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The War of Conquest & War of Conquest, Not Emancipation

“The only proper title of our war is “the war of conquest.” I always speak of it so. To call it a civil war is to acknowledge that the States, which are now merely counties of a government at Washington, were not the sovereignties they were until 1865.

Then we had a “Union” based on “the consent of the governed”; now we have a “nation,” founded on force like the monarchies of Europe. “Civil war,” therefore, does not express the truth. If England and France go to war . . . would it be called a “civil war?” Nor the war between the sovereign States of the North against the Confederate States.

Neither let us speak of the “Union troops” and the “ex-Confederates.” Are we not now just as much Confederate as ever? I don’t like the “ex.” “X” is an unknown quantity; and the world knows our quality and found out how small was our quantity when it was discovered that with only six hundred thousand men, all told, we kept out of Richmond for four years twenty-five hundred thousand men of the other nation. Let our war be known as what it was in reality, the “war of conquest.”

(Rev. P.G. Robert, Chaplain, Thirty-fourth Virginia Infantry, Confederate Veteran, November, 1898, page 520)


Following the War Between the States, the freedmen were exploited by the infamous Union League to help ensure the election of Northern radical Republicans who exploited and bankrupted the exhausted South.  The emergence of the Ku Klan Klan was a predictable result.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

War of Conquest, Not Emancipation 

“Reconstruction” is a curious name to apply to the period following the war. Indeed, the war had left widespread destruction, but the government in Washington had no policy of reconstruction.  The South was left to its own economic devices, which largely amounted to being exploited by Northern interests who took advantage of cheap land, cheap labor, and readily available natural resources. This exploitation and neglect created an economic morass, the results of which endure into the twenty-first century.

Not surprisingly, governments based on the leadership of carpetbaggers, scalawags, and freedmen, groups that represented a minority of the population, met widespread and violent opposition. This attempt to create a government based on racial equality was made even more ludicrous when many of [the] Northern States rejected the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution, creating a situation where the States that said they had worked to free the slaves failed to grant equality to people of color.

(Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Escort and Staff, Michael R. Bradley, Pelican Publishing Company,

The Man who Saved the World

“A guy called Vasili Arkhipov saved the world.” –  Thomas Blanton in 2002 (then director of the National Security Archive)

Last month, October 27, 1962 marked the 50th anniversary of an event too important in world history for it to get lost amid the Halloween and other “trivial” holiday-related notifications. I therefore chose to wait until they were over to pay due honor to this truly great and heroic gentleman who is sadly almost unknown outside his mother country: Vasili Arkhipov.

At the nail-biting height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, second-in-command Vasili Arkhipov of the Soviet submarine B-59 adamantly refused to follow his commanding officers’ order to launch nuclear torpedoes against USA warships which had been dropping depth charges near his submarine in a attempt to force it to surface.

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Betrayed by Yankees Perverting the Constitution,204,203,200_.jpg

The presidential messages of Jefferson Davis were filled with assertions of the South’s legal right to secede and form a more perfect union, and determine its own form of government to the letter of Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. Not losing sight of this, even in early 1865, one Confederate congressman stated that “This is a war for the Constitution, it is a constitutional war.”
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Betrayed by Yankees Perverting the Constitution

“Contributors to Confederate periodicals explored parallels between the Confederacy and other fledgling nations or independence movements – the Dutch republic, the “young kingdom of Italy,” and the Polish and Greek rebellions.

But the authors were careful to dissociate the South from genuinely radical movements; it was the conservative European nationalism of the post-1848 period with which the Confederacy could identify most enthusiastically. The Dutch struggle, an essayist in the July, 1862, issue of the Southern Presbyterian Review explained approvingly, was like the Confederate, for in both situations, “not we, but our foes, are the revolutionists.”

The Daily Richmond Enquirer was even more explicit about the Poles:

“There is nothing whatever in this movement of a revolutionary, radical or Red Republican character. It is the natural, necessary protest and revolt of, not a class or order, but an ancient and glorious nation, against that crushing, killing union with another nationality and form of society. It is . . . the aristocratic and high-bred national pride of Poland revolting against the coarse brute power of Russian imperialism . . . At bottom, the cause of Poland is the same cause for which the Confederates are now fighting.”

The Southern government welcomed a Spanish analogy between Napoleon’s invasion of Spain and northern advances across the Potomac. British recognition of the new Italian state encouraged [Robert] Toombs to see parallels there, as well. “Reasons no less grave and valid than those which actuated the people of Sicily and Naples,” he explained, had prompted the Confederacy to seek its independence.

But the nationalist movement with which the Confederates most frequently identified was . . . the American War of Independence. A central contention of Confederate nationalism, as it emerged in 1861, was that the South’s effort represented a continuation of the struggle of 1776. The South, Confederates insisted, was the legitimate heir of American revolutionary tradition. Betrayed by Yankees who had perverted the true meaning of the Constitution, the revolutionary heritage could be preserved only by secession. Southerners portrayed their independence as the fulfillment of American nationalism.

Secession represented continuity, not discontinuity; the Confederacy was the consummation, not the dissolution, of the American dream. A sermon preached in South Carolina explained that “The doctrines of the original Puritans were, and are, the doctrines of the Bible . . . but the descendants of the Puritans have gone far astray from the creed of their forefathers.”

[Southerners strived] to avoid the dangerous “isms” – feminism, socialism, abolitionism – that had emerged from Northern efforts at social betterment. But the logic of Confederate nationalism . . . was to prescribe significant shifts in the Southern definition of Christian duty. Secession thus became an act of purification, a separation from the pollutions of decaying Northern society, that “monstrous mass of moral disease,” as the Mobile Evening News so vividly described it.”

(The Creation of Confederate Nationalism, Drew Gilpin Faust, LSU Press, 1988, pp. 13-14, 27, 29-30)

The Fast-Approaching Clash of Civilizations

In 1993, Harvard Professor of Political Science Samuel P. Huntington published an article in Foreign Affairs, based on his 1992 lecture at the American Enterprise Institute, entitled “A Clash of Civilizations.” In 1996, he published his expanded thesis in a bestselling book, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order. Unfortunately, the political classes in the United States and Europe paid little attention to his work and thesis. The need for cheap oil, the lust for cheap-labor profits, and the emerging dominance of multiculturalist philosophies and rabid forms of diversity-engineering and political correctness blinded Europe and America to the true nature of Islam that had been much better understood by previous generations of cultural and political leadership. Islam can only be defined by its sacred doctrinal standards—the Koran and the Hadiths (traditions) and Sira (life example) of Muhammad—and measured by its true history. It cannot be redefined according to political correctness standards and whitewashed history no matter how much liberal academic and media blather and Muslim Brotherhood bribery attempt to portray Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance. It is basically an aggressive totalitarian ideology wrapped around a core mixture of religious borrowings expediently amended by Muhammad and including a number of heretical Jewish and Christian tales.

The Ultimate Bloody Mary

The Dock at Bayview, Augusta 
Garnish: Jalapeno bacon, thick-cut bacon, grilled asparagus, pickle, olive, lime wedge, cajun shrimp, cucumber, celery, crab leg, stuffed jalapeno, cheddar cheese, hot links, salami, smoked kielbasa, pepperoni, baby corn, pickled Brussels sprout, pepperoncini, mini corn dog, Cajun spice-rubbed chicken wings, root beer-braised pork slider.

Why try it: The special brew adds a nice amount of kick, and the drink itself has nice umami flavor, balanced by a nice acidity. The garnishes, while over the top, were well-thought-out and very well-made. Owner Jen Jeffrey uses fresh and seasonal ingredients that change according to what looks good. The grilled asparagus was unique, so were the pork sliders. It has a great location on the lake, and Sunday's are rocking and definitely the day to experience The Dock. $15.00
Amy Sherman |

War is Not Hell Unless a Devil Wages It

“Petition to the Postmaster General by the Citizens of Texas:

We, the citizens of Huntsville, Tex., respectfully petition the Postmaster General to place on sale in this State no stamps or postal cards bearing the likeness of W.T. Sherman. We are loyal citizens, we love our country, we wish to forget the past differences and bitterness; but there are two things which no true Southerner will ever forget or cease to teach his children to remember. These are the deeds of W.T. Sherman and the period of Reconstruction.

There were enough brave and chivalrous Union generals in the Civil War to furnish subjects for stamps, and we object to the face of a ruffian who made war on women and children being placed among the faces or Washington, Franklin, Jefferson . . . and other honorable men and forced upon our children when we have done nothing to deserve insult.

Sherman observed the laws of civilized warfare only when he had a hostile army to fear. When Hood was defeated the people were helpless and defenseless, he set his bummers upon them and boasted of it. Union armies were not bad unless they had bad leaders. Among civilized people war is not hell unless a devil wages it.

If this man’s face is forced before us in this way, we shall be forced to teach in public those lessons in history which we teach by the fireside, even if those with goods to sell preach that all should be forgotten.

If W.T. Sherman’s face must be held up to view, send it to those who love his character and celebrate his victory in song, but not to those whose homes he robbed, whose daughters he insulted, whose sons he murdered, and whose cities and homes he burned.”

(Sherman’s Picture on US Postage Stamps, Confederate Veteran, June, 1911, pg. 272)

Hillel's Moment of Truth: Those who support Israel are subjected to continuous harassment by their fellow students.

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Two wars today are being waged against Jewish students on American university campuses. One is substantive, the other is institutional. The plight of the Jews at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island is emblematic of both.

The purpose of the substantive war is to deny Jews their freedom as Jews. As the guarantor of Jewish freedom, Israel is the subject of a systematic, multidimensional assault, carried out everywhere on campuses.

On a growing number of campuses in the United States, the only Jews who can safely express their views on Israel are those who champion Israel’s destruction. Those who support Israel are subjected to continuous harassment by their fellow students.

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Rick Perry predicts '35 to '37-state' victory for Trump

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trump perry

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry predicted during a private phone call Wednesday that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could carry more than 35 states in the November election.

"The more I spend time with him, the more I talk with him, the more I see how he has analyzed this country properly at this point in time, I feel very comfortable that we're going to win," Perry told donors during a conference call hosted by the pro-Trump Great America PAC.

Former Miss USA Contestant Carrie Prejean Boller Blasts NYT on Dishonest Trump Hit Piece

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All We Need: Senate confirms first openly homosexual Army secretary


The Senate on Tuesday evening confirmed the long-delayed nomination of the first openly gay Army secretary.

Eric Fanning, 47, actually becomes the first openly gay leader of any of the U.S. armed forces. His confirmation, five years after the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” was hailed by human rights groups
“Eric Fanning’s historic confirmation today as Secretary of the U.S. Army is a demonstration of the continued progress towards fairness and equality in our nation’s armed forces,” Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin said in a statement.


12 Signs That A Cloud Of Insanity Has Descended On The Land

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What in the world is happening to America?  Recently, I was asked to describe what we are watching happen to our nation.  After thinking about it, I have come to the conclusion that it is almost as if a “cloud of insanity” has descended upon the United States and much of the rest of the western world.

 From our top leaders on down, people are engaged in incredibly self-destructive behavior and are making extremely irrational decisions.  Some would describe it as being given over to a depraved mind, and I would have to agree.  It is almost as if some sort of severe form of mental illness were rapidly spreading through the air and infecting everyone.  Virtually every day I am immersed in news and current events, and it can be difficult to shock me after all this time.  But lately, there have been quite a few stories that have stunned even me.  The following are a few of those stories…

#1 A 27-year-old woman in Maryland is hoping to “normalize naked breasts” by running around in public without any clothing on the upper half of her body.  So far she says that she has not been arrested and no men have tried to touch her inappropriately.

#2 It is being reported that “sex roulette parties” are becoming increasingly popular in the western world.  The concept behind these parties is that there is someone in attendance that is secretly HIV positive, and everyone engages in unprotected sex with others in the room without knowing who that particular individual is.

No charges against University of Iowa student Marcus Owens for fabricating hate crime

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 marcus owens

The University of Iowa freshmen who earlier this month sparked widespread outrage with his report of being assaulted during a racially-fueled attack will not be charged for making up the story so the community can begin to heal.

And Iowa City authorities said that is important because this community has real social justice issues needing attention.

Like in communities and on college campuses nationally, Iowa City and university leaders have been working to address concerns around race relations and tensions, and Johnson County Attorney Janet Lyness on Tuesday said she worries Marcus Owens’ false report of a hate crime might set back those efforts.

“I fear it will,” Lyness said. “I do think people make racist comments in Iowa City and elsewhere, and I fear people don’t report it.”

Owens, 19, could have faced a false-report charge — not to mention underage drinking and disorderly conduct charges, but Lyness said filing charges would have kept the community from learning the truth until much later.

" Russian diplomats have mapped, on foot, bridges along the East-Western highway corridor of Estonia....."

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KARTLEGGING: Russiske diplomater har kartlagt bruene langs hovedveien fra den estisk-russiske grensen i sørøst og nordvest - inn i Estland. Foto: Google maps

Russian diplomats have systematically catalogued bridges in southern Estonia along the most likely route of any possible Russian invasion of the Baltic nation, according to secret NATO documents. 

The survey of bridges was carried out on foot along the main road linking East and West in southern Estonia, according to a NATO counter intelligence report completed in the spring of 2015.

On foot

The NATO report, obtained by, is based on information from Estonian counterintelligence, probably from the Estonian Internal Security Service Kaitsepolitseiamet (KaPo) or from a military counter intelligence unit within the Estonian defense forces.

Over «the last few months Russian diplomatic personnel have done systematic on foot analysis of the major bridges in the major East-West corridor in the south of Estonia,» the document says.

«The bridges are located along the major highway running from the Russian border to the Baltic Sea.

Just east of the Russian border crossing point is a Russian airborne brigade and a Russian helicopter brigade meant to support the airborne brigade,» the NATO report says.

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#NeverTrump’s Third Party Dilemma

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Ever since Sen. Ted Cruz suspended his campaign and Donald Trump essentially secured the Republican nomination, certain elements of Conservative Inc. have been flailing about attempting to promote the idea of a third party challenge to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that would more precisely reflect movement conservative pieties. So far, their efforts have not exactly caught fire.

There are many reasons for this that I don’t have time to cover in a short essay, but one of them is clearly logistics. It is incredibly difficult and expensive to run nationally as a third party or independent candidate. Some important state deadlines have already passed and some states have extremely difficult barriers to overcome to get on the ballot as an independent or third party candidate. The crucial state of Texas is an example of both of these problems. You almost have to use paid professional signature collectors in some states and at a couple of dollars a signature that’s not cheap. The #NeverTrump third party advocates have also indicated that they are prepared to mount expensive legal challenges in states were deadlines have already passed, and there is no guarantee that these challenges would even succeed.

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"I Do This Every Single Day, But After This Warning? I’ll Definitely Be Thinking Twice."

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This video will change the way you feel about your safety forever! The good guys at Pretty Loaded have created this awareness clip to save you and your loved ones from getting attacked. Every year hundreds of thousands of women are attacked in places where they can easily be distracted. Getting them to watch this, could save their lives. Please watch and share with your family and friends.

The Torment Of Hillary Clinton Gets More Delicious By The Week.

Via comment by JWMJR on Hillary: " If a person is willing to call a Gold S...



Poor Hillary, after tonight's results in Kentucky and Oregon she must soiling her Depends®. The nomination, indeed the Presidency was supposed to be hers on a silver platter in 2008. Then the usurpor Obama stole her glory.

Now after eight more years of fecklessness, corruption and incompetence, Obama's, Congress's and particularly her own, public disgust has brought forth Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. All Hillary can do at this point is watch as her prize once again appears to be slipping from her grasp and hope that she can out run the primary process.

All eyes will be on California. If she loses there by any kind of margin it may well be Hillary and the Democrats that face a brokered convention and political chaos.

If anyone had written the story of this year's political season as a piece of fiction, no publisher would have touched it. They would have dismissed it too absurd to be believed.

Dixie - The Hastings College Choir

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