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NC: Survey: Should the statue in front of Chatham County courthouse stay or go

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With the most recent discussion about the future of the Confederate statue located at the front of the Chatham County courthouse in Pittsboro, we have decided to run an online survey through the end of this month. 

 Take the poll HERE


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The term “Dixie-cide” came to mind, for some unknown reason, early this morning while I was still in bed. It was too early to get up for the day, and, being a night owl (when I do much of my research and writing) I am not noted as an early riser.

Wanting to assure myself that this term was not original with me, I checked it out on the internet and found that this term had been used in an excellent article by Dissident Mama back in 2017 that was published by the Abbeville Institute. I don’t recall seeing the article at the time, but with my faulty memory, I may have and just don’t remember.

I’ve read some of Dissident Mama’s  articles on various topics over the years and have usually found myself pretty much in agreement with the sentiments expressed in them. We are, as some would say, pretty much on the same page. So as I went back and read the Dixie-cide  article I had to agree with the sentiments expressed therein.

The New Jewish Exodus, by Lewis Regenstein

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John A. 'Jeff' Davis || 2/10/1930--1/4/2012

Some of the author's writings

Rebuttal of Boteach's South-Bashing By Lewis Regenstein

Liberals leaving the Democrat Party don’t have to become Trump supporters or even join the Republicans.

This Passover, it would not surprise me if some Jews left a place at their table for Elijah – Elijah Cummings that is, the House Democrat who chaired the recent hearings where President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, spilled the beans.

Many Jews have traditionally been attracted to liberal, leftist and “progressive” causes and leaders, having voted for Democrats at rates of 70 to 79 percent in recent national elections. But there is now a movement afoot to make an “Exodus” (or “Jexodus” as some millennials call it) from the Democrat Party, prompted by its welcoming into its ranks anti-Semites, haters of Israel, and supporters of Louis Farrakhan. Not just low-ranking radicals like representatives Ilhan Omar (Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (Mich.), but until recently Deputy Democratic National Committee head Keith Ellison, a former associate of Farrakhan.

Right to Know: A Historical Guide to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

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Historical Guide to the Freedom of Information Act

Information has taken on a whole new meaning in the digital age, a time when sensitive data is either too easily accessible or not accessible enough. This issue of access to information encompasses fundamental human rights – specifically the freedom of speech as well as the right to privacy.

Because it’s a primary means of maintaining transparency and accountability within government policies and decision-making in both the United States and around the globe, information is more valuable than ever to both government agencies and our individual lives. This guide takes an in-depth look at FOIA history and the importance of exercising your right to know.

ID'd as Bodies From C5A Crash. I didn't know there were pictures of the dead occupants.

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Terrible and to think I probably knew some of them.

Twila Donelson

Sen. Jim Perry: NC state audit reveals $800 million in overpayments for Medicaid

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Sen. Jim Perry (R) - Lenoir, Wayne

A recent audit of how the how the state of North Carolina managed Medicaid payments over the last three years has left me shaking my head in disbelief.

The audit, conducted by Democratic state auditor Beth Wood and the subject of a recent presentation to stakeholders, concludes that the state Department of Health and Human Services massively overpaid providers, failed to monitor whether Medicaid beneficiaries were even eligible for the program, and missed hundreds of thousands of dollars of Medicaid funds spent on luxury resorts and lobbyists.

Forget, for one moment, the idea about placing blame, or criticizing DHHS. Let’s focus on understanding the issue.

More @ Neuse News

Yesterday’s Country: Not to Worry, They Can’t Innovate


The list could be extended at length to cover numbers of patents awarded, scientific papers published, quantum communications, investment in education and technological research and development, supercomputers and chip design and many other things. Beijing is clearly bent on Making China Great Again–as why should it not? Meanwhile America focuses more on transgender bathrooms and whether Bruce Jenner is a girl than on its endless and draining wars. China sends its brightest to the world’s best technical school while America makes its universities into playpens for the mildly retarded. The country crumbles but spends drunkenly of defective fighter planes it doesn’t need in the first place.

This won’t work a whole lot longer.

 Article @ Fred On Everything

Tom Fitton: No Special Counsels–Time to Prosecute Anti-Trump Deep Staters & More

Tom Fitton: Barack Obama Should be Questioned Under Oath about Spy Gate & Trump Targeting

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Signs Gun Confiscation Bill: More than 50% of County Sheriff's will Refuse to Enforce it.

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Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) signed into law on Friday the Democrats’ gun confiscatory Red Flag legislation.

The legislation allows courts to issue orders for the confiscation of individuals’ guns.

Tribune Ledger News reported that the legislation, House Bill 1177, did not garner a single Republican vote. And more than half of Colorado’s county governments have voiced opposition to the bill, making clear they have no plans to enforce it.

More @ Breitbart

Time columnist Christopher J. Hale tweeted that a friend who works at the cathedral told him “cathedral staff said the fire was intentionally set”…

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Attacks on French Churches

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Update 2: Ever careful to watch for false-flags and conspiracy theory concerns, video is emerging of a Gilets-Jaunes in black clothes at one of the two towers half an hour after the start of the fire at Notre-Dame...

One definite way to disenfranchise the yellow vests - as they crush French autocracy - would be to set them up as the fall-guys for this national disaster. Surely that is not possible!

More @ Zero Hedge

The Notre Dame Fire, comment on

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I have had a long career in construction, renovation, and modernization of old buildings.  That career carried me through the Corps of Engineers, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, and the VA.  None of my projects were as historic as Notre Dame, none so old, none so revered.  But all of them incorporated extensive measures of fire prevention.  Continuous daily inspections, constant attention to trash accumulations, and any possibility of fire starting in a structure with it's integral fire protection systems down, were a HUGE worry for me.  Not a joke or bureaucratic BS.  It was my custom to walk the job after hours to be certain the site was safe and secure.  My responsibility, one I took very seriously.

'Hot Work' required special permits, planning and scheduling.  Fire Watches were established, equipment and personnel deployed, sensors and alarms jury rigged.  Smoke detectors and temperature rise devices put in place.  Combustibles removed as a regular part of housekeeping on the work site.
Sometimes the seven 'P's hindered the work, but by and large, we succeeded.

So, forgive me if I doubt the official story . . . that this was an 'accidental' fire.  Notre Dame was no neighborhood Kwik-Lube convenience store.Given the historic, cultural, architectural, age and moral importance of  the Cathedral . . . nobody took care to be sure of its safety and security? There was no 'Me'?  An utterly irreplaceable icon and they allowed workers to run amok?  Trash and combustibles to accumulate?  No Paris Fire Department liaison?  As Lame Duck as I am, as lazy, incompetent civil servant as you'd find, we never lost a building or a ship.  So 'scuse me!

Further, I DO NOT ACCEPT this crap about this being God's Judgement.  Time to remember GOD HAS ENEMIES!


" have a fire on the roof of Notre-Dame, someone had to bring something there, and lit it up."

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Here is the latest update from Maxime Lépante, our French correspondent in France (emphasis is mine):

This is an update about what we know today about the fire that destroyed the roof and parts of the vaults of Notre-Dame:

1) Restoration work hadn’t started on the roof. The scaffolding were still being put in place. The architect in chief of the “Monuments Historiques” (“Historical Monuments”, the administration that maintains and repairs monuments in France), Philippe Villeneuve, who was responsible for the refurbishing of the spire of Notre-Dame, has stated that : “Work had not started yet, scaffoldings were still being built” 
More @ Pamela Geller

Pennsylvania Governor Calls for Total Ban on all Semi-Automatic Weapons

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Just one day after a gun-rights rally in Pittsburgh that attracted hundreds of gun owners protesting the city’s proposed “assault weapons” ban, Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf voiced his support for a complete ban on all semi-automatic weapons.

When asked by KDKR Newsradio host Larry Richert whether the state of Pennsylvania should restrict or eliminate semi-automatic weapons, Gov. Wolf responded, “I think they should. I support that. Those are the weapons that killed those innocent people in Squirrel Hill and have done so much damage in schools and in places all around the country. We shouldn’t have those [guns].”

More @ Guns America

Rolling Stone Magazine Argues Rebuilding of Notre Dame Cathedral Shouldn't Reflect France's White/Catholic History, But Its Multicultural (Muslim) Future

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The horrible fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral, the magnificent 800-year-old structure serving as a beautiful symbol of western civilization, is still smoldering. Yet there exists those who argue it shouldn’t be rebuilt to its original form, because of the large Muslim population now residing in France.

And, of course, anyone who notices this large Muslim population is immediately an Islamophobe or a member of the far-right… [How Should France Rebuild Notre Dame?: Much of the structure survived the blaze — but as rebuilding efforts move forward, the country will be left with a big question: What does the cathedral mean to 21st-century France?, Rolling Stone, April 16, 2019]: