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Kids Found In Freezer

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Newton's Third Law: 'Every action has an opposite and equal reaction'

There are moments in your life where you understand the necessity of change; where your concepts of reality shift so severely, you instantly become completely detached from the previous paradigm.


Imagine a city where the citizens of the community simply refuse to pay their water bills. [Detroit plans mass water shutoffs over $260M in delinquent bills, Detroit News, 3-21-2014]

Imagine a city where the citizens of the community simply refuse to pay their property tax. [Half of Detroit property owners don't pay taxes: News analysis finds $246.5M in taxes went unpaid last year, Detroit News, 2-21-2013]

Imagine a city where the refusal of the citizens within the community results in mass foreclosures. [Detroit property tax assessments to decline as 62,000 properties face foreclosure, Michigan Live, 1-28-15]

Stop imagining. This is what a seven percent white and 83 percent black city in America actually resembles. 


And this 83 percent black city could only be breed the type of world individual black people can collectively create. 

Enter the aptly Martin Luther King homes on the 800 block of St. Aubin in Detroit, a "low-income" (meaning: subsidized housing) complex full of black people. [Focus turns to mom after kids found in freezer, Detroit News, 3-25-15]:

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Fake hate crimes: A database of hate crime hoaxes in the USA

Via comment by Bob on NC: Duke student admits to hanging noose on tree 

201.  'She then stated a man got out of the truck, approached her vehicle and screamed “watch the f**k o... 2015-02-11 Arlington TX Muslim UTA student's claim of aggravated assault with a weapon was fabricated / Ambreen Sharif claimed she was targeted by a man in a pickup truck shouting “watch the f**k out, we’re killing all of you.” But a statement released by UT Arlington Friday afternoon says the e / 2015-02-13 

NC: Duke student admits to hanging noose on tree

 Duke student admits to hanging noose on tree

the noose symbolizes in a region where lynchings were once used to terrorize black residents. 

Dorkhead, we know facts are inconvenience to liberals, but  27.4% Of Lynchings Were White


An undergraduate at Duke University has admitted to hanging a noose in a tree and is no longer on campus, university officials said Thursday.

At a news conference Thursday afternoon, school spokesman Michael Schoenfeld said the school would not release the name of the student who admitted to hanging the noose, found early Wednesday in a plaza area at the heart of the campus.

The student was identified with information provided by other students and will be subject to Duke’s student conduct process, and an investigation is continuing to find out if others were involved, Schoenfeld said.

Schoenfeld said the school believes federal education laws protecting information about students and their grades prevent the school from describing his or her gender, race or whether the student had been in trouble in the past. (It wouldn't be the first time that the culprit turned out to be black.)

Doctors Refused This Young Thug a Heart Transplant – Until They Were Accused of Racism. It All Ended Badly Yesterday

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 Anthony Stokes before his heart transplant in 2013; and his last Facebook post.

What a waste. Someone who deserved a heart and a second chance could very well have died because of racism and political correctness pushed from the bully pulpit of the Marxist media. That’s Progressivism for you.

Anthony Stokes was a criminal from the time he was a wee lad. He also had a faulty heart and needed a heart transplant. Doctors didn’t want to put him on the list because he was a lifelong criminal and totally irresponsible. They knew he would squander that precious heart and he did. Thanks to the likes of Media Matters and other Leftist media outlets such as ‘lean forward’ NBC News, the doctors were pressured into giving the heart to Stokes. Stokes then wasted no time in going back to his criminal ways which ended in death.
From Top Right News:

11 Southern Pictures 1903 - 1950

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1937 Cord 812 SC Westchester Sedan ACD Certified Category 1 Original

A major step forward for automotive engineering, the Cord 810/812 left people slack-jawed at the 1936 New York Auto Show. Featuring very modern technologies like front-wheel drive, independent front suspension, electrically selected semi-automatic 4-speed transmission, and Lycoming 289 CI V-8 engine available with a supercharger, the 810/812 was also wrapped in an earth shattering body designed by Gordon Buehrig with help from a young Alex Tremulis and Vince Gardner. Hidden headlights, striking wrap-around grille, exceedingly low profile, no running boards and more gave the Cord the appearance of something truly unlike any other. The 810/812 was available in six body styles – Convertible Coupe, Beverly Sedan, Custom Beverly, Custom Berline, Phaeton, and Westchester Sedan. Each offered something for everyone, but prices started around $2,600, and quickly rose with every option – the Supercharger was $450 all by itself, and by 1937 Cord tacked on an additional $450 to the base price of every car. In a world of $600 well-equipped Fords, the Cord was a difficult sell, but absolutely marked something extraordinary from the industry.

This Cord 812 SC Westchester Sedan has a wonderfully well-documented history of enthusiastic owners. Originally purchased in California by the DuPont family, the car has lived with many other caring owners around the country, weaving a network of previous caretakers keeping in touch with one another to help document and clarify the history of the car. An ACD Certified Category 1 Original, this factory supercharged Westchester Sedan wears a beautiful Black paint job over Dark Red upholstery. According to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg judging sheets, the numbers are matching and the color combination is factory original – that, coupled with the vivid ownership history make this a very special vehicle indeed.



- ACD Certified Category 1 Original
- Supercharged Lycoming V-8 engine
- 4-speed transmission
- Bendix brakes
- Safety hangers
- Black with Maroon wool interior
- 150 MPH speedometer
- 125 inch wheelbase
- Front and rear bumper guards
- 16 inch wheels
- Whitewall tires
- Retractable headlamps
- Fog lights

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How to kill someone and get away with it

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The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, once considered one of the most conservative in the country, has moved to the left in recent years. But if you think that means it is showing a greater regard for individual rights and civil liberties, think again. According to a ruling the court handed down on March 13, the appropriate range of punishments for possessing a small amount of marijuana includes summary execution.

Bruce Richard McGinnis

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LEWISBURG — Bruce Richard McGinnis, 69, of Lewisburg, died Wednesday, April 1, 2015.
Bruce was born in Montgomery, W.Va., and was the only child of the late Lester and Juanita McGinnis.

After graduating from Greenbrier Military School, Bruce graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in finance and a masters in business.

Bruce married the former Paula Owens of Frankford, W.Va. They had two children, Greg McGinnis of Austin, Texas and Brian McGinnis of Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Bruce was a lifelong business man. Most recently and rewardingly, he was the Chief Operations Officer for the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs. A position he held until his passing. He leaves behind his beloved wife, Paula, his son, Greg, his son, Brian, and his daughter-in-law, Tammy.

Bruce touched many lives in his 69 years, and he will be missed by many. He was a loving and caring husband, father, and friend. He was quick to help those in need, and always put other peoples' needs before his own.

There will be a memorial service to celebrate Bruce's life for family, friends, and  co-worekrs in the near future.

McCraw Funeral Home in  Lewisburg is in charge of arrangements.

How the Wild West looked: Gorgeous sepia-tinted pictures show the landscape as it was charted for the very first time

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Native: Maiman, a Mojave Indian, guide and interpreter during a portion of the season in the Colorado country, in 1871


These remarkable 19th century sepia-tinted pictures show the American West as you have never seen it before - as it was charted for the first time.

The photos, by Timothy O'Sullivan, are the first ever taken of the rocky and barren landscape.

At the time federal government officials were travelling across Arizona, Nevada, Utah and the rest of the west as they sought to uncover the land's untapped natural resources.

Review: Taurus Curve .380 Unorthodox design for a concealment pistol.

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I recently acquired Taurus Curve .380 pistol for testing. I found interesting the concept of an extremely thin gun created to be more marketable to women, and I wanted to get a closer look.

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After Michelle’s article, I wanted to make my own decision regarding this design. Had a chance to shoot it at the range today.

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With Gratitude for ‘Most Tenacious Public Servant,’ Nevada Brothel Offers to Host Harry Reid’s Retirement Party

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A brothel that benefited from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) support of the state’s legalized prostitution industry has offered to throw his retirement party.

The open letter from Sheri’s Ranch in Pahrump congratulates Reid on a “long and successful political career” and says they are “sorry to hear that the Silver State’s most tenacious public servant will not seek reelection in 2016, and your plan to retire from politics.”

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Obama Caves To Iran

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The framework for the nuclear accord with Iran announced yesterday is a coup for Iran, says political analyst Charles Krauthammer. “Well, you could see what happened [Thursday] by the jubilation in the face of the Iranian foreign minister when he announced what had been agreed to,” Krauthammer explained. “The bottom line are two things: Iran is promised a total lifting of sanctions. That’s UN, EU, United States, everywhere. We are not sure about the timing, but it could be as early as June, and that will super charge the Iranian economy, will strengthen the regime, will give it tens of billions of dollars with which not only to build its nuclear facilities, but to use for the proxy wars around the Middle East. That’s number one. It gets its economy back.”


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I went diving yesterday..............


Obama Highway Plan Paves Way For New Tolls Nationwide

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A little-noted provision of President Obama’s highway funding proposal would lift the federal prohibition against states imposing new tolls on existing interstate highways.

The GROW AMERICA Act would eliminate restrictions held in place since the creation of the Federal Interstate System, according to a summary of the plan’s provisions, allowing states that receive permission from the Secretary of Transportation to toll existing Interstate highways “in order to make improvements or to manage congestion.”

Since its creation in 1956, interstates have been funded primarily through fuel taxes, with tolls banned on all sections of highway built after that date,according to The Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates (ATFI). The only exception is a 1998 program available to three states, none of which have taken advantage of it to date.

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Among $445K+ Donated to Christian Owners of Indiana Pizzeria Is $20 Gift That’s Being Called the ‘Greatest Thing I’ve Seen in Years’

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In less than 24 hours, over 8,000 people have donated more than $228,000 for the embattled Christian owners of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana. A slew of online threats forced the small business to close its doors after the owners told a local news station that they would refuse to cater for same-sex weddings based on their religious beliefs.

Among all of the donations was a $20 contribution that is being called the “greatest things I’ve seen in years” and the epitome of “real tolerance.” The GoFundMe page was set up by Lawrence Jones, a contributor for TheBlaze TV’s “Dana.”

A woman, who identified herself as Courtney Hoffman, wrote:

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Why Are Asian Kids Exceedingly So Spectacularly? Race Discrimination, Against Them, Is Coming To Fairfax County.

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 Diversity — or Meritocracy?

A voracious and eclectic reader, President Nixon instructed me to send him every few weeks 10 articles he would not normally see that were on interesting or important issues.

In 1971, I sent him an essay from The Atlantic, with reviews by Time and Newsweek, by Dr. Richard Herrnstein. My summary read:

“Basically, (Herrnstein) demonstrates that heredity, rather than environment, determines intelligence — and that the more we proceed to provide everyone with a ‘good environment’ the more heredity will become the dominant factor … in their success and social standing.”

In a 1994 obituary, The New York Times wrote that Herrnstein, though he “was often harassed … and his classes at Harvard were disrupted,” never recanted his heresy. He wrote “I.Q. and Meritocracy” in 1973, and in 1994 co-authored with Charles Murray the hugely controversial “The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life.”

SC man missing 66 days found in boat off NC coast: Survived by drinking rain water and eating raw fish

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A South Carolina man missing for more than two months was found alive Thursday off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

According to the Coast Guard, a German ship spotted Louis Jordan and his sailboat about 200 miles off the coast around 1:30 p.m. They took him aboard and notified the Coast Guard.

The 37-year-old was reported missing by his family on January 29. He was last seen in Conway, South Carolina on January 23.

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