Thursday, November 12, 2015

Missouri: Taking the National Temperature

It warms the heart of a curmudgeon: As I suppose we all have heard by now,  black semi-pro football players at the University (sic) of Missouri have forced white officials to resign because of “White Privilege.” This Privilege is a great upsettance to them.

White Privilege is real, of course. It is a combination of high genetic intelligence, studiousness, a tendency toward intellectual exploration, the capacity to organize, sustained hard work, and conscientiousness. There is a reason why whites design Mars landers and black athletes do not.

To make this point clearly (See? It is my tendency toward intellectual exploration), let us consider the following questions:

U.S. state draws line in sand against Islamization

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 GOP Gov. Nikki Haley has been a "big disappointment" to South Carolinians seeking to stop the resettlement of Muslims from the Middle East in their state.
 Traitor twice
A third South Carolina county has barred the door to any Third World refugees being resettled in their community, and at least two others are considering the same move.

The Berkeley County Council unanimously passed a resolution Monday that bars any refugee funds from flowing into that county.

The resolution calls for “all South Carolina public officials to immediately cease and desist” from helping to resettle Middle Eastern refugees anywhere in the state until the legislature can act on the issue and pass legislation reflecting the will of the people.”

Anderson and Pickens counties already passed similar resolutions.

Two more counties – Greenville and York – are expected to vote soon on similar resolutions.

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UM Black Culture Center Vandalized Overnight

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The Mizzou Black Culture Center was vandalized overnight.

The Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center sign at MU was vandalized.

The “Black” was painted over.
Campus police released a statement on the vandalism.

Modern Educayshun

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Angered Residents Grill Sheriff on Why Deputies Gunned Down Idaho Rancher

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Hundreds of residents packed a town hall meeting in Idaho yesterday asking tough questions of their county’s sheriff after two deputies fatally shot a local rancher.
Over 200 residents from the town of Council voiced concerns over the death of Jack Yantis, the rancher killed by deputies last week, with some leaving the assembly angry over the answers Adams County Sheriff Ryan Zollman gave.

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