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On Tuesday, August 21st, 2012, the Pinehurst Village Council voted to repeal a ban on concealed weapons carried lawfully by residents and visitors in local parks and recreation areas. Just a month ago, the Village Council voted the ban into place with no input from local residents. This time around, residents and concerned citizens from around the area showed up in force and the Council meeting, following an alert issued by GRNC.

During the meeting, over 50 people representing GRNC, the Moore County Wildlife and Conservation Club, Moore (county) Tea Citizens, residents, and concerned area citizens responded and reacted to a recent GRNC alert by attending the meeting for a chance to speak out against the recent ban. After several speakers, it became clear to each and every Council member that a mistake was made in previously enacting the ban, and a vote was quickly taken to repeal the laws put in place just one month prior.

Citing the various speakers, many Council members expressed regret in passing the ill-advised laws after this latest vote. Village Council members also expressed a desire to work closer with various groups and individuals in the future to help eliminate further confusion before enacting wide-ranging laws that affect law-abiding citizens. When looking for a model government body in North Carolina at its finest, our residents and friends need look no further than the Pinehurst Village Council for an example of how to work with citizens to address concerns when they arise.

No time for rest!

While there is good news to report in Pinehurst, many other municipalities still refuse to comply with state law as it pertains to Concealed Carry in parks and recreation areas around the state. Many gun owners in several other cities and towns are still waging a battle against their local governments as they attempt to pass similar laws and restrictions outside of the limits passed into law last year. We need your continued help and support as GRNC continues its efforts, and we need your eyes and ears on the street to remain sharp and on the lookout for further abuses.


Email the Pinehurst Village Council members and express your thanks using the contact information below

Support GRNC!: As we move closer to the national and local elections this Fall, GRNC needs your support to help combat the efforts against your rights as gun owners. Join or renew your membership!


Pinehurst Mayor and Village Council Members:,,,,


Suggested Subject: "Thank you for your vote"

Dear Mayor/ Council Member,

I wanted to send you a short letter of appreciation for carefully considering the impact of your ban of concealed handguns in local parks and recreation area, and voting to repeal it. As you now know, Concealed Handgun Permit holders are some of the most law-abiding citizens of our state and pose no threat to the public. By repealing the ban on lawfully carried concealed weapons, law-abiding citizens can now provide protection for themselves and their families when criminals strike without warning.

I commend you for listening to the citizens that presented their views at the Village Council meeting conducted on August 21st, 2012. In taking the time to understand the issues, you have proven to me that our home town is not only in good hands under your leadership, but also that visitors to our community can be assured that freedom still has a place to shine in our great state.

I will continue to monitor all future related issues in this matter via GRNC Alerts.

Thank you once again!


Entrapped Moose is out

& at a halfway house in Charlotte. Wonder how they will try to screw him this time.......?

Couple Not Allowed To Fly Because Of Anti-TSA Shirt

TSA is at it again. This time a man and his wife were treated as potential terrorists and kicked off a Delta flight because of a T-shirt the made passengers and employees “feel very uncomfortable.” The T-shirt presents a satirical logo and also words that demonstrates the complete paranoia in how the department approaches airport security.

Arijit Guha describes his experience as he was attempting to fly out from Buffalo-Niagra Airport after attending the funeral of his wife’s grandfather. Guha passed through security just fine but then a Delta employee said that his shirt made passengers nervous.

“I was then questioned by TSA about the significance and meaning of the shirt,” writes Guha. “I politely explained that it was “mocking the security theater charade and over-reactions to terrorism by the general public — both of which we’re seeing right now, ironically.” The agents inquired as to the meaning of the term “ZOMG” and who it was that I thought was “gonna kill us all.” As best I could tell, they seemed to find my explanation that I didn’t think anyone would be killing us all and that I was poking fun at overwrought, irrational fears exhibited by certain members of the flying public to be satisfactory. And moreover, they clearly deemed my shirt to be no legitimate threat.”

He was then told by Delta that he and his wife could take the flight if they submitted to another search of belongings and if he took off the shirt. This is silly. Do these people not trust their own TSA to do the job properly the first time? I guess not since TSA has shown its utter incompetence and inability to actually secure anything.

Guha agreed but then as he was boarding, he was pulled aside again only this time it was a Delta supervisor, three TSA agents and multiple Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority transit police.

“I was questioned some more and my wife was also pulled out of line for additional questioning and screening. Our bags were searched, my shirt was photographed, we were asked multiple questions about the cause of our visit, how often we make it to western NY, and our drivers’ license numbers were taken and radioed in for what seemed to be a quick background check,” Guha wrote.

They eventually did not get on the flight because according to the pilot their presence would cause consternation amongst other passengers. “Why even bother with the bloated security apparatus — since Delta pilots have discretion to kick off passengers who’ve passed multiple checks, after all?” Guha asks.

Say what? Are they telling me that other people on the flight would not have made some people a little uncomfortable? Seriously, this is a great injustice to Guha and his wife. They were checked over and over and complied with everything they were asked to and still Delta did this. Delta should issue a public apology over the situation, but it doesn’t end there.

After they were not allowed to get on the flight, there was even more interrogation. This is clearly a problem. There is no probably cause and no warrant for any of this. It’s a violation of the Fourth Amendment! The police wanted to know where Guha’s brother purchased the T-shirt for him as a gift.

“You had to think about that one. How come?,” she asked. I explained he recently moved. “Where’d he move from?” “Michigan,” I respond. “Michigan, what’s that?,” she says. At this point, the main TSA agent who’d questioned me earlier interjected: “He said ‘Michigan’.” Unable to withhold my snark, I responded with an eye-rolling sneer: “You’ve never heard of Michigan?”

“This response did not please her partner, a transit cop named Mark. Mark grabbed his walkie-talkie and alerted his supervisor and proceeded to request that he be granted permission to question me further in a private room. His justification?: “First he hesitated, then he gave a stupid answer.” Michigan, my friends, is a stupid answer.”

More @ Freedom Outpost

AAR - TC3 & Small Unit Tactics (Don't miss this)

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend John Mosby's first open enrollment class on TC3 and Small Unit Tactics this last weekend.

First let me preface by saying John Mosby is the real deal. He's been in combat many times. He knows from experience what he's talking about and does an excellent job imparting that information to the class.

I'm not going to repeat details that were covered in a previous AAR on the class as it would be redundant. I will, however, try to point out things not mentioned there and other things learned.

Hint: If you plan to attend a future Mosby class, you better be in VERY good shape. At the end of day one, EVERYONE was hurting, even the guys that were in good shape.

The phrase, "Train like you fight. Fight like you train," took on a whole new meaning.

If you're executing all your PT in sweats and a T-shirt, you're going to regret it. As J.M. would often say, "Ask me how I know."

You NEED to be conducting your PT in your battle gear. Whether that's a LBV, or plate carrier with plates, or battle belt...complete with full mags, filled canteen(s) or CamelBak, knee pads (a must!), AND your battle rifle with a full magazine.

Why? Because that's EXACTLY how you will be training here.

Train like you fight. Fight like you train.
Makes sense?

Also, don't conduct your PT on a flat surface either. You will encounter uneven terrain which takes more effort to get through than flat terrain. So train with that in mind. More @ Resistor in the Rockies

Day One

Thoughts on Tasks and Purposes

In the traditional "Maneuver Army" a "doctrinal task" for a maneuver unit is something that must be done, and it must be paired with a "doctrinal purpose" to be a complete mission statement.

"A Co will attack to destroy the enemy in Engagement Area Zulu"
"B Co will conduct an area defense to deny the enemy access to the fastest route to Objective Wrench"
"C Co will conduct a raid to disrupt enemy logistics in Sector 5"

In the Maneuver world, where we are moving men and equipment around the battlefield, the end state is defined with regards to enemy, friendly, civilian, and terrain. Such as:

Camp Followers of Lincoln’s Army

Like the British before them in the Revolution and War of 1812, Northern promises of emancipation and freedom were intended to incite race war in the South, deny labor to Southern agriculture which fed its armies in the field, and defeat the struggle for political independence. The freedmen found that their liberators cared little for them, Sherman expressed his disdain for black refugees following his army by burning bridges he had crossed.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Camp Followers of Lincoln’s Army

“[Postwar] Letters teemed with experiences like this: “We went to sleep one night with a plantation full of Negroes, and woke to find not one of them on the place – every servant gone to Sherman in Atlanta. Negroes are camped out all around the city. We had thought there was a strong bond of affection on their side as well as ours!

We have ministered to them in sickness, infancy, and age. But poor creatures! They don’t know what freedom is, and they are crazy. They think it an opening of the door of Heaven. Some put me in mind of birds born and raised in a cage and suddenly turned loose and helpless; others, of hawks, minks and weasels, released to do mischief.

We heard that there was much suffering in the [Negro] camps; presently our Negroes were all back, some ill from exposure. Maum Lucindy sent word for us to send for her, she was sick. Without a vehicle or team on the place, it looked like an impossible proposition, but my little boys patched up the relics of an old cart, borrowed the only steer in the neighborhood, and got Maum Lucindy back.

The [returned servant] raiders swept us clean of everything. We are unable to feed ourselves. How we shall feed and clothe the Negroes when we cannot make them work, I do not know.”

My cousin, Mrs. Meredith of Brunswick, Virginia, congratulated herself, when only one of her servants deserted her post to join Sheridan’s trail of camp-followers. A week after Simeon’s departure, she awoke one morning to discover that six women had decamped, one leaving two little children in her cabin from which came pitiful wails of “Mammy!” Mammy!”.

Simeon had come in the night, and related [that at the nearby Northern garrison at Blackstone] coloured women were parading the streets with white soldiers for beaux. My cousin, Mrs. White, said a whole wagon-load of Negro women passed her house going to Blackstone, and that one of them insisted upon presenting her with a four-year-old child, declaring it too much trouble. It was not an unknown thing for Negro mothers to leave their children along the roadsides.”

(Dixie After the War, An Exposition of Social Conditions Existing in the South, During, Myrta Lockette Avary, Doubleday, Page & Company, 1906, pp. 190-191)

Camp Followers of Lincoln’s Army

Texas Judge Preparing For ‘Civil War’ If Obama Re-Elected

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head Texas Judge Preparing For Civil War If Obama Re Elected

The republican judge said that he himself will meet the enemy, “in front of their armored personnel carriers” to tell them they are not welcome, and has the county sheriff to back him up. “I don’t want U.N. troops in Lubbock County,” he said.

More @ CBS DFW

A Foreigner Raping A Chinese Girl In Public Gets Beaten Up

Nothing after 3 minutes.

Raub, Victim of Soviet Style Pre-crime Detention

Oath Keepers is coming to the aid of this young Marine veteran and our rallying cry will be “CHARGE HIM, OR RELEASE HIM.” We cannot allow “mental illness” designations to be used as a weapon against political dissidents in America. See the below article by Brandon Smith for the disturbing facts regarding the use of mental health detention against Virginia Marine veteran Brandon Raub because of his constitutionally protected free speech on his Facebook page. As Brandon Smith illustrates, this is exactly what the Soviet Union did to dissidents who dared to criticize the communist regime – they were labeled “insane” and carted off to mental wards. Now it has begun here in America.

Why carry a gun?

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Court strikes down major pollution rule: Big blow to White House

A federal court has struck down an Environmental Protection Agency rule that forces cuts in soot- and smog-forming power plant emissions that cross state lines, dealing a major blow to the White House's air quality agenda.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit vacated the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule that forces cuts from plants in 28 states in the eastern half of the country, finding that it exceeds EPA’s powers under the Clean Air Act.

The 2-1 court decision Tuesday is a victory for industry groups, some states and GOP lawmakers, who alleged the rule would create economic burdens and force the closure of substantial numbers of coal-fired power plants.

More @ The Hill

Unholy FBI-Southern Poverty Law Center Alliance

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North Carolina Gun Owners – AR-15 Special Engraving Run


CADD Graphics is laser engraving the NCGO themed AR-15 lower receiver as manufactured by Barnes Precision Machine. The lower pictured below makes a strong statement for Second Amendment rights and pays homage to a leading North Carolina firearms forum. For more information, contact CADD Graphics.

The cost of the lower is $170 cash, with a $50 deposit. Anyone wanting to purchase a lasered lower, please send an e-mail with your name and quantity desired. A confirmation will follow along with a mailing address for the deposit. The lowers should be in-house at the end of October, 2012.

If you want a custom run for laser engraved firearms, contact CADD Graphics.

Appeals Court Rules Texas Can Cut off Planned Parenthood Funding

A U.S. appeals court ruled on Tuesday that Texas can cut off funding to affiliates of Planned Parenthood for a state women's health program because the network of clinics provides abortions.

The decision is a blow to Planned Parenthood, which is the nation's largest abortion provider and has been under attack from conservatives across the country. Some conservatives oppose any state government money going to support abortions.

Planned Parenthood denies the money to some of its affiliated clinics supports abortions and said it was for cancer screenings, birth control, and well-woman examinations, which focus on health histories and reproductive healthcare.

Texas is the most populous of a number of states with Republican majorities that have mounted a campaign to cut off funding to Planned Parenthood. A group of Planned Parenthood clinics earlier this year filed a federal lawsuit to stop Texas from cutting off the funding.

The ruling on Tuesday reversed a lower court decision that had temporarily allowed Planned Parenthood to continue receiving funding from the Texas program.

After the appeals court decision was announced, Texas said it would immediately stop providing money to Planned Parenthood under the Women's Health Program, which provides services to poor women.

"We appreciate the court's ruling and will move to enforce state law banning abortion providers and affiliates from the Women's Health Program as quickly as possible," Texas Health and Human Services Commission spokeswoman Stephanie Goodman said.

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