Wednesday, August 22, 2012


On Tuesday, August 21st, 2012, the Pinehurst Village Council voted to repeal a ban on concealed weapons carried lawfully by residents and visitors in local parks and recreation areas. Just a month ago, the Village Council voted the ban into place with no input from local residents. This time around, residents and concerned citizens from around the area showed up in force and the Council meeting, following an alert issued by GRNC.

During the meeting, over 50 people representing GRNC, the Moore County Wildlife and Conservation Club, Moore (county) Tea Citizens, residents, and concerned area citizens responded and reacted to a recent GRNC alert by attending the meeting for a chance to speak out against the recent ban. After several speakers, it became clear to each and every Council member that a mistake was made in previously enacting the ban, and a vote was quickly taken to repeal the laws put in place just one month prior.

Citing the various speakers, many Council members expressed regret in passing the ill-advised laws after this latest vote. Village Council members also expressed a desire to work closer with various groups and individuals in the future to help eliminate further confusion before enacting wide-ranging laws that affect law-abiding citizens. When looking for a model government body in North Carolina at its finest, our residents and friends need look no further than the Pinehurst Village Council for an example of how to work with citizens to address concerns when they arise.

No time for rest!

While there is good news to report in Pinehurst, many other municipalities still refuse to comply with state law as it pertains to Concealed Carry in parks and recreation areas around the state. Many gun owners in several other cities and towns are still waging a battle against their local governments as they attempt to pass similar laws and restrictions outside of the limits passed into law last year. We need your continued help and support as GRNC continues its efforts, and we need your eyes and ears on the street to remain sharp and on the lookout for further abuses.


Email the Pinehurst Village Council members and express your thanks using the contact information below

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Pinehurst Mayor and Village Council Members:,,,,


Suggested Subject: "Thank you for your vote"

Dear Mayor/ Council Member,

I wanted to send you a short letter of appreciation for carefully considering the impact of your ban of concealed handguns in local parks and recreation area, and voting to repeal it. As you now know, Concealed Handgun Permit holders are some of the most law-abiding citizens of our state and pose no threat to the public. By repealing the ban on lawfully carried concealed weapons, law-abiding citizens can now provide protection for themselves and their families when criminals strike without warning.

I commend you for listening to the citizens that presented their views at the Village Council meeting conducted on August 21st, 2012. In taking the time to understand the issues, you have proven to me that our home town is not only in good hands under your leadership, but also that visitors to our community can be assured that freedom still has a place to shine in our great state.

I will continue to monitor all future related issues in this matter via GRNC Alerts.

Thank you once again!