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New bill allows state to ignore Joe Biden's executive orders: Requires constitutional review of presidential actions

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Biden signed FORTY TWO executive actions in his first 10 ...     

 In North Dakota, Republicans are the majority in the Senate, 40-7, and in the House, 80-14.

Lawmakers in North Dakota -- where consumers can sue Big Tech and a judge recently exempted religious physicians from doing Obamacare "sex change" operations -- are proposing a law allowing the state to ignore presidential executive orders if they don't meet constitutional muster.

House Bill 1164, introduced for the 2021 session, says the "legislative management may review any executive order issued by the president of the United States which has not been affirmed by a vote of the Congress of the United States and signed into law as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States and recommend to the attorney general and the governor that the executive order be further reviewed."

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His Holiness and the Civil War

 Circa 1865


Dudley Mann was appointed as one of three Special Commissioners to Europe in 1861, to represent the interests of the Confederate States of America. He met with Pope Pius IX in mid-November 1863 to explain the actions of the Confederate States in seeking independence. When the wisdom of gradual emancipation was suggested, Mann properly advised the Pontiff that the States themselves were the ones to decide this, not the Confederate government. He could have further explained that this is precisely how African slavery had been abolished in the Northern States by the action of individual States, not the federal government. In March 1865, with the agreement of the States, the Confederate Congress authorized the enlistment of 300,000 emancipated black men.

His Holiness and the Civil War

“His Holiness now stated, to use his own language, that Lincoln and Company had endeavored to create an impression abroad that they were fighting for the abolition of slavery, and that it might perhaps be judicious in us to consent to gradual emancipation. I replied that the subject of slavery was one over which the Government of the Confederate States, like that of the old United States, had no control whatever; that all ameliorations with regard to the institution must proceed from the States themselves, which were as sovereigns in their character in this regard as were France, Austria, or any other Continental power . . .

I availed myself of [Lincoln’s emancipation] declaration to inform His Holiness that it was not the armies of Northern birth which the South was encountering in hostile array, but that it was the armies of European creation, occasioned by the Irish and Germans, chiefly by the former, who were influenced to emigrate (by circulars from Lincoln and Company to their numerous agents abroad) ostensibly for the purpose of securing high wages, but in reality to fill up the constantly depleted ranks of our enemy, that those poor unfortunates were tempted by the high bounties amounting to $500, $600 and $700 to enlist and take up arms against us; that once in the service they were invariably placed in the most exposed points of danger in the battlefield; that in consequence thereof an instance had occurred in which almost an entire brigade had been left dead or wounded upon the ground; that but for foreign recruits the North would most likely have broken down months ago in the absurd attempt to overpower the South.

His Holiness expressed his utter astonishment, repeatedly throwing up his hands at the employment of such means against us and the cruelty attendant upon such unscrupulous operations.”

(A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Confederacy, Including the Diplomatic Correspondence 1861-1865, James D. Richardson, editor, US Publishing Company, 1905, excerpt pg. 594)

I Will Not Sit Down, I Will Not Shut Up......

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 May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'I WILL NOT SIT DOWN, I WILL NOT SHUT UP, AND I WILL NOT COMPLY! I AM AN AMERICAN! AND I AM SICK OF THE CORRUPTION IN DC!'

Unmasked: Has the truth about the 2020 election been uncovered?

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Best AK Mags: steel-reinforced Bulgarian jobs are on the list

 Old woman with AK-47 - Bulgarian magazine

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Who makes the best AK 47 magazines? We reckon Bulgarian AK mags are among the best you can get. That’s right — the ones from Bulgarian Magazines (the manufacturer).

Some manufacturers rise to the top because their products are proven and trusted. Bulgarian Magazines has done just that, and if you want evidence, watch this drop test video from KIMO365. It’s pretty impressive to see this 30-round, steel-reinforced AK47 magazine keep rolling after so much abuse.

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Candace Owens Announces She’s Thinking About Running for President

In a Twitter announcement that drew more than 200,000 likes, conservative commentator Candace Owens said she is having thoughts about a presidential campaign.

“I love America. Thinking about running for President,” she tweeted Saturday.

She followed that up with a snarky comeback to a Twitter user who called the Republican Party “an authoritarian white nationalist party.”

Watch: Sen. Rand Paul: Lays Out Reasons Why Impeachment Trial Against Trump is Unconstitutional

Stealing the Presidency: Deep State and SCOTUS

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The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them.  The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army.   Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die. —George Washington, Address to the Continental Army before the Battle of Long Island – Tuesday, August 27, 1776

The words of our first American President are as true today as they were in 1776.  Although it was a far different time, we face many of the same challenges as were faced back then.  Freedom, liberty and honor are attacked daily by mainstream and social media, by Democratic Socialists and neo-con Trotskyite Republicans.  Our beloved nation is at a crossroads.  Will the totalitarian oligarchs turn America into another Venezuela or will America continue to be the bastion of freedom with our flag flying high over the nation…a nation who welcomes legal immigrants to her shores?

Marxist Infiltration

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Video: Michigan's 3:30am Ballot Delivery

New video obtained by the GatewayPundit finally shows the 3:30am ballot delivery at the TCF Center in Detroit on election night. As the affidavits originally claimed, the ballots were delivered in a white van, in unsealed containers, and seemingly without bipartisan observers present to ensure their proper handling. They were delivered well beyond the 8pm ballot receipt deadline and, without a seal or other chain of custody documentation, possibly should not have been counted. If only a court had taken the time to actually review the security camera footage instead of just dismissing the affidavits as non-credible.....

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The Saigon Mission Association 'The Last To Leave'



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Comment on Resignation or Death of a Nation?

US flag in flames

Resignation or Death of a Nation?

feral pa paw has commented on your story "Resignation or Death of a Nation?":


When we quit watching and obey the Declaration of Independence like the Founders insisted we do, only then will we see the restoration of this Republic. Talk is cheap. Actions take courage and grit. Organizing in your towns and cities to fight these Criminals on every front would be a good place to start. These are Marxist you are up against . They could care less about Q or anybody else's BS promises of some Posse coming to save everybody. It's OUR DUTY and OUR RESPONSIBILITY to take the Republic back from the Marxist. And by ANY MEANS NECESSARY, unless the Declaration of Independence was meant for some other Society I am not aware of? Trump simply was the catalyst that made them spring their end game on us. We only have our weak and apathetic selves to blame if we let them take over. As we outnumber them in the millions . The time for civil discussion and the address of grievances has been completely ignored by this Hive of Scumbags. They prove my points every day that goes by.