Wednesday, May 18, 2016

" Russian diplomats have mapped, on foot, bridges along the East-Western highway corridor of Estonia....."

Via Cousin John

KARTLEGGING: Russiske diplomater har kartlagt bruene langs hovedveien fra den estisk-russiske grensen i sørøst og nordvest - inn i Estland. Foto: Google maps

Russian diplomats have systematically catalogued bridges in southern Estonia along the most likely route of any possible Russian invasion of the Baltic nation, according to secret NATO documents. 

The survey of bridges was carried out on foot along the main road linking East and West in southern Estonia, according to a NATO counter intelligence report completed in the spring of 2015.

On foot

The NATO report, obtained by, is based on information from Estonian counterintelligence, probably from the Estonian Internal Security Service Kaitsepolitseiamet (KaPo) or from a military counter intelligence unit within the Estonian defense forces.

Over «the last few months Russian diplomatic personnel have done systematic on foot analysis of the major bridges in the major East-West corridor in the south of Estonia,» the document says.

«The bridges are located along the major highway running from the Russian border to the Baltic Sea.

Just east of the Russian border crossing point is a Russian airborne brigade and a Russian helicopter brigade meant to support the airborne brigade,» the NATO report says.

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  1. Russia's great commonality with POLITICAL Islam. Once a nation is conquered by them it relinquishes all rights to sovereignty and cultural independence henceforth and forever more. Screw the Russians. They have never had any vision of themselves or relation with the rest of the world unless under the hand of one form of dictator ship or another.

    Even the French had the good sense to raze the Bastille. The Russians just changed the initials hanging over the door of Lubyanka from KGB to FSB. Hell they didn't even take down the statue of the murdering Checkist Dzerzhinsky that stands before it. And thy wonder why nobody in their right mind trusts them.

    1. Strange as it may seem, I trust Putin more than Obama, though I know that's not saying much. :)

  2. Interesting opinion. I would disagree with their intended first strike being Estonia though. It will be Lithuania first. They need access to Kaliningrad naval bases, especially during the winter when the Baltic is frozen over all the way down to Klaipeda, Lithuania.

    1. Or simply psy ops as mentioned.

    2. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and their Empire in Eastern Europe the Germans should have offered the Russians a shit load of cash to abandon East Prussia and take there Russians home. Boris Yeltsin was drunk most of the time and would have taken it. The German could then have entered into a joint development agreement with Poland and sealed peacefull relations between them for generations to come. Then they could have sent the Kremlin the bill for cleaning up the most horribly industrial polluted corner of all of Europe. The Russians would never have paid of course but it would have made for a huge economic club to hold over their heads.

      Like I said, screw the Russians they make a mess of virtually every thing they touch. Look at Chernobyl, look at the vast wastelands of nuclear solution all across Kazakhstan's interior.