Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernardino Victim: She Fled Radical Islam in Iran – Was Murdered By Islamists in California

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Bennetta Betbadal fled radical Islam in Iran.

Yesterday she was murdered by radical Islamists in San Bernardino.

The Islamist couple, Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, gunned Bennetta down at work.

Bennetta Betbadal, third from left, was born in Iran in 1969. She fled to America at the age of 18 to escape Islamic extremism and the persecution of Christians that followed the Iranian Revolution.

Fast Rifles

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"The Village" is a book about the Marine unit of Marine Lance Corporal Paul Fielder of Harvard. The web site at 

This photo of the Marine unit of Lance Corporal Paul Fielder was taken within two weeks of the attack that killed about one half of the unit including LCpl Fielder. He is seen here kneeling at the right.

No one was sure at first the concept would work--not in the summer of 1966. The village of Binh Nghia, in Quang Ngai province, was a battleground. The district chief at Binh Son was responsible to the province chief for the state of affairs at Binh Nghia and several other villages. He estimated that, during the past several years, 750 young men from that village had joined main-force VC units. Two independent VC companies and one full battalion were roaming the district. Of the 4,575 persons in the villages, 600 were known VC sympathizers. So the decision by the 7th Marines to establish a Combined Action Company in Binh Nghia was not made without an acknowledgement of the hazards involved.

Something had to be done. The morale of the local Popular Forces platoon was low and ebbing fast. They had been hit by the VC so often that their confidence was shattered. The enemy held the offensive and controlled the daily lives of the civilians. The guerrillas worked and lived at home, banding together at night for military excursions and political activities. Full-time regulars of the Viet Cong main force units entered Binh Nghia at will to seek supplies or hold meetings. Marine patrols and ambushes, operating from remote combat bases, made contact often, killing many soldiers and disrupting movements of large forces. But that alone was not enough. The villager scurried about with averted eyes, and the PFs clung to the shallow safety of their fort. It was obvious who controlled Binh Nghia.

FBI Expert Takes Jab at Obama: One Thing was Clear… This Was Not “Climate Change”

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CNN guest, and former FBI agent, took a jab at Barack Obama while discussing the San Bernardino terrorist attacks.

He mocked Obama’s delusional claims about global warming and how it is somehow linked to Islamic terrorism.
“I think one thing that’s clear though, is that… none of these things occurring have anything to do with climate change.”
It’s funny, but really it’s just sad.

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County Sheriff: All Licensed Handgun Owners Should Carry Them

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 (credit: Ulster County Sheriff's Office)

 All licensed handgun owners in Ulster County should carry their pistols. That’s the message Thursday from the Ulster County Sheriff. Ulster County is located about two hours north of New York City.

Suspicious Witness Kept Silent About Terrorists for Fear of Being Racist

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Over the last few weeks, men working in the neighborhood of Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, now identified as the Islamic terrorists who killed 14 people Wednesday in San Bernardino, California, thought it strange that several Middle Eastern men had been hanging around the couple's home but never spoke up because they were too afraid of sounding racist.

CBS Los Angeles reports:

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ISIS contained or covered up? & 'ISIS fighter' blows HIMSELF up by accident while firing rocket propelled grenade

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With the recent terrorist attacks in Paris carried out by ISIS, Americans are on high alert—and rightfully so.  Just hours prior to the attacks Obama said that ISIS was “contained.”  Americans everywhere are baffled by Obama’s continued ignorance and lack of strategy when it comes to destroying the Islamic State.

Yesterday, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency stated on The Lead with Jake Tapper, that the White House knowingly ignored a 2012 report about the rise of ISIS because they didn’t mesh well with the re-election “narrative.”

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Security Theater: Customary Federal Pointlessness,204,203,200_.jpg

A few cheering thoughts on terrorism. This column specializes in cheering thoughts.

Terrorism by Moslems in America and Europe cannot be stopped. If attacks do not occur, it will be because nobody tried very hard. Stopping them would require excluding Moslems, deporting them, or controlling them by totalitarian methods. Or, improbably, minding our own business in the Middle East.

Sessions accuses Obama administration of 'deliberately' undermining immigration laws at Senate hearing

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Senator Jeff Sessions

"Excuse me if that doesn't make me feel good, because the numbers [of deportations] are dropping dramatically," he said. "So you're dropping down on other removals and you're defining upward what you consider to be criminal, and you're saying it makes up a larger percentage of a very much smaller pie."

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And This Latest Bloodbath Surprises Who?


So now the shooters in the gruesome San Bernardino attack have been revealed as Islamists and that revelation has led to celebrations in the Muslim twitterverse. Neither of these facts come as any surprise to any rational clear thinking individuals.

This of course would not include the likes of Hillary Clinton who stated in the wake of the Paris attacks that Islam didn't have anything to do with terrorism. I don't think anyone should hold their breath waiting for the Democrats and RINOs to try and deflect from the facts by trying to lay off the blame on "American gun culture". (Correction, our sorry excuse for a President is already blaming the deaths on purported lax background checks.)

These same two associated groups will concurrently express endless dismay, as we will no doubt see another up tick in Donald Trump's poll numbers.

Harlem For Donald Trump

Via comment by Anonymous on GOP establishment to back Hillary if Trump nominee...

He was raised in Red Springs, NC where my mother went to school.  Flora Macdonald College, Red Springs + Macdonald, NC