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NC REP. MEADOWS: We Learned Info Suggesting FBI Secretly Recorded George Papadopoulos in 2016

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Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) said on Wednesday that after conducting several interviews, House investigators have learned information suggesting the FBI was secretly transcribing and recording Trump campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos in 2016.

Meadows called on the DOJ to immediately release the “tapes” to the public.

Donald Trump is Finished | Super Deluxe Super Cuts :)

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Veritas Bombshell: Gillum Staffer Admits Candidate Far-Left, Says Florida A ‘F***ed Up’ ‘Cracker State’

President Trump Rally in Fort Myers, Florida - October 31, 2018

Start around 55.00

10 Races Could Determine Who Controls the House After Midterms


 Doesn't look like a blue wave to me.

With six days and a few hours until the polls open for the 2018 midterm elections, control of the House of Representatives is now down to ten key races.

The battle between Republicans and Democrats for the majority is so tight, it may come to just a handful of districts across the country. These ten districts represent some of the closest battleground races for control of the House majority.

Ten toss-up races remain, down from the 20 identified by Breitbart News on October 19.

The ten remaining toss-up races are:
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‘This is the blue-collar, middle-class Trump Economy’


As Larry Kudlow sat with President Donald J. Trump and Ivanka Trump in the White House State Dining Room, he revealed a telling fact about the new American economy under the Trump Administration.

“We are looking at blue-collar wage increases [that] are rising faster than white-collars,” said Kudlow, Director of President Trump’s National Economic Council. “Now, I’m not against white collars, but I’m saying this is the blue-collar, middle-class Trump Economy”—one where manufacturing and other industries that fuel prosperity in America’s heartland are thriving once again.

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Trump’s Winning Demeanor

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The problem with all the advice to the president urging him to change his demeanor is that it is given for the wrong reason and at the wrong time.

As I have often recounted, since Donald Trump attacks the entire political system and almost everyone in or near it in both parties (including former presidents), it was never going to be possible for him to lower the ferocity of his barrages until it was clear how successful his effort to dislodge or reorient the entire political establishment had been.

Michelle Malkin: Yes, OF COURSE Unvetted Illegal Caravans Threaten Public Health!

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We live in bizarro times. Suddenly, it is controversial to state obvious, neon-bright truths. This week, it has become newsworthy to observe that illegal border-crossers who circumvent required medical screenings are a threat to America's public health and safety.

Just look at these hyperventilating headlines and tweets.

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Dingbat Shepard Smith: "There is no invasion. No one is coming to get you."

He should transfer to CNN.

Miles Of Razor Wire, 5,200 Soldiers Deployed To Southwest Border

“We have enough concertina wire to cover up to 22 miles already deployed to the border. We have additional concertina wire that we can string, with over 150 miles available. Additionally, looking at where the reinforcers are needed so we can get it exactly where CBP wants us to put it.
We’re also bringing three highly experienced and capable combat engineering battalions with expertise in building temporary vehicle barriers, fencing — and we’re bringing them in with heavy equipment which, as we speak right now, is line-hauling towards Texas.
We’re bringing military planning teams that are already actively engaged with their CBP counterparts…We’re bringing three medium-lift helicopter companies in. These are aircraft equipped with the latest technology. They’re enhanced with optics. They have NVGs (night-vision goggles). They have sensors that will allow them to operate at night and be able to provide assistance to bring our CBP personnel exactly where they need to be, regardless of the conditions.
We’ll be able to spot-identify groups and rapidly deploy CBP personnel where they’re needed.
The helicopters will ensure the CBP agents can arrive in the most austere locations. They can fast-rope down if they need to. They can conduct and work their law enforcement activities. These aircraft will also ensure those agents needing medical assistance will be able to get that assistance when required.
In addition, we’re bringing military police units. We’re bringing strategic airlift to bear. As we sit right now, we have three C-130s and a C-17 that is ready to deploy CBP personnel wherever they need to be at any time.
We have deployable medical units. We have the logistical support. We have command posts. We’re bringing, again, command posts so we can combine with CBP, and we have combined command posts where our operational commanders will be working side-by-side to integrate our efforts.”

From Founding Fathers to Fire Eaters
A review of From Founding Fathers to Fire-Eaters: The Constitutional Doctrine of States’ Rights in the Old South (Columbia, SC: Shotwell Publishing, 2018) by James Rutledge Roesch.

Mr. James Rutledge Roesch is doing God’s work with the publication of his book, From Founding Fathers to Fire-Eaters: The Constitutional Doctrine of States’ Rights in the Old South.  Riding to the sound of the cannon, Mr. Roesch has charged straight into the fire of the court historians, the apologists for the deep state left, and has scattered their neo-abolitionists nostrums to the winds.  And he has done so in a style that is accessible to the lay reader, and with evidence that the scholar ignores at his peril.  In order to appreciate the importance of this work, a bit of historiography is in order.More @

Brett Kavanaugh Turns Down Over $600K Raised By GoFundMe Page

 Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh testified in front of the Senate Judiciary committee regarding sexual assault allegations at the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill Thursday, September 27, 2018.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh declined over $600,000 that had been raised for him and his family after the brutal treatment of Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.

Kavanaugh cited judicial ethics concerns as he turned the generous offer down, stating that he appreciated the sentiment but ethics rules precluded him accepting the funds. Travis Lenkner, a former clerk of Kavanaugh’s, sent the statement from Kavanaugh ten days ago, but John Hawkins, the well-known conservative who organized the GoFundMe campaign, said he didn’t publish the letter immediately because he needed time to arrange an alternative destination for the funds.
Kavanaugh’s statement read:

Voting Parameters

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This letter to the editor of the Times News in Hendersonville NC by Dick Kranker was published on October 29. 

With the upcoming mid-term elections and, in fact all elections, as a patriotic American, I urge everyone to please keep the following in mind:

IF:  You like mob rule, vote Democrat; Like uncivil society? Vote Democrat; Excessive regulation of commerce? Vote Democrat; Being judged by your color, gender, ethnicity? Vote Democrat; Anti-religion? Vote Democrat; High taxes to support Socialism? Vote Democrat; High crime? (9 of 10 highest crime cities are Democrat run) Vote Democrat; Open borders? Vote Democrat; The presumption of guilt rather than innocence?  Vote Democrat; You approve of elected officials urging supporters to “get in the face” of political opponents? Vote Democrat; Open displays of disrespect for the flag and the National Anthem? Vote Democrat; Oppose the Second Amendment? Vote Democrat; Want big states to control small states and oppose the Constitutionally mandated Electoral College; Vote Democrat.

But, if you abhor the degradation of traditional American values; Still believe in American  Exceptionalism  and particularly do not approve of any of the forgoing reasons for voting Democrat, by all means vote for those you think still support constitutionally conservative views and live up to their oath to protect and preserve our Constitution. Generally, these will be Republicans.

-Dick Kranker

Silent SAM

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A comment
As a Limey hooched up over 4000 miles away even I am moved by this simple act, so thank you Mr. Becknell. And as a (long retired) soldier I am yet again taken by a quiet fury because as is now so often the case those who give or gave nothing choose to dishonor and try to destroy the memory of those gave their all; they are unfit to share living space with men and women who held and hold the meaning of service and sacrifice as a given, a way of life worth living for the sake of the future of all of us.

He stood on the campus green while the birds chirped in the trees, the same way they had that May morning when he left his books behind and marched away to war. The sunlight filtered down through the tree branches, warm Southern sun dappling the green grass with soft shadows. Through four long year, he'd marched through the snows and rains and parching summers....his boots gave out the first year, but still he marched on. Not much food. Sometimes at night he dreamed of his grandmother's chicken and dumplings set on the table, steam rising from them. And woke to gnaw on a piece of hardtack which was the only food he had left. His ribs were sticking out like those of an old mule he'd once seen that had run off from home and hid in the swamp til near starvation brought him home.

He'd been there that day in 1913, a quiet shadow, when the statue was dedicated. His Polly had been there, too.... a little birdlike woman still wearing her widow's black after 50 years. She was thin, too, painfully thin, and her black dress was carefully mended. She'd gone without a coat in winter, and skipped meals so she could send it pennies and nickles to build the statue. After all the crowd left, she moved hesitantly up to the statue and reached out her thin, wrinkled hand to touch it.... the hand that still wore the ring he'd put on her finger the week before he left for war. Her hand trembled and tears spilled from her pale blue eyes, milky with catracts now. Their reunion wouldn't be for several more years yet.

Now, he's come back to see the statue that's been torn down..... He's come in his ragged uniform, stained with the smoke of many battles. He's come barefoot as he marched and fought. He's come to see the place where this generation of North Carolinians has decided that he was evil and not worthy of a memorial.... where they tore the statue down with hate and violence and cursing and spitting. The silent ghost sheds a tear.

He looks across the campus green.....and hears the birds. And then he sees a young man, dressed as he is.... more solid than a ghost, but just as silent. He sees one lone man who has come to do him honor, dressed in a ragged uniform, barefoot.....

The silent ghost stands beside the silent man and looks at the statue that was built on love and sacrifice for men who died for love and sacrifice.

Do you see him? I do.....and I will NEVER forget.

(May God bless Casey Becknell who traveled to Chapel Hill dressed as a soldier to honor Silent Sam and whose picture inspired these words.)

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Fox's Watters: 'No one blamed' Obama for 'anti-police rhetoric' when cops were shot during his term

AZ Project Veritas: Sen Candidate Sinema "can't be talking about" Gun Bans; Says Arizonans Will "actually shoot you"

American Historians Today

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American Historians Today

“Our Union rests upon public opinion, and can never be cemented by the blood of its citizens shed in civil war. If it cannot live in the affections of its people, it must one day perish.” President James Buchanan, 1860

“A poll of American historians, not long ago, chose James Buchanan as “the worst” American president. But judgements of “best” and worst” in history are not eternal and indisputable truths. They are matters of perspective and values, even of aesthetics. They can change as the deep consequences of historical events continue to unfold and bring forth new understandings.

These historians show their characteristic failure to pursue balance and their subservience to presentism and state worship. They think Buchanan should have ordered a military suppression of the seceded Southern States during the last months of his term of office in 1861.

Not only do they have no sympathy for a desire to avoid civil war, but they totally fail to understand the context. There was only a small army, most of the best officers of which sympathized with the South, and there were eight States that had not seceded but were averse to the action against the Confederacy.

More importantly, there was an immense and powerful and even predominant States’ rights tradition that had its followers in the North as well as in the South. For most Americans, even many who had voted for Lincoln, coercion of the people of a State was unthinkable until it became a fact. These historians prefer Lincoln as our “greatest” president.

He had less than two-fifths of the popular vote, but he had an aggressive rent-seeking and office-seeking coalition behind him, and he did not hesitate to make war, though he had egregiously miscalculated, expecting an easy victory.

That there was much intelligent and respectable opposition to him in the North is perhaps the biggest untold story of American history. Ex-president [Millard] Fillmore said that Lincoln’s election justified secession. Horatio Seymour, the governor of New York, asked pointedly why Lincoln was killing fellow Americans who, indeed, had always been exemplary citizens and patriots ready to defend the North against foreign attack.

A New York editor wanted to know exactly where Lincoln got the right to steal the possessions and burn the houses of Southern noncombatants. On July 4, 1863, while the battle raged at Gettysburg, Buchanan’s predecessor, former President Franklin Pierce, denounced Lincoln’s war in plain words in an extended oration in the capitol at Concord, New Hampshire.

The predominant American historical perspective among American historians today is that imported by communist refugees from Europe in the 1930s. American history is now Ellis Island, the African diaspora and Greater Mexico, and Old America has almost disappeared from attention except as an object of hatred.

For today’s historians, unlike James Buchanan, Southerners are not fellow countrymen and real people, but class enemies who should have been destroyed.”

(Updike’s Grandfather. A Review of “Buchanan Dying: A Play”; Clyde Wilson, Chronicles, January 2014, excerpts pg. 24. (Posted at

Migrant Caravan: U.S. Military Will Have Up to 14,000 Troops, Many Armed, Ready to Intervene at Mexico Border. Also 7,000 on stand by

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The U.S. military will have an actual force of up to 14,000 ready to intervene at the southern border with Mexico, including an additional 7,000 planned deployment in reserves on round-the-clock standby.

The Pentagon announced Monday that it will send up to 5,200 troops to the border ahead of the anticipated arrival of a caravan of Central American migrants that President Donald Trump has warned would not be able to enter the country. These troops, which "are in fact deploying with weapons" will join up to 2,000 National Guards already at the border for a combined force of about 7,200—or about the same amount of U.S. soldiers involved in the battle against the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria.

More @ Newsweek

Goodies from Ol' Remus

art-remus-ident-04.jpg As noted for the photo of Jennings, Maryland in Woodpile Report 549, Garret County is where West Virginia, southern Pennsylvania and western Maryland meet.
The stove is branded "New Torch Light" and almost certainly did duty as both cook stove and heating stove.

art-remus-ident-04.jpg James Dakin at Bison Prepper has a few words for us on the same subject. An excerpt:
The nation state has an implicit contract. Pay your taxes and obey the laws even if no cop is watching, and we will do our best to protect you. When they fail to protect you, that is probabilities and strategic issues, as long as they tried. Now they don’t even try, and go beyond even that and actively try to harm you for their own power and profit. You have no moral obligation to uphold your side of the bargain, since they abandoned theirs.
  Breitbart - Pope Francis Compares Populists to Hitler, Born of ‘Hate’ ... migrants must be welcomed with an open heart and open doors

Courthouse News - Judge Bolsters Orders on Fast and Furious Investigation
A federal judge tore into the government Monday for trying to vacate court orders that denied privilege over records on the botched gun-running operation known as Fast and Furious.
Urban Survival Site - 18 Tips For Bug Out Vehicles ... a four-wheel drive vehicle and plenty of gas is just the start

Edward Erler at American Mind restates what was once accepted and obvious:
No nation is sovereign if it cannot control its borders and have full authority to determine who can become citizens. More than a century ago, the Supreme Court announced what was considered the commonsense understanding of the matter when it remarked that “it is an accepted maxim of international sovereignty, and essential to self-preservation, to forbid the entrance of foreigners within its dominions, or to admit them only in such cases and upon such conditions as it may see fit to prescribe.”
Victor Hanson muses on the contradictions of the "caravan" approaching the southern border through Mexico in his essay at American Greatness. This excerpt stands out even from such rich pickings as Mr. Hanson provides:
Is the United States a saintly or sinful place? Weirdly, and by the very same people seeking its succor, it is often deemed a cruel and awful place—and especially a cruel and awful place because it does not open its borders to the world to enjoy its cruelty and awfulness.
Porter at Twitter, via WRA:
The modern social framework is that whites have responsibilities while non-whites have entitlements.
Every migrant thus represents a new marginal burden. One more person you must praise and provide for as they insult and demand.
Opposition shouldn't be a surprise.
Samuel Culper at Forward Observer comments on the "developing relationship between the Democratic Party and militant left wing groups"
Revolutionary and insurgent sentiment on the Left is growing, and we’re seeing it via sporadic political violence as major Democratic voices can be perceived to give a wink and a nod. In many of today’s insurgent movements, politicians are able to officially reject political violence while maintaining its benefits, carried out by the militant wing...
What we’re seeing today with regard to the Democratic Party and Leftist militant organizations at times reminds me of the relationships often found during insurgencies.

Steve Schmidt Blames Jews: Breitbart, Rush, Levin for Synagogue Shooting: ‘Blood on Their Hands’

Steve Schmidt (Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty)
Breitbart News was founded by two Jews — the late Andrew Breitbart and Larry Solov, who is CEO of the company. Many of the editorial and management staff are Jewish (including this author). The site has a devoted Jerusalem bureau, and was the only online media outlet in the U.S., liberal or conservative, to devote special coverage to the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem earlier this year, including an exclusive interview with U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. Breitbart News has also given special attention to antisemitic attacks; in 2016, the website covered the vandalism of this author’s synagogue, a story that gained national attention.
Mark Levin is also Jewish, reiterating in his show Tuesday — before Schmidt’s remarks — that he is a “proud Jew.” He has received numerous awards from Jewish organizations, including the EMET Speaker of Truth Award in June; he is also being honored this coming Sunday at the annual dinner of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA). Earlier this year, he interviewed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and traveled to Israel for the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.
Piece @ Breitbart

Lindsey Graham to Introduce Bill Ending Birthright Citizenship ‘Magnet’ for Illegal Immigration

 : Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) talks to reporters about the suspect in a vehicle attack in Manhattan during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol November 1, 2017 in Washington, DC. Graham told reporters he talked with President Donald Trump about Graham's belief that the suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, should be …

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) announced on Tuesday that he plans to introduce legislation ending birthright citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants on American soil, citing it as a “magnet for illegal immigration.”

President Donald J. Trump announced on Tuesday that he plans to draft an executive order to end birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants born in America.
Trump told Axios’ Jonathan Swan:
But now they’re saying I can do it with just an executive order. Now, how ridiculous–we are the only country in the world where a person comes in, has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits? It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous–and it has to end.
Sen. Graham cheered Trump’s move against birthright citizenship, citing it as a significant “magnet” for illegal immigration.

More @ Breitbart

Mexican Ambassador to U.S.: Some in Migrant Caravan ‘Very Violent’


The leftist media are pushing the narrative that the thousands of migrants from Central America and elsewhere are just people fleeing violence in their homeland, but during an interview with National Public Radio on Monday, Geronimo Gutierrez, the Mexican ambassador to the U.S., described some of them as “very violent.”

“I want to begin with the facts here,” Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep said. “Seven thousand or so people, which is a lot of people – looks like a lot on TV.”

“But I do know it’s part of this much larger, somewhat ordinary flow of migrants,” Inskeep said. “So how serious a situation is this in the view of your government?”

Gutierrez called it a “humanitarian crisis” and said the Mexican government is “urging people” to enter the country in accordance with its immigration law and that migrants can seek refugee status in Mexico.

“There was an effort to stop them at the border with Guatemala,” Inskeep said. “And in the end, the government more or less let them in. Is that right?”

More @ Breitbart

West Wing Reads

Image result for President Trump to Visit Pittsburgh After Synagogue Massacre

 West Wing Reads

President Trump to Visit Pittsburgh After Synagogue Massacre


“President Trump will visit Pittsburgh on Tuesday to console victims of the synagogue massacre and their families,” S.A. Miller reports for The Washington Times. “White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the president, who will be accompanied by first lady Melania Trump in Pittsburgh, is working to comfort a country heartbroken by the horrific attack and unify Americans to confront anti-Semitism everywhere.”
“Anti-Semitism is a plague to humanity,” Sanders said from the White House yesterday.

“The so-called migrant caravan that’s slowly making its way to the U.S. from Central America is many things to many people. But one thing seems pretty certain: it’s not about seeking ‘asylum,’ or ‘refugee status.’ It’s about getting to the United States at all costs,” the Investor’s Business Daily editorial board writes. “It’s time we take our border seriously, or we’ll end up like those countries in Europe and the Mideast who find their nations no longer governable.”

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been one of the strongest and boldest reforms of President Donald Trump’s first term in office. According to analysis from The Heritage Foundation, the tax law will give hardworking Americans tax breaks in every congressional district and in every state,” Kevin Dayaratna writes in The Daily Signal. See what the average tax cut is in your district here.

“In 2016, President Barack Obama said then-candidate Donald Trump would need a magic wand to deliver on his promise to bring back manufacturing. Turns out, Trump didn’t need a magic wand — all he needed was tax reform,” Abigail Marone writes in the Washington Examiner. “Since President Trump signed the tax cuts, manufacturing has been booming. At least 100 manufacturers have built new facilities, purchased new equipment, hired new employees, and invested in current employees through bonuses and benefit increases.”

#WalkAway March - Stacey Dash: "I've got my First Amendment, followed by my Second Amendment, so 'bring it" & "We Have the Guns so cowboy up!"

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Is This Worse Than ’68?

Is This Worse Than ’68?

Saturday, in Pittsburgh, a Sabbath celebration at the Tree of Life synagogue became the site of the largest mass murder of Jews in U.S. history. Eleven worshippers were killed by a racist gunman.

Friday, we learned the identity of the crazed criminal who mailed pipe bombs to a dozen leaders of the Democratic Party, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

From restaurants to Capitol corridors, this campaign season we have seen ugly face-offs between leftist radicals and Republican senators.

Are we more divided than we have ever been? Are our politics more poisoned? Are we living in what Charles Dickens called “the worst of times” in America? Is today worse than 1968?

Special Counsel and Former FBI Director Robert Mueller Accused of Rape By ‘Very Credible Witness ‘

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller was accused by a very credible witness today of rape at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City in 2010.

A formal press conference is scheduled for Thursday at noon in Washington DC.
Rreporter Jack Burkman tweeted this out today.

FOX News Reporter Reveals Organized Bus Operation Loading Illegal Immigrants for Rides in Mexico

Trump says he will sign executive order banning birthright citizenship


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Silly Remarks and Stoney Silence at Gettysburg

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Of Lincoln’s short address at Gettysburg in late 1863, the president’s secretary John G. Nicolay said “it was revised [for later publication].” Ward Lamon, intimate friend of Lincoln and his US Marshal for the District of Columbia; Historian Shepherd of Baltimore; W.H. Cunningham of the Montgomery (Missouri) Star, who all sat immediately behind Lincoln at Gettysburg, agreed and publicly stated that the speech later published was not the one delivered by Lincoln that day. In addition, both Edward Everett and Seward expressed disappointment and there was no applause for Lincoln. (See: Abraham Lincoln & Jefferson Davis: Two Presidents, C.E. Gilbert & Tom Hudson, Naylor Company, 1973)
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Silly Remarks and Stoney Silence at Gettysburg

“On November 19, 1863, the State of Pennsylvania decided to dedicate the cemetery at Gettysburg. They sent the President of the United States an invitation which went out to many other dignitaries as a matter of courtesy. Pennsylvania had already made arrangements for that dedication.

The address was to be delivered by the foremost orator of the day, Edward Everett, President of Harvard, former Governor of Pennsylvania, and former Ambassador to the Court of St. James. In his 70th year Mr. Everett was a handsome man and a brilliant figure on the platform. The authorities of Pennsylvania gave him two months in which to prepare his address.

Meanwhile the President . . . was looking at this printed circular and thought that maybe he should go, even if only to sit and bow his head for the men and boys from both sides who were buried there.

When the President notified the committee that he would like to come, they were upset. They knew that protocol demanded that the President speak at such a function, and they were worried lest he spoil the effect of Everett’s address. As politely as they knew how they notified the President that Mr. Everett was to make the major address and that he (the President) would be called upon to “say a few words.”

When Everett was introduced, he bowed low to the President, then stood in silence before a crowd of 15,000 people that stretched far out to the limits of the cemetery field. Mr. Everett began low: “Overlooking these broad fields now reposing from the labors of the waning year, the mighty Alleghenies dimly towering before us, the graves of our brethren beneath our feet . . .” He then gave an outline of the causes of the Civil War, and described the terrible three-day battle at Gettysburg. He spoke for one hour and 57 minutes, closing with a peroration from Pericles: “The whole earth is a sepulcher of illustrious men.”

Then came the President’s turn to speak. He fumbled for his steel-rimmed glasses, put his high stove-pipe hat on the floor beside his chair, and took out a wrinkled piece of paper . . .

On the way back to Washington he said that his speech was a flat failure. He had not expected to get the cheers that Everett had received, but he certainly expected a little more than the stony silence that had greeted his remarks.

The next few days came the newspaper stories of the event. The Patriot, a local paper at nearby Harrisburg said: “The President acted without sense . . . so let us pass over his silly remarks.” “The cheek of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly, flat utterances of the President.”

The correspondent for the London Times wrote: “Anything more dull and commonplace it would not be easy to reproduce.”

(The Press Panned Lincoln, But . . ., Harry Golden, Democratic Digest, Clayton Fritchey, editor, Democratic National Committee, December 1953, (reprinted from the Carolina Israelite, Charlotte, NC) excerpts pp. 28-29)

Roy's Border Defense Solution

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And People wonder where the HATE came from?

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 Image result for hate violence antifa

Democrats didn’t care when Madonna said she had thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.

Democrats didn’t care when Kathy Griffin posed with a mock severed head of President Trump.

Democrats didn't care when Peter Fonda said that Trump's 10 year old son should be raped.

Democrats didn’t care when a Broadway Play depicted the assassination of President Trump.

Democrats didn’t care when Johnny Depp said, “how long has been since an actor assassinated a President”.

Democrats didn’t care when Snoop Dog and Eminem made music videos about assassinating President Trump.

Democrats didn’t care when dozens of people were shot to death at a Jason Aldean concert.

Democrats didn’t care when Congressman Steve Scalise was shot at a baseball game.

Democrats didn’t care when Robert De Niro said “somebody needs to take out Trump”.

Democrats didn’t care when Carole Cook said “Where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?”

Democrats didn’t care when Republican candidate Rudy Peters was attacked by a man with a switchblade.

Democrats didn’t care when a Republican Party Office was set on fire.

Democrats didn’t care when Eric Holder said “When they go low, we kick ‘em”.

Democrats didn’t care when Trump family members received suspicious packages in the mail.

Democrats didn’t care when Secretary of Defense James Mattis received death threats.

Democrats didn’t care when Maxine Waters said “you get up in their face at the mall, in restaurants, at gas stations and you tell them Republicans they’re not welcomed anywhere”.

Democrats didn’t care when Sarah Sanders and her family were harassed at a restaurant, instructed to leave and chased down the street.

Democrats didn’t care when Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was harassed and chased out of a Mexican restaurant.

Democrats didn’t care when Trump adviser Stephen Miller’s life was threatened and he was chased out of a restaurant.

Democrats didn’t care when Attorney General Pam Bondi was harassed and chased out of a theatre.

Democrats didn’t care when Rand Paul was attacked and beaten up in his own yard.

Democrats didn’t care when two Republican senators: Rob Portman of Ohio and John Boozman of Arkansas were atttacked in their own yards and on their own doorsteps.

Democrats didn’t care when a 71-year-old female staffer for California Rep. Dana Rohrbacher was knocked unconscious by an angry group of liberal protesters.

Democrats didn’t care when a North Carolina GOP office was firebombed by an angry mob of liberals.

Democrats didn't give a rat's ass when 22 members of their House caucus refused to disassociate themselves from arch Jew hater Louis Farrakhan.

Democrats didn’t care when Hillary Clinton said “we can’t be civil to Republicans until Democrats return to power”.

For over two years Democrats have encouraged hate, harassment, vandalism, acts of violence and even threats of assassination.

Now these two-faced, lying, disgusting pieces of garbage and their revolting, dishonest, corrupt media lackeys are whining and sniveling about how the president is responsible for the Pittsburgh massacre.

---Jeremy Akerman

"According to the left, the migrant caravan is harmless and just wants jobs?"

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Donald Trump Warns Caravan Migrants: ‘Our Military Is Waiting for You’

 Image result for Donald Trump Warns Caravan Migrants: ‘Our Military Is Waiting for You’

President Donald Trump issued another warning on Monday to migrants in the caravan traveling through Mexico, telling them they would not be allowed into the United States.

“This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!” Trump warned on Twitter.

Trump commented after the Pentagon revealed that up to 5,000 active duty troops would be deployed to the Southern border to stop the caravan, now estimated to include 7,000 people from various South American countries.

“Many Gang Members and some very bad people are mixed into the Caravan heading to our Southern Border,” Trump wrote.

He urged the migrants in the caravan to return to their home countries and apply for legal entry into the United States.

“Please go back, you will not be admitted into the United States unless you go through the legal process,” he wrote:

More @ Breitbart

Trump Calls Out Media: ‘Their Fake & Dishonest Reporting Causing Problems Far Greater than They Understand!’

 Donald Trump

President Trump called out the establishment media on Sunday, saying “their fake & dishonest reporting” is “causing problems far greater than they understand.”

“The Fake News is doing everything in their power to blame Republicans, Conservatives and me for the division and hatred that has been going on for so long in our Country. Actually, it is their Fake & Dishonest reporting which is causing problems far greater than they understand!” Trump said on Twitter.

More @ Breitbart