenfranchised.

  • (Good luck on this. Fat chance of defeating gun rich, fight-at-the-drop-of-a-hat, Redneck, Hillbilly, Country Boy, Confederates. BT)
  • ========
  • The same conditions hold for Mexican-Americans in "what was the southwest region of the former United States of America," and in other cities and regions with significant black or Hispanic populations. I hope Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon have been taking Spanish lessons.
  • Native Americans will be granted autonomy with "the necessary territories but also the resources." All oppressed peoples are equal but some are less equal than others and require "special assistance and support."

Avakian accuses Amerikkka of racism, but advocates the establishment of segregated, overtly racist regions.

4. Special Tribunals: Continuing the tradition of the French and Russian revolutions, and the Khmer Rouge regime, "special Tribunals" will be "established to preside in cases of war crimes and other crimes against humanity" committed by "former members and functionaries of the ruling class of the imperialist USA and its state and government apparatus." These enemies of the state will "be imprisoned or otherwise deprived of rights and liberties." The death penalty will be prohibited "once such circumstances of extraordinary emergency have been overcome." No word about whether public guillotines will be set up for Wall Street bankers and government officials.

We read further that "those who played a leading role in opposing the revolution" will not be "accorded citizenship" and will be "deprived of the right to vote."

5. Prohibition of capitalism. Section 2: "The private ownership of means of production and other capital, and the hiring of wage labor by owners of private capital, shall be prohibited."

Section 5: "Means of production, and other private capital and wealth of the former capitalist-imperialist ruling class of the United States of America, shall be expropriated, without compensation, and converted into state/public property."

The power to abolish private property is absolute. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

6. Immigration: Chairman Bob abhors the "xenophobic and fascist anti-immigrant atmosphere" of the imperialistic USA. He will grant citizenship to everyone currently living here, with the exception of capitalist enemies of the state. The Socialist Republic however is not an open borders state. Immigrants who apply for asylum "must follow the relevant laws and procedures which have been established" and must "pledge to act in compliance with the [Socialist] Constitution." This is more restrictive than our current immigration laws, although it might be irrelevant since Communist countries never have to worry about excessive immigration into their hellholes.

American Communists and other assorted collectivists have spent decades hiding their true agendas under more palatable names like progressivism, socialism, cultural Marxism, anti-globalism, multiculturalism and global warming activism. Marxists like Saul Alinsky and Antonio Gramsci recognized that American soil was not fertile ground for Communism, and counseled a secretive strategy of gradual subversion from within, what Gramsci called "the long march through the institutions." It is therefore jolting to see Communists advocating for Communism without dissimulating their true intent. No doubt they expect that after decades of anti-capitalist, anti-American curriculum in schools and universities, and similar views in the press and pop culture, the long march has paid off, and the time for revolution has arrived.

Ray Lotta has made appearances at Occupy Wall Street, but it doesn't appear that the RCP instigated or plays a leadership role in the demonstrations. It is disturbing however to imagine the Occupiers -- better described as the 1% than the 99% -- nodding their heads in agreement with the Socialist Constitution's most radical proposals, assuming that the key tenets could be condensed to 140 characters or scribbled on placards. Groups like the Revolutionary Communist Party can damage our country, but one hopes that despite years of indoctrination, a majority of Americans will continue to reject the ideas in this evil manifesto.

Genghis Khan Exhibition

Via Global Guerrillas

Exhibit Walk-through

Genghis Khan: The Exhibition is comprised of several connecting modules for venues of 6500 square feet to 15,000 square feet.

The storyline follows the arc of Genghis Khan’s dramatic life—from illiterate, tormented child to the millenium’s greatest ruler, coupled with the rise of an unparalleled empire of freedom and innovation which he created. It is illustrated with media, interactives, atmospheric presentations, performances of art and artisanship, and not least, a unique collection of artifacts from the world he so quickly created and which so quickly dissolved with his death.

Attendees will come away with a new appreciation of a uniquely inspired reformer wrongly framed as a barbarian in Western culture. Through Genghis Khan’s life we see the formulation of his concepts and achievements in creating a nation, a language, a meritocracy, and a web of communication and artistic and religious freedom and safety. And we gain an appreciation of how this culture contrasted with the path of Western 13th century as the distinctive Mongolian horse-based culture, the world's last and one greatly in peril.

Entry Corridor.
Visitors enter a darkened and spot-lit corridor with the look of Mongolian landscape, people, and culture today. The entry is a theater where timed ticket access is provided at 5 minute intervals by an attendant in costume, to a 3-minute preliminary documentary with available footage on the life and influence of Genghis Khan.


99-0: Senate tells Justice: No tax dollars for gunrunning programs

An amendment offered by a Texas Republican to prohibit taxpayer funds from being used by the Justice Department to conduct gunrunning investigations similar to the failed “Fast and Furious” operation passed unanimously Tuesday in the Senate with bipartisan support.

Sen. John Cornyn, a senior member of the SenateJudiciary Committee, sought the amendment to the $128 billion Justice Department spending bill amid reports that investigations similar to the Arizona-based Fast and Furious, which he called “ill-advised,” were under way in other areas, including Texas.

“Todays bipartisan effort is just the first step towards ensuring that such a foolish operation can never be repeated by our own law enforcement,” Mr. Cornyn said. “The onus is now on Attorney General Holder to hear not just todays bipartisan call for answers but the American peoples demands that Washington be held accountable.

Rep. Allen West Assails Occupy Wall Street for 'Laughable Hypocrisy

Rep. Allen West denounces the Occupy Wall Street movement for “laughable hypocrisy” and contends that it is dangerous that some in Washington, including President Barack Obama, are embracing the nationwide wave of protests.

During an extensive interview with Newsmax.TV, the Florida Republican also:
  • Blames Washington for the nation’s economic problems.
  • Decries Obama’s “class warfare rhetoric.”
  • Insists that Attorney General Eric Holder should resign over the Operation Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal.
  • And says Obama should “dust off” his Nobel Peace Prize and return it, considering the military ventures he has advanced during his administration.

Making Sense of Revolution

Via Bazz

“In France, before the revolution, everybody was trying to get some special privilege,” explained our historian wife. “The rich and powerful always found some way to get ahead. I guess they always do. One had a monopoly on selling tobacco. Another had the right to collect taxes from some area in France. Still another got to sell fine fabrics or import china. Almost the entire aristocracy had been turned into zombies.

“The government was broke. It desperately needed money. So it began to squeeze everyone it could. This just made the situation worse.”

Meanwhile, the underlying economy was changing fast. While the zombies still controlled most of the land and the government, a new class of merchants and entrepreneurs was creating real wealth. This new dynamic bourgeoisie needed to get the zombies off its back.

The French Revolution began sensibly, with petitions and peaceful movements. The Estates General was convened. Grievances were heard. Change was promised. A great reform was proposed. And for a while, it looked as though France was on its way to becoming a constitutional democracy, like England, with its monarch and aristocracy still with heads on their shoulders, but with reduced powers. It looked like it might work…a peaceful revolution…an evolution towards a better system, one better suited to the needs of the new capitalistic era, with fewer zombies.

But it was not to be…the zombies dug in their heels. They resisted change…just like the elite always does. They could no more agree to give up their privileges than the elite in Washington today can agree to give up its revenues.

But the show must go on. Entrenched elites do no readily evolve; but history cannot be stopped. The unstoppable force of the Industrial Revolution and the Enlightenment ran right into the immoveable object of the monarchy and the privileged classes. The result? A huge, violent crash. The Committee of Public Safety…the Reign of Terror…and the Napoleonic Wars.

What’s ahead for the US and other developed countries? We don’t know. But the tax-spend-and-borrow model no longer works. Because these economies aren’t growing fast enough to keep up with the rising debt. Soon, they will be overwhelmed.

What then? Will they be able to reform themselves? Will “change” be more than a campaign slogan?

What Bastille will be stormed by the mobs? Whose head will roll?

We will have to wait to find out.

The Statist's Burden

Via Fight the Power

Kent for Liberty
In a past century it was called "the white man's burden". Now it isn't the burden of the "white man", but of statists of every "race" who feel the "burden" to spread their particular brand of State- be it democracy or Islam- in order to rescue everyone else from their own "depravity" or chaos.

Well, Statist, is your burden too heavy? I can relieve you of your burden right now. Your "statist's burden" is all in your head. You are unwanted. Go away and take your misplaced "burden" with you. You don't need to "save" us wretched anarchists from freedom.

We don't need your police. We don't need your "laws". We don't need you to "protect" us from contaminated food, or from the improper use of our devices. We don't need you to try to direct traffic. We don't need you to imprison people for eating or smoking whatever they choose. We don't need you to provide for "the common good" or "public" anything. We don't need you to keep us safe from (other) terrorists or to secure the borders.

We don't need YOU. Seriously. We really don't need you. So just stop being a dick and get on with your life and don't force us to defend ourselves from your unwanted attention. It's the only way to avoid the approaching unpleasantness.

Real Rules for Fake Radicals

What will the much-ballyhooed Occupy Wall Street movement do when it’s officially declared to be on life support? If you believe the Los Angeles Times, the OWS movement is going from protest to policy. That’s a nice way to say that the movement is moving from protest to oblivion.

The media is already trying to sell us on why we won’t be hearing anything about this “movement” in a couple of weeks. If you think we will, you’re higher than a giraffe’s naughty bits. Get off the crack pipe!

Occupants are outraged because they can’t convince anybody to foot their bill. The Tea Party formed because America is more broke than the Ten Commandments due to thieves such as the Occupants.

Obama and his liberal cronies have put America in the Greater Depression, with the worst job creation in decades and possibly the worst monetary policy in the history of a non-African nation. Yet Democrats remain “pessimistically optimistic” of their chances for four more years of hope and change.

So what if they lost Ted Kennedy’s seat? Forget the shellacking of 2010. Dismiss the loss of a Congressional seat Democrats had held for 88 years in NY-9. Those were seismic anomalies. The left is not worried, because they have a playbook, and the plays have worked since forever.

“Once the novelty wears off, these ’60s retro retreads will return to living off productive citizens until they can access their trust funds.”

The OWS movement—which fell off the stage, got rushed to the emergency room, and is currently at DNC Medical Center ICU, breathing on a ventilator—will save them, they think. But history will not be asking, “What were you doing during the Occupy Wall Street movement?”

Since we read their playbook, in the spirit of fairness I graciously present the Tea Party Playbook. Even if you’re a fake radical, these are real rules that work:

Rule #1: Common ground can’t be on quicksand.


When is it OK to Call Someone a Nazi?

Godfather Politics


It depends which end of the political spectrum you’re on. If you’re a liberal, everybody who does not agree with you is a Nazi. So it was OK for Susan Sarandon twice to call Pope Benedict a “Nazi.”[1]

It’s not that Sarandon was not condemned. She was. Political journalist and Senior Editor of the American Spectator John Fund took her to task for the Nazi reference.

Actress and activist Susan Sarandon is just the latest in a conga line of celebrities who love to curry favor with the politically correct crowd.

At a panel discussion over the weekend at the elite Hampton Film Festival on New York’s Gold Coast, La Sarandon opined that she had once sent a copy of a book to the pope. “The last one. Not this Nazi one we have now,” she explained.

She later repeated the slur at a cocktail party held afterwards.

Crowds at both venues were unfazed by the remark and lavished praise on the Oscar-winning actress for her work and her recent show of solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protestors.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) also called on Sarandon to apologize for her slur. “National Director Abraham H. Foxman was quoted as saying in an ADL statement. ‘Ms. Sarandon may have her differences with the Catholic Church, but that is no excuse for throwing around Nazi analogies. Such words are hateful, vindictive and only serve to diminish the true history and meaning of the Holocaust.’”

So far, except from these organizations and conservative commentators, Sarandon will still be able to work in Hollywood. I suspect, however, that a lot of studios will think twice about hiring her, especially if one of her movies flops and the money-backers find out that it was her liberal beliefs and Nazi references that sunk the film.

Did you see how quickly ESPN dropped Hank Williams, Jr. after his Nazi comment on FOX News even though he didn’t call anyone a Nazi? Was it foolish? Yes. But not as foolish as Roseanne Barr dressing up like Adolf Hitler and baking cookies as if they were Jews in gas ovens. As far as I can tell, she’s still working and so is Susan Sarandon.

  1. Like nearly all German youths, Pope Benedict, then called Joseph Ratzinger, was a member of the Hitler Youth, a paramilitary Nazi group. Membership was mandatory for German teens during the Nazi regime. If he was a Nazi, then nearly every teenager living in Germany at that time was a Nazi. []

AWA: Americans With Attitude



by Bob Moriarty

(Editor’s note: The penultimate paragraph is one of the most sobering I’ve read in many months. And it’s nearly impossible to argue with the author’s conclusions. Blood will likely be spilled, and that may just be the beginning of the end.)

It doesn’t take long to overthrow a government. Algeria took a couple of months, Egypt took only three weeks. As of now, the Occupy Wall Street event is in its fourth week. It took three weeks of total silence for the news media before they even began to pay attention.

The Revolution probably started on September 24th as Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna of the New York Police Department casually took out a pepper spray canister and blasts some young women already in the custody of the police. It was all caught on camera as he slithered away.

The mainstream media has yet to really come to grips with the protest. Neither Wall Street nor Washington DC has yet to come to terms with the protests that have now spread all over the country.

It’s true there is no coherent and single message coming from the protestors. All revolutions begin as an unorganized mob of people each with their own agenda. What neither Washington, nor Wall Street get is that Americans are finally waking up. Sure, lots of people were talking about the dangers of derivatives years ago and the stealing going on in Wall Street. But Americans had it pretty good and as long as the paychecks came in, everything was just fine.

Paychecks have stopped for 23.1% of Americans now unemployed; many will never again hold a well-paid job. Those jobs have been shipped overseas and today some 46 million Americans are on food stamps. You can take your pick as to what has caused this attitude adjustment on the part of Americans. An incredible 22.5% of mortgages are underwater. Do the owners of those houses really believe prices will recover or are they hanging on like a cat trying to climb a chalkboard?

Americans have an attitude. It’s going to get worse until we have a massive revolution in the way this country is run. Objectively speaking, it is a no win situation. The government has made promises they cannot possibly honor. Many jobs have been lost forever and Americans are going to go through a long and painful process of adjusting to living with less, in many cases, a lot less.

The 1% doesn’t get it and every time a Rove or Bloomberg or Cantor open their mouths, it becomes more obvious. Americans are pissed and they will continue to multiply on the streets until we have a change of government and attitude.

We can count on the government and police to overreact. They always do and it always makes the change far more violent. The police will start shooting protestors with no reason. Protestors will go home, pick up some of the 194 million guns in the United States and come back and start shooting cops. (I'm far from convinced that the current batch of protestors, on the whole, will do this, but if so, Patriots should stand by and take back/restore the Republic from the remnants.)

This is all very predictible and the outcome is predestined. $195 trillion dollars worth of debt exists in the world and only $150 trillion dollars worth of assets exist. We have to write down the debt and start over with an honest financial system. You cannot have honesty in government without honesty in money.

Bob Moriarty is president of

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