Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Trump says he will sign executive order banning birthright citizenship



  1. This guy likes a good fight. Plain and simple. The Dems have pissed him off, and he is going to pile drive these pukes into the corner, where they will cower and cry. POTUS has replaced quite a few Federal Judges around the Nation, and put the fear of God into the 9th Circus. He might just pull this off. He has strong public opinion on his side, especially after all this Demonrat overplay theatrics on the border. I had some initial worries about Donald J. Trump at first. But not anymore. I say, IT'S ABOUT FRIGGIN TIME. BRAVO President TRUMP! SPOT ON, Sir.

  2. Self-determination is that by extension. An innocent baby can be made a citizen but should not automatically become one; the original intent of the 14th Amendment could be understood as a patriation of formerly disassociated category of human. Doing so does not include citizenship by birth.

  3. the part of the fourteenth amendment that is under question, and ignored by those who say it can't be done, is "AND UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF".
    before 1960, this was interpreted to mean the parents had to be LEGALLY subject to the laws of this country for the baby to gain citizenship. there were NO anchor babies before 1960
    since ILLEGAL aliens cannot:
    1) be drafted into the military, or onto sheriffs posies
    2) be called to serve on juries
    3) be appointed or elected to political position, or office
    4) enter into legal contract with any state or federal government or agency

    ILLEGAL aliens are NOT subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. government. therefore, children born of those ILLEGAL aliens should not be considered citizens.
    it was ONE supreme court justice's OPNION , entered onto the MINORITY dissent of a relevant case that started the whole anchor baby thing.
    trump is right to contest this and fight it out in the courts.