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Carly Fiorina's message to the NRA's Annual Meeting

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Danville City Council Votes to Desecrate Confederate Memorial

Early in the day on Thursday, we received word that severe storms were expected in Danville around 4:00 p.m., so we made the decision to raise the flag as soon as the pole was set, and canceled the planned 5:00 p.m. ceremony.

Illegal Alien Crime Accounts for over 30% of Murders in Many States

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump deserves credit for forcing all 17 Republican candidates to talk about the social costs of illegal immigration, but it is not “Trump’s issue.” We will be making a fatal mistake if we let the media discuss it that way.

As Ann Coulter has pointed out, this is the most critical issue of the 2016 race because this is the issue that will define whether or not there will even be an American nation recognizable as the “home of the free and land of the brave.”

But illegal immigration is not “Ann Coulter’s issue” any more than it is “Tom Tancredo’s issue.” It is America’s issue — not only because it will define America in the 21st Century but because it also defines American elections and who will be voting in elections in 2020 and beyond. It also illuminates the power of the mainstream media to keep issues off the national stage.

Think of illegal immigration this way: If the liberal media can keep illegal alien crime out of the “kitchen table debate,” they can keep any issue out of the debate. And they will if they can get away with it. For those reasons, illegal immigration is much more than an issue of public policy; it is the poster child for media malpractice.

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Lee offers resignation
 "It's all my fault."

In the aftermath of his defeat at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Confederate General Robert E. Lee sends a letter of resignation as commander of the Army of Northern Virginia to Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

The letter came more than a month after Lee’s retreat from Pennsylvania. At first, many people in the South wondered if in fact Lee had lost the battle. Lee’s intent had been to drive the Union army from Virginia, which he did. The Army of the Potomac suffered over 28,000 casualties, and the Union army’s offensive capabilities were temporarily disabled. But the Army of Northern Virginia absorbed 23,000 casualties, nearly one-third of its total. As the weeks rolled by and the Union army reentered Virginia, it became clear that the Confederacy had suffered a serious defeat at Gettysburg. As the press began to openly speculate about Lee’s leadership, the great general reflected on the campaign at his headquarters in Orange Courthouse, Virginia.

The modest Lee took the failure at Gettysburg very personally. In his letter to Davis, he wrote, “I have been prompted by these reflections more than once since my return from Pennsylvania to propose to Your Excellency the propriety of selecting another commander for this army… No one is more aware than myself of my inability for the duties of my position. I cannot even accomplish what I myself desire… I, therefore, in all sincerity, request your Excellency to take measure to supply my place.”

Lee not only seriously questioned his ability to lead his army, he was also experiencing significant physical fatigue. He might also have sensed that Gettysburg was his last chance to win the war. Regardless, President Davis refused the request. He wrote, “To ask me to substitute you by someone… more fit to command, or who would possess more of the confidence of the army… is to demand an impossibility.”

The Poet Laureate of the Lost Cause

 "It may be that the poems are totally inaccessible to the general reader as were those of John R. Thompson before the publication of *the Library of Southern Literature, or obtained with great difficulty as those of Judge Daniel Bedinger Lucas whose volumes now lying before me are rare and precious."

*This is a treasure which was given to me by my mother. The one above is only $179.94 which is a steal considering the contents, though a library set.  Here is a non-library one for $1,440, but the same content.  Countless hours of pleasure.


It was the fate of much Southern poetry to have been written during the stormy period of our Civil War (sic) and hence to have been overlooked and neglected. War may furnish incitement to the production of poetry, but it does not generate that attitude of quiet and content most conducive to gentle, poetic reading. Indeed misfortune befell much poetry of this period, for when it was not ignored, it was frequently disparaged because of sectional alignments and prejudices.

Civil Rights and Extending Executive Power

Barry Goldwater called so-called “civil rights” one of the most badly misunderstood concepts in modern political usage. He states that “as often as not, it is simply a name for describing an activity that someone deems politically or socially desirable. A sociologist writes a paper proposing to abolish some inequity, or a politician makes a speech about it – and, behold, a new “civil right” is born! The Supreme Court has displayed the same creative powers.”Bernhard Thuersam, The Great American Political Divide

Civil Rights and Extending Executive Power

“I took off for my western tour in January 1964. I called the civil rights bill “the involuntary servitude act of 1964,” and I was applauded frequently. Outside a line of pickets carried the usual signs.

A reporter from India began to attack the South and its customs. He did not ask questions, he made accusations. I stopped him promptly. “I suggest you go home to India and work to end the rigid caste system before you criticize my part of the United States. In India a higher caste will not even deign to shake hands with a lower caste. Yet you cannot see the hypocrisy in your double standard.”

It was at UCLA that I told the press, “You know, free speech can get you killed.” My security advisors had warned me that I would have a difficult time and probably wouldn’t be allowed to finish my speech. We entered the auditorium from the rear to avoid a confrontation with the “non-violent” protesters. These “free-speech” advocates were there to make certain I didn’t have an opportunity to exercise my right to free speech.

As I expected, most of the students had never read the [proposed] civil rights bill and didn’t know that its passage meant the right of the federal government to control numerous aspects of business, industry and our personal lives. I quoted Lloyd Wright, a Los Angeles attorney and former president of the American Bar Association: “The civil rights aspect of this legislation is but a cloak. Uncontrolled federal executive power is the body. It is 10 per cent civil rights and 90 per cent extension of the federal executive power.”

I denounced lawmaking by executive or court edict. And I lashed out against the press for its eagerness to bury a public official with smearing propaganda. I pointed out that the civil rights bill placed “in the hands of a few men in central government the power to create regulatory police arm unequaled in Western civilization.”

During one of my speaking engagements, a reporter asked me, “Do you have an alternative to the civil rights bill? This was an easy one. “Yes sir, the U.S. Constitution. It guarantees civil rights to all people, without violating the rights of anyone.”

I believe George Washington would have had words to say about the civil rights bill and the growing power of the federal government. These words from his Farewell Address are significant today:

“It is important, likewise, that [leaders] should confine themselves within their respective Constitutional spheres, avoiding, in the exercise of those powers of one department, to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism.”

(Stand Up For America, George C. Wallace, Doubleday & Company, 1976, pp. 84-89)

11 Southern Pictures 1905 - 1964 

From the mid-1950s, somewhere in the U.S. of A., come these two boys arguing about who's hotter.

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All things to all people robocallers.

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2008, Virginia: "Hi these is a message from John McCain. I am a conservative leader bringing conservative leadership to Virginians. I support traditional family values, the Constitution, and a strong national defense."

2008, Massachusetts: "Hi I am John McCain. I am a principled leader bringing moderate leadership to Massachusans and stand against the extremes of both parties. I support preserving our nation's social safety net, protecting our seniors, and fully funding Medicare and Social Security."

Multimillion-Dollar Muscle - 1970 Hemi Cuda Convertible

ESTIMATE: $2,500,000 - $3,000,000 

By every definition, be it power, panache, rarity or any other quality, the 1970-71 Plymouth Hemi Cuda convertible is the ultimate muscle car of its time, combining the awesome power of Chrysler’s dual-quad 426 Hemi V-8 with classic pony car styling penned by 27-year-old John Herlitz under the watchful eye of Chrysler design chief Elwood Engel. The surly Engel was initially displeased with Herlitz’ efforts, but would later gleefully perform a burnout with an early prototype in the third-floor hallway of Building 128, where it was shown to company brass in the design auditorium.

Mr. Herlitz was rewarded for his efforts with this 1970 Hemi Cuda convertible, which has since been the centerpiece of some of the finest Mopar collections in the world. The factory broadcast sheet documents its origin as an executive lease or demonstrator, ordered with nearly every available option and finished in triple Black.

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Tactical Walls

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Statism 101: State-Run “Education” makes a State-Dependent Population

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It’s August in America – that time of year when tens of millions of professing Christians in the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA happily send their precious little children off to the State for State-run, pro-State, explicitly anti-Christian “education” in direct violation of the crystal clear Word of God.

It doesn’t matter how many Scripture-affirming horror stories hit the news on a daily basis.

It doesn’t matter how many lesbian-led kindergarten classes are brought to light, how many“Transgender” kindergarten programs are revealed, how many overtly anti-Christian concepts are openly taught, or even if the US Department of Education comes out of the closet as formally and officially homosexual. (See: American Public Schools are Officially Gay.)

Iran Just Made This Deal with China… And It Means They’re Ready For War

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On Wednesday, Barack Obama made a weak plea for support to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement with Iran. He even went so far as to castigate opponents of this foreign policy faux pas as equal to Iran’s maniacal Islamists. Obama states the only alternative to accepting his deal is war. 

Well, we already reported Russia’s looking to sell Iran a fleet of aerial refueling tankers. 

Now, there’s another report about an Iranian weapons purchase — and the report is not coming from our media.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post:

NC: FBI arrests 3 for Jade Helm retaliation attack plan against U.S. military involving guns, explosives

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Walter Litteral Photo: Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office
Winner of "Can't Keep My Mouth Shut Award for August 1 - 7

While some Texans were planning to monitor American soldiers during Jade Helm exercises, three men in North Carolina were plotting to kill them.

The FBI used wire taps, visual surveillance and a secret informant to track the alleged terrorists as they stockpiled weapons and gathered components to make explosives.

According to court documents, apparent ringleader Walter Eugene Litteral owned 99 acres in South Carolina and "intended to booby-trap the camp and draw government forces into the camp and kill them."

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U.S. Wages Have Fallen EVERY Quarter of the ‘Recovery’

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For 6 ½ long years, we have been bombarded with the mythology known as “the U.S. economic recovery” by the mainstream media. Exposing this fantasy is simple, since the gulf between myth and reality has grown to such absurd proportions.

There is no better starting point than the farcical claim by Barack Obama that “10 million new jobs” have been created during this non-existent recovery. In fact, the U.S. government’s own numbers show that the total number of employed Americans has fallen by more than 3 million over that span, in spite of the population growth over those past 6 ½ years.

Why The “Flap” Over The Confederate Battle Flag? Karl Marx would be proud

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I have decided to share my Publisher’s Point spot with Buzz Estes, life long resident of Athens, and it was not an easy decision to make. The reason for my struggle is that as a youth I came to believe that the Con- federate Flag was the obvious and undisputed symbol for racism in America, and I have spent my whole life fighting racism. However, when someone bothers to set forth irrefutable facts that may fly in the face of what is commonly believed, they deserve to be heard, even if it ruffles some feathers. I often say, when it comes to controversy, “Let the story be the story,” and it will balance itself out.

May this serve to bring people of all colors together around the truth that most often is not as simple as it seems, and may Truth itself set us free and heal the divide in our land.

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