Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston's last song: "Yes, Jesus Loves Me"

Whitney Houston's last days were spent surrounded by family, catching up with old friends and doing a bit of what she was best known for: singing.

Her death Saturday afternoon in a Beverly Hills hotel room came hours before she was scheduled to appear at an annual pre-Grammy party that introduced her to the industry decades ago and was expected to honor the six-time Grammy winner.

The 48-year-old singer had been making the rounds in the days before the event, appearing at rehearsals and offering advice to singers Monica and Brandy.

As Obama promised: Three Coal Power Plants Closing

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Ohio based FirstEnergy Corporation announces it will close three coal fired power plants in West Virginia by this fall. The closings come directly from the impact of new federal EPA regulations.

Obama 2012: Time To Embrace The Horror

Prosecute them!

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The GOP Suppress's Ron Paul Vote In Maine

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"...... in Washington County, where Paul had expected to perform well, the caucus was postponed until Feb. 18 due to an expected snowstorm. Washington County Republican Chairman Chris Gardner told the AP he had no idea when the caucuses were postponed that his county would no longer count toward the grand total.

“This is an outrage," John Tate, Paul's campaign manager, said in an email to supporters. "But our campaign is in this race to win, and will stay in it to the very end."

Paul's campaign has accused the local GOP of postponing the caucuses to prevent the results from being reported on Saturday, arguing that "just the votes of Washington County would have been enough to put us over the top."

The campaign is also dismissing the notion that weather was a reasonable excuse for the caucuses to be put off.

“This is Maine we’re talking about," Tate said. "The Girl Scouts had an event today in Washington County that wasn’t cancelled!"

Paul's aides have maintained that the Texas congressman will wind up with the most delegates from Maine, despite Romney's apparent victory Saturday night. Maine's caucuses are non-binding, and delegates are selected at a state convention in May.

Now is the time to become Minutemen

Riots and fire bombs in Greece

Coming to our shores?

North Carolina Patriots of ’61 – Duplin County’s “Confederate Greys”

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial Commission"

Duplin County supplied many men for North Carolina’s war effort from Duplin Roads (now Wallace), Kenansville, Warsaw, Magnolia and Faison who fought in Virginia as well as in the fortifications around Wilmington at Forts Fisher and Anderson on the Cape Fear River. Among the first units formed as local militia were the “Spartan Band” of Captain A.G. Moseley (later Company A, 38th North Carolina); the “Duplin Rifles” (organized at Kenansville in 1859, later in the 12th and 48th North Carolina Regiments) under Captain Thomas S. Kenan; the Duplin Stars which became Company C, 51st North Carolina; the Duplin Turpentine Boys which became Company E, 30th North Carolina; and the “Confederate (Duplin) Greys” under Captain Claudius B. Denson, originally of Suffolk, Virginia. His lieutenants were R.P. James, L.T. Hicks, and L.W. Hodges.

The latter was a unit largely composed of students at the Franklin Military Institute near Faison, founded by Denson in 1858 and the first military school in North Carolina. It was among the first to offer services in defense of North Carolina to Governor John W. Ellis, and it was equipped by “company members, families and patriotic friends.” The “Duplin Greys” eventually became Company E of the 20th North Carolina Regiment under Colonel (later General) Alfred Iverson and Colonel Frank J. Faison of Duplin. The 20th and fought at Malvern Hill, Seven Days, Mechanicsville, Cold Harbor, South Mountain, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Petersburg and the Shenandoah Valley. In fierce battle at Gettysburg on the first day, the 20th North Carolina Regiment lost every officer killed, wounded or captured (of 24 being present), and only 16 men of the regiment led by Lt. J.F. Ireland marched away from Gettysburg.

The names of the officers and soldiers of the Duplin units include: Hicks, Sprunt, Oliver, Grimes, Blalock, Carr, Kornegay, Wright, Barfield, Brinson, Brock, Branch, Davis, Farrior, Faison, Futrall, Grady, Hall, Huggins, Kellit, Kenan, Lanier, Outlaw, Padgett, Rogers, Strickland, Swinson, Southerland, Tew, Wallace, Westbrook and Winders. Additionally, many Duplin men served in the “Herring Artillery” under Captain William A. Herring in Company I of the 2nd North Carolina Artillery serving at Fort Johnson in Smithville. Lieutenant Robert B. Carr of Duplin County was wounded at Gettysburg and captured along with Col. Thomas S. Kenan; Carr became one of the “Immortal 600” Southern officers used as human shields in front of Northern artillery batteries at Charleston in 1864. Nearly starved by his captors, he finally died on July 3, 1865 of chronic intestinal disorders. Both of his brothers, Joseph and John, were killed in the war.

After the war, Captain Denson of the Duplin Greys opened the Pittsboro Scientific Academy in Chatham County, and in 1887 relocated to Raleigh where with Professor Hugh Morsen founded the Raleigh Male Academy, and served as president of the North Carolina Teachers’ Assembly, and secretary of the State Board of Charities. One of his main interests was an effort to establish a reformatory for young criminals in North Carolina, and this led to the Stonewall Jackson Training School at Concord, North Carolina which opened six years after his death, which occurred in 1903.

Sources: Historical Essays, Cape Fear Historical Institute,; Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, William S. Powell.

Duplin County’s “Confederate Greys”

The Two-Tier System in Action

Gate of Vienna
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The English Defence League often discusses the two-tier system of justice and policing in Britain. There are two sets of rules, one applying to Muslim immigrants, the other applying to “persons of British background”. Needless to say, the law lets Muslims off very lightly, if it punishes them at all, while white Britons are punished severely for the same — or much less serious — offenses.

Using CCTV footage from two separate incidents, Vlad Tepes illustrates the two-tier system in action. In the first sequence you’ll see young Muslim women in Leicester beating up a native British girl while calling her a “white slag” and other racially-charged epithets. In the second you’ll see a group of whites in Carlisle hurling racial insults — but using no violence — against the proprietor of a kebab shop.

First case: The girls walked out of court with no prison time.

Second case: The people shouting insults were sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

This is the reality of “justice” in Modern Multicultural Briton:

Ted Nugent Speaks out Against Obama and Gun Control. Hilarious!

Drug Smuggler Breach Fence 2012

Drug smugglers use a high lift jack to raise a fence panel allowing back packers to easily cross into the U.S.. Drug smugglers carrying bundles of marijuana open a hole on the border fence and simply walk into the US along an unwatched section of aouthern Arizona.



Confederate Ironclad sighted!

On Ron Paul: "Time for a generational change? I give the man a chance…"

Angry White Dude
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Folks, I do not intend to whoop a dead horse here. I know there are some of us here who will not vote for Paul. I have been flirting with the ranks of those who will not vote for any other. (I have reserved the notion of voting straight ticket, so I can click my heels together three times and say that I didn’t vote for another RINO disaster) Still others indicate that they will, once again, “hold their nose and vote for Anybody But Obama.”

Newt is exactly what his name says- a cold-blooded amphibian with no real principles. He has serious baggage to carry the “party of family values” banner. Romney is another New England soft-and-scquzzy moderate, what we in the South call a “Democrat.” The architect of Obamacare, for crying out loud. Arguably, the most conservative mainstream candidate remaining is Santorum[[1]]. His rise in recent polls may reflect this, or it may just be because of carrying less baggage.

As Santorum seems to rise, I’ve been learning more about him. I was starting to warm to him a bit, thinking that he may rise to “acceptable” as an alternate candidate. Until I was reminded why I usually skip breakfast:

I got involved with the Tea Party for three (count ‘em, 3) reasons:

-Constitutionally Limited Government
-Fiscal Responsibility
-Free Markets

Since the PATMYCROTCH Act, and NDAA, Homeland Security, etc., those beliefs probably get me my own satellite, or at least an FBI agent. And these bogus laws have come from both “sides.” As Patrick Buchanan says, “The left and right wings- of the same buzzard.” On top of this, the Federal Reserve which controls our worthless Dollar has openly announced its intent of devaluing our currency by 33% over the next 20 years[[2]]. Save much, y’all? Lookin’ forward to retirement are we?

Let me talk about something else- the so-called “electability issue.” News flash- a whole lot of people just think that there’s no difference, or (probably correctly) that they’re all out to screw us. Who among us here really thinks that the government can “do something” about the predicament we are in, other than get out of the way and let the (truly) free markets restore us to prosperity? I found out just the other day that my own baby sister is not registered to vote. My dear grandmother never voted in her life. In fact, about 40% of the American electorate doesn’t bother[[3]]. Think that statistic applies to Acorn? To dead New Orleans residents? To illegal immigrants? Why not try someone who is not a traditional politician? I’ve seen (can’t find it right off) polls that say Paul could even capture 20% of registered Democrats, and we know he motivates his followers. Give ‘em someone who is different.

I also realize that some of us have problems with Paul’s foreign policy. After all, we are the WorldCops™ and with good reason! Right? Reasons like, so South Korea can expand its manufacturing base and sell us Kias and stuff while we pay to defend the world? Nuclear Iran- ok, having a Physics background with an interest in big things that go “boom,” and being a casual student of History, I feel qualified to throw out some observations there.

First, Iran seems to be, from all accounts, skipping the first phase of nuclear weapons development (15-25kt yield), in favor of heading straight to phase 2 (150kt yield). The Physics are already well-established. They are developing the appropriate delivery systems. Even if they get 6 or 12 of these, that is simply not enough, by itself, to “wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.” Not close. 98% of Israelis will still need a plug-in electric night light. (reference to making the place a glass-paved, self-lighted parking lot)

Second, I don’t pretend to know who or what or when, but if we wait long enough we will see nuclear weapons used- oh, wait, I was right- 1945! Any doubt, look up a fella named Hiram Maxim, who developed the weapon so terrible that no one would ever think of using it. And we are irritating the Chinese and Russians, who are better armed than Iran ever will be, with our sanctions on their trading partner. Trading with those countries pretty much makes our sanctions irrelevant anyway. Think the Chinese won’t get oil from anywhere they can (*cough*cough*GulfOfMexicoandCanadahem*)?

Some of you say that four more years of Obama will be the end- game over. I would ask you, how many years of Mittens would it take? Will we still be able to fight by then? Will we still have any notion of Liberty after 8 years of Noot? Will the Republican brand be so tarnished by then that people will be willing to try the Socialist Party as an alternative to the Democrats?

We are all clamoring for a “real alternative.” AWD himself has ridiculed anyone who would take a pocketknife to the Federal government, claiming that it requires a chain saw. And the last few “Republicans” haven’t really done much for us, either. Time for a generational change? I give the man a chance…


Ok, start bashing me now.

Tavor 21 bullpup = "We'd like to have it ready to go before the election"

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60-year-old fighter plane barely damaged after perfect belly landing

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State Department warns travelers that most of Mexico is dangerous

What a shame. TJ's OK, but not the rest of the top half of Baja where I used to camp for months at a time.

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Travel warning: Violence spreading in Mexico

Kyle's Story

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Extremely Fast and Dangerous

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2007 Superformance Cobra

557, 606 hp 620 lbs torque on pump gas.
Arguably the nicest and FASTEST Superformance cobra ever produced.
Have Dyno sheet and all paper work on build
Tremic T K O 5 Speed
Soft top and side screens.
Sun Visors and wind wings, , Aluminum pin drive "halibrand" style wheels
Original style gauges (Smith) Reverse 180 mph speedometer, w/ stainless steel roll bar. Moto-Lita wooden steering.

Sharpsburg - 23,000 Candles

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23,000 Candles - One for Each Soldier Killed, Wounded or Missing at the Battle of Sharpsburg

On Saturday evening December 3, 2011, Sharpsburg National Battlefield, in cooperation with the American Business Women's Association, hosted the Annual Sharpsburg National Battlefield Memorial Illumination in honor of those soldiers who fell during the Battle of Sharpsburg.