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Australian judge says incest may no longer be a taboo

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Judge in Australia says incest may no longer be a taboo and the only reason it is criminal is potential birth abnormalities, which can be solved by abortion 
A judge in Australia has been criticised after saying incest may no longer be a taboo and that the community may now accept consensual sex between adult siblings.

Judge Garry Neilson, from the district court in the state of New South Wales, likened incest to homosexuality, which was once regarded as criminal and "unnatural" but is now widely accepted.

He said incest was now only a crime because it may lead to abnormalities in offspring but this rationale was increasingly irrelevant because of the availability of contraception and abortion.

"A jury might find nothing untoward in the advance of a brother towards his sister once she had sexually matured, had sexual relationships with other men and was now 'available', not having [a] sexual partner," the judge said.

"If this was the 1950s and you had a jury of 12 men there, which is what you'd invariably have, they would say it's unnatural for a man to be interested in another man or a man being interested in a boy.

Those things have gone."

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Once Again, Gun Owners Like You Vanquish Reid and Obama -- Kudos go to Senators Paul, Cruz, Lee and Cornyn

“Gun Owners of America [has] blasted the bill as a ‘fake pro-gun bill designed to re-elect endangered anti-gun [Senators] up in 2014 in pro-gun states.’” -- Roll Call, July 9, 2014

Earlier today, the “Harry Reid Preservation Act,” S. 2363, went down to defeat, as pro-gun Senators successfully filibustered the bill by a vote of 56-41
 In a last minute letter to Capitol Hill today, Gun Owners of America told Senators that a vote to end the filibuster “will be viewed as a vote AGAINST veterans ... AGAINST concealed carry reciprocity ... and AGAINST preserving the gun industry.”

GOA also warned Senators that a vote in favor of S. 2363 would be scored in our end-of-year rating.
As you know, S. 2363 was a “nothing-burger bill” which existed solely to elect anti-gun Democrats in Red States. This includes Senators like sponsor Kay Hagan (D-NC) -- plus cosponsors such as Mark Begich (D-AK), Mark Pryor (D-AR), Mark Udall (D-CO), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Al Franken (D-MN) and Mark Warner (D-VA).

All these Senators are rated as D’s or F’s by Gun Owners of America.

S. 2363 would have allowed hunting on federal lands -- unless Barack Obama determined that guns were dangerous. How likely do you think that is?

It would have allowed importation of polar bear parts.  Okay, that’s fine, in and of itself.  But that’s hardly a fair trade for passing a bill that will help reelect anti-gun Senators like Hagan, Begich, Pryor, Landrieu (and others) -- Senators who will vote to confirm Obama’s anti-gun Supreme Court justices, thus overturning the Heller and McDonald decisions.

Thankfully, your help in asking Senators to offer truly pro-gun amendments paid dividends -- and got noticed by the media. Said one media outlet on Monday:

“Gun Owners of America is urging its members to urge their senators to oppose the Sportsmen’s Act unless Reid allows [Ted] Cruz, [Mike] Lee, and [Rand] Paul the opportunity to offer meaningful, pro-gun amendments.”

These Senators, in addition to John Cornyn (R-TX) and Roger Wicker (R-MS), did a yeomen’s job in fighting to get genuinely pro-gun amendments offered to the bill. These included national concealed carry reciprocity, gun rights for 175,000 military veterans, and a shut-down of Eric Holder’s Operation Choke Point.

But Reid employed a bully-tactic to block all Republican amendments. It consisted of “treeing” the bill and then invoking “cloture” to make the amendments out of order.

Thus, the 41 anti-gun votes IN FAVOR of invoking cloture -- thus ending the filibuster -- were votes against veterans, reciprocity and gun dealers.

Fortunately, our strategy worked. Enough Republicans were outraged by Reid’s underhanded tricks they easily sustained a filibuster, thus killing the bill.  

Consider how significant your grassroots efforts were. All 26 Republicans who cosponsored the bill ended up listening to your collective voice and voted to filibuster -- aka, kill -- the bill.  They were joined by a handful of anti-gun Democrats who felt the bill didn’t have enough gun control.

So congratulations! And great work! Your activism is a tremendous asset to our efforts in protecting our gun rights. 

ACTION:  Contact your Senators. Thank them if they voted to support the filibuster on S. 2363. But rebuke them if they supported Harry Reid’s efforts shut off all debate on good, pro-gun amendments. 

Political De-Centralization: The Model For Western Rejuvenation

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Photo credit: Jordi Escuer (Flickr)

As the modern secular nation state becomes increasingly totalitarian, European history provides the model for the political reconstruction of the Western world. This historical map of Europe circa 1300 should be the ideal for those opposed to the corrupt and now bankrupt nation state and the system of international political and financial governing bodies and organizations that seek the elimination of all regional and local sovereignty.

The map shows that Europe at the time and for many years afterwards was comprised of numerous political configurations – principalities, duchies, confederations, and city states. Instead of a few centralized nation states that currently dominate the landscape, Europe was, for the most part of its history, politically decentralized–which explains not only the Continent’s tremendous economic growth, but also its unparalleled cultural achievements.

Monarchical style governance was the most popular form of rule during the period; and despite the negative modern bias against kings and queens, there was far greater personal freedom than there has been in the “democratic age.” More importantly, warfare, when it was conducted, was far less destructive in loss of life and that of wealth and property than the horrific contests that have since taken place. Moreover, the monarchical age was one of metallic money, which proved to be difficult to manipulate by the political classes.

Lincoln’s Auspicious Opportunity for Peace


Until December of 1860 President James Buchanan seemed in accord with a State sovereignty view of the fraternal Union, his message to Congress then was that he condemned the exercise of secession, “but denied emphatically the right of coercion” on the part of the federal agent.  But when Major Anderson seized an empty Fort Sumter, Buchanan refused to order him back to Fort Moultrie and lit the slow fuse for war that Lincoln would accelerate.  Read more at:
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Lincoln’s Auspicious Opportunity for Peace

“President [Jefferson] Davis was at all times solicitous for peace, and adopted every expedient of negotiation that could promote that end. Heartily responding to the wishes of the Congress and people of the Confederacy, he appointed, in February, an embassy to the Government at Washington.

The resolution of the Congress, asking that the embassy should be sent, explains its object to be the “negotiating friendly relations between that Government and the Confederate States of America, and for the settlement of all questions of disagreement between the two governments upon principles of right, justice, equity and good faith.”

Two of these commissioners, Messrs. Crawford and Forsyth, arrived in Washington on the 5th of March [1861] . . . [and] waited to the 12th of March before making an official presentation of their mission [to Secretary of State] Seward . . . 

Here begins a record of perfidy, the parallel of which is not to be found in the history of the world.  Mr. Seward, while declining to recognize the Confederate commissioners officially, yet frequently held confidential communication with them, by which the faith of the two Governments was fully pledged to a line of policy, by what should certainly be the strongest form of assurance – the personal honor of their representatives.

In verbal interviews, the commissioners were frequently assured of a pacific policy by the Federal Government, that Fort Sumter would be evacuated, that the status at Fort Pickens should not be changed, and that no departure from these pacific intentions would be made without due notice to the Confederate Government.  

It was alleged that formal negotiations with [the Confederate commissioners], in an official capacity, would seriously jeopardize the success of Mr. Lincoln’s manipulation of public sentiment at the North, which, it was further confidentially alleged, he was sedulously educating to concurrence with his own friendly purposes toward the Confederates.

By this cunning device and the unscrupulous employment of deception and falsehood in his interviews with the commissioners, Mr. Seward accomplished the double purpose of successful imposition upon the credulity of the commissioners and evasion of official recognition  of the Confederate embassy.

In the meantime . . . the Lincoln administration was secretly preparing hostile measures, and, as was clearly demonstrated by subsequent revelations, had never seriously entertained any of the propositions submitted by the Confederate Government.  Resolved not to evacuate Fort Sumter, the Federal Government, while amusing the Confederate commissioners with cunning dalliance, had for weeks been meditating the feasibility of reinforcing it. 

Never had a Government so auspicious an opportunity to save the needless effusion of blood, and to avert indefinitely, if not finally, the calamity of war.”

(The Life of Jefferson Davis, Frank H. Alfriend, National Publishing Company, 1868, pp. 259-261)

W&L Lee Chapel flag removal update:


We have received copies of dozens of emails, and had reports of hundreds of phone calls that were made today.  We cannot emphasize enough how much each phone call and email helps to keep the pressure on as we continue to work on this issue from several angles, and develop detailed plans for protests and further action.
Some of you were kind enough of to share the canned reply that you received.  It seems that the administration believes that they can explain away the flag removal, and that folks will take them at their word and give up the fight. 

One of the main issues that President Ruscio and others use as a defense for the removal is the agreement between the UDC, The Museum formerly known as the Museum of the Confederacy, and the University.   We have been able to secure a copy of this agreement, and while it does call for the removal of the original battle flags for restoration, and for the flags to be properly displayed in glass cases in the museum in the basement of the Chapel, it in NO WAY dictates that the reproduction flags, provided by the SCV as a replacement for the originals, must be removed from the Chapel.  The referenced agreement was made in 1997, and yet they expect us to believe that it just so happens that they decided to take the reproduction flags out of the Chapel in July of 2014, as part of a new agreement with the Museum formerly known as the Museum of the Confederacy, not to appease "The Committee".  Do not be fooled by this smokescreen.

Please stay tuned for more updates and more contact information, as we need to "keep the skeer on" through the coming days and weeks, and plese continue to share these updates and calls to action with as many others as possible.   

FYI:  W&L has a FaceBook page.  They do not allow photos or posts from others, but you can comment on their photos and posts, here...

We wanted to leave you with one of the MANY fine communications on which we were copied on today, this one from Mr. Bill Dennison, of Bristol, Virginia.  God bless Mr. Dennison, and God bless each and every one of you who has stepped up to join us in this battle.
Grayson Jennings

Va Flaggers​
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA

Mr. Kenneth Ruscio, President
Washington and Lee University
Mr. Daniel Wubah, Provost
Washington and Lee University

Mr. James D. Farrar, Jr., Secretary of the University
Washington & Lee University

Ms. Katherine Brinkley, Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees
Washington & Lee University

Re: Restriction and Removal of Southern Confederacy Related Items, Action and Speech

Dear Sirs and Madam:

The purpose of this letter is to express my concern regarding action(s) announced by President Ruscio relative to the Army of Northern Virginia regimental flag replicas surrounding the Edward Valentine sculpture, "The Recumbent Lee", the Lee-Jackson Day parade entering onto the Washington & Lee campus and the censorship of presentations made by private groups in Lee Chapel.

Straying a bit from the heart of the matter at hand, I would point out two things that I would have thought would have been obvious. First, because of the location in Lexington of Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson’s home, his burial place and the presence of the Virginia Military Institute where Jackson taught and which produced many renowned Confederate leaders, coupled with the fact that the final resting place of Gen. Robert E. Lee is on the campus of Washington and Lee University that many credit Lee with saving from extinction because of his efforts there, people throughout the South, the nation and the world hold the City of Lexington as an almost iconic place and travel great distances to visit.

With that thought in mind, I would submit that while the physical location of the flags and the others symbols of the Confederacy may be situate on the Washington & Lee campus, in a larger sense they belong to the people of this country, particularly those of us who happen to be Southern and especially we Virginians.

I know that "The Committee" claims, that the flags symbolize slavery and because of that they find them “offensive”. I would submit to you that a thorough review of Confederate history will demonstrate conclusively that the issues were, and are, far more complex than that simplistic viewpoint and that these people are “offended” primarily because they choose to be. In fact, one of them, at least, was in his third year of law school before the "offense" became intolerable. Contrary to current "progressive" thought, no one has an unalienable right not to be offended. To paraphrase a comment from another who opined on the matter, for a student holding sentiments such as those of "The Committee" to apply to and attend a university named Washington and Lee is akin to someone enlisting in the Navy when they know they are prone to seasickness.

I included this observation in an earlier letter, but I think it bears repeating. The targeted flags are regimental battle flags representing some of the regiments that Lee commanded in the Army of Northern Virginia. They are soldiers' flags, not, as many would have you believe, symbolic of anything other than the brotherhood of valor that comprised that gallant body of men, Lee's "boys". Those flags are there representing the devotion and respect of those veterans for their old commander, "Marse Robert". 

President Ruscio's statement that, " “The purpose of historic flags in a university setting is to educate. They are not to be displayed for decoration, which would diminish their significance, or for glorification, or to make a statement about past conflicts . The reproductions are not genuinely historic, nor are they displayed with any information or background about what they are. The absence of such explanation allows those who either ‘oppose’ or ‘support’ them to assert their own subjective and frequently incorrect interpretations.”, is disingenuous at best and a bald-faced distortion of the true history of how the flags came to be there in the first place, and why. They were not placed there to be "in a university setting" at all. They were placed there to honor the man who led those regiments and the fact that the current flags are reproductions and have no information or background regarding them is moot . . . neither did the originals and the reason there are reproductions there at all is because the originals were deteriorating. The entire statement is pure spin, and amateurishly done at that.

Finally we get to the "marching" and the addresses in the Chapel. The only "marching" that transpires is a single event on a single day out of an entire calendar year and is by people who gather in Lexington for the Lee-Jackson Day parade and memorial service in Lee Chapel. This is done solely to honor the memory and service of two great Virginians, not to espouse or advance any agenda. Whether "The Committee" likes it or not, Lee Chapel is an icon, a beacon that draws people from all walks of life and from all parts of the country for this one hour service, once a year. To deny them this privilege for the sake of the demands of .4 of 1% of the total enrollment of the institution is outrageous.

The final restriction on what may or may not be said during lectures or presentations in Lee Chapel is pure, unadulterated censorship, completely out-of-place in a venue where freedom of thought and expression should be encouraged and defended.

This entire exercise in nothing but a thinly veiled effort by the university administration to kowtow to the racially charged demands of a vocal minority and relegate salient portions of the true history of the university to the dustbin of history. It is unfair, unwarranted, based largely on fallacy and is, above all, cowardly.

Very truly yours,
W. A. Dennison, Jr.

WOW! Meet Farmer Chris

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State Representatives are Vital in Preventing Federal Overreach

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By Jamie Smith

Twitter: Elect_Jamie

“If once [the people] become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.” –Thomas Jefferson to E. Carrington, 1787.

Our Federal Government has repeatedly exceeded its mandate put forth by our founders in the U.S Constitution. The reasons usually given for going beyond the enumerated powers are, the interstate commerce clause and “general welfare”. There is no need in this article to discuss all of the numerous ways this overreach happens on a daily basis. Instead attention will be brought to the role our state representatives can play in preventing this federal overreach and why it is critically important to put as much, if not more emphasis on your state races as one might for federal races.

Democrats throw black voters under the bus: Black Americans: The True Casualties of Amnesty

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One of the sleeper issues surrounding the debate on amnesty for illegal immigrants – an inconvenient one that no proponent of a widespread amnesty wishes to acknowledge – is the devastating effect so-called immigration reform will have on African Americans.

The black unemployment rate is almost 11 percent, far higher than that of any other group profiled by labor statistics. African Americans are disproportionately employed in lower-skilled jobs – the very same jobs immigrants take. As Steven Camarota asked in a recent column, why double immigration when so many people already aren’t working?

Who will be harmed most by amnesty? African-Americans.

Bank Pressures Firearms Business


Well, golly SGT Carter, I just don't know........:)

Tactical Firearms is a profitable community business in Houston, Tx. Jeremy Alcede states that Tactical Firearms has the nicest firing range in the country. Mr. Alcede goes on to state the property the firing range sits on is worth $9 million dollars. Currently, there is an outstanding loan against the property of $6.5 million dollars. The bank has decided to call in the loan, claiming Tactical Firearms is behind on their payments. Mr. Alcede was interviewed by the local Fox news channel and disclosed their payment history showing they had not missed a single payment against the loan. Why would a bank just arbitrarily call in a loan?

Beast Derails: 'Death Train' Strands 1,300 Migrants Making Trip to US Border

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On the day President Barack Obama met with Texas Gov. Rick Perry to discuss the border crisis, at least 1,300 migrants were stranded when the so-called "Death Train" derailed in southern Mexico. 

Reuters reported that "a cargo train" nicknamed "the Beast," which is "used by Mexicans and Central Americans to travel toward the U.S. border," derailed on Wednesday in Oaxaca, Mexico."

About 1,300 migrants, many of whom were "young people," were reportedly stranded but not injured while riding what others have referred to as "El Tren de la Muerte," or Death Train.

As Breitbart Texas has reported, "children who travel via Death Train must jump onto a moving freight car" and "minors who cannot successfully pull themselves onto the traveling cars fall onto the tracks" and "many are left with extreme injuries," like losing arms and legs.

More @ Breitbart

Resolution filed ordering arrest of Lois Lerner


WND has learned the House of Representatives is considering whether to send Lois Lerner to jail for contempt of Congress.

Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, has just submitted a resolution, HR 664, which finds Lerner in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify before a congressional committee.

Lerner, the former head of the IRS tax-exempt division, has admitted the IRS improperly targeted conservative groups seeking 501(c)(3) status.

However, Lerner twice invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and refused to testify before the House Oversight Committee.

The resolution only has to pass the House, not the Senate, to go into effect.

And the House is controlled by Republicans, so its passage would seem assured.

More @ WND

Deranged leftist attacks anti-abortion demonstrators


Some of the Southern Towns Destroyed by the yankee army


Some of the  Southern towns totally or partially destroyed by the yankee army, which are listed in the  Official Records. Most were burned, but some were destroyed by other methods.  Notice how many were destroyed in fall or winter ...

Osceola, Missouri, burned to the ground, September 24, 1861
Dayton, Missouri, burned, January 1 to 3, 1862
Columbus, Missouri, burned, reported on January 13, 1862
Bentonville, Arkansas, partly burned, February 23, 1862
Winton, North Carolina, burned, reported on February 21, 1862
Bluffton, South Carolina, burned, reported June 6, 1863
Bledsoe's Landing, Arkansas, burned, October 21, 1862
Hamblin's, Arkansas, burned, October 21, 1862
Donaldsonville, Louisiana, partly burned, August 10, 1862

And then there was the sack and pillage of Athens, Alabama, on June 30, 1862, by Colonel Turchin's men, who committed rapes and other atrocities on the inhabitants. Turchin was subsequently court-martialed and put out of the military. What happened next? Turchin was rewarded by Lincoln, put back in the army and promoted to Brigadier General.

Athens, Alabama, partly burned, August 30, 1862

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Ugly Domestic Mass Killing In Texas Claims 6 Lives, And It’s YOUR Fault

The Stay family was murdered by a vicious uncle hunting for his estranged wife. The young woman on the left was the only survivor, and she warned cops, who intercepted the killer on the way to the next family home he was targeting.

This is sickening::

Deputy constables say a man shot and killed six people, including four children, during a domestic dispute in Spring. The alleged gunman finally surrendered Wednesday night after an hours-long standoff.

The shooting happened late Wednesday afternoon in the 700 block of Leaflet in the Enchanted Oaks subdivision. The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office says the man, identified as 33-year-old R__ L__ H____*, shot seven family members—two adults and five children. The adults were 39 and 33 years old. The children were two boys; ages 13 and 4, and three girls; ages 15, 9 and 7.

Details are still sketchy, of course, but it appears that the murderer was going through a divorce, and that a judge had recently determined that visits with his children should be supervised.


The Kharijite fanatics masquerading as Sunni Muslims who have temporarily established a caliphate in Iraq and Syria are now destroying religious antiquities. The Islamic State attack on the holy sites of other religions is reminiscent of the Taliban destruction of 2,000 year old Buddha statues in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan valley in 2001.

The CIA and Saudi Arabia supported the Wahhabist Taliban and have backed the Kharijite IS, formerly ISIS. The U.S. military trained IS terrorists in the art of killing people and blowing things up. The Afghan Mujahideen, many who would ultimately form the Taliban, picked up their sabotage and murder skills at the CIA’s spy training camp in Virginia.

More @ Infowars

Barn finds for sale, license built Messerschmitt Me-109G

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History:  In 1942 the Spanish government arranged a manufacturing licence with Messerschmitt AG to build the Bf 109G-2, with DB605A engines, propellers, instruments, and weapons to be supplied from Germany. This proved impossible, as Germany was incapable of meeting her own needs, let alone Spain’s. Only twenty-five airframes (minus their tails) and not even half the necessary drawings were delivered.


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National conservative election integrity organization True The Vote has asked a federal judge to issue a restraining order against the Mississippi Republican Party, alleging that the state GOP may be engaged in the destruction of evidence of alleged voter fraud from the June 24 GOP primary runoff. “Defendant county commissioners have continued to violate federal law by preventing access to election records. Now, we think we know why,” True The Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht said in a statement. “If the affidavits we now have regarding the destruction of election documents and other similarly stunning findings are true, then no Mississippian, no American, can trust the results of this election.

More @ Breitbart

Virginia Flaggers: Lee Chapel Desecration Update & Call to Action


In response to the recent removal of Confederate Battle Flags from the Lee Chapel, The Va Flaggers have followed up with a letter to W&L President Kenneth Ruscio and other key W&L personnel.  In our communication, we make the following key points: 

*Experience has proven that compromise with those who make such demands is always fatal.  If these 6 students are “offended” by the presence of 8 historically significant Confederate Battle Flags, displayed for over 83 years in the sepulcher, who is to say they won’t be “offended” when they visit the museum in the basement, where the flags are to be displayed, or even by a portrait of Lee hanging in the Chapel?  What will be their next demand, now that they were able to easily manipulate the administration?

*Even so, the removal of the flags and desecration of the Chapel was a direct violation of Virginia State Law, which states that it is “unlawful for the authorities of the locality, or any other person or persons, to disturb or interfere with any monuments or memorials so erected, or to prevent its citizens from taking proper measures and exercising proper means for the protection, preservation and care of same…”   

We intend to pursue the prosecution of this violation to the fullest extent of the law.

*Further, from the W&L By-Laws. Section 2 designates the building as the “Lee Memorial Chapel”:  2. “The Lee Memorial Chapel. The chapel on the University grounds, erected during the presidency of General Robert E. Lee and under his direction, shall be known as "The Lee Memorial Chapel." This chapel may be used for the commencement and other University exercises and meetings, but it shall not be used for any meetings or purposes not in keeping with its consecrated character and the memorial and sacred purposes to which it is dedicated.”  We believe that displaying the honored battle flags of the men who fought and died under General Robert E. Lee is certainly “in keeping with its consecrated character and the memorial and sacred purposes to which it is dedicated”.

 Removing them to appease a half dozen agitators, on the other hand, is not. 

We let them know, in no uncertain terms, that we expected the reproduction flags, originally donated by the SCV, to be returned to the sepulcher immediately, and that there would most certainly be demonstrations and protests if the flags are not returned.

Hundreds of you have contacted us about your desire to gather and protest at the University.  We are actively planning and coordinating these efforts, and will have all details in place and plans ready in the event that the flags are not returned.

At the same time, we are developing several other points of attack, including organizing alumni and student groups to have the flags returned and having those responsible for removing them removed from office, as well as several additional avenues that are currently in research.


1)  We need to make sure the University hears from AS MANY PEOPLE as possible over the next few days and weeks.  PLEASE take the time to contact every person listed below.  Use telephone, email, and mail to convey to them your feelings about the desecration of Robert E. Lee's final resting place.  If you are an alumni or donor, make sure you let them know that your donations will cease until the flags are restored to their rightful place.

Light up the W&L early, and often!

2)  Please forward this email to EVERYONE on your email list, especially to and W&L alumni or students you may know.  It is imperative that we spread the word QUICKLY.

Washington & Lee University Contact Information:

Mr. Kenneth Ruscio
Washington and Lee University
204 West Washington Street
Lexington,Virginia 24450
(540) 458-8700

Daniel Wubah
Washington and Lee University
Washington Hall 214
Lexington,Virginia 24450


Secretary of the University:
James D. Farrar, Jr.
Washington & Lee University
203 Washington Hall
Lexington,VA 24450

Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees:
Katherine Brinkley
Washington & Lee University
202 Washington Hall
Lexington,VA 24450

Thank you, in advance, for your diligence in this matter.

Please watch for more emails, as we have much more information to share in the coming days.  

Grayson Jennings

Va Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston, VA 23150

Bill Whittle on the Mexican Border

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The crisis on the Mexican border is worsening by the hour. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle hammers home three devastating points regarding the dangerous legal precedents, the morally gray areas, and the hypocritical pose of unearned moral superiority on the part of those proposing amnesty and open borders.

"Why Can't They Go Back?"

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Rebels Retreat To Donetsk: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 55)

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On July 5, the pro-Russia rebels who had been occupying the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk for the past three months retreated to Donetsk, marking a pivotal shift in the conflict. After Ukraine's military recaptured Sloviansk, VICE News visited some of the former rebel checkpoints surrounding the city, interviewed a pro-Russia rebel in Donetsk, and went to a "peace rally" where Pavel Gubarev, the pro-Russia governor of The People's Republic of Donetsk, proclaimed that the rebels would not be defeated. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko plans to continue his government's anti-terror operation until Ukraine is rid of the rebels.


Evidently Kiev is using the Communist tactic of shelling all, women, children and soldiers.

Rebel mountain tribesmen armed with our [American] weapons and Communist B-41 rockets and AK-47 rifles shot into the convoy, while Communist artillery struck from all directions. Many trucks were hit by shells and burst into flames and exploded. The trucks were crammed with soldiers, children, and old people. They fell everywhere. Those who walked fell to machine gun bullets. Their blood flowed in tiny streams. The roaring artillery, crackling small arms, screams of the dying and crying of the children combined into a single voice from hell.


 By noon on March 16, a mass of humanity; troops, dependents, civilians, and deserters; was clogging the old road. Some 400,000 civilians, 60,000 ARVN, and 7,000 Rangers began the attempted escape to the sea.29

By the time that the last straggling men, women, and children had reached Tuy Hoa on the coast; 300,000 civilians, 40,000 ARVN, and 6,300 Rangers were missing, never to be accounted