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Massive Celtic coins hoard found on Jersey.

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What a rip off.
The story disingenuously ends with this statement: "The finders and the landowner have said that they want the hoard to go to the island and be put on display for the people of Jersey to enjoy." They sound oh-so philanthropic and egalitarian. What the article doesn't mention is that they don't have any choice. Under the modern UK law, buried precious metal treasure troves do not belong to landowners or the finders--they belong to the government.


A massive hoard of Celtic coins worth millions of pounds has been found on the island of Jersey.

The hoard comprises 30,000 to 50,000 coins and is thought to have been buried to protect it from the advancing armies of Julius Caesar.

The coins were discovered in a farmer's field in the parish of Grouville in the east of the island by local metal detector enthusiasts Reg Mead and Richard Miles.

Mr Mead had been investigating the field for 30 years since he heard a report that coins scattered on the ground when a tree was uprooted.

The coins are thought to be worth between £100 and £200 each, giving a potential value of between £3 million and £10 million.

Jersey Heritage said the coins are in one solid mass weighing about three quarters of a tonne.

They are of Armorican origin (modern day Brittany and Normandy) from a tribe called the Coriosolitae, who were based around Rance in the area of modern-day St Malo and Dinan.

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The new insurance sales agent, Ho!

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"Americans, you've been had"

Attorney Michael Carvin, one of the lawyers arguing against ObamaCare in Front of Supreme Court, told Megyn Kelly that a fraud had been perpetrated on the American people. If Obamacare would have honestly been represented as the largest tax in history it never would have passed through Congress. Democrats kept this a secret from the American people. Chief Justice Roberts yesterday, in some bizarre twist of logic, decided that it was indeed a massive tax.

Abolitionist Hands Drenched in Blood

Bleeding Kansas

Author Howard R. Floan noted the “tendency, stubbornly persistent even in our own time, to mistake the planter aristocracy for the entire South, to envision the Southerner simply as the slaveholder.” His study of the New England abolitionist aristocracy shows a radical, idealistic clique of utopians divorced from reality who had little, if any understanding of the slavery inherited from the English colonists. Doing nothing to help find a practical and peaceful end to African slavery in this land, their hands would be stained by the blood of a million Americans who perished in the war they did much to ignite.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Abolitionist Hands Drenched in Blood:

“In the job of molding public opinion, [William Lloyd] Garrison needed help. The need of a platform personality to carry the cause directly to the people was answered, unsolicited, by Wendell Phillips. At a meeting in 1837, young Phillips rose from the audience, denounced the murderers of Elijah Lovejoy, the antislavery editor, of Alton, Illinois…..A Bostonian once reported that during a Phillips speech he had heard a man in the audience applauding, stamping his feet, and exclaiming enthusiastically, “The damned old liar! The damned old liar!

Phillips strove to foster a public opinion hostile to slaveholding…..Phillips battleground was the Northern mind. His eye was on the North, though his shots appeared to be aimed at the South. To arouse Northern awareness of danger, Phillips emphasized the political threat of the South by pointing to its wealth and its continued success in Washington.

For all practical purposes, Phillips said, the slave power was the South; there could be no other South until the North created one. The image of the South which Phillips labored to evoke in the Northern mind embodied deformities that were designed to call up repugnance, anger and fear. It violated the cherished ideals of the North. He conjured up a land of whipping posts and auction blocks, a feudal society in which newspapermen, politicians, and clergymen were vassals. “The South is the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.”

Phillips….often spoke of the possibility of armed rebellion in the South. “I can imagine the scenes of blood through which a rebellious slave-population must march to their rights.”

The agitator must continually intensify his attack if he is to maintain the appearance of vitality. With the years, Phillips grew more vitriolic. In 1853, surveying the achievements of the abolition movement, he said: “To startle the South to madness, so that every step she takes in her blindness, is one more step toward ruin, is much. This we have done.”

Nothing shows more clearly that Phillips had become a victim of his own program. By this time he could summarize his view of the South in one image: the South was “one great brothel where half a million women are flogged to prostitution, or, worse still, are degraded to believe it honorable.”

By the time of the [John Brown] Harpers Ferry incident, Phillips was able to say that Brown had more right to hang [Virginia] Governor Wise than the Governor had to hang Brown. As Phillips grew more outspoken, some of his listeners became indignant, and the abolitionists were forced to form bodyguards.”

(The South in Northern Eyes, 1831 to 1861, Howard R. Floan, McGraw-Hill, 1958, pp. 11-14)

Abolitionist Hands Drenched in Blood

What Will They Do With All Those Pocket Constitutions?

Perhaps the biggest waste of Charles Koch's (and others') money by the beltwaytarians has been the Cato Institute's giving away of tens of thousands of little "pocket constitutions" over the past twenty years or so. Their strategy was apparently to get people to read them, and then somehow magically "force" the government to obey the document. Yesterday's majority opinion, written by the conniving little totalitarian left winger John Roberts, proves once again what I have been saying for years: Ever since 1865, Americans have lived under the "Hamiltonian constitution" whereby the document is used as a rubber stamp of approval for virtually anything the politicians in Washington can dream up. This is how government lawyers with lifetime tenure (our "black-robed deities") like John Roberts view their jobs. This was Alexander Hamilton's take on how the Constitution should be used. It eclipsed the Jeffersonian vision of a government "bound by the chains of the Constitution" many generations ago.

The beltwaytarians will never admit this, for to do so is to dispute the state's false version of the "Civil War" and its consequences, and they are far too politically correct to do so. It was Woodrow Wilson who, in his book, Constitutional Government in the United States (p. 178), celebrated the fact that the North's victory in the "Civil War" brought about the practice of the Supreme Court being the sole arbiter of the constitutionality of federal legislation. "The War between the States established . . . this principle, that the federal government is, through its courts, the final judge of its own powers," Wilson wrote.

The Jeffersonians never believed that a written constitution alone would be sufficient to restrain the tyrannical proclivities of the state. That's why Jefferson himself championed the rights of secession and nullification until his dying days. Read John C. Calhoun's Disquisition on Government if you are interested in an adult analysis of "constitutional government" and are not a cowardly beltway-area "libertarian" whose primary goal in life is to be "accepted" by the Washington establishment and the politically-correct totalitarian leftists in academe.

Senator Rand Paul gives a scathing rebuke of Senators

Insane killer whale story

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I was out fishing in Nanoose Bay with a few buddies last Sunday. The day started off as usual with us having breakfast at home before heading out fishing. While eating, I was staring out at the water when I saw the distinct dorsal fins of Killer Whales. I texted my buddy Greg who was already out fishing and let him know the whales were coming his way. Little did either of us know that we would soon get a bit closer to them than we bargained for! We hit the water to go fishing about an hour later and Greg gave me a shout on the radio indicating that the whales were nearby. I wanted to test the new cam so I headed over and pulled up beside him. Further out from us the whales were swimming past and I grabbed a few distant pics.

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What if that huge conservative doctrinal achievement was mere dicta?

I have expressed my frustration with those who see some salvation in the supposed advancement of constitutional federalism in the ruling by Chief Justice Roberts and the four conservative dissenters that the Commerce and Necessary and Proper Clauses did not justify forcing people into commerce.

Those rulings arguably were not essential to the decision. Once the Court (the Chief Justice and the four liberal Justices) found that the mandate was justified under the power of Congress to tax, the Court could have stopped right there, declined to address the Commerce and Necessary and Proper Clause arguments, and the result would have been the same. Indeed, the four liberal Justices in the majority on the tax issue were in the dissent on the other issues.

The Commerce and Necessary and Proper Clause holdings may be deemed limited by some future composition of the Court to the unique facts of the Obamacare mandate, or worse, considered mere dicta, meaning opining by the Court which while informative is not binding on inferior or future Courts because not essential to the ruling.

Ilya Somin makes this point as well:

More @ Legal Insurrection

Pittsboro, NC Wild Goose Festival 2012

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About 2,200 people flocked to the rolling hills of Pittsboro, N.C., last week for second annual Wild Goose Festival, held outdoors at the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center from June 21-24.

Inspired by the Greenbelt Festival in the United Kingdom and rooted in the Christian tradition, the event brought together activists, artists and believers for four days of creativity, social justice and theological discussion.

The "Wild Goose" is a Celtic metaphor that signifies the Holy Spirit. See a slideshow of the festivities below.

Eyewitness to Miami Beach fatal shooting alleges police misconduct


Footage of a Miami Beach police shooting was preserved when a witness hid his phone's memory card in his mouth.

An eyewitness to a fatal police shooting in Miami Beach last week claims police officers attempted to confiscate the video he filmed of the incident, and even crushed his phone underfoot in an attempt to destroy the recording.

Narces Benoit says he just happened to be in the area driving with his girlfriend when police fatally shot an erratic driver early Memorial Day morning.

He said after the disturbance started, he pulled over his truck, and started recording with his cell phone camera capturing the shooting.

"When he noticed me recording, one of the officers jumped in the truck, put a pistol to my head," he said. "My phone was smashed - he stepped on it, handcuffed me."

Juan Sanchez a detective with Miami Beach Police Department said he could not comment on how officers that night handled eyewitnesses who may have filmed the incident, because the matter could become the subject of an internal investigation or a civil lawsuit.

But Sanchez added that after the shooting, the site was an active crime scene and the police were looking for additional suspects.

Benoit's girlfriend, Ericka Davis, was also in the truck at the time.

"They handled us like we were criminals," she said. "The officer came over to the driver's side, on my left, and just put the gun to my head."

"They took everyone's phones and smashed them," she said.

Benoit says the only reason he still has the footage is because it was saved on a tiny memory card, which he removed and hid from the officers, despite being told to hand over his video.

"I took the chip out and put it in my mouth," he said, and kept it there the whole time he was interviewed by police at a nearby mobile command post.

More @ CNN

Raleigh: What’s So Bad About Discrimination?


Let’s be clear: No one has a right to enter Chriscoe’s business in the first place. If he asks you to leave, then leave. Whether it’s because you’re black, because you’re wearing stupid sandals, or for no reason at all, what the owner says goes.

What’s So Bad About Discrimination?

About two months ago I mentioned my disappointment that Raleigh, NC lacked Southern culture, only to be informed in the comment section that true sweet-tea-drinking Southerners don’t even consider the city to be part of the South. The longer I stay in this godforsaken place the better I understand why real Southerners share the sentiment.

Last week I couldn’t take a single step without hearing a television pundit cry about rampant racism in North Carolina. One would almost assume the Black Panthers and Aryan Brotherhood were fighting in the streets immediately outside the UNC campus. Turns out the only thing that happened is that businessman Todd Chriscoe didn’t let a black guy eat at his sports bar, a phenomenon I refer to as “private property, get over it.”

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Justice Roberts May Have Done Us a Big Favor

Godfather Politics

By Kate Kicks,

The following is excerpted from an article written by Kate Hicks at

Over, and over, and over, President Obama assured us that this was not a tax. He was not raising taxes on the middle class (that’s what the Republicans were doing, remember?). Nope, . . you raised our taxes [and on the people who can’t afford it. You did it on the backs of the poor.] Politically, that’s going to prove troublesome for Obama this fall, and in a much more substantial way than having his “signature legislative accomplishment” overturned altogether.

For one, Roberts took away Obama’s ability to campaign against the Court. They upheld his law; he can’t do as he did after Citizens United and construe the ACA ruling as a massively political attack on the little guy and his uninsured plight. He has nothing to blame on the Justices. All they did was recharacterize the “penalty” as constitutional under the taxing power. Roberts robbed Obama of a scapegoat, and stuck Obama with an unpopular law in an election year. Ouch.

Second, Roberts has literally forced Obama to acknowledge that he broke a promise, and raised taxes. And tax increases don’t resonate well with the voters. Now, it’s doubtful Obama will assume responsibility for raising taxes – note that in his speech today, he didn’t acknowledge the Court’s reasoning for the ruling, only that they ruled in his favor. But the GOP has just added a major weapon to its arsenal: want to lower taxes? Then don’t reelect Obama.

This third observation is one that isn’t immediately evident, but nonetheless just as important as those prior two, if not more so. Roberts has made it substantially easier to repeal Obamacare and substantially harder to pass anything like it in the future. As noted above, Americans don’t like taxes. And thanks to the fact that many will opt to pay the tax rather than buy insurance (as that will cost less), the insurance problem in this country hasn’t been solved. The fact that we’ve settled the question of the mandate’s constitutionality means we can turn to the rest of the law, and address the flaws contained therein, and perhaps find a real solution to the healthcare crisis. As for future laws, Democrats lost the ability to hide behind “penalty” language. Roberts saw that the mandate waddled and quacked, and gave it the appropriate name. (He also forbade Congress from actually “mandating” anything, so that name isn’t even correct anymore.) The ACA barely passed the first time; future iterations of this theory are destined to fail, because Congress will have to stand up and say, “We propose to enact a new tax so as to influence your behavior.” If that isn’t the proverbial lead balloon, I don’t know what is.

So there you have it: it’s really not all bad. It’s not what we wanted, but then – as I suspect Obama will learn in the coming months – we must remember to be careful what we wish for.

NC Perdue will veto bipartisan $20.2 billion budget adjustment

Gov. Beverly Perdue announced today her intention to veto the General Assembly’s bipartisan $20.2 billion budget adjustment that invests in many key priorities after we refused several unreasonable demands to hike taxes by nearly a billion dollars, raid critical dollars for Medicaid, or use budgetary gimmicks that would result in a massive revenue shortfall for the next governor and General Assembly to address.

Gov. Perdue used apocalyptic language to explain her veto, and yet the difference between the dollars she demanded and what we budgeted is a fraction of one percent of the total budget. The fact that she would reject hundreds of millions in additional state funding for public schools and Medicaid, a cut to the state gas tax and a raise for teachers and state employees proves she’s more interested in winning a political battle than in doing what’s right. She turned her back on North Carolina’s children today, and I will work to override this irresponsible veto.

The governor’s desperate attempt to score political points with her liberal base will have real consequences if the House of Representatives cannot muster enough votes to override her veto. Should that happen, the two-year budget enacted last year will remain in place. The consequences of Perdue’s veto will be:

· $255 million in additional state funds will not go to public K-12 education. This includes $126.9 million to fill in the discretionary cut for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, $16.4 million in lottery funds, a $27 million education reform program to strengthen student literacy and improve graduation rates, and $85 million for a 1.2 percent raise for public school teachers.

· In addition to public school teachers, state employees will lose a 1.2 percent raise. This will be the fifth consecutive year they go without a salary increase. State retirees will lose a 1 percent cost of living adjustment increase.

· The state’s Medicaid program will run out of money during the fiscal year, causing doctors to go unpaid and patient care to suffer.

· Programs for needy families and the state’s at-risk population will not receive $900 million in federal block grants.

· The state’s gas tax will not be cut.

· North Carolina’s college students will lose $18.6 million in additional money for need-based scholarships and financial aid.

· Regional Economic Development Commissions will not receive the additional $1.3 million they need to continue to recruit new employers to North Carolina.

· More than a dozen state programs under continuation review – including UNC-TV and family courts – will not have their funding restored and will be eliminated.

· The Division of Employment Security will lose the ability to transfer $20 million to operate offices around the state, creating greater hardships for the unemployed.

· Tens of millions of dollars in mortgage settlement and Tennessee Valley Authority settlement funds will be left unspent.

· Dozens of state buildings, representing hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure investment, will either be closed or unable to open, including libraries, research facilities, and hospitals.

Given the potential consequences of her veto, it is clear Gov. Perdue knowingly turned her back on the children of our state and rejected a step towards a brighter future for all North Carolinians. Our state deserves better.


Senator Phil Berger



Contacts: Amy Auth (Berger), 919-301-1737

Brandon Greife (Berger), 919-301-1735

Jordan Shaw (Tillis), 919-733-3451

Perdue Pulls Fast One on N.C. with Accounting Gimmick

Raleigh, N.C. – Gov. Beverly Perdue today threatened to jeopardize North Carolina’s future financial stability by attempting to use tax over-collections and other one-time funds on recurring priorities. The unexpected increase in collections is largely the result of taxpayers failing to make adjustments to their estimated payments after the General Assembly passed a tax credit for job-creating businesses last year.

Below is a joint statement from Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) and House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg).

“Gov. Perdue is pulling a fast one on North Carolina. The truth is our state does not have an additional $117 million to spend now. The governor is using an accounting gimmick to spend next year’s money this year, which would create a massive revenue shortfall for the next governor and General Assembly to address. This is the equivalent of going on a spending spree with your credit card – it creates the illusion of prosperity in the short run, but you’re left with a huge bill when the interest payment comes due. This stunt may seem acceptable to a lame duck governor who won’t have to deal with the consequences of her actions, but we are committed to creating long-term solutions.”

League of the South statement on Obamacare ruling:)

Via Southern Nationalist Network


28 JUNE 2012

The League of the South

Many thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, indeed!

The editorials today are full of lamentations: “The Republic is destroyed!” “Supreme Court rules against the American People!” “Nullify ObamaCare now!”

And our phones in The League of the South office are ringing off the hook. Our e-mail is jammed with inquiries. It is as if a tsunami has stuck the people of the country—north, South, east, and west—and everyone suddenly realizes that the DC regime really is all powerful! And what they’ve been calling a free country is no such thing.

All we in The League can say is “Welcome to reality. We told you so. Now here’s your application to join us.”

As our first new member after the decision came down this morning wrote: “With the Obamacare decision, I can no longer pretend we live in a constitutional republic as envisioned by the founders. So, with the burden of pretending it is so (even with the evidence to the contrary) off my chest, I’ve applied for membership in the League of the South and have also submitted an additional donation.”

From the start, The League has called the regime in DC “an organized criminal enterprise.” We have been looking for ways to bring to the attention of the average citizen the fact that this “Union” is not worth the price we’re asked to pay. What we want people to understand is that secession and Southern independence (as well as independence for other historic regions) ought to be a viable option. If not secession and independence from DC, then what? Going down with the sinking ship? We don’t think so! Remember this: If you can’t leave, then you’re not free!

Today, the “conservative” Chief Justice, John Roberts, and four other Justices have given us a big helping hand! Now the mask is off the monster and everyone can see what we’re up against—a huge government, controlled by socialists and fascists, that consumes our rights and substance by defining the limits of its own power!

I’ll tell you what. You send to the League office your own personalized Thank You card (see our address below), with a note to Mr. Chief Justice Roberts, and be sure to include a crisp picture of that infamous Yankee General, U.S. Grant, and I will personally see that:

1. Your card is forwarded to the SCOTUS for his attention;
2. You will received 10 copies of our Free Magnolia tabloid for recruiting purposes;
3. You will receive 10 applications for membership for like-minded friends, and;
4. You will be enrolled as a League member in good standing for the next 12 months.

Your task will be to tell ten friends: “Look, instead of just complaining, how about you support the one organization that can bring a real, viable solution to the table: Southern Nationalism, Secession, and Independence! You will be putting your money where your mouth is. Here’s an application, and this is something positive and proactive you can do to change our future and get us out from under the tyrants in DC. I’ve joined and I think you should, too.”

Relieved of the burden of pretense, let us now move forward toward a future of liberty and prosperity in a free and independent South!

Michael Hill, President
Killen, Alabama

League of the South, P.O. Box 760, Killen, Alabama 3564


Just Another Broken Promise

The 11th Annual Eastern Sam Davis Youth Camp

Bad To The Bone

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Let's rebuild a motor

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11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee.

Started out as just a collection of snaps as I stripped down an engine bought off ebay. (To replace my old engine, which had suffered catastrophic failure). The snaps were so that I remembered how everything went, so I could put it back together again.

Then I realised it'd be quite cool to make it an animation. found some suitable music, rekindled my ancient knowledge of Premiere, storyboarded it, shot it as I worked on the engine (my poor DSLR got covered in engine oil), this was the result.

The music is "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" from Edvard Griegs "Peer Gynt Suite"
I own a suitable license for this piece of music, supplied by Chris Worth Productions

Senate GOP Will Use Reconciliation in Attempt to Repeal Obamacare

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that Obamacare’s health insurance mandate is in fact a tax levied on those who do not purchase insurance, Senate Republicans will look to repeal the full law through the budget reconciliation process.

Reconciliation was used to push Obamacare through the Senate in 2009. Generally reserved strictly for budget-related measures, it eliminates the possibility of a filibuster, meaning Republicans would only need 51 votes to repeal that portion of the law – or even the full law itself.

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) seemed open to that approach during a speech at The Heritage Foundation shortly after the Supreme Court handed down its decision. The court’s ruling “does present some options for us” to pursue more unconventional options for repeal, DeMint said. He mentioned reconciliation as a potential avenue.

A senior Senate Republican aide involved in the repeal effort later confirmed to Scribe that the GOP will use the budget reconciliation process in an attempt to repeal the full law, not just the portion requiring all Americans purchase health insurance.

While a repeal effort via reconciliation would only require a majority of senators to pass, Republicans will likely wait until next year to employ the tactic.

Senate Republican Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ) said he expects Republicans to use reconciliation in the repeal effort during the 113th Congress. Kyl is not running for reelection.

Mike Franc, Heritage’s Vice President of Government Studies, explained the details of reconciliation’s applicability thusly:

More @ The Foundry

Say, doesn’t the Constitution require tax bills to originate in the House?

Just a quickie post to debunk an argument that we’re already seeing in threads and e-mails: Namely, doesn’t Article I, section 7 of the Constitution say that all bills that raise revenue must originate in the House? And didn’t ObamaCare pass the Senate before it passed the House? And doesn’t that in turn mean that our nifty new health care “tax” was passed according to unconstitutional procedures?

Unless I’m missing something, no. The bill that passed the Senate wasn’t technically a Senate bill. Reid took a bill that had already passed the House, stripped out the provisions to turn it into a “shell bill,” and then inserted the text of ObamaCare to get around this requirement. The bill that passed the Senate was H.R.3590, which initially had to do with tax breaks for military homeowners. And yes, they’ve used the “shell bill” strategy before. In fact, the conservative opinion today specifically mentioned Article I, section 7 at one point while raising no objection to Reid’s sleight of hand. Quote:

More @ Hot Air

Supreme Court Ruling Threatens Parental Rights


Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling in the health care case marks a decisive turn in the American experiment of freedom. There is no doubt the opinion shocked and dismayed liberty-minded citizens across the United States. It also upped the ante on the Parental Rights Amendment – and that’s why I must urge you to help.

Let me explain.

First, the ambiguity of federal HIPAA legislation was already a problem for parental rights. It is an open door that lets states infringe a parent’s fundamental liberty to make informed medical decisions for their child. Under the health care law, this gap is only going to get worse.

Second, the health care bill allows the government to spend millions on home visitation programs in which government officials enter your home to monitor and instruct how you raise your kids.

Third, the decision has made explicit a disturbing legal doctrine long implicit in the Supreme Court: that Congress has unlimited power to tax for any purpose, even beyond its enumerated powers. This provides one more tool the government can use to control what happens in your home.

Should the States Secede Now?

For more than a century millions upon millions of Americans have spent their earnings (and earnings of others) to special interest groups and non-profit foundations. The amounts have comfortably been in the billions of dollars for your pet peeve and issues.

Unlike our ancestors decades ago we think we've been lobbying our congressman and chosen political party with our time and money. Our ancestors weren't fooled right away, it took a while for them to realize their federal government could be the agent of plunder for themselves.

Whether it's been Constitutional or not has not mattered to our elected. I think it might have been Lew Rockwell who said "our federal government now is but one political body with two heads". Any new party would just be bought-off likewise, and just become another head. Liberty is embellished in the mind and soul, not in a political banner.

You've fought federal gun control, federal education, the unlawful income tax and the 16th Amendment, federal land grabs, state national guards in undeclared conflicts, abortion, Social Security, Federal Reserve, United Nations treaties, and many, many more liberty-robbing oppressions from Washington too numerous to mention. And now we've got federal health care to zap us again for more energy drain.

If "only congress shall make laws" why is it we have permitted congress, the Supreme Court and Executive Branches, and not to be left out, our hundreds of federal agencies to make their own rules ("statutes")? You know the answer to that question. Because they were bought out from under us. Washington is corrupted through and through in every fiber by a Corporatist state.

If you remain a 'single issue patriot' , we're not going to make it. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda won't cut it as an afterthought. Look at the big picture by avoiding societal conflicts engineered by Washington.

Historic Vance House Golf Tournament

Via Selena

Please join our golf tournament!

We desperately need to raise funds for the restoration and preservation of this wonderful piece of history and its artifacts.
Lots of items donated from family collections need to be preserved.

If you cannot come...please consider making a donation. None to big or too small!

We are a 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax deductible!

Enter a team ... Sponsor a hole...Become an Event Sponsor


$60/player & $200/team
Singles welcome & will be paired
Lunch provided
Format - 4 Person/Captains Choice
Team Awards
Contest Prizes for Longest Drive & Closest to Pins
Exciting Events/Door Prizes & 50/50 Raffle

Visit The Historic Vance House FaceBook page.

Please email or send a private message for details or for registration packet/mailing address.

Thank you for helping us to preserve our history for generation to come!