Sunday, January 6, 2019

Patriot Movement: AZ Dept of Homeland Security buses dropping off hundreds of illegal aliens

Via Reborn "What we have here is human trafficking by DHS and ICE. Notice the bus ( there were suppose to be two buses; no telling where the other bus went to ) the windows are covered so passer-byers could not see in. Sneaky. Catch and Release was suppose to be ended nine months ago."

Comment on “I Survived Communism – Are You Ready for Your Turn?"

 “I Survived Communism – Are You Ready For Your Tur...

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As a citizen of Finland, I agree with the writer and Vaclav Klaus. Already in my youth, I followed carefully foreign news and noticed a new concept Finlandizing. It was intended to mean that the Soviet Union was leading Finland, step by step, towards the socialism and then communism. The green movement was an enigma to me for a long time and first, I was sympathetic for it. However, I studied and thought more, and the green movement seemed to change itself more and more toward the socialism and communism that I knew already.
After reading this article, I am convinced that the socialism has only changed its red overall to a green one. After all, the hemoglobin and the chlorophyll are very close to each others. The development of my character does not mean that I have stopped loving plants, animals and the whole nature as I have done, because God the Father has created them, wherefore I want to protect them still. I am sympathizing also with the poor people as Jesus Christ is doing but reject all manmade ideologies that help nothing but increase problems everywhere.

Hungary Bans Gender Studies…Not An Academic Subject

Via cheerdiver

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We really are coming to a crossroads in higher ed. A few decades ago, the possibility that a whole department, based on an entire academic subject, would be tossed as “not useful knowledge” would be considered inconceivable.

 But today, in the United States, this sort of thing is common. Shakespeare is being tossed in exchange for a lesbian author. Computer science departments are being shut down, leading to a shortage of computer scientists where the world really needs people who understand computers. Even mathematics is turning into a boiler room operation on many campuses, focusing on passing students over academics.

With all the academics being removed from campus, what to replace it with?

Comment on: Trump ponders 'emergency' powers to build border wall: 'I can do it if I want'

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Trumps claims that he can invoke Emergency Powers to build the wall is NOT a bluff....and the left KNOWS this. That is why they are screaming so loudly that he CANNOT do so in the effort to fool the populace into thinking he can't.
However thanks to Dubya the Shrub who signed The Patriot Act and Obozo the SCOAMF doing the bidding of his puppet master Jarrett ( and with the happy and willing compliance of Congress) created dozens of new rules and orders to expand Executive Power we now have a situation where the President can, if he chooses do pretty much ANYTHING he want to. Of course when the "deep state" was creating this situation they truly believed they would ALWAYS own and control whoever controlled the White House. They did not believe anyone like Trump would come along and take the office and not bow down to them. So yes....Trump CAN build the wall via the plenipotentiary power he has thanks to the conniving and plotting of the bureacracy.