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Hockey! Hockey! Hockey!

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Carry Me a Little Farther

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DAILY CONSTITUTIONALIST [AUGUSTA, GA], July 17, 1862, p. 3, c. 2

Carry Me a Little Farther.—

At the battle of Shiloh, early in the action,I saw a young warrior  by a tree aiming deliberately towards the enemy with a Sharp’s rifle, and, from curiosity, I rode up to him and asked him who he
was shooting at. 

The reply was, “at those everlasting Yanks; I want to put an end to some of them.”

I asked him why he did not advance, and he said, “my leg is broken, but if you will carry me a little further, I will kill more of them, for I have yet six cartridges.” 

This brave fellow, whose leg was afterwards amputated, was a young Cherokee, formerly from Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation. 

Carry Me a Little Farther

Benghazi: Judge Jeanine Pirro Utterly Destroys Hillary Clinton

Robert E. Lee: Measuring True Greatness

Mike Scruggs

January 19 marked the 207th birthday of one of the most revered military leaders in American history. In fact, Robert E. Lee remains one of the most studied and respected military commanders in world history, although he was ultimately on the losing side.

The enormous importance that the mainstream media and political leaders today give to the Martin Luther King Holiday has worked to obscure the memory of Lee. Although there are many states that celebrate holidays for both King and Lee, most Southern politicians, following the politically correct fashion of the times, have shied away from honoring Lee. That is a great tragedy, for few men in American history have left such an exemplary record of Christian faith, noble character, and devotion to cause and duty.

Following Lee’s death at his home in Lexington, Virginia, on October 12, 1870, former Confederate President Jefferson Davis gave a moving eulogy honoring Lee at a Memorial meeting in Richmond on November 3. This was probably the largest gathering of Confederate generals and officers since the end of the war. In the course of his speech, he gave this praise of Lee:

“This good citizen, this gallant soldier, this great general, this true patriot, had yet a higher praise than this or these; he was a true Christian.”

Robert Edward Lee was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, in 1807. He was the youngest son of Revolutionary War hero, Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee and Anne Hill Carter. Henry Lee had been a close military confident of fellow Virginian, George Washington. He was a Virginia delegate to the Continental Congress form 1786 to 1788 and later became the 9th Governor of Virginia from1791 to1794. However, he lost most of his fortune in the financial panic of 1795-6. Nevertheless, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1799. During his one two-year term he wrote the Congressional tribute to Washington on his death in 1799:

“First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen,” Continued financial difficulties resulted in a year in debtors prison in 1809. He spent most of the rest of his life in the West Indies trying to recover his wealth. He died in 1818 on his way back to Virginia, when young Robert was only 11-years-old.

In growing up, young Robert was influenced by his father’s military and political legacy including his financial humiliation and struggles. He was also strongly influenced by his mother’ s Biblical teachings and the character of his father’s friend, George Washington. It was not surprising that he decided upon a military career and attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Lee graduated second of the 46 cadets in the class of 1829. He began his career as a Second Lieutenant assigned to the Engineer Corps and distinguished himself in combat reconnaissance assignments under General Winfield Scott in the Mexican War from 1846 to 1848. He was Superintendent the U.S Military Academy at West Point from 1852 to 1855.

It was as Superintendent at West Point that Lee’s leadership style was refined and molded. As a cadet, Lee’s outstanding academic performance and strict military bearing had gained him the nickname “the Marble Man” with his classmates, but his leadership style as Superintendent was anything but stiff and overbearing. While Lee was Superintendent, the Cadet Corps was only about 200, and he took a personal interest in every cadet, especially those who struggled with the strenuous academic and strict military discipline of the school. Lee had high standards, but his style was not to push, drive, or threaten. According to his most celebrated biographer, Douglas Southall Freeman, 

“He carried them [the cadets] on his heart, and spent many an anxious hour debating how he could best train them to be servants of their country by making them masters of themselves.”

Later as Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia and General-in-Chief of the Confederate Armies, one of the reasons for Lee’s spectacular success in motivating Confederate soldiers, who were often badly outnumbered, out-gunned, and coping with inadequate supplies and clothing, was that they knew his orders were not given to gain himself promotion, praise, or personal glory. He had the highest standards of duty and honor and that included responsibilities to his troops as well as cause and country.

Responding to public praise for his stunning military victories, Lee said:

“I tremble for my country when I hear of confidence expressed in me. I know too well my weakness, that our only hope is in God.”

On discipline Lee remarked,

“A true man of honor feels humbled himself when he cannot help humbling others.”

When told that his chaplains were praying for him daily Lee responded:

“I can only say that I am nothing but a poor sinner, trusting in Christ alone for salvation.”

A Confederate officer recollected:

“His soldiers reverenced him and had unbounded confidence in him, for he shared all their privations.”

A private in the Army of Northern Virginia recollected:

“It was remarkable what confidence the men reposed in General Lee; they were ready to follow him wherever he might lead, or order them to go.”

John Brown Gordon, Confederate Lieutenant General and later Governor of Georgia and U.S. Senator, said this about Lee:

“Intellectually, he was cast in a giant mold. Naturally he was possessed of strong passions. He loved the excitement of war. He loved grandeur. But all these appetites and powers were brought under the control of his judgment and made subservient to his Christian faith. This made him habitually unselfish and ever willing to sacrifice on the altar of duty and in the service of his fellows…He is an epistle, written of God and designed by God to teach the people of this country that earthly success is not the criterion of merit, not the measure of true greatness.”

Refusing Southern Care at Bentonville

Being unfamiliar with battle against an opposing army and not knowing Gen. Joseph E. Johnston’s true strength, Sherman avoided a general engagement after the sharp fight at Bentonville.  The latter was anxious for junction with a nearby Northern force to further increase his three to one numerical advantage in case Johnston attacked again.  

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Refusing Southern Care at Bentonville

“As we returned to our lines [as Johnston strengthened his position at Bentonville on 21 March 1865], which we did in a leisurely way and with little or no order, notwithstanding the enemy’s shells were singing a dirge in the treetops overhead, I rode through [a swamp] with two men of my regiment.  In going through my horse shied, and, looking around, I saw a Federal lieutenant of infantry leaning against a tree, badly wounded, with bloody water all around.

I checked my horse, returned to him, and offered to place him on my horse and carry him to our division hospital, where he would be immediately cared for.  

His answer was: “You go to h[ell], you d[amned] Rebel.  I had rather die than have your polluted hands touch me.”  [H]e grew worse and worse and cursed the South and all Confederate soldiers. 

So we left him to his fate.  He was about twenty-two years of age, well dressed and very handsome.” 
J.A. Jones, Fifty-first Alabama Cavalry, Hagan’s Brigade, Army of Tennessee.

(Moore’s Historical Guide to the Battle of Bentonville, Mark A. Moore, Savas Publishing, 1997, pg. 69)

Obama called for war based on bogus intel

I'll repeat.  No shit, Sherlock.  We all knew this at the time.


 MIT analysis says misplaced blame 'could have led to unjustified U.S. military action'

 A just-published report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology confirms earlier reports by WND that the Syrian government could not have launched the sarin poison-gas-laden rocket last Aug. 21 into a Syrian suburb of Damascus that killed hundreds of civilians, many of whom were children.

At the same time, the report disputes continued U.S. insistence that the Syrian government was at fault, a position that almost prompted the United States to launch military attacks on Syrian chemical depots.

The chemical attack, in which some estimates of deaths from the attack approached 1,800 people, occurred in the Ghouta area then under Syrian opposition control in the midst of the Syrian civil war.

The report concluded that the range of the rocket that delivered the sarin was too short to have been fired from Syrian government locations, even though the Obama administration, based on what it says was technical intelligence, said – and still insists – the gas attack was from the government forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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SC Tea Party Convention: Louie Gohmert Calls Tea Party to Fight GOP Establishment

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Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) called on grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers across the country to organize and fight back against the GOP establishment’s efforts to stamp out the movement during his speech to the South Carolina Tea Party Convention here on Sunday morning.

Gohmert argued that conservatives need a ground game and an organized strategy to stop House Speaker John Boehner, Karl Rove, and the Chamber of Commerce from destroying the Tea Party movement. He rendered a lengthy quote from the infamous scene in the classic movie Animal House, where Bluto riles up the fraternity to fight back against the administration when things seemed darkest for them.

“So, a big national organization of corporations has declared war on us,” Gohmert said.
So, some guy with a whiteboard has declared war on us. So, the Speaker may have declared war on us. Let me borrow from Animal House: "What’s all this laying around stuff? Why would anyone just lay around when our liberty, lives and loves are on the line? Did someone say let it go? The war’s over? What? Over? Did someone say over?
No. It’s not over until we decide it’s over. Was it over when the Germans Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor? No! Well it ain’t over now! Because when the going gets tough, the tough get going!" What happened to the Tea Party I used to know? Where’s the spirit? Where’s the guts? This could be the greatest time of our lives but you’re going to let it be the worst because we’re afraid to go with Louie. We might get in trouble. Just kiss my aspen tree.
From now on, not me, I’m not going to take it. We’re not going to take it anymore right? We’re going to stand up and take our country back!
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Ketchikan: The Bush Pilots

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Ketchikan: The Bush Pilots
from Laurel Lindahl on Vimeo.

Teachers ‘instructed’ to teach ‘all right wing extremist groups’ are fascist

Hillsdale professor Terrence Moore, author of  “Story Killers: A Common Sense Case Against Common Core,”  exposed some of the more distressing aspects of the controversial Common Core education standards program, saying that all teachers must tell young students that all right-wing groups are fascist.

Moore highlights how it is not just the reading lists and course materials — which have already attracted a large amount of criticism — that need to be examined by parents. It’s also the teaching notes and standard curriculum; the notes and standards come as part of a comprehensive package. Moore noted through his research that a distinctly political slant is introduced, one which dictates not only what children are taught, but also how they should be taught.

“For example, take the novel Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which is a great classic, we all know it,” he told The Daily Caller in an exclusive interview. “Just because it’s part of our culture.”

Origin of Nation

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 Most Interesting.

 rogerunited says: The “Southern” area is the same as the “American” area on this map:

Customer who killed gunman in Dallas Co. store called "Good Samaritan"

 A man was fatally shot at the Dollar General on Main Street in Orrville.

New details are emerging in the investigation into a shooting at a Dallas County dollar store that ended with a gunman dead at the hands of a customer who decided to take action.

Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson has identified the gunman as Kevin McLaughlin from Orrville and the customer as Marlo Ellis, 37, also from Orrville.

The fatal shooting happened around 12:45 p.m. Thursday at the Dollar General on Highway 22 in Orrville.

Officials say McLaughlin walked into the store waving a gun in the air and forced a cashier and Ellis at gunpoint towards a break room. At that point, Ellis pulled out a concealed weapon and shot McLaughlin once in the chest.

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77 year old man kills home invader

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Phoenix police continued their investigation into what exactly led to the shooting of a man who broke into a home near 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home on Friday morningA 77-year-old man who was in the home shot at the suspect with a shotgun about 3:19 a.m., said Sgt. Tommy Thompson of the Phoenix Police Department.The man told police his house had been burglarized the day before, Thompson said.

The intruder, William Thomas Mackey, 30, died at the scene, Thompson said. A pickup truck he drove was found in front of the residence, but Thompson said it was not clear if Mackey was involved in the burglary the day before.

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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

January 17, 2014 addendum: Chart has been updated to show May 2013 version.

Cato Education Chart

The 15 Worst Corporate Logo Fails

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 London 2012 Logo

 A few weeks ago, Business Insider counted down the 10 worst logo changes of 2013.
There WAS Yahoo's disappointingly minor Change following A month's work of Prospective New designs, and the bizarre, "Hip" Twist Made by Professional Services giant Ernst & Young .
But while these changes were certainly unfortunate, they don't come anywhere near the completely ridiculous fails companies have made in the past.
We're talking about completely inappropriate stuff, like the London 2012 logo, Which WAS Accused of everything from resembling Nazi paraphernalia to Lisa Simpson Performing oral sex .  

And that's just scratching the surface of our 15 worst corporate logo fails of all time.

Report: General Mills partnering with Michelle Obama to promote healthy eating.

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Anti-socialist Hispanics


Members attending the South Carolina Tea Party’s annual convention were told contrary to popular belief Hispanics do not want to embrace socialism and the failed liberal policies they left behind in their home countries – rather they are ready to embrace conservative values, but it is up to the tea party to educate them.

The South Carolina Tea Party is streaming its annual convention in both English and Spanish this weekend.

On the first day of their three-day convention in Myrtle Beach attendees heard from a trio of Hispanic speakers who sounded a warning that, while the Republican party is right about its need to reach out to Hispanics, the solution is not to embrace liberal ideas such as amnesty, but to instead boldly stand for conservative values, which they say large numbers of Hispanics actually embrace.

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Obama wins German transparency award........?

...."would I be a cynic if I thought this was a publicity stunt on the part of a marketing expert?"

A German marketing consultant has awarded President Obama a “transparency award,” highlighting Obama’s role in the NSA affair.

The award is apparently not a joke.

Sven Lilienström, a self-described guerrilla marketer in Kaarst, a town outside Düsseldorf in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, announced Tuesday that he “would like to present Obama with the massive, almost 6-kg gold trophy in February 2014 in Washington.” At the current gold price, the award would have a melt value of $241,921.50.

Dog asks for directions: One minute

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Goodbye My Lover

NC: 50 African Study classes at UNC & popular with athletes, appear not to have existed.

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Mr. Duh

Everyone should go to college, we're frequently told. But what if we had a college, and nobody came? And still got credit anyway.

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill might not have gotten quite to that point, but it has come close: More than 50 classes offered by the African Studies department, and very popular with athletes, appear not to have actually existed. Some of these courses listed instructors who had not "supervised the course and graded the work," and others "were taught irregularly," a university review said.

UNC's chancellor and football coach lost their jobs. The African Studies department chair, Professor Julius Nyang'oro, is under indictment for fraud. That's bad enough. But it gets worse.

More @ USA Today