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Retired LTC Spec Ops: "White House Can't Deny Obama Knew About Benghazi Attack Immediately"

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Benghazi: Very, very interesting

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The information I heard today was that General Ham as head of Africom received the same e-mails the White House received requesting help/support as the attack was taking place. General Ham immediately had a rapid response unit ready and communicated to the Pentagon that he had a unit ready. 

General Ham then received the order to stand down. His response was to screw it, he was going to help anyhow. Within 30 seconds to a minute after making the move to respond, his second in command apprehended General Ham and told him that he was now relieved of his command. 

Happy Birthday, Ann Barnhardt: The IRS confiscates my account

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 Ann Barnhardt

Today is my 36th birthday.

Today is also the day that the IRS confiscated my bank account. I think that is positively poetic. Now you people know why I keep saying that this website won't be around much longer and YOU will have to rebuild after the collapse and war. This isn't a game. This is completely, totally real.

I heard it said recently that saints are people who put their money where their mouth is. I hope that's right. I pray that's right.

Here is this morning's online image from my Wells Fargo personal checking account. I anticipate the business accounts will be drained early next week, too. I further expect that any monies that I attempt to deposit into any of my bank accounts will be swept by the IRS. They claim my "bill" is into the six figures, so $20,000 to them is just the very, very beginning.

The new Obama logo

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The Death of Johannesburg

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Nancy – it keeps coming to me.
Looks like the middle of Kinshasa. My wife worked for Air Portugal after the war in Durban and we flew to Europe a lot – freebies. One engine shut down and the TAP plane had to land in Kinshasa and we had to wait two days literally barricaded in a hotel as the streets were too dangerous – this is mid 1980s. What a nightmare of a place. The airport runway was littered with wrecked planes. If you go on google maps and google Kinshasa airport – and zoom down – I did the other day – you can still see planes just abandoned – I am talking about large passenger type planes.

So sad to see the collapse of this once wonderful City, Johannesburg. I personally witnessed much of the degradation as I worked there for five years. Here I've put it all together thanks to

Don't Miss It: John Ainsworth Closes Out the Autumn PATCON 2012

He wasn't a scheduled speaker, but spoke for a short time in the morning and I was so impressed, that we asked him to speak again.  He closed out the speaker program, but then we had the Tactical Combat Casualty Course

This Sounds More Like the Truth

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A happy Halloween pancake face from Dixie

Is voter fraud being committed in Ohio?


  Two volunteer poll workers at an Ohio voting station told Human Events that they observed van loads of Ohio residents born in Somalia — the state is home to the second-largest Somali population in the United States — being driven to the voting station and guided by Democratic interpreters on the voting process. No Republican interpreters were present, according to these volunteers.

While it’s not unusual for get-out-the-vote groups to help voters get to the polls, the volunteers who talked to Human Events observed a number of troubling and questionable activities.

A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a volunteer outside the Morse Road polling center.  She has witnessed Somalis who cannot speak English come to the polling center. They are brought in groups, by van or bus. The Democrats hand them a slate card and say, “vote Brown all the way down.” Given that Sherrod Brown is the incumbent Democrat Senator in Ohio, one can assume that this is the reference.

Non-English speaking voters may use an interpreter. The interpreters are permitted by law to interpret for the individual voting; however, they are forbidden from influencing their vote in any way. Another source who also wishes to remain anonymous has seen Democrat interpreters show the non-English speaking Somalis how to vote the Democrat slate that they were handed outside. According to this second source, there are not any Republican Somali interpreters available.

The logical follow-up question is whether a non-English speaking person is an American citizen.

Report: Obama Watched Benghazi Attack From 'Situation Room'

Lt. Col. Tony Schafer told Fox News that sources were telling him that the President was watching the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya in real-time. Schafer told Fox that "only the President" could have ordered backup for the Americans who were under siege by terrorists so the President was most certainly informed of the situation as it was unfolding. "I hate to say this," Schafer said, "according to my sources, yes, [the President] was one of those in the White House situation room in real-time watching this. And the question becomes, 'What did the President do or not do in the moments he saw this unveiling?' He -- only he -- could issue a directive to Secretary of Defense Panetta to do something." 

The Climax: Benghazi


There were several military commanders between the president and the guys at the sharp end, any of whom could have chosen to ignore an order to stand down. They could have ordered the Spectre to engage the enemy, and any other assets near enough to the scene to take appropriate action. They would have had reason to be confident that in the aftermath, their actions in defense of American lives and property would be deemed fully justified, even against the press corps' efforts to paint them otherwise. Yet none of them did so; why?

Because our military has suffered a thorough Sovietization. Commanders are no longer evaluated on the basis of their competence as military men and leaders, but on the basis of their "reliability:" that is, their responsiveness to the desires of the political elite. A captain or major who aspires to command rank must never, ever be heard to say a word of criticism against the masters of the regime. A colonel who wants stars on his shoulders knows that he'll be scrutinized so closely that even to nod in response to an "inappropriate" statement of opinion would be death to his prospects. Thus, corruption in our political class becomes spinelessness among our military commanders.
Yes, there are exceptions. Unfortunately, there aren't enough.

Benghazi: Judge Jeanine sticks it to them

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Type97A and Chinese QBZ-95 rifle mag change

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Weapon Screwups

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Lucky no one got killed.

Time Magazine's Joe Klein Makes a Sociopathic Defense for Killing Children with Drones

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 Reflecting the Obama legacy and US culture, the columnist makes the shocking argument: "the bottom line is: 'whose 4-year-olds get killed?'"

On MSNBC's Morning Joe program, which focused on the third  presidential debate , the former right-wing Congressman and current host Joe Scarborough voiced an eloquent and impassioned critique of President Obama's ongoing killing of innocent people in the Muslim world using drones. In response, Time Magazine's Joe Klein, a stalwart Obama supporter, offered one of the most nakedly sociopathic defenses yet heard of these killings. This exchange, which begins at roughly the 7:00 minute mark on the video embedded below, is quite revealing in several respects.


 Here are the relevant portions of the exchange, which was triggered when regular guest Mike Barnacle announced how amazing he found it that so little public attention and debate is paid to the fact that Obama simply kills whomever he wants "without any kind of due process": 

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60% Say Federal Government Does Not Have the Consent of the Governed



Even with Americans poised to pick a president and one-third of the nation’s senators, most voters continue to feel the federal government does not have the official approval of its citizenry.

One of the central tenets of the Declaration of Independence is that “governments derive their only just powers from the consent of the governed,” but just 25% of Likely U.S. Voters think the federal government today has that consent.

Sixty percent (60%) believe the federal government does not have the consent of the governed.

Fifteen percent (15%) are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Obama Curtails Drilling in Oil-Rich Alaskan Reserve


The Obama administration, citing environmental concerns, has banned drilling on half of the vast National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska in a move decried even by Alaska’s congressional delegation.
“The price of gasoline, which was $1.84 a gallon the day President Obama took office, has more than doubled since, willfully aided and abetted by an administration that claims we can't drill our way to energy independence as we ignore vast reserves of North American energy that dwarf OPEC's and we sit on 100 years' supply of petroleum,” Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) stated in an editorial.

The National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPRA), not to be confused with the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to the east, is a 23.5-million-acre, Indiana-sized tract on Alaska’s North Slope. It was established by President Harding in 1923 to ensure oil supplies for the U.S. Navy.
The desolate NPRA has been described as the largest tract of undisturbed public land in the United States and includes a point 120 miles from the nearest village or usable road.

In 1976, the reserve was transferred to the Interior Department and Congress designated it as a strategic oil and natural gas stockpile to meet the “energy needs of the nation.”
But in August, Obama’s Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced that new drilling would be allowed on half of the reserve while the other half will be off-limits to oil and gas exploration.

Environmentalists had lobbied to protect the habitat of caribou, eider ducks and other Arctic species.
“The move drew praise from environmentalists but sharp criticism from oil and gas proponents who said it would restrict the industry’s ability to tap the nation’s hydrocarbon resources,” the Washington Post reported.
The off-limits portions of the reserve are “the most productive areas” of a tract that IBD says contains 2.7 billion barrels of oil and 114 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Alaska’s congressional delegation — Sens. Mark Begich (a Democrat) and Lisa Murkowski, and Rep. Don Young — call the administration’s action “the largest wholesale land withdrawal and blocking of access to an energy resource by the federal government in decades.”
They also said the move “will significantly limit options for a pipeline” through the reserve to transport oil and gas.

Erik Milito, the American Petroleum Institute’s group director of upstream and industry operations, said the plan “continues to leave domestic energy resources, jobs and government revenue off the table.”

IBD concludes: “The move is typical Obama sleight of hand: Take credit for increased oil production on public lands that you had nothing to do with, lock up resources on federal lands with the exception of places the oil companies find unprofitable or unpromising, then blame them, not your administration, for driving up prices.”

Report Urges New Bans on Firearms

Little children.



President Obama has been largely silent about gun control during his first term, but many gun owners have expressed concerns that he would address the issue if he is re-elected and no longer constrained by re-election worries.

Gun control advocates who have also stayed relatively quiet during Obama’s first term are already coming forward. The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research has issued a new report whose recommendations include the regulation of gun designs and banning “problem drinkers” from owning firearms.

The Insider Report disclosed in April that Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, told the audience at the Conservative Political Action Conference that Obama “intends to destroy the Second Amendment” during his second term.

LaPierre said: "All of our Second Amendment liberty, all of the rights we've worked so hard to defend, all of what we know is good and right about America — all of it could be lost if Barack Obama is re-elected."

And he asserted that Obama has not pursued an anti-gun agenda during his first term because of a "political calculation" aimed at NRA supporters and gun owners who might oppose him in his re-election bid.

In its report, the Johns Hopkins Center, an arm of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, said “there are enormous economic costs associated with gun violence in the U.S.,” claiming that firearm-related deaths and injuries resulted in medical and lost productivity expenses of about $32 billion in one recent year — as well as around 30,000 deaths and more than 335,000 injuries a year.

The Center’s "Case for Gun Policy Reforms in America" argues that the Second Amendment doesn't prevent lawmakers from strengthening gun laws that are already on the books, CNS News noted in an article about the Center’s report.
Among its recommendations:
  • Increase the number of “high-risk individuals” who are prohibited from possessing guns by extending the ban on firearms ownership to people convicted of misdemeanors involving violence, people who committed felonies as juveniles, and alcoholics and problem drinkers.
  • Raise the minimum age for buying a gun from 18 to 21.
  • Regulate gun sales between private individuals who are not licensed gun dealers. The Brady Law requires prospective buyers to pass a background check only if they are purchasing the gun from a licensed firearms dealer.
  • Boost regulation and oversight of gun sellers.
  • Eliminate so-called “right-to-carry” laws, which allow individuals who are not legally barred from possessing firearms to carry concealed weapons in public either by making it easy to get a permit to do so or by not requiring permits at all. The laws “do not make us safer and likely increase aggravated assaults,” the Center argues, rejecting research that shows just the opposite, CNS News observed.
  • Regulate the design of guns. "Not all firearms are created equal," the report states. “Aside from ammunition capacity, other characteristics of firearms that are relevant to public safety include how easily the gun can be concealed, and how prone it is to misfire or fire unintentionally.”
  • Reintroduce the now-expired 1994 ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines.
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has said he does not favor “new pieces of legislation” on guns – “or making certain guns illegal.”

President Obama has called for enforcing the laws already on the books and for reintroducing the ban on assault weapons.

Obama's strategy, according to the NRA’s LaPierre, is to "get re-elected and, with no more elections to worry about, get busy dismantling and destroying our firearm freedom — erase the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights and excise it from the U.S. Constitution."

White House Tries To Throw The Military Under Bus Over Benghazi

Yesterday Petraeus Throws Obama Under the Bus. I'm sure we are all in a dither as to who is lying...........



He’d throw his own kids under the bus if he felt it would help him.

Via Weekly Standard:
Yesterday, the CIA insisted that ”No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.” The denial is in reference to the report that the CIA held back forces from helping the Americans who were under attack in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11.
And today, the White House is making a similar claim. ”Neither the president nor anyone in the White House denied any requests for assistance in Benghazi,” an Obama administration spokesman tells Yahoo’s Olivier Knox. [...]
So, since the the CIA says it wasn’t any of their guys, and since the White House is trying to eliminate any blame on themselves, does this mean the order not to help those Americans under siege in Benghazi came from the military? The White House, it would seem, is trying to shift blame in that direction.
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Gallup: Obama's Job Approval Drops 7 Points in 3 Days

  This must be the results of Benghazi.

In the most precipitous decline it has seen in more than a year, President Barack Obama's job approval rating has dropped 7 points in three days, according to Gallup.

In the three-day period ending on Oct. 23, says Gallup, 53 percent said they approved of the job Obama was doing and 42 percent said they did not.

On Oct. 24, that dropped to 51 percent who said they approved and 44 percent who said they do not.

On Oct. 25, it dropped again to 48 percent who said they approved and 47 percent who said they do not.

On Oct. 26, it dropped yet again to 46 percent who said they approved and 49 percent who said they did not.

More @ CNS

The Sack of Plymouth, NC

The war forced a social and political revolution in North Carolina led by Northern opportunists. The white residents of Bertie County organized to counter the political organizations of black residents which disenfranchised them, the Loyal and Union Leagues, and Republican party.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Postwar Political Revolution in Bertie County:

“On May 5, 1864, the Battle of Batchelor’s Bay occurred in Albemarle Sound. The Ram Albemarle came down the river after its victory at Plymouth en route to New Bern with the idea of liberating that city too. It was met by seven Federal gunboats, and a 3-hour artillery duel resulted in a draw. The Yankee warships were damaged, and the Albemarle limped back into Plymouth with its mission abandoned. Windsor was briefly occupied [by Northern troops], looted and hostages carried away.

War’s aftermath was worse. In 1868, a period of blight and despair descended on Bertie County. In that year Negroes “of all ages and all degrees of ignorance” took possession of Bertie County, filled the offices and spread dismay, egged on by unscrupulous whites and protected by the Freedmen’s Bureau – to quote from Robert Winston’s “A Far Cry.” Not only did the Negro voters outnumber whites, the minority race was crowded out of the polls and many of them could not vote at all.

Reign of Terror:

Chaos was the result. In Windsor, the victorious blacks crowded the barroom of a [scalawag] carpet-bagger. The “town was terrorized,” recalls Winston, an eyewitness. Meantime, general deterioration set in; the land was bankrupted. Well-kept plantations became worthless; fences broke down, stock roamed at large; mud covered the ditches; worthless tenants neglected husbandrymanship.

Some plantation owners could not survive, and surrendered and left; others could not even afford to do that – they stayed with their shambles. And many of the families of those who stayed and saw it through still live in and lead Bertie today.

Saved by the Klan:

The tide turned when the whites organized under the Ku Klux Klan, a counter-revolution. Restoration of white government was a prelude to general but slow recovery. In 1876 Bertie was still entirely dependent upon a plantation economy. There was not in the whole county, a telegraph line, a railroad, or a factory. Farming was resumed as it had been before – with cotton the king – though now, in many instances the field work was done by tenants.”

(A New Geography, Volume IV, Bill Sharpe, Sharpe Publishing Company, 1965, pp. 1717-1718)

Diversity may be fatal, says new government health study

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Diversity may be killing older African-Americans and Hispanics, according to a new peer-reviewed study published in the America Journal of Public Health, which shows that people suffer less cancer and heart disease when they live among their racial or ethnic peers.

“Living in an ethnically dense neighborhood is beneficial when it comes to heart disease and cancer,” said Kimberly Alvarez, a co-author of the new study, which was funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Alvarez’s phrase, “ethnically dense,” describes a community in which at least 50 percent of people are from the same ethnic group.

Many progressive groups advocate the use of government to increase diversity in housing, education, health care and other sectors.

Alvarez’s study reviewed the health records of 2,367 Mexican-Americans and 2,790 African-Americans older than 65, and concluded they lived longer if they inhabited a community mostly populated by their group.

African-Americans “living in a county with an ethnic density of 50% or more … were 46% less likely to report doctor-diagnosed heart disease and 77% less likely to report cancer than those who lived in an ethnic density of less than 25%,” said a summary of the report, authored by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health

A Turkey's Dilemma

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I can tell you this - as a Soldier currently serving in Alaska:

American Mercenary

Anonymous said...

There are TONS of weapons being bought by Soldiers when they come back from deployment, that those privately owned weapons are in their housing units, that (from my own personal estimate) 90% of them are not registered with the M.P.s, that the M.P.s know this and mostly don't ask, and that lots of Soldiers are aquiring weapons for PERSONAL use in case SHTF.

Madonna booed after touting Obama in La. Concert

NEW ORLEANS: Madonna drew boos and triggered a walkout by several concertgoers after she touted President Barack Obama on her "MDNA Tour" in New Orleans.

The Material Girl asked during Saturday night's performance: "Who's registered to vote?" She added: "I don't care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama." Drawing boos in touting Obama over Republican Mitt Romney, Madonna followed: "Seriously, I don't care who you vote for ... Do not take this privilege for granted. Go vote."